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pre-empting the next "tommy schrader"
The latest Facebook post from the dipsh-t

i what to thank all 214 voters i see you what a change to bad be i will be there for you all tom cook is not going any where thank you all
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I barraged TOM COOK- because as i keep telling him- if hes going to play politics; and im his opponent- im ruthless. I told him- its not personal- its politics; and "trash talk" TOM COOK I believe is committing disability fraud- Hes able bodied enough; literate enough- weve both heard him speak. He shouldnt be in politics as he is crowding out the rest of us. for example- TOMMY SCHRADER- got 969 votes- and didnt do a thing. Hes likely hanging out ingreen Bay again( or somewhere else- )- so hes not a legal resident; therefore he shouldnt have even been on the ballot ( again)- I tried to make that point at the Allen co election board meeting in feb 18th- but they werent having anyof it. Tommy schrader - poor SOB- also shouldnt be on the ballot- because hes screwing good candiodates out of the system- such as YOu; gina, and whomever. You worked your behind off- and for what? those 960 votes- counted among other candidates- would have made a big difference. wasted time; wasted money; on a wasted candidate- who if he did win AGAIN)- would be removed from the ballot/nomination just like the last time he was. I even was a smart ass- and told the ACEB- when it was schraders turn to speak- he wasnt there. tom Hardin askjed- did we mail him a letter? YES. I spoke up- and said "did you send one to Green Bay? I told the ACEB they needed to better check these homeless; transianet bums- who are clearly "put-upjobs"- by people who have no interest in CIVICS or GOOD GOVT- and do nothing by screw good candidates like you and gina; and others..
I told the ACEB- they need to investigate these guys residences- - rent receipts; documentation; their landlords testify in person under oath- motel records; - Just like WE have to do- to prove reisdence; and Id and so on for Trustee townsahip assistance..
Back to TOM COOK-
Ever see the movie "Death Race" with Jason statham?- well- the best way to win an election; or primary- is to knock off your opponents any legal means- Which is what i was trying to do- its like Chess- you're not playing for fun; you're playing to win>but as you said cathy-you're not a "politician">In politics- a person can have all the money inthe world- and still lose; and boneheads with nothing, can win-> TOM COOK- 1- is a fraud- hes a scammer- like those "sandbox veterans groups- "- hes a panhandler- door to door- etc- begging form money. I did my homework on him. He even admitted under oath about his buiness dealings- he should have been removed right thereand then in FEB.
next- go google him- his cell phones and phone numbers- you cant link them to anybody legit on GOOGLE- so- either hes a fraud there also; or someone else is paying his phone; or letting him use it- which is an unrecorded "in-kind contribution; or something. go check his campaing finance report at the ACEB- a 5 yr old could have wrot a better CFA report( more on that soon)
his cell phone number- same thing- no lik to anybody named tom cook- any names it is linked to- come up blank- google public records.. TomCook stated at the ACEB meeting- he was collecting disability for 733 bucks. wel- Tom- are you also then getting everyting else you are legally due? unemployment? Township trustee monies? SSI? Food stamps?
I asked him right to his face- about his alleged "disability" so- Tom- whats up with that? - I said are you crazy? not right in the head? you seem to get around pretty well- you seem as able bidied as me- temm me more. so he did- he said he got shot- I asked where? in the ass like Forrest gump? in the head? that would explain a lot.. yes-i tried to agitate him so hed get arrested for punching me- candidate arrested- alwasy a good way to knock off an opponent..
Since he lives out sout - I was well- OHH_ dude-Im sorry- so- obviously youre ok now- Iv e friends who got shot- it sucks- how did it happen? he said he got robbed.
so- i asked- ohh- you have a police report and medical /hospital records of that dont you? he was stuck- didnt have an answer- about that time- some other folks arrived who i wanted to talk to- but i did my investigating-
so- theres a clear paper trail on Mr Cook- hes able bodied; he gets around fort wayne just fine; he seems literate enough to at least sound like he knows something- hes albeot o copy cat what others are saying like a profesional liar. I think( in my opinion)- a fraud; a perjurer; a nominal criminal of some kind; SO- I dont like people who are disability frauds; or who are scammers; or who have sketcy backgrounds running for office; or getting elected politicians- we have enough crooks and liars and criminals and sociopaths in politics as it is. TOM HENRY- IS ALSO a bad man- Thats also why i have filed court papers on him; and his paperwork at the ACEB hearing is skecthy too.
Im not a lawyer; but i know enough about Indiana code; election laws; searching and finding public access information on the internet
So- THATS WHY I may seem like a bad person- like in the GODFATHER- ints not personal ; its just "business"/politics- knock off your opponents by any legal means; thin the herd; and improve YOUR OWN ODDS.- Because I was really impressed with you,Cathy, and i was disappointed YOU didnt win- because you have far more life experiences; and "HEART'; and youre a VETERAN; and so on- YOU would make a far better councilwoman thant the HENRY SCHILLS WHO WERE NOMINATED. Of course- vs THE STEVE SHINE REPUBLICAN SAUSAGE GRINDER/ BLITZKRIEG MACHINE- this november- well- its going to get visious; aND what i call THE GREAT POST CARD WAR OF 2015- lots of junk mail jamming your mail box- he said she said- did too did not; and little of substance..
SO- try again- good luck. I feel bad about seeming "evil"; or "unfair"- and having to play the game as it is now played by these well financed; well backed professional politicians- You were like Cathy WHO? to oh- not her again- shes everywhere( in a good way. you used your resources wisely and effiectively; and put up a good battle.. you had many advantages- its too bad TOMMY SCHRADER HOSED YOU and the others and siphoned off those almost 1000 votes. that would have made a difference..
So- we met along the way; I think youre a nice person; and so on; and sorrty you didnt win. I wanted to explain exactly why i did what i did ; and maybe it seemed "mean"; but in politics; sadly- its got its DARK SIDE- its not about good govt; and civics and citizens exercising thier rights; its about money; and power and control; and -well- just gladiatorial BLOOD SPORT. the Republicans - here and on up the chain- wont stop until they have every office in evey r place everywhere.-but a majority os god; a supermajorit is VETO PROOF; and "running up the score- because they can- is just POLITICS- NOTHING PERSONAL. So I hope you dont think im a bad person. I am, somewhat- but I played by the rules; My strategy of "konck off- is what every one else does; i dont lie; i dont cheat; I dont commit fraud. ask me anything- and ill tell you; of course one part of politics is=well- its like used car salesmen- to be blunt- theres good ones and bad ones; but their job is to sell cars( get elected)- and hopefuly- we can al see hwhos good and whos "evil".I like to think im one of the "good guys"- no felonies, ive made mistakes; dont have enough money; the onlythings i have are my mid; and my integrity- and ive lost my mind ( tee hee)- so thats it.
youre a mother- so hope you have a happy mothers day with your kids; and I hope YOU son- is doing ok and recovers; fully; or at least as is possible- given the circumstances..
Keep involved in the process; in civics; in politics- and theres always an election next year or after that.. study indiana election code- title 3; title 35; title 34; city code of ordinances; Us code- is also interesting to be familiar with- BUT- you dont have to be a lawyer. ok- got to go fro now. David

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