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DOES IT BOTHER ANYONE BESIDES ME THAT WE HAVE ELECTED AT LEAST ONE PERSON WE HAVE ON RECORD FOR DISHONESTY?? On Monday April 26th, at a candidate forum, I revealed that the Mayor Henry was part of the collective bargaining termination and should be held equally responsible along with all six Republicans who supported it. A day later, on Tuesday, April 27th, Jeremy Bush of the Fort Wayne Firefighters released an audio tape of Tom Didier confirming that the Mayor wanted to eliminate collective bargaining. A day or so later, Didier and Mayor Henry are working together to explain how Didier “misunderstood” what Henry said??? Clearly, someone is not telling the truth. Either Didier lied to the Firefighters Union OR Didier lied when he agreed that he “misunderstood” the Mayor. OR Tom Henry lied. In any case, the 3rd District voted in at least one liar. How do we expect elected leaders to be accountable for their actions when we, as a community, do not hold them accountable for their words??…/mayor-councilman-misunderstood-collectiv…/
Below is my review of the Didier-Henry matter. It’s a very good read in terms of Didier’s making it through the primary and the Democrats having already withdrawn one Democrat from that primary race. It’s also an interesting read when you see the outcome of the 2nd District Democratic primary race---which is close and for which the OFFICIAL results have not been released as of 5 pm today, May 6th. (How long does it take to count provisional ballots??) Jehl---who was unopposed in the Primary---came out yesterday and spent TWO HOURS glued beside Michelle Hill in an effort to attract voters over to the Republican primary, to vote for him versus a Democrat. He never bestowed such an honor onto Michelle Merritt. I wonder why???…/whose-telling-truth-may…
Here is Jeremy Bush’s interview on the Pat Miller Show:…/Pat-Miller-Talks-With-Jeremy-Bush-on-…
After reviewing all of this – I again ask: Is anyone else bothered that we have elected at least one liar, maybe two? On purpose?

During collective bargaining debates last summer, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry was very vocal in support of the unions, but a city councilman said behind closed doors, the...
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  • Paul Griner Is this an endorsement for Harper?
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  • Gina Burgess No Paul Griner -- This is not meant as an endorsement for or against anyone. Rather, this is to point out that we---as a community---are allowing people who are dishonest to get elected. I'm not sure that's in our best interests, do you??
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  • Paul Griner I think with a 9% voter turn out that the citizens of Fort Wayne believe they all may be dishonest. Stevenson had pointed many things out along with yourself, but the numbers indicate that a known name will get you further than the issues in most cases.
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  • Gina Burgess Paul Griner -- I disagree that it was a case of a known name, but more a case of an election bought. Personally, I think this election should be redone. There were 25 people who should not have been on the ballot to begin with AND there was less than a 10% voter turn-out. 10% is nowhere near a majority vote.

    Also, I think polling places need to be moved out of churches and put in colleges, retirement communities, and shopping centers. (Btw, I suggest moving voting out of churches only for the reason that most people who are not members of a given congregation tend to be hesistant to vote at a church that they are not a member of.) I believe early voting needs to be moved to a place with plenty of free parking as well as on or near a bus line. Such as Glenbrook Square--who owed how much in back taxes for how long?? I could go on and on here...

    Also, I think its time to relook at the partisan nature of primary voting. There are cetain classes of employees that are restricted to voting for one party or another because of their employment with either the City or the County and then there are classes of employees restricted to partisan voting because of certain requirements like the Hatch or Little Hatch rule, securities rules, etc.
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  • James A Jim McCoy Jr. This is the problem, Harper is also a pathological liar who is strongly anti-city worker
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  • Lisa McCall BOTHERS ME!
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  • David Christopher Roach the mayor recently stated he was running a "transparent, open and accessible administration.
    so1- eh wont ante up a copy of his birth certificate- to prove his CFA paperwork is true and correct as he signd (afformed); 2- the Myor wont release his tax returns nor those of his spunse- t document his "economic interest" ; and to corroborate what he wrote was true and complete - affirmed;
    3- just for general purpos- e he should release his emails from his office /official email account- to prove he didnt use govt resources for campaiging- like tony bennet did; 
    the Mayor likely lied whtn he said he didnt know anything about the mid winter homeless raid by the FWPD- where does the buck stop?
    I have been asking repeadetly for FOIA requests of this investigative nature- and the mayors office is stonewlling me at everytunr, and refusing to release information..
    Why do i have an axe to grind with theMayor and his wife? well- to start- they have blocked me and screwed me over politicaly at every turn any chance they get.. why? ?? 
    I have been a victim of neighborcode and police harassment; on many occassions-o check the public records..; He is a liar and a crook.

    on the same recent comment- the mayor said something about continuing the Henry family tradition of helping the poor; the homeless the down trodden; etc- well- the pattern and the proof lies otherwise..

    this is all documented in MY ACEb complaint as well as Gina Burgess 's ACEB complaint as well.
    again- the mayors office along with PDS YORK- ignored the laws on the books about enforcing/upholding the laws about mandatory retirement laws at age 60- so as to keep a supply of new "troops in and rotate the old war horses out and into other helpful police related civilain work.
    AND- that doesnt even mention the mayors "city beat- govt paid for " campaing informorcials thinly veiled as public information. the radio mayors minutes have been rewritten.
    NEXT they need to do something about the "on-hold" message you get whenever you call any city or county govt office- Hi Im mayor henry; and the county commissioners would like to than kyou f roholding.. etc..

    and so on- but thats more than 3 strikesd and youre out- just like insider baseball.
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  • David Christopher Roach TOMMY SCHRADER GOT ALMOST 1000 VOTES- 969 to be precise- enough to throw a wrench into the at large election- theres plenty to investigate there as well- 969 votes could have changed the election- because personally and i cant subpoena the business records nor mr schraders rent receipt records; nor the various traisient motels hes lived at- did he even vote? or is he in green bay; or somewhere else, and just checking the internet news now and then to see if he won?
    well- Gina Burgess- the "tommy schrader" problem - has bitten you on the backside once again..
    so- back to the ACEB appeal; and other related political reforms; and making the system work; AND- theres NEXT year- we know how the ACEB works on candidate challenges- so- idoubt the next crop of candidates will have all their t's crossed and theri I's dotted; and then we still have the "schrader forcongress problem- last year- he came withnin 800 ?o r what was the tally - of winning the nomination from Justin Kuhnle for Congress
    AND we have the issue of Tom Cook- and his disability fraud- he said he got shot- i jked with him- in the A55?- or the head?- so he seems pretty able bodied to me- he was taped at many venues by mr hackley and mr hines at HIS also taxpayer subsidized INFORMERCIAL- but anyway- mr Cook has stated he has walked all over the Se part of town; rides the bus able bodied; and seems in all other ways- reasonably normal; other than his lack of education.. For the record- hes a"likeable enough sort of dude"( as Obama said to Hillary)- just little education of depth of knowledge..

    AND- we have the Andy Down/Tim pape; etc active ACEB board members and proxies- making the rounds- "the fort report"( mr leiningers youtube tabloid smear show; where Gina Burgess and David Christopher Roach were spokne of in pretty derogatory temrs for our "attempted "coup d'etat"- to hear them tell it:
    and the several recent editions of "political Radar"- on 21Alive Tv. the one 2 weeks ago- or so- I sent an e-mail complaint to the ACEB; and 21 alive- saying i thought it was presenting the appearance of impropritey for Tim Pape- Mayors henchman; and active ACEb member- which he said he was- to appear on a wide spread broadcast where he romoted and disparaged candidates in the local races..
    Also chariman Shine- as law firm partnter of another active ACEB member is also onwhat i would term questionable grounds but at least HE has been the GOP chairman for decades now; so he clearly appeared as his proper political role; and he also commented about the democrats chairman not ever appearing on the show.
    I even suggested several notable knowledgable Democrats the party could have had on the Political Radar show; esp- DEM county councilwoman sharon tucker- who would have been perfect to provide "color commentary"( my words- which is also a legitimate sports/ etc broadcasting term, and which i had hope would spark a bit of earned media controversy..

    NEXT- we have the Jack Morris; Adam Henry issue- Adam Henry has billed the henry campaignfor 2500 bucks of "in-kind" contrivutions for "legal sercvices"- you would think the Mayors nephew would have taken 10 minutes to peruse the Mayors MCDONALDS EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION for accuracy; and completeness. If most of these candidates were to fill out a McDonald's or wal mart etc- applicationwith the same sloppiness- they would not get hired as a burger flipper, Frend fry bagger, drink server dining room attendant; or janitor..because as Joe pesci said in"lethal weapoin"- the always screw you at the drive thru..

    anyway- Jack Morris committed perjury- which will be proven when we get a written transcript of the ACEb meeting; Mr Pape commited a legal ethical violation when he didnt voluntarily recuse himself due to conflicts of interests fromhis law firm and his own presonal politcal support of a party as a subject of the ACEb challenges- He knows the laws; and the ethics and the judicial review boards standards- if I know that- well- hes in deep doo doo.

    as imnot a lawyer..
    so- for all the Mayors legal staff of "hired guns"- well- we have one unethical ACEB member; one perjurer who also was responsible for testing voting machines- how do we know he didnt tamper with them now? and question the whole elction. 
    the mayors nephew as the mayors own family lawyer( consigliere- as in the godfather)- who didnt even catch his uncles incorrectly filed election aperwork; statement of economic interest, still valid insurance license; his spouses als econimc interests; his sposues "compenstaed inkind; expenses paid for etc- politcial paryt activities- of which a political party is an IRS entity /legal entity by law; and soon..
    MR COOK has o many perjurious violations the ACEb didnt question nor investigate- its ridiculous. Mr stevenson has Nepotism issues in HIS elected office; Mr Collins- has ethical issues- where if HE was removed from the ballot - may have shifted the primary outcome..
    AND again- we have tommy schrader- the ACEb called his name- said they mailed him a notice to appear- not a subpoena and i snarkuly suggested- DID YOU SEND IT TO GREEN BAY? MAYBE YOU CAN FIND HIM THERE- anticipatingANOTHER TOIMMY SCHRADER/ACEB scandal..- and there we have it.
    sdo- rather than being lumped into the same dung heap as tommy schrader; tom cook; and so on- as an uneducated homeless transient ; perennial BUM- maybe I DESERVE SOME RESPECT- as someone who know a bit about election alws; just not how to work the legal system; someone whos a VETERAN- who served to protect and defend the USA "from enemies- foreign and domestic"- such as these ACEb criminals; and incompetents?; and who has 2 higher education degrees and working on a 3rd- one is applied computer science- how do you think I was able to dig up the facts on the various schmucks i filed election challenges on?
    AND- I have a bachelors degree from Ohio State University -
    AND- Ive been an active observer of city govt and city council meetings for well- since 1992 or so..
    sigh..cant win an honest game of cards when the fix is in th edeck is stacked and the house is crooked..
    but one can sure make a lot of noise-
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  • David Christopher Roach

    Write a comment...
WILL THERE BE A DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE IN DISTRICT 1? Most likely yes. There were two District 1 candidates available in the At-Large race. Terry Anderson and Lloyd Osborne both hail from the 1st District.
So why didn't they run in the 1st District race? Because the At-Large race offered one opportunity for them to both get through. If one got through in the At-Large race and the other didn't, then the other could be caucused into the 1st District. Same thing has the potential over in the 3rd District.
Its a political strategy that allows the Party to give their favored candidates a second bite at the apple, so to speak. Plus, the Party needed Anderson to block my name from being a top of the ballot pick and Osborne's name to crowd the end of the ballot so that voters would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of candidates and be more inclined to vote for the first three names. It was a brilliant strategy by the ACDP Chairman that worked. (Yes, that was a compliment--I may not like "politicking" but I do appreciate good political strategy when I see it, even when that strategy is being employed against me. Its kind of like when you play chess, sometimes Queen takes all and sometimes she doesn't--but you still appreciate the Queen.)
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WHY TOM SMITH LOST? Smith lost to Paul Ensley because of a couple of factors:
(1) Tom Smith's message of continued spending on parking garages and roundabout did not resonate with fiscal conservatives in the 1st District. I spent a lot of time up there and in the 2nd District. Lots of unhappy people there.
(2) Smith caused his own problems with the GOP political machine when he pre-emptively outted legislation that Mitch Harper had been working on with Liz Brown a few months ago--effectively stealing Harper's thunder and drawing behind-the-scenes ire from his fellow Republicans.
(3) Smith continued to cause problems for himself when he -- to his credit -- correctly completed the CAN-12 Statement of Economic Interest by listing his income as a member of Fort Wayne City Council. This was something that not a single other member of City Council did. Had he not been transparent in that regard, I and others would not have been in a position to question why the 8 other members of City Council did not report their governmental wages.
(4) Smith had grown a bit pompous and was becoming a control issue. He wasn't the only control issue on Council, but only needs to be made an example of to remind the other members of Council to fall in line and not ask so many pesky questions (when they do ask questions).
(5) For all the problems Smith was causing the establishment, he was also buying into his own "invincibility." He hasn't been responsive to voters nor constituents for years and was never held accountable for his short-comings. The establishment let him (and others) get away with that because that makes these guys vulnerable and easier to get rid of when they no longer serve their purpose.
(6) Smith was the "heir apparent" candidate, the establishment was looking for a "spare" candidate. State Rep Bob Morris---Paul Ensley's employer --- found the perfect "spare" candidate--someone already dependent upon someone (Morris) dependent upon the Party.
(7) Smith became too comfortable and didn't see the changes coming. He got sideswiped. For all his talk about "campaigning"--that's all it was talk and a few signs here and there. Yes, Paul Ensley had more signs, but Ensley did something else way more important than signs. He talked to constituents. I know because some of his people crossed paths with some of my people. Talking to people allowed them an alternative to Smith. Many of those voters also crossed over to vote for me, just not enough. Ensley was smart--as soon as he realized that residents want less Downtown spending and more responsive leadership, he began reaching out to other people on social media.
Kudos to Paul Ensley for taking advantage of this opportunity. Hopefully, he will learn some lessons from Tom Smith: (1) You are never replaceable. (2) You have to keep the lines of communication open with all your constituents--even those you disagree with or just don't like. (3) The less dependent you are upon your political party, the more difficult your campaign will be---but that if you are doing your job, the less expensive your campaign can be as well. (Ok, #3 is more a lesson from John Crawford playbook about how to buy your Council seat when you fail to represent your constituents, but it still applies here.) wink emoticon
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  • David Christopher Roach Tommy schrader got 969 votes- almost 1000 votes- which if he was properly removed from the ballot in February- ACEb meeting- would have provided Gina Burgess or Cathy J Cross the added margin to win.. once more Tommy schrader screwed us all out of election results.. almost Justin Kuhnle for Congress as well.
    so- next year- 2016- a congressional; presidential; state rep; and county election year- we should pay heed; and be prepared; and pro active..
    I had actually thought about putting on my 2 foot tall uncle sam hat; making a large elect tommy schrader city council sing; and walking around downtown last week; but i didnt want to 1- take a chance on screwing the good candidates out of votes; and 2- not having helped that vagrant schmuck win, so the Party hacks COULD REMOVE HIM AGAIN and install their own hand picked choice. the party SAYS- they are conducting a candidate search- but i doubt it.. who knows.. If I moved across REED road; I could run as an independent; or tell the party hey_ here I am.. loll.
    so we shall see who the pick. 
    also the 3rd district- vs tom didier- better to have someone in place- even if its o pick up stray votes or more importantly- you never know when some may die; fall off a ladder; or have their campaing implode for some as yet unknown reason.
    DITTO for the GOP; and the 5th district- vs geoff Paddock- one never knows- you cant even pick up any votes if you forfeit the race.. 
    I dont know ho I loathe more- tom henry and his rotten wife; or Mitch harer- who is also a slimeball.and is supported by he usual GOP loony toons..
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