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Gina Burgess commented on this.
Michelle, you ran a good campaign and your effort showed. As a candidate who has one and lost I know the pain but I also know the satisfaction of putting yourself out in the battle. Thank you for your effort.
  • Michelle Hill Thanks for your kind words, Jack Morris.
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  • Jack Morris Also, it was a very close race and a credit to you! Great job!
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  • Karen Kippert I agree - as a first time candidate...great should be very proud!
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  • Michelle Hill Thanks, Karen Kippert. I am proud that I received so many votes. 491 gave me their vote of confidence. smile emoticon
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  • Gina Burgess Michelle Hill -- You are being very gratious to Jack Morris, more gratious than I am capable of being. Jack -- Michelle Hill helped you campaign last year. She spent hours and hours phone banking on your behalf as did I. She's walked with you and beside you in parades. Yet, you threw your formal and official endorsement to Michelle Merritt as well as your time, talent and $200 of your treasure. As a pro-union guy, you chose to support a non-union candidate over a pro-union candidate. Your thanks on this page, in my humble opinion, are much like your offer of the "check is in the mail" -- very hollow. Michelle Hill ran an incredible race despite the total lack of support offered by you and others. That has not nor will I let that go unnoticed. As proud as I am of Michelle, I am equally disappointed by your actions.
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  • Michelle Hill Thank you, Gina Burgess, for your comments. You are right, it is disappointing that all the past assistance I have given towards the party's candidates has been "forgotten" when I ran this year. And the same thing is true towards your campaign as well, Gina. For all the support we both gave the party since 2012, they certainly have not returned the support for us this year. frown emoticon
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  • Gina Burgess I am so proud of you! You put yourself out there. Your primary competitor followed you every where you went--my favorite was Sweets So Geek (and the hounding she gave 'em to give her an endorsement was priceless, just so she could look like one of the District). People in the Party that you gave time and talent too turned the other cheek and supported your competitor, knowling that it was to your detriment. And even Jehl had to devote two hours of his time during the Primary to try to keep votes from going your way. The beautiful thing about your race is that it nearly proved---once again---how you can get along just fine without the support of the Party. Win, lose or draw --- that too is something to be proud of! smile emoticon But you, my friend, managed to do it with a certain graciousness that I lack. Kudos to you! smile emoticon ((HUGS))
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  • James A Jim McCoy Jr. I'm also proud of your efforts
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  • Michelle Hill Thanks, James A Jim McCoy Jr. We miss you. smile emoticon
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  • Joe Renner Michelle you ran a good clean campaign and it was extremely close. Gina much like you Jack Morris made a informed decision on who he thought could beat the incumbent. Your comment berating him for that makes you look like a poor loser due to your own loss. Jack good form on your congratulatory post.
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  • Gina Burgess Joe Renner -- I thank you for your commentary. I appreciate honesty and candor among candidates and those they support, especially when it comes endorsement time. Best of luck to you in the General election. smile emoticon
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  • Michelle Hill Joe Renner – Despite all the support I’ve given the Allen County Democrats in general and Jack Morris, in particular, I should have gotten some support. Instead, I received NOTHING. No financial backing. No volunteers coordinated to make calls or canvass on my behalf. I didn’t even get so much as invitations to Democratic events. What I did get was removed from the Dem facebook page and removed from their email and mailings lists. When I did attend known Democrat events, such as the Lunch Club, my opponent received endorsement after endorsement while I had to sit there, smile, and say nothing. So your giving praise to Jack for his hollow attempt at a peace offering while at the same time berating Gina for coming to my defense so that I wouldn’t have to sully my name and reputation in the matter, speaks volumes about Gina’s friendship and loyalty to me and screams hypocracy on your part. You can’t congratulate me on my “good clean campaign and that was extremely close” and then publically berate the person who coordinated my campaign for me. Dems gave no support. Gina Burgess and Team Burgess gave me all the support I got. They were the ones who helped first create yard signs and then put them out. They were the ones who helped me build my website and prep me for endorsement interviews. They were the ones who were in attendance as a show of support at every candidate forum. They were the ones who passed out my literature, canvassed neighborhoods, and made phone calls on my behalf. Team Burgess, as headed by Gina, did everything for me the Dems did not. And here you are, a candidate who has asked for the same assistance from her that she gave me, and because she hasn’t made up her mind on whether or not to give you that assistance---you berate her publically. Perhaps, as a candidate seeking assistance from the very hand you just bit, you might want to start thinking before you start speaking. Just as Gina did---I too wish you the best of luck in the upcoming General election.
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  • Joe Renner I like you did not receive the support of my party. My observation of Gina's comment was an honest assessment. As far as support for my campaign, I believe that honesty will go further than pandering. I believe Gina is well aware of my respect for her both personally, and professionally.
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  • Michael White If Joe Renner has an issue then he should have put it out to the public with the facts and not speak "around" the issues. Bring it to the table and be open to the people and other canidates. Voters hate closed doors and would appreciate open honesty.
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  • David Burgess Joe Renner -- This isn't really about who gets what support from their political party. This is about one person supporting another person in their political endeavors. Gina Burgess supported Jack Morris in 2014 and she rallied Michelle Hill and other members of her campaign team around Jack Morris. When Jack Morris' name was smeared by association, it was Gina Burgess who came to his defense publically. It wasn't Michelle Hill or anyone one else on Team Burgess that did that. In 2013, it was Jack Morris who called Gina Burgessand asked if her campaign team would give up their Saturdays, expend resources for fuel and candy, and endure public ridicule to go on parades in the County in the off-election year to keep the Democratic momentum going forward that Gina had helped to build in 2012. And for all Gina's efforts, what did she get? 

    And you know what -- Gina is perfectly fine with that. Being the Democratic candidate that the pro-Henry loyalists don't like works in her favor among moderates, independents and Republicans. So her commentary is far from "sour grapes."

    Her commentary was about holding Jack Morris accountable for his choosing to support the Henry candidate over the non-Henry candidate. Hill was the far superior candidate compared to her opponent. Merrit didn't know the geographical boundaries of her own district and often confused the 2nd District for the 5th District. Merritt didn't even understand that the police and firefighters weren't effected by the termination of collective bargaining for the rest of the city workers. When Merritt appeared at candidate forums, her big claim to fame was how she was honored to be approached by the Henry Democrats and asked to run. When she spoke at candidate forums or was out in public, the people that were running with her (other Henry picks) were often embarrassed by the things that came out of her mouth because she was simply ignorant of so many issues. Even the pro-Henry Journal Gazette struggled to find positive things to say about Merritt over Hill. And the JG is paid to say good things about those that Henry backs! 

    No, Gina doesn't have a case of "sour grapes." Nor is she a sore loser. What she has a case of is undeterred loyalty to a friend--a friend who should have received the support of someone that friend (and Gina) gave a lot of support to. 

    Personally, I think Jack Morris was(is) a tool being used by Henry. His role was to give fake support to Michelle Hill and no support to Gina Burgess in an effort to create jealousy between the two. That, of course, back-fired badly. How could Gina be jealous of Michelle's campaign when it was Gina's brainchild? 

    Have you ever wondered why Jack Morris would give public kudos to Michelle Hill for a "job well done" and say absolutely nothing to Gina for running a similar campaign? Didn't Gina do a good job? Tiwice--once in helping Michelle Hill with her campaign while Gina managed her own campaign?
  • Jack Morris I appreciate Joe's comments but I am at peace with why I make my decisions and it is not because of being controlled by any individuals or persons. There are a lot of people who I like as individuals and who have supported my campaign who I would not support as a candidate for certain offices and in some cases for any office because of factors I consider valuable. It does not mean I do not think the person has no good ideas or cannot be of value in society but it does not mean I have to support someone who decides to run for public office and never approached me to find out if I would support them and give me the opportunity to explain why I would not. I do not follow leadership unless I believe it is the right approach and I voice disagreements in what I feel are appropriate constructive ways without the need to make a public splash and attack anyone. I had personal knowledge, had personally observed, had personally researched and independently determined who I would support and for whom I would do formal endorsements. I did not endorse every candidate I supported and I did not speak against most of the candidates I did not choose to personally support and in fact privately expressed positive aspects about various candidates when asked or when in a situation where others were speaking negatively. I also met with candidates I did not support when they asked me for advice and gave them the best guidance I could while also telling them to their face why I was going to support someone else. I gave money to, and offered money to, candidates who I did not support. To those whom I offered but did not deliver I apologize but I can tell you, as a candidate myself, I learned people get busy and the candidate needs to follow up. Also, after the election I was willing to still contribute and have said so to one candidate I did not actively support and still intend to but we have not yet connected. For other candidates who I still intended to give some funds even though the election was over I can no longer do so because they have made unfounded attacks on people, hurting their reputations, and doing so while claiming good faith but the lack of any true effort to actually discover the truth is proof of a lack of good faith. I try to not engage in attacks of other people but I am offended when people of good integrity are attacked for doing no offense other than to choose to run for public office. Such attacks hurt the process, waste money, make it difficult to recruit quality candidates, and cause people to just tune out the entire process and that is destructive conduct I cannot support.
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  • Gina Burgess I've sent Jack a private message responding to the above comment. smile emoticon
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  • Jack Morris I have more to say, if anyone wants to hear, but this is the multiple night this week I have engaged in positive ways in both political and other causes. Yesterday I probably spent all of 45 minutes on my law practice and the rest of the day on supporting various aspects of our community. I do what I do not for any attention or reward. I ran for office not for any personal gain but because I care with a passion for people. I hope anyone who supported me did so because they thought I could do a good job and not for some return favor. I support candidates because I believe they are the best for the job and for no other reason. I have never asked for any favor or any special treatment. My reasons for supporting various candidates have been frequently posted and open for anyone to review to agree or disagree based upon their own beliefs. Regarding those who think I have been disloyal to them they should investigate how I have spoken up for them and supported them within the ACDP. However, that does not mean I have to endorse them as a candidate when I honestly believe other candidates are better. You do not have to agree with me but I will put up my integrity with any of you. AND, I did not endorse any candidate who is anti union.
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  • Gina Burgess Yes, we clearly disagree. I would, however, ask that you, Jack (at your leisure) re-read my original comment. I never said Merritt was anti-union. I said she was NON-union. A distinction that union families understand that the general public may not. With regards to the rest of your commentary, I will respectfully continue to disagree on those aspects that we clearly do not agree upon. As I've said in my private messages to you, I wish you nothing but the best.
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  • David C Roach GEE- NO KINDS WORDS TO me? im disappointed, JACK . oh well maybe next time.. Im sure ill have some empty ballot vacancies to fill next may; as the Allen County Democratic Party never finds anyone to run, fields a team; lets the GOP/Tea party win by default.. 
    so- lest see how many "candidates " old bullwinkle can pull out of his political hat this time.. nothing up my sleeve.. PRESTO! 
    ps- click on that link... and laugh.. tee hee...
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  • David C Roach GEE- NO KINDS WORDS TO me? im disappointed, JACK . oh well maybe next time.. Im sure ill have some empty ballot vacancies to fill next may; as the Allen County Democratic Party never finds anyone to run, fields a team; lets the GOP/Tea party win by default.. 
    so- lest see how many "candidates " old bullwinkle can pull out of his political hat this time.. nothing up my sleeve.. PRESTO! 
    ps- click on that link... and laugh.. tee hee...
    • Jack Morris David, I did not see you post any comments about me so I did not comment about you. Sorry to ignore you. I really don't care if people express their opinions and I have said positive things about many of you while disagreeing on some of your approaches to addressing problems which I think actually just create more problems. There is a lot to fix and it takes many people.
    • David C Roach fair enough. A little help ; and dooperation from the Central committee and staff at Democrat HQ- would be appreciated. I have time and resources to contribute; even if im not "establishement /mainstream" ENOUGH FOR YOU ALL. 
      I DO have a following; there ARe a lof of "working class" types who support me.
      Im a Navy Veteran; I have 2 college degrees; Ive worked all my live; I havent comitted any felonies. Yes- i had some run ins with the law- under the legal limits; and driving home from "weekend social drinking".
      Yes- while i was a Republican- (liberal republican)- from 1991- to 1995- I admitI did leave a trail of democrat wreckage behind me- which it was deserved..
      I have been a DEMOCRAT ever since. ( conservatives are soo stress ful to associate with.. Liberals/ democrats are much more pleasant.. 
      Im NOT a PERENNIAL- I was merely "helping make the 2 party system work as it shouldin allen county/ 3rd district- the rues are primarys to be held-and not hand picking your partisans except at those primariys.. If you cant fill a ballot; field a team; maybe you allshouldnt play and surrender the CLUBHOUSE to some people who ARe willing to do so; and NOT block or obstruct those who are standing for the people and against kleptocratic; plutocrat carpetbagger schemes while there are serious projects and workand improvements to be done in our "beloved hometown"( uirrrp)..
      in short- what i want and need is a little respect; well- A LOT. i admit im COLORFUL, alternative; and a dissident. Like the robert frost poem- I have chosen to take the road less traveled. and what a long strange trip its been. never a dull moment.. 
      so- here s a question for YOU ( and the other democrats)- it seems what you all have been doing -HASNT BEEN WORKING OUT VERY WELL. no excuses like andy downs-well- its a 55-45 district. well- i see we only need another 5.001 percent and we can win.. ANDY DOWNS has said in the past- well- go out and cross over vote- theres no way they can know or find out; and its an unenforceable law anyway( go break the election laws)- as a matter of STRATEGY- because the GOP primary is where everyting is decided.. anyway.
      OHi dont even know if i should be talking to you technically- as there is a legal issuein court- Ill just call it "COMPARTIMENTALIZATION"- as im not talking about thet here..
      anyway- Im somewhat of a computer/data geek- precinct cmm ittee chairs; vice chairs; the usual contact info. - printout/ online information to use to grow and strengthen the party- again- what YOU al have been doing isnt working..- we all know if SHINE AND CO wins this year- EXPECT MASSIVE ANNEIXATIONS- cutting off the head of the democrat party "snake".. once and for all. 

      regardless- im never ever ever going away; or defecting so you all and we may as well accept it; get used to it; and live with it and tolerate or accept it- like WE SERVE EVERYONE EXCEPT DAVID C ROACH. pretty hypocritical dontcha think?

      Ive distanced and repudiated my past activities; people have accepted my reasons for my activities; and so ive moved on. like souder and other GOP's caught IN TROUBLESOME SITUATIONS- well- GOD HAS FORGIVEIN ME.. why wont you? ( im being somewhat sarcastic)-
      how about a CLEAN SLATE? so long as i dont advocate a MARXIST REVOLUTION or anarchy or chaos in the streets; well- let me be me. im a comedian;a writer; a prankster; i LOVE HUMOR;SATIRE PARODY. . Im very serious about my HUMOR AND WRITING.
      anyway- I was just needling you at first; but im being serious- theres a long laundry list of things the party could do towards NORMALIZING RELATIONS WITH "ROACH-ISTAN..". smile emoticon 
      so how about it? "my friend" ( as Sen John "mad-dog" McCain is fond of saying..)
      I dont like tom henry nor his wife for a long list of reasons, which i wont go into here; but its implacable on that issue; and some other people who have been mean or bullied me- wouldnt you?or anyone else?
      ok- other "mischief to sow.. " stay dry, Jack. or is it "john?- what is YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE SAY? seems we cant find out the Mayors- despite his promies of an "open trransparent; accessible administration"- well- thats one of several things he could start with. oh and his and his spouses IRS AND IND DEPT OF REVENUE- economic interests.. its a complicated network of cash into the one big pot of FAMILY MONEY.. - hmm- just like the Corloeones..


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