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Fort Wayne friends: if you live in the 2nd Council District, I urge you to vote for Michelle Merritt in the Democratic primary on Tuesday. Michelle is smart, hard working, and rational. She will be independent while at the same time understanding that in order for a community to move forward, people need to listen to each other and cooperate.
Democrats in the 2nd District aren't used to having a choice in the primary, so you might be tempted to sit this out. That would be a mistake. Take 20 minutes on Tuesday to exercise your right and responsibility to help Fort Wayne's future. Vote for Michelle Merritt!
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  • Margie Runkle Thanks, Karen, for the recommendation! Any more?
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  • Karen Goldner At large: Michelle Chambers, Mike Avila, and Terry Anderson.
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  • David Christopher Roach as a supporter and who voted for her opponent-the "OTHER MICHELLE" just what do you mean by "rational"?- does that imply un-fitness for office? Ive seen plenty of other elected politicians who are plenty ir-rational- from both sides of the aisle.. 
    and why are you meddling in local politics when you dont live here anymore? i mean- like whats in it for you?- Fort Wayne and the 2nd district was so good to you you left town?
    Im not being "negative- just constructive criticism of your POV. - 
    AND- how can a politician be "Independent"- when their furtunes are tied to voting strictly the party line and supported by the Party Establishement?

    I keep hearing the term " a community to move forward,"- call me dumb- but would you clear that concept for me?- other than its just political slogans?- like a comunity doesnt move forward in time everyday?- to select anybody else somehow moves it backwards? maybe CHANGE?- Maybe a different direction? what if the direction the downtown "kleptocracy" has decided is just wrong? 
    people need to listen to each other and cooperate.
    so- people DONT liostento each other? or dont co-operate?
    Maybe people need to ask each other more questions? and what if cooperating is also the wrong ideas; or different ?

    Its not like either Michelle stands much of a chance Vs the Steve Shine/Russ Jehl/Dr Crawford sausage grinder anyway?

    Of course- you are a Henry Supporter and the Henry's anointed crew; and the "establishment local party"- 

    I Voted for all FIVE WOMEN- on My district ballot- "the other Michelle"- not the one youre supporting..- 
    Gina Burgess; Michelle Chambers; Cathy Cross; and Angie Davis 
    AND- well- you know very well how i am not a Mayor Henry fan- for plenty of reasons which i wont go into here;
    But its a free country; and lively discussion; TALKING TO EACH OTHER; and so on- is the basis for a strong Democracy.

    Im disappointed the local political debate has been all about money money money- 
    I think if we want to draw visitors and new residents to FTW; the biggest Obstacle- is the POLICE- Not that they do a good job of enforcing the laws- every single law- every tiny annoying law - which has been made by idiot Statehouse lawmakers- While ignoring the laws that apply to them- acting like occupiers; and as if they are above the laws- which they have and continue to do-
    anyway- If the FWPD- would just STOP and leave most citizens alone- ignore/nullify all the unjust laws that take away our freedoms and liberties and are well- simply racist; ; and stop arresting everybody for every tiny crime( by definition)- and act as peacekeepers- keep the peace; keep citizens safe from the serious violent felons and career criminals; well-
    Its like North Korea or Iran; or Stalinist Soviet around here.- a Literal Ploice state.
    Its the revolving door- which way are the people going? exiting in droves? or flocking to fort Wayne?
    naturally- "kids"- young adults - - their first impulse it to get as far away from their parents; families and homeotnws; and see the world while they are young- And they aret fleeing TO here from other places..

    SO- I suppose the hard questions to ask MS merritt ; other than her strong support by Thad Gerardot; and other gay activists- is this-
    and of course other Liberal like minded citizens-
    How do we make FTW more liberal and welcoming and free for everyone?
    the tea baggers- all say - less govt; more freedom- but you cant have that in a Police State" -like its somehow unamerican to question the Police; and cctiticize them?
    AND- the tea baggers enjoy their lock on the Police state- and dont want their hometown- over run by treehuggers, gays; liberal, woodstock hippie pot heads( think Haight Ashbury in its hey day);

    so- the tea party types will never cooperate or compromise- and 
    mostcitizens are fiscal conservative; and social centrist; if not liberal; Yet our local 2 parties are either fiscal liberals- and social conservatives- or ficasl liberals and social liberals- 
    either way- they spend our taxes- our hard earned money - which is not enough by any measure- and spend it like its THEIR OWN CASH for their OWN ENRICHMENT.- LITERAL KLEPTOCRACY. 

    anyone can support who they want; or vote for who they want- but lets be analytical.

    and shouldnt you now just stick to CHICAGO POLITICS- since you dont live here anymore nor have any cash at stake here? just saying, Karen.

    ps- have a great day; and Go Chicago Cubs!
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  • avid Christopher Roach im not "against" any of my fellow democrats. we're all on the same team; and we're all for a better hometown; Ive already voted; we just disagree on where the city govt is going with its spending plans; and itslack of addressing any pressing social issues; and the FWPD. 
    so- best of luck- its an uphill battle vs the GOP; and the Jehl machine.. whomever is the nominee. 
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  • David Christopher Roach well- maybe the mayor, in my case- and the tea bag republicans.. whatever happened to sanity? you know? FDR republicans; Teddy roosevelt progressives; eisenhower repubs?- the inmates have taken over the asylum - GOP chairman shine is going to have HIS own work cut out for him- keeping the LOONY TOONS bottled up; silenced; and out of sight . after november- expect them to emerge.. sooo- >by the way- if anybody out there can find the word"republican" on any Harper signs, or his web sites; etc- let me know- because hes a life long Repub- of the tea party wing- and hes trying to deceive the voters.. 
    I think im going to move to some blue blue state where the GOP clown car is out back on the scrap heap.. 
    or at least somewhere i can get a legal weed card; then i wont care.. lol.. but i would..
    oh- im not leaving- make the mountain come to mohammed.. 
    and I too have plenty of gay friends and acquaintances; and so doesnt matter to me, except justice.


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