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CITY "QUIETLY" DISCUSSING ASH PROJECT: Local media has been reporting that the "City is quietly discussing the Ash project with unnamed developer." First, I shudder anytime I hear the City quietly discussing anything. The "more quiet" the City is about anything, the more tax dollars are being squandered. Btw, that's not an opinion---that's a provable fact. Look to all the public-private partnership projects that are unable to sustain themselves, starting with majority of new parking garages Downtown.
Second, does the current administration really think they are fooling anyone?? Hello, Eric Doden called and he wants his time in the spotlight as Ash's new developer. At the beginning of the year, he was in the news discussing how housing opportunities in Fort Wayne. With the help of the current administration, he orchestrated the development of City Flats---all while being in a conflict of interest position with the Indiana Economic Development Commission. Subsequent to the City Flats and the pesky Indiana Ethics Commission, Doden "retired" from the IEDC. Ok, he didn't retire, he left the IEDC for the greener and closer pastures over at Greater Fort Wayne.
The Administration and Doden want to take advantage of new grants for federal government housing programs. With both Henry and Doden being funded by the same group of people and running around in the same circles, they are in a position of envy and insider wheel-n-deal trade.
If Doden wants to take the leads on the residential of the Ash "Cash and Slash" Brokerage project, by all means do so. But let's stop this cat-and-mouse game of covert transparency and just be honest about what is really going on.
For more on the original story:
Though Mayor Tom Henry’s administration still isn’t ready to announce a formal agreement, Fort Wayne city officials are working ...
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  • Gina Burgess CONGRATS to Eric Doden on his recent appointment to Greater Fort Wayne and to his soon-to-be-publicized partnership with the company doing the development of the Ash "Cash and Slash" Brokerage project:
    The outgoing head of the Indiana Economic Development...
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  • David Christopher Roach Mr doden was in town the other day WITH Gov. Pence at Halls drive in by roller dome- wonder about some executive order for riverfront decking bars and diners? - 
    ADN- Mr Doden was seated in the "team Henry section of the "bleachers( cheap at the recent inner city ministers Forum the other night as well>
    AND- the cozy relations and documented connections between the Doden family; and the Henrys- are "thick as thieves" ( as Warden Norton said in "shawshank redemption")
    MR Doden ( aka "richie rich") also had many thousands tothrow away in the last Mayoral election.If only he can convince his deep pockete cronies..oops- supporters to cross over and vote Henry;well- 
    its an interesting "political chess game/insider baseball speculation..
    AND- Im not a lawyer; BUT- IFMayor Henry is defeated in the Primary- is he KAPUT? term over may 5th- 6 MONTHS OF PRE-DAMAGE CONTROL? stop him before he can wreck the economy any more?

    A news story just came out in the NS- about sharon Lapp homicide; and CSI- Fort Wayne as well- all the dirt on the Moses administration; which is the "shadow govt for Mayor Henry- all the "usual suspects- running the show from the redevelopment commission offices?
    AND- speaking of-If we all read that ASH Project news article carefully- we see all these "Tax Credits"- to be handed out..(Ross Perot once called deals like thatBUYING YOUR VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY..)_
    BUT- the important thing to rememberis tax credits; or anything else the Govt hands out like candy- IS YOUR MONEY- so- the private sector wont be on the hook and their over riding ideology- of "if the private sector wont support it, it shouldnt be built- is right out the window. Steve Shine needs to admit he has a party full of dirty loathesome SOCIALISTS!!- Bernie Sanders; Obama wealth redistributing SOCIALISTS!! "SPREAD THE WEALTH- was what JOE the Plumber- was trotted al across the USA by FOX news? and the "vast right wing conspiracy?- 
    sperad the wealth, redistribute ion of wealth( from poor to rich)- a project that without MASSIVE PUBIC VOTER CITIZEN TAXPAYERS SUBSIDIES- CORPORATE WELFARE- of all kinds- AND-a right to work; no common wage slave labor PYRAMID- well- this has all the trappings of something REALLY HORRIBLE.. 
    BUT- dont listen to me- ignore Roach. Hes just a Flitty Perennialgadfly; no one to give any creidibilty- THE SKYLINE IS FALLING! ( tee hee..)
    were you amused? but are you MAD AS HELL? enough to VOTE THE BLODDY BUGGERS OUT? ( buggers? roach.. giggle..
    but seriously..!!
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  • David Christopher Roach so- if tom henry is voted out tomorrow and loses the primary; is he DONE?D..O..N..E..?
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