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HOW TO CONTEST AN ELECTION? Candidates have until Noon tomorrow, May 19th, to file a Verified Petition with the Allen County Circuit Court if they want to contest an election. For more information, please visit:…/ic/titles/003/articles/012/chapters/008/
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  • David Christopher Roachhmmmmmm. smile emoticon so how does one prove rumors of mass fraudulent cross over primary voting as a normal course of election strategy by either party?
    I was at a candidate forum in 2010- ;and others where andy downs IPFW Poly sci PHD; ABD ACEB member then p
    roxy- stated that its OK to cross over vote in primarys as the GOP typically wins; so by the time the Nov elections happen, its already a "fait accompli( done deal)- 
    Also Radio "Comedian" Rush Limbaugh always talks about "Operation Chaos"- telling his listeners to cross over vote in primary's so as to nominate the opposite party's weakest candidates ( Tommy Schrader; tom cook;)- to throw a wrench in the machinery. 
    The legal techinicality that "permits" voters to do this- is if they then "promise to vote wink wink for a majority of those party candidates for which they voted in the primary. BUT- there is no ACEB procedure or method to prove or disprove how any group of primary voters voted-
    En example- is John roberson, who was removed from the ballot for voting in the opposite party primary in 2014. I voted for My friend Matt Kelty- because I cant stand Nelson Peters- then voted straight Democrat in that General election. ( i think?)- "I have no recollection now" as to whom i voted for that November... 
    Again- it is common practice for Democrats to cross over primary vote; so Mr shine's crowing about how many Republicans there are is highly inflated. Also- as people who are political observers- note the wild fluctuations in various Dem vs GOP races- I dont have all the data right here; but it has happened frequently.
    soooo. Its a corrupted system in need of reform0- such as private primarys where voters dont have to publicly delcare a party; thus exposing themselves to possible retaliation at work; or other "sanctions"
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  • David Christopher Roach this is an interesting commentary from the 2007 Matt Kelty Allen County Election Board hearing- regarding the partisan make-up of appointed boards- "Partisan Balance" - I see no Libertarian Appointees to this highly important County Board.. thus- is this an Illegally constituted Board, and therefore- are all its recent decisions then "Null and void"? as would be any other ones going however far back?
    the statue and the status of the 3rd party seem to put the Libertarian Party of Allen County on an equal basis , as a legitimate 3rd party.
    anyway- my comments; a rebuttal; then the link:
    thank you. KANGAROO COURT- TEE HEE...
    To put it in a nutshell Andy Downs was belittled, trashed, ridiculed and put in his place like a monkey on a string. He's...
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    • David Christopher Roach ROACH said…
      Indiana state law requires many boards and cmissions to have whats called "partisan balance"- that means that there is supposed to be a proportion ing of board members between party's.
      One of those boards specified_I dont have the direct law citation; but its there, trust me, or look it up yourself- is county election boards.
      Last time I checked, there is an active Libertarian party in allen county- ask bob enders; as well as a Libertarian State party, and should be in every county.

      this means that due to the Libs having ballot access, a legitimate 3rd party, that all boards, comissions, and such should have libertarians on them ; including the allen county election board.
      As such, this lack of "Partisan balance" renders the ACEB to be an illegally Constituted board, and as such, all decisions rendered by the ACEB null and void, due to illegal composition. As well as all previous decisions by all illegally constituted boards, and commissions as far back as the Libertarian Party has had legal 3rd party ballot access.
      I love the thought that this will throw a monky wrench into the works, require 1000's of $$$ to correct , give all aggreived citizens the right to appeal any an all illegally derived decisions by these illegaly consituted boards, and creates a crisis for the Governor, the State house, and any involved administraqtive laws, decisions, appelas, and opens the state of Indiana up to potentially bankrupting magnitude of back judgements, court costs, settlements, and related topics… giggle!!!
      This has been a ticking time-bomb, and should Mr. Downs decide to pursue this matter, after his embarassing smackdown by a backwater, nutjob, hick hoosier town lawyer; It will be fun to see.
      The ACEB was hornswoggled by Bopp, a "traveling snakeoil salesman"; bambloozled, hoodwinked.
      As Bugs Bunny would say- "What a maroon".
      Ive read election laws- frequently- you wouldnt play monopoly, without knowing the little quirks that will bankrupt you opponent when he lands on your Park Place, packed with "Roach- Motels"; would you?
      Nor should you play the election game without playing by the rules, and knowing the minutia that will keep you from being tripped up.
      Brown, Wright, and Downs make a mockery of the system, by their incompetence, and being cowed by Bopp, afore mentioned 1 man traveling circus sideshwo.
      Chalk another 1 up for the pro-lifer koolaid drinking nutjobs; and their charlatan lawyers…
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    • David Christopher Roach Jim Bopp is one of the top ten attorneys in the country on campaign finance and elections law. He has provided expert tesimony before the US Senate on McCain-Finegold. He is a frequent contributor to National Review and often contributes to national periodicals like the Washington Post and others on this and other issues such as freedom of speech. He just recently completed arguing a case before the SCOTUS that will be ruled on at the end of this month. Additionally, he is also a National GOP committeeman from the State of Indiana.

      Hardly a "maroon".

      All this info is in the public domain. Sounds like Roach is getting his info guests on the Coast-to-Coast-AM overnight radio program, between the crop circles and alien abduction stories.

      The internet can be really good, but it can also be really really bad.

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      SquarefingerJune 20, 2007 at 10:33 am

      I agree. If the current administration was as forthright and transparent on a proposed $160M Harrision Square project as Kelty has been on $160K of personal loans, I think everyone would have a lot more information on which to make an informed judgment on whether or not it is a good deal for taxpayers, the City, and the County.

      Right now I know more about a lousy $150K personal loan to a candidate than I know about a proposed $160M public project funded largley by taxpayer dollars. This in spite of numerous FOIA requests on this issue, apparently being stonewalled by the adminstration.

      That is the difference between Republicans and Democrats (except John Shoaff) in my view. Although, there are a number of Republicans who would rather just have us all just "shut up and color" regarding this project.
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