Tuesday, May 19, 2015


  • Michelle Hill It is definitely odd that the numbers don't add up correctly...and the person actually saw some Known Republicans go in and vote...when there was no Republican to vote for...
  • Justin Kuhnle I only became aware of this a little while. I'll research and get back with you
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  • Joe Renner I think perhaps many former Republicans changed party affiliation in order to vote in the primary as Democrats. This wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Is is it legal? Yes it is. Is it moral or right?
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  • Michelle HillI have no doubt that "former Republicans switched over" since there wasn't really anything for them to vote on this year, in Woodburn, but it is interesting that they "lied" a bit to they guy when they said either "I could'n't vote for you because I'm a Republican" or "I didn't vote at all, since there wasn't someone to vote for on the Republican side". 
    My guess is that they didn't want to "admit" that they might have voted for the guy's opponent (incumbent) and also didn't want to admit they had "switched over" at all.
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  • Joe Renner They just have to "declare" their current party affiliation. Not their previous affiliations. A flaw no doubt in party politics, and in Primary elections. Not a breach of law in my opinion.
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  • Michelle Hill Yes, this is definitely a good case for why Primary voting should not require "declaring a party".
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  • Joe Renner But not declaring a party would open the vote up to everyone. We can't have that now...
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  • Gina BurgessTechnically, it is illegal to cross-over in a Primary. Think about the purpose of a primary---in theory, the purpose is for its members to decide who best represents the interest or views of the membership and/or has the greatest chance of success of m...See More
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  • Gina BurgessWhat do I think about this? I think its good that this candidate caught a flaw in the system and is doing something about it--even though he will undoubtedly be ridiculed by some as being a "sore loser." Also, given the nature of our political party---the fact that he is challenging the incumbent (which could likely upset the status quo if he wins) and calling for fair play will likely draw him ire from the ACDP. His "democratic-ness" will likely be questioned as will his allegiance or loyalty to the Party. In a way, I admire his tenacity, but I also feel bad for him knowing (and experiencing first hand) the likely fall out from his action. Honestly, I wish more candidates had his courage and spoke out against election irregularities each and every time they occurred. That is the only way that local election rules will ever be applied and enforced uniformily.
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  • David Christopher Roachseeing as how those who are entrusted as paid professionals to observe; investigate and enforce all campaign finance and election laws; and sadly lacking in that respect.. As I said right before the Feb 18th Allen County Election Boardmeeting- "the fix ins in; the deck is stacked; on with the show..". the local media and powers that be- had already decided the saturday after the filing deadline the mayors race would be Harper and Henry; and nothig will sway them from that, no matter what- legal, illegal, or whatever..
    WHY I wore a "Batman" /Dark Knight t-shirt- to match the decorum and respect i held for the proceedings; I said Im here to help take a DENT out of corruption here in GOTHAM CITY- a Metaphor for any typical corrupt city in modern America.. And how "self appointed, outlaw vigilante caped crusading " Crimefighters have to stand up and fight on for the justice in the court of public opinion..
    I stood up; and raised my right hand to "tell the whole truth and nothing bu the truth"- at THAT PROCEEDING; and filed several Courthouse prodeedings signed, swortn and attested to under penaties of perjury. SO- since no one has charged ME with perjury, by process of DEDUCTION- we must assume ROACH IS RIGHT.?-
    Im not stupid, Im smart. Im not a Lawyer. many people arent. BUT when we are faced with a Political party who has their own FREE (PRO-BONO)- army of Lawyers with little ethics morals or scrules- as Lawyers are paid professionals paid to lie to rperesent their clients interests- well- WHAT CHANCE DOES THE AVERAGE CITIZEN STAND TO PROTECT AND UPHOLD THEIR OWN RIGHTS? whe we are ruled by an un-impeachable Kleptocracy; owned by Plutocrats to serve the Oligarchy?
    So- Its a dirty job, but someone has to do it..
    did i mention I was in the US MILITARY? I tok an OATH there as well- to Protect and preserve the constitution agains t all ENEMIES FOREIGN-- AND-- DOMESTIC. I would call this precisely that..
    Besides- Its fun to mock those who crookedly administer our govt by wearing COMIC BOOK SUPERHERO REGALIA- kids learn about "truth ; justice and the american way" in comic books;then see corruption, hypocrisy, liars; thieves running the world- well someone has to stand up. against these rotten greedy evil men- May as well be me.. anyone else want to stand up with for freedom; and justice? and say- this all ends here and now?
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  • David Christopher Roach by the way- BATMAN IS A Crimefighter. . one of the good guys. If I make some good impression on some kids by trying to have some THEATRICAL FUN; well what harm is there in that?

  • Audrey Miller-Queckboerner Open public primary voting shouldn't be happening anyways. Other parties have to have their own party's primaries behind closed doors by party members so why should R's and D's be allowed to have their primaries paid for by the taxpayers?
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  • David Christopher Roachthere is a statute in election laws about disclosing how you voted- and related topics. I m busy- or id look it up; but It seems to me that having to "declare a party " tovote in a primary- is contrary to the idea of a secret ballot.
    I know a bit about
     how computers work and programming. it seems to me a voter could sign in at a polling station as a citizen; then to go to the booth, select either the R or the d button; push it; and the R or D bnallot would appear. the primary voter would select their picks; then push the RED- VOTE BUTTON. that way- there is a record of that person voting- just like in a general election; but their party "affiliation wold remain confidential.
    THAT is why there is a dismal turnout in May; and why we get the voting choices of "hitler" or stalin" as the party base- extremes are the ones who are primary voters; and the centrist /independent; R or d's are excluded; or dont show up.
    then theres the issue of workplace retribution, or retaliation. in a ATWILL; RIGHT TO WORK STATE- an employee has no protections of rights to vote how they wish- any employer can lok at their voter records; and if its contrary to the owners business or personal ideologies, can fire at will.
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