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THE "REST OF THE STORY"- read on..
FIRST COMES CHARACTER ASSASSINATION -- THE “SIMILARITIES” BETWEEN ME AND SHARON LAPP: Less than a week before the Primary, the newspapers ran a story that revisited the 30 year old murder of a community activist named Sharon Lapp. Along with that news story has come a dramatic increase in the number of messages of care, concern and caution. Several of you have been giving me these sort of messages for about the past two years as I’ve shared facts that have not been kind to the current Administration.
For those of you who don’t know, Sharon Lapp was, as recently described by the News~Sentinel, a “43-year-old homemaker and community activist had been raped and sodomized, had her throat cut and been stabbed several times in the back and side…..At the time of her death Lapp published the Messenger, a newsletter critical of the police and city administration, and kept secret dossiers….. Lapp was investigating suspicions of wrongdoing by officials and had intended to take her evidence to the attorney general's office when she was killed.”
This description has some of you really concerned. I can’t say that I blame you. The similarities between me and Sharon Lapp are chillingly eerie. I am a woman age 42 going on 43. While I don’t publish a newsletter, I do occasionally blog on the Burgess Report and that’s like a newsletter. Some could make the stretch that my facebook page is something of an interactive newsletter. Many, but not all, of my postings on facebook are critical of the current Administration and that criticism, on rare and obvious occasions, has extended to the command staff of FWPD. Making matters more discerning is the fact that the Journal Gazette labeled me as a “homemaker” and “community activist” in 2012. But that’s where the similarities end.
Here are some realities.
I don’t have secret dossiers on people. No offense to anyone, but that would be incredibly time-consuming. I do, on occasion, keep message logs of certain information that I believe may be another piece of a puzzle based on other information I receive. But given the amount of information that everyone sends me every day, I have to --- otherwise I would never be able to remember it all. Sometimes even when I do keep it, I have to be reminded.
If I take something to an outside source, such as the Indiana Attorney General’s office, it is because I have basically been challenged to do so by another agency, such as the Allen County Election Board. Again, it’s a matter of time consumption.
Now, I have said in private message after private message for the past few years that I am not worried about becoming the next “Sharon Lapp” and that neither should you. Here’s why – they have to assassinate my character first before they can murder me otherwise they risk inadvertently creating a martyr. By the way, I don’t say that lightly and I don’t say that because “I’m all that” (‘cause I’m not).
I say that because Sharon Lapp ended up being a rallying point for the community and when you have a community already tiresome of what’s going on, already fed up with the current system of status quos, the last thing you want to do is add a match to gasoline fumes by creating a martyr. Many people---like me or hate me---tend to respect me because I say what needs to be said and I back it up with facts that they can individually authenticate. People aren’t drawn to my facebook page because of me, per say. They are drawn to my facebook page because many of the things I share confirm what Fort Wayne and Allen County residents have always suspected. My information originates from each of you! If something happens to me—you all would simply find another social media outlet that would pick up where I left off. If the motivation to murder me is to stop the flow of information, then those involved in my murder would fail because the flow of that information can’t be stopped.
In far as assassinating my character goes, this is what we are most likely going to see (in no particular order):
• My being wiped from the archives of traditional media sources – erasing the past.
• My being left out of news stories that should involve me – eliminating the present.
• My being referred to in factually-unsubstantiated, but emotionally-charged terms like “crazy” or “evil” – whatever it takes to plant seeds that I am not a stable or a good person. (That comes in handy just in case I am ever incarcerated and end up dead in a holding cell due to suspicious suicide, i.e. Calvin Perry.)
• My being put in a negative but factually-substantiated light—but the negative will be dramatically disproportionate to the reality, which in all likelihood will be a manufactured “fact” masquerading as a true fact. (Like being hauled off in handcuffs while surrounded by the media for an alleged…ALLEGED…violation, like Matt Kelty. Also, note that when being hauled off in handcuffs, where would I go? Yep, a holding cell. See the above.)
• My financial well-being being manipulated so I can’t gain employment or clients -- making sure I have inadequate resources to mount a proper legal defense.
I am sure there will be other ways that my character can be assassinated, but that’s a pretty reasonable and conservative list for now.
The point here is that it’s hard to murder someone who maintains a presence in the public’s eye via social media -- especially when you have to first assassinate their character – and why go to that extent when the motivation would be to stop the flow of information, which cannot be stopped in the digital era due to social media?? See, nothing to worry about.
To which many of you have said, but “Gina---accidents can and do happen.” Yes, that might be true. Accidents can happen, but any accident I am part of will automatically be viewed at with eyes of suspicion by both family, friends, and supporters. I mean you have to look at any such accident as a matter of both timing and context.
So again, there is really no reason to be concerned that I am going to end up dead like Sharon Lapp. As the saying goes, danger is real, but fear is an option. Be not afraid. Instead, be curious!! smile emoticon
For more information on the News~Sentinel’s recent coverage the Sharon Lapp murder, please visit:

Thirty years ago on May 1 the grisly murder of Sharon Lapp forever changed the way homicide scenes were handled and prosecutors build their cases in Indiana.For the first time DNA evidence was used to...
heres a rehash of Ginas post; and some also informed historical background information ( in My usual writing style- sorry; im not gina.)
shes very much "perry Mason; Joe friday- just the facts"; and I like to tell a good story- If we were sitting in a bar- with a beer; or such..
Oh- Night club Owner Dino Zurzolo was a crime victim- of also similar suspicious circumstances.
the Tom Didier meats murder? also maybe political?
Too much random violence around fort Wayne..
heck- you could be in your home; putting your kids to sleep and have your home erupt in gunfire from "STRAY BULLETS"( NICE EUPHEMISM, ISNT IT? like a stray dog that missed its home? )too many "Stray Bullets flying around town, arent there? its like a wild west frontier town? well- history is destiny i guess- plenyt of wild west frontier here in FORT APACHE. ?
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  • Douglas B Pritchett I never did get my file back.
  • Vicky Linden Foltz I remember that !
  • Joe Renner Being noticeably missing and assumed to be suspicious death isn't always solved. That is why I am firm believer in the second amendment. Carrying a firearm for self defense is always a good idea. Be safe, and responsible, but don't be a victim.
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  • David Christopher Roach THE DAN OSBOURNE SLAYING- That also is a chilling tale- From what I have heard told- this was not just a random murder of a family; by someone high on drugs; as the OFFICIALACCOUNT BY POLICE is told- from what i have heard and read from resources- Dan Osbourne- who worked for The News-Sentinel News Sentinel and was close friend of Kevin Leininger; and Leo Morris; and Bob caylor; and other long time
    The News-Sentinel journalists- Mr Osbourne was onto a quilte news-worthy report that if written; would have blown the lid off a lot of "behind the scenes"; smokefilled back room shady dealings and corruption by police and politicians and an Organized crime connection
    BUT- Since he was murdered- and his family as well-NOTHING LIKE SENDING A MESSAGE- Im surprised his wife and daughter werent raped and sodomized as well- but the young girl was left alive to "tell the tale"- as aliving permanent reminder"
    I wonder what files and records and such were removed and vanished at THAT CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION? The timing of this mass murder wa such- that the same FWPD chief, and command staff were also present- ANBD as an aside- how many are still on the FWPD; havent retired, as they are guarding the chickencoop?
    ANd- how many are still around who can be found aalive- ho may know something about THIS COLD CASE FILE?
    Calvin Perry - the kid accused in the crime- was a patsy- who conveniently committed Jail house suicide? If it was indedd suicide and not MURDER- it was because he was in jail for something he didnt committ- and thecops pressured him to confess and he was facing the prospect of OLD SPARKY..-
    I know enough about psychology; human nature; how the military and the police extract information- to observe that something stinks to high heavens about this whole thing.

    Ditto for the sharon Lapp Homicide too- What is in common? Win Moses now im not specifically saying he had anything to do with it; or his police cronies- - Rusty York ; for one; or Karen Richards, or the helmke "hangerson- life time deputy /assistant prosecutors who are the REAL powers behind the prosecutors office- 
    and just for gossipy tabloid conspiracy theory speculation- Tom Henry- who was a city councilman at the time; or Mark gia quinta- who has been known as "Mark GIANCANA"- not for good reason- chem Waste management; Garbage corporation contracts; Union /"labor rackettering"; Illegal gambling; RICO statute violations; and soon- 
    (do you realy want HIM asround your schoolchildren?)

    Ive lived here since 1967; I was out of town Overseas in the navy- literaly a world away- from Sept 11 1980; to May 30th of 1983-So I may have missed some "suspicious "goings on" around "mybeloved hometown"( echakkkaaa!) but i got up to speed in the libary archive rooms.

    speaking of which- character assassination- The local newspapers have a very sneaky systematic method of planting "land mines" for any politicians who they think will expose corruption; or "upset the rotten apple cart.- more on that someother day.)

    BUT- GINA IS PERFECTLY CORRECT- and perfectly justified in her concerns. I had the news paper tabloid editors in fear by reminding toem of the Oliver Stone Movie- based on a true story "Talk Radio"- In which an obnoxious radio tabloid media type was ambushed and executed/assassinated by a group of right wing extremists; several years back( google ALAN BERG) for more.

    I too had the same concerns as gina is having- I too have posted regulary; and told friends- if i ever am found dead before im 80; or so; and they rule it a suicide; or suspicious death- THINMK HOMICIDE- THEY HAD THE DUDE LKILLED- - because im happy sane, mellow; and im not involved in any illegal conspiracies. 
    I have provided for my own "personal protection"- as any prudent public figure should do- because there ARE plenty of Occupational hazards" to this "line of work"

    Its not about civics, and good government; and doing good, and exercising your good rights as a citizen- its devolved into money; power, control, corruption- and dividing up the hundreds of millions of dollars through legal? methods- legalized "kleptocracy"- is the technical term..
    BUT- SOMETIMES WE NEED "SUPERHEROES- WILLING TO PUT THEIR SELVES OUT THERE TO STAND UP TO THE FORCES OF EVIL- and as I joked but seriosly about in feb 18th ACEb meeting; and thus the widely misunderstood ( wal-mart) BATMAN T-SHIRT- 
    Im doing this to help take a DENT (harvey dent)- out of crime; and to CLEAN UP THE CORRUPTION IN GOTHAM CITY. (google "Gotham" and "gotham city)
    and know from the movies and comic books- yes im a geek; and all my superheroes are well- cops or crime fighters; or do-gooders:that the term "Gotham City" is a metaphor for any city or town across the USA; or the world- that is evil; banal; Corrupt; and run by bad people- who only care about themselves and will stop at little to acheive their Nefarious schemes- because theyre schemers( another great movie speech)

    but im off track- so the day the LAPP MURDER HAPPENED- I was driving an auto parts van - for associated tires( now out of business)_ I left in the morning- and was up and down fairfieldna dn broadway , and rudisill- just doing my job- in the morning. after lunch- they sent me out again- and im all WTF? at all the cops and cop cars and police tape at the lapp residence- corner of fairfield and rudisill-
    It wasnt till later I saw and read the news accounts- and a chill went up my back- so- what if i was sitting at the traffice light while just across the street this poor woman was being killed.. ?

    well- frank Gray put is succinctly- after so many years of living in a city; sadly- you just get used to all the dead bodies that are found- "lying around"; and realize theres little we can do.
    well- theres plenty- where were the police; the mayor; Chief( at the time) YORK- WHEN THE CITIZNES RESIDENTS TAX PAYERS; VOTERS- were howling for something to be done by the Cops to stem the murder spree /rampage- in 2013?
    Heck- there was a double murder/'feticide"- right across my neighborhood- I call it "Helter Skelter in Tamarack Tamarack Civic Association- ohh- what year was it? 2008? maybe- when all those people got murdered- like a dozen in 10 days in April?
    help me out here.. why do i clal it "helter-skelter in tamarack?well- if you know the story- SHARON TATE- was killed while 9 months pregnant; and her fetus was killed as well; and Another woman was killed also- If there would have been more people home at the time the Tamarack double murder/feticide-3 DEATHS ocurred- we would have had a blood bath.
    That case; and the obviously related ones that 10 day /2 week time frame- are still unsolved COLD CASES- either the FWPD knows and isnt saying; or they are pretty well ignorant, incompetent, or crooked- as to solving any crime more serious than drunks, stoners, and so on?
    the story that has leaked out is it was drug and gang related; and people owing cash; and people who were witnesses; or informants who SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN SOME SORT OF WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM/RE-LOCATION.
    sound familiar?
    SIGH- Oh- as for unknown young women found dead in trach can/dumpsters- GOOGLE : La Kia Dixie- maybe we have a serial killer in our midst- and what of the other young girls who have died in unsolved cold cases.
    Cant let THAT SToryY GET OUT- Many "serial kilers"- wait years between their murders, and some are quite prolific- such as Ted Bundy; it al depends- you have to read a lot about crime; criminology, psychology; profiling ( like I have- im not a stupid schmuck like THEY the usual suspects- want you to believe..)
    Ididnt just fall off the canal boat yesterday..( like 1850's governor Lewis Cass did at a Wabash and Erie Canal Dedication Ceremony - one July 4th)( read the historical marker on Main street- by the RR tracks that end right next to Paula's seafood, for more information..

    ok- ginas annoyed at me.. GO BUY A GUN- A MISS KITTY DERRINGER; KEEP IT THE SAME PLACE. for starts.. Maybe a BOG DOG- 
    frankly_ Ive been at this for decades-since 1990; and no ones trtied to kill me yet that i know of; not to say it cant or wont happen; but hey-all superhjeroes and masked outlaw vigilantes have their stories end..if its a "happy ending"; wel- i can live with that. 
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Homicide numbers peaked in '90s

Vigil against violence
News-Sentinel photo by Leisa Thompson
Vigil against violence
Fort Wayne resident Gail Cheffy lowers her head during a prayer at a 1995 vigil in memory of homicide victims. Her son, Christopher, had been shot and killed two months earlier.

The Summit City has had more killings per 100,000 residents in one year then Los Angeles and New York.

By Darnell J. Compton, of The News-Sentinel
In a decade with more homicides than any other, none stunned the community more than the death of Allen County Sheriff's Deputy Eryk Heck, gunned down by a burglary suspect two years ago.

Heck, 27, was the first officer to die in the line of duty in the county. He was shot in the leg, neck and jaw after a shootout with burglary suspect Timothy Stoffer, who also died in the exchange of gunfire.

As a fellow officer and friend, Officer Guy Griffith, county police spokesman, said that shooting stands out in his mind.

"His death hit home," Griffith said.

Homicides increased dramatically in the 1990s. Allen County had 60 more homicides this decade than in the 1980s, with at least 280 killings.

Indeed, the �90s have been a deadly decade.

Consider some of the other high profile cases:

* David Carter was found with a gunshot wound to the chest Jan. 21, buried underneath freshly poured concrete in the basement of a home at 2016 Shadybrook Drive. Police have since arrested two on murder charges.

* Community leader Prince Chapman was killed Nov. 30, and Jamone Williams, charged with the killing, was just 12 years old when, according to police, he shot Chapman, then shot him again, fatally, after he fell.

* Alfreda Bledsoe, mother of Fort Wayne Police Officer Calvin Dubose, was beaten to death with a hammer and her body was hidden in the basement of the homeless shelter she operated. Two people charged with her killing in the summer of 1998 were found only after authorities in Escambia County, Fla., arrested them Nov. 2, 1998, on another killing.

* Joseph Corcoran, 24, charged with killing his parents but acquitted in 1992, later took four lives in his home on July 26, 1997, when he took a rifle loaded with a 30-round clip and killed his brother, James Corcoran, 30; Robert Scott Turner, 32; Douglas A. Stillwell, 30; and Timothy G. Bricker, 30, in the living room of his Bayer Avenue home because he heard them talking about him and became upset. He was sentenced to death this year.

Simply looking at the number of homicides, the city twice had more than 40 such killings in a year, first in 1994 and then peaking at 42 in 1997. In the past nine years, only one year has had fewer than 20 homicides -- 1996, when there were 17.

The Summit City has had more killings per 100,000 residents in one year than Los Angeles and New York. Fort Wayne had 18.8 rate per 100,000, while L.A. had 15.3 per 100,000. New York had homicide rate of 10.2 in 1997.

Heading into the final months of the decade, Fort Wayne is already on course to break 20 homicides this year.

Seventeen people have been killed in the county this year. One man's death is under investigation by the Allen County Coroner's Office.

"We used to catch kids with a .32 revolver. Now they are out with Tech 9's," said Capt. P.J. Smith. "This generation is different. It's fun, exciting to them because of what they see on TV and hear in music."

One catalyst for the increase in crime was crack cocaine, police say.

Fort Wayne became a hub for crack cocaine distribution, with dealers trafficking to and from large cities, police speculate. Major drug dealers fought for street corners to sell their drugs.

Homicides increased in the 90s, police say, as drug dealers battled for turf.

To combat the drive-by shootings and drugs, city police fought back, enlisting residents' help.

The Community Oriented Policing concept is designed to pay attention to smaller crimes, such as thefts and break-ins, which the department believes lead to bigger crimes, such as homicide.

"One of the things the management team has done is targeted high-risk individuals and taken them off the street," said Ron Buskirk, deputy chief of investigations.

Some of the area's higher profile cases

Eryk Heck: Killed in gunfight with burglary suspect, 1997.

Lakia Dixie: 13-year-old molested, then stabbed to death, 1996.

Alfreda Bledsoe: Beaten to death, 1998.

Prince Chapman: Shot to death, allegedly by a 12-year-old killer, 1998.

Angela Sanders: Found behind the wheel of her car, shot twice in the head, 1994.

John Pressler: Churubusco man shot dead in central Fort Wayne, 1994.

Sarah Bowker: 7-year-old molested and suffocated, 1990.

Maurice Lam: IPFW professor beaten to death by acquaintances in a robbery, 1991.
- See more at:

"FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Six dead in two days. Fort Wayne police say it's the most violent stretch anyone on the force can remember. 
On Monday, Police found the bodies of two women in a north-east fort wayne home 4648 Blum Drive. The Allen County Coroner says 27-year old Shantell Craighead and 23-year old Rachel Roos were shot to death and is officially ruling their deaths homicides.
They were called to the scene after someone stopped by to visit one of the women and saw a body through the open back door. Police say there were no signs of forced entry into the home.
A friend of Roos told Newschannel 15 that she was 8 months pregnant.
The coroner says Roos' unborn "


riday, April 04, 2008

Recent murders in Fort Wayne

There has been a recent streak of murders in Fort Wayne. Some thoughts:
1. This should not deter people from residing, shopping, or working in Fort Wayne, or in any particular section of the city. Your chances of being murdered are more dependent on who you know rather than where you live.
2. Earlier this year, Mayor Tom Henry decided not to hire more police officers. Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate this decision.
3. If we cannot afford the police that we need, how can we afford a ballpark? The city is like a homeowner who cannot afford to fix his roof this year because of the pool that he bought last year. Sure, HS is a dead issue. But it is important that we learn from our mistakes. Just because you can afford to blow money on bread and circuses doesn't make it a good idea. The city needs to keep a cushion in its budget for emergencies.


ROACH said...
fort wayne police are incompetent. I've watched enough crime shows on tv to know that if there isnt an arrest within 48 hours, the crime likely will become a "cold case, and remain unsolved. The police depts excuse" well- they were all bad people, nobody will miss them, so we dont care" smacks of racism, at the least, and admits incompetence, and apathy, at the most.
These crime victims all had family, who even though they were dirt balls, someone still called them family.
As long as the fort wayne police, and sheriff have a lackadaisical attitude about 9 murders in 3 days, then we are all at risk- as these killers are still loose on the street. all it takes is one wrong look, or a traffic error, or wrong turn-"the wrong place at the wrong time", and you, or me, or anybody could get murdered in a crime rampage by these gangster thugs.
Or even caught in a crossfire.
You know what they call plywood sheets in windows in homes in the hood? ghetto armorplate- stop that slug from killin mama, as she sits waiting for junior to get home from school, work, or play.
ignorant, incompetent,crooked cops.
they have plenty of time, money, and resources to keep our streets cleaned of social drinkers , driving home( dangerous drunker killers driving hurtling weapons of death?)dont they? and harmless stoners. and jay walkers. and skateboard scofflaws, too, dont they? fort wayne city cops are spineless bullies, and DUI NAZIS, and racists. and incompetent.


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