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this is the blueprint for the LEGACY SPENDING PLAN. ANY QUESTIONS?

x NOTE: lower right last number is ZERO DOLLARS; variable is ASAP; and spent by date is Nov 2016.. (election day) hmmmm.
also note- citizen repayment date  is : Infinity (you now- that math symbol- meaning we will see repayment when hell freezes over..

25 million dollar- 7 million public cash- to build downtown "dorms"; overpriced housing speculation deal -see article below


Councilman asks: What's the plan after first $12 million is spent on riverfront development?

Council may delay action on $6 million Legacy request to seek public comment

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 12:01 am

Between the $3 million pledged by the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, the $3 million requested from the Capital Improvement Board and the $6 million in Legacy funds City Council is was expected to consider Tuesday, about $12 million could soon be available to begin planning and buying property for riverfront development.
But how would that money be spent, exactly? Other than identifying a source for each project -- Legacy and the Capital Board would pay for land and the foundation for some initial construction, for example -- the administration of Mayor Tom Henry has provided few public details.
Much of that reticence is both unavoidable and wise. The cost of feasibility studies, environmental reviews and many other preliminary items are undetermined, and city officials are understandably cautious about saying anything that might inflate the cost of real estate.
But the uncertainty about how that $12 million would be spent, and the fact that the city will need untold millions more without a plan in place as to where the dollars would be found or how they would be used concerns Councilman Russ Jehl, R-2nd.. It's also why City Council is expected to delay a vote on Henry's $6 million request until next week.
"I want riverfront development, and I want to vote for it," Jehl said. "As long as the administration provides a financing framework for the initial construction stages and confirms that we won't exhaust the Legacy fund in doing so, I'll gladly vote for it.
"I just want to avoid a 'We-have-to-pass-it- to-see-what's-in-it' situation. We paid $500,000 for the original (riverfront) study and got some nice photos. Now we need (millions more) to find out what we'll be doing. How will we fund the project?"
It's a good and legitimate question. City officials obviously hope to attract significant private investment to the riverfront area but have also said they want to make property "shovel ready" -- that is, already equipped with infrastructure and ready for development. And although Fort Wayne will presumably seek some of the $84 million to be available through the state's new "regional cities" program, no public commitment has been made.
That doesn't mean council shouldn't support Henry's $6 million request, but it does mean its nine members should be especially diligent about spending money in ways that produce the tangible results that will be needed to justify additional investment, especially by the private sector.
Jehl and John Crawford, R-at large, are two of council's more fiscally conservative members and neither is concerned about the possibility that approval of the $6 million would constitute a "blank check." That's because any future expenditure of more than $100,000 would require council approval (although Jehl noted that would probably require only a simple majority of five votes, not the six needed to authorize use of Legacy funds.
"We all want to do riverfront development," Crawford said.
In a sense, some of those future costs may be a result of the city's success in building excitement for the project. When the not-for-profit Downtown Development Trust was working to buy land for what became the Ash Brokerage complex now under construction downtown, the properties were purchased before the project was officially announced. But even then, word leaked out and one owner held out, receiving $875,000 for property appraised at $312,000. With riverfront plans already well publicized, owners of downtown real estate already know whether their property will be in high demand.
That won't necessarily affect the cost of land acquired through eminent domain -- condemnation would be limited to public spaces such as the proposed "promenade" -- but it could make the purchase of land for private use more problematic and expensive. A publicly stated acquisition budget would only exacerbate that problem.
Tom Smith, R-1st, said the one-week delay will give the public more time to make its feelings known. Given the contractual safeguards in place, council's approval of the $6 million request ultimately will probably be justified, especially since city spokesman John Perlich has pledged that budget details will be released over time and that "riverfront development will be a transparent process and also one that looks to protect the public with a commitment to wise investments."
The public, council and the media must hold the mayor to that promise.

This column is the commentary of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Email Kevin Leininger at kleininger@news-sentinel.com or call him at 461-8355.

City OKs deal with developer of $27 million downtown project

Work on Cityscape Flats could begin in July

Monday, May 11, 2015 - 5:12 pm

The city's Redevelopment Commission Monday finalized a deal with a Fort Wayne development firm that helps clear the way for construction of a $27 million downtown complex as early as July and protects taxpayers should the project falter.
As announced in January, Domo Development Co. will erect Cityscape Flats just west of Parkview Field, including 163 apartments, 14 row-style townhouses and other amenities. The project will include $20 million in private investment, $3.5 million in city tax incremental financing (TIF) and an anticipated $3.5 million tax abatement, which will require City Council approval. The city is also donating the land.
Redevelopment Director Justin Brugger said that if Domo cannot meet its obligations, the city can reacquire the land for a price equal to the amount invested by Domo at that point. A new developer would then be sought to complete the project using whatever improvements Domo had made.
"This is pure economic development," Brugger said, explaining that young adults often choose where they want to live even before finding a job. Cityscape Flats, he said, will appeal to so-called "Millennials," helping to keep them in Fort Wayne. The housing will be market rate, he added. TIF districts make property taxes collected within the area available for improvements within the district
The Fort Wayne Plan Commission conducted a public hearing on the project Monday, and could approve it next week.
In other business, the commission approved $65,623 in improvements to Parkview Field this year, including painting, seat improvements, carpet and security cameras. The money comes from a surcharge on tickets, and the cost of improvements does not include contributions from the owners of the TinCaps, the city's minor-league baseball team.


The plan for Cityscape Flats, which will add more than 150 apartments, houses and a parking garage, was approved Monday.
  • Well, no shocker there! But, why on earth won't the City consult with our neighborhood association when dropping these projects into our neighborhood association boundaries? Our WCNA boundaries are Calhoun Street on the east, the St. Mary's on the north and west, and Taylor Street on the south. Yes, we have a large association.
    My point doesn't go to whether or not I like a project although that is a big factor; it goes to the exclusion of those who tend to be the most impacted - the neighborhoods and their residents. The City has more and more moved toward a process that lacks transparency and excludes neighborhoods in the decision-making process.
    I favor downtown development - for the most part. But what happened to ensuring that projects follow all those "Blueprints" and studies that have been done and paid for over the last 16 years or earlier? We are on our way to pretty much gutting what little history and historic structures we have in the downtown area - all to build structures that do not necessarily fit into an older, historic downtown area.
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    • Lauren Dennison Anno Actually very sad.
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    • Save Our Fort Wayne History We aren't a homeowners' association. Older neighborhoods have neighborhood associations with voluntary participation and dues. Homeowners Associations are typically found in the subdivisions and impose dues as mandatory.
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    • Save Our Fort Wayne History I can do that, but the goals and functions are different. Neighborhoods associations are much more active when it comes to issues that impact residents and the area within the association boundaries.


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      • Save Our Fort Wayne History Under Mayor Helmke, we had what was called "Community Oriented Government" (COG). Neighborhoods were considered the building blocks of the City. The last two administrations - Graham Richard and Tom Henry - have moved away from this philosophy and have adopted a "Father Knows Best" attitude. Ticks me off.
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      • David C Roach

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    • David C Roach how can that be? why just a few weeks ago- Mayor Tom Henry promises an administration that would be "transparent; open, and accessible"- we know Mayor Henry is a "man of his word"; a "trustworthy politician"( oxymoron?) ; and listens to the taxpayers and residents and has our best interests at heart? right? 
      so- the city taxpayers will be on the hook for 7 million bucks- TIF IS TAXES; the Tax abatement of 3.5 Million; not to mention Eric doden and the Henry family go waaaay back; AND- Domo Development and greater Fort Wayne- now have the same leadership?
      Crony capitalism..
      As for the Neighborhood associations; well- if you arent a precinct committee person; and there arent a sufficient number of precinct committee people( like Steve shine has HUNDREDS)-well- you cant vote anyone out of power- not the central committee; not any influence on primary elections, and so on- just a bunch of self elected unaccountable powerless noisy neighborhood busy bodies who are deceived into thinking you all have any say so in anything downtown at all. Ive watched the meetings- they are top down- the city gives out "information"- the citizens ask some questions; get handed a city person business card; a pat on the head and sent on their way. 
      WHY- just a few years ago- we had FOUR? quadrant contacts; and one? in charge- to handle the day to day. now we have ONE.. Used to be- we had CEDIT cash to dole out to the quadtants NBH's- for "honey dew" projects. now that power is consilidated in the Mayors officeoly.
      You people had your chance to vote the Mayor out May 5th- I was on the Ballot again, but NO. so now you get the choice of the mayors promise- FOUR MORE YEARS OF THE SAME; OR
      In short- youre screwed, so quit whining.. 
      oh and have a great day , Charlotte! 
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8 years into the 10 year study...Whats your Grade for the Southeast side of Fort Wayne A-F
15 Finds Out investigative reporter Adam Widener WANE-tv digs deeper into a 10-year initiative on the southeast side of Fort Wayne. 8 years into the study, we asked people to grade the city's progress?
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  • Sheila Curry Campbell I have some concerns about the timing of this report and why not interview Glynn Hines? The story is why Local Developers will not invest in the South Side of Fort Wayne? We have the YMCA we have McMillen Park Community Center, we have the Library, we have Rennissance Pointe but what we don't have the Big Box Stores - Hotel and the sit down restaurant. Local and City Government can only do so much I hope everyone tune into watch this report WANE-TV NewsChannel 15 #FindsOut I hope you did your homework. I'm really ready to put you on blast...Just my opinion
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  • Amy Worman I agree with your assessment Sheila.
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  • David Christopher Roach all DEVELOPER- WELFARE PROJECTS- paid for with Public money; to enrich greedy fly by night get rich quick no money down real estate developers.. ; and govt officials in the w\fprm of kickbacks and the ever popular "we created or retained xyz number of jobs ( with YOUR money)- to BUY OUR VOTES..
    where out south are you talking about? theres plenty of vacant stores all over town- too many; and with all these TIF districts siphoning off cash- well no wonder.
    off the top of my head- theres a wal mart; a menards. is K-Mart still in town? theres a Krogers. Toms supermarket.. Lots of smaller sit down bars and restaurants all along calhoun st; for example.. - so WHY ISNT HALLS or the other local large restaurant owner operators building stores out south? ASK THEM- see what THEy say.
    what "sit-down" restaurants do you want out south? you have to know the destination before you journey forth, or you wont arrive where you want..
    Theres a lot of folks that drive North from Decatur-
    Sout town Mall USED TO BE QUITE LARGE- maybe not as big ever as GLENBROOK but Gb is hurting as well.
    MAYBE Fort Wayne- just doesnt have the over all tax base/customer base to support all this business. We have been in a slow "death Spiral for a long time. I would suggest ever since the IH/ east end DE-INDUSTRIALIZATION/ UNION BUSTING/GLOBALIZATION movement began. 
    What large industries does FTW have- Really?
    the mayor talks about small businesses; coffe shops, retail; all these "warm and fuzzy" downtown businesses-well if he would stop pouring all OUR MONEY intothese KLEPTOCRACY/PLUTOCRATIC SCHEMES by him and his crony capitalists- such as the cozy relationship with the Henry family; the doden family; the redevelopment commission; WIN MOSES; and the "usual suspects"-well.
    AND what choices do we have? its either BatSht crazy tea party/GOP consevative republicans - and IF MitchHarper- is elected- they will all come swarming out of the wod work wiht the same KOCH BROTHERS ETC tea party agenda we are seeing in INDY- oh- like privatize city utilities; the water works, the sewer works; the BIG DIG DEEP ROCK SEWER TUNNELL;- lots of out of state out of town consultants; . Heck-we will hear the words privatization; and public private partnership( we pay; they profit)- all too soon.
    the days of the somewhat moderate HELMKE STYLE OF REPUBLICANISM are long gone . 
    Mayor Henry has promised FOUR MORE YEARS OF THE SAME- 
    "building Momentum( as in building more and more buildings to profit the oligarchs); MOVING FORWARD- well thats just a buzz word- and what if its the wrong direction.. etc?
    AND- every year I run ; and every year- the 6th and 5th districts dutifully re-elect the saem crooks and liars,a dnkleptocrats then are promptly ignored..
    speaking of which- your BEST FRIEND POLITICALLY MAY BE GOP CHAIR STEVE SHINE- he is just begging for a win in the top job; and I think he truly wants to win the voters over in the 5th sand 6th districts..- and the minority voters.. IF he is sincere- and i suppose he is- well- maybe it would be good to seriously PIT the unpopular policies of the Mayor; his cronies the redevelopment commission, neighborhood code; HANDS; etc- and his LEGACYCOMMITTEE OCEANS 11 SCHEMERS- vs and have a long and hard 5 month community discussion without the lazy greedy local media who only will cover a story to profit themselves- fair enough, but its a dis-service to the community as a WHOLE / HOLE..
    so- dont blame me- I keep giving the voters a choice- and why you all keep telling me no-well- you get what you vote for.. so you get what you got..
    the fix was ininfebruary; the deck is stacked the house always wins, and the voters always seem to lose.. 
    SIGH. good luck.. oh and why cant we do something about rehabbing oh- the old centlivre apartments? theres a hundred or more affordable housing apartments there- close to downtown..
    and what of the 469/ us 27 inbterchange? or the 469- bluffton road interchanges? seems theres lots of traffic for businesses to locate there- and draw in some travel trade?
    BUT IM NOT THE MAYOR. IM NO ONE- LUMP ME IN WITH TOMMY SCHRADER; TOM COOK; AND THE OTHER "VILLAGE IDIOTS. never mind im a nearly life long resident; since 1967; Im a navy Veteran- so ive at least "seen the world"; i have 2 college degrees; one in Business Economic theory; public policy and govt finance; and another in applied computer science.
    anyway- IM SMART. I know whats up. 
    The DEMOCRAT PARTY is doing us all a great dis service- but its run by a tiny faction of greedy self interested families and their cronies and friends a; dns o on- who DONT CARE ABOUT THE REST OF US. and the GOP- only cares about the wealthy.
    so there you go- we have a choice of the EVIL OF 2 LESSERS.
    well- im on your side. what can we do?
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