Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Once again I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all who supported me it really means a lot. Remember to vote and make your voice heard in the general election.
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  • Cathy Serrano Mr. Stevenson, I have been very supportive of all your efforts with Wayne Township and very impressed with many of your innovative programs there. I wish you nothing but the best.
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  • David C Roach ALL THOSE HOMELESS right down the street from YOUR office- an estimated 2,500 or more- what are YOU doing to help get them off the street and into shelter; and fin d them work?
    just asking the questions no one else is..
    peace, my friend!
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  • Richard Stevenson Sr. Long before the city received funding for the homeless The Wayne Township Trustee Office helped individuals overcome homelessness. During 2014-2015 we found housing for six of our homeless and we are on the path to assist more homeless individuals. In addition, The Wayne Township Office doors are always open to the public during hours of operation. I make sure we have coffee out every morning; this allows me and my staff to identify the homeless daily and work towards getting them off the street by offering them assistance. Keep in mind some of our homeless individuals prefer their life style; only wanting to be out of the elements for a short period of time. The Fort Wayne homeless issue is being addressed by me and my staff daily and I will not give up. I will continue to seek out the homeless and do everything in my power to tackle our homeless issue.
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    • David C Roach good reply, Trustee Stevenson. I Know you work hard to help within your office and staff. I suppose im just trying to get all hands on board- to be more proactive. I get posts from various homeless activists and my opinion of homeless varys somewhat , as im not the most empathetic individual; due to the way i was raised and the values of my tiomes.- BUT i am a problem solver- a fixer. when my faucet has a continous drip drip drip drip- i fix the problem oncena d for all. as for the Homeless problem? we need to FIX THIS LEAKY PROBLEM- 
      these people are parasitical- in that they dont care to care for themselves- they have dumped their lives into the hands of all these activists to"baby-sit them. they are grown adults- they need to take responsibility for themselves. I understand with no money or no job, well- its hard to do anything, but these folks have just given up. I dont see how anybody can stand to live outdoors in the freezing Indiana wintersin a tent. 
      Im just having a dialogue- brainstorming, maybe expressing views of other citizens.. who may be 'politically incorrect. I m not the most compassionate person; every one neds a hand up sometimes and even a hand out- 
      It is an embarassment that in the USA- the "best nation in the world" and fort Wayne- where the city "overlseers" are spending hundreds of millions of dollars that we cant fix this problem. the building at the corner of harrison and superior- that needs a roof- was recently DONATED to the CITY. so for a nominal price- we could fix this roof and create a temporary shelter- with a real roof that is indoors for the homeless who want to re start their lives; and in the winter- to use as a FREEZE SHELTER- warming sation- as its otherwise idle.

      AND- i was advocating this winter to buy bus tickets for these folks to wsomewhere warmer- texas for instance- bus fares are cheap to there- to free up resources- these folks have no hope or future here, mybea new city and a fresh start would help -theres plenty of jobs and work in the oil/gas industry in Texas.
      I guess i just dont like having a deviant subculture of freeloaders, bums, transients lazy people who dont care and want everyone else in the world to baby sit tyem while they do their heroin, rob steal HOOK, and contribute nothing to our city. stree rats basically- It makes the rest of the downtown working people feel unsafe and threatened and insecure.. Everybody is empathetic or compassionate to one extent or another- but lets get real.

      the Wayne township trustees office used to have WORK-FARE- what happened to that? why not a POOR FARM- somewhere around the edges of Wayne township? 
      Im just brainstorimg here.
      thank you- have a great day, Richard Stevenson Sr.; and keep up the good work.
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    • David C Roach this is much more than about just a handful of homeless lazy bums and transients and vagrants- its about income inequality, the lack of opportunity in this city; the way the haves siphon all our wealth from the have-nots; rich vs poor; downtown vs the rest of us; the Mayor and city council; vs change.. and if the only way to change is to elect anybody else for one term to clean house, well, maybe thats what has to be done as wel cant afford the promised 4 more years of the same old same old. Peace, my friend!

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