Sunday, February 8, 2015


his facebook page is sorely lacking in intellectual content..

just the other day..
Mr roach got me so upset my bp is high I what to thank every one who help me out and the medics they was very nice thanks again

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  • David Roach you were shaking like an inmate at a death sentencing hearing- 20 yrs hard time at michigan city.. wonder why? 
    maybe all this stress is telling you to drop out; quit the race; surrender- because your hopelessly unqualified?
    at least at the firefighters pac endorsement meeting- you can tell them you know the front from the rear of a firetruck? and you know how to put out a match? and light a charcoal grill? oh- and operate a garden hose.
    that should about do it.. .

Sorry but I can run for mayor

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sad day Wednesday I got to think over what to do Mr roach is doing something against me that pissing me off i got a lot to think over what i should do before i do something i might regret

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as is Mr Cook, sadly.

im sure hes a nice enough OAF- but not the smartest dog in the kennel.

Ok the snow is here now what thank god for the web and facebook we would die with out it lol

was take my dog out and the fire truck stop at my house some said a street light was on fire did see anything now i go to bed

i bet no snow coming anyone what join me in this bet

to late we need green grass and we will not get it the snow

Mr.Roach I am tired of your allegations. I will be going to the election board Monday to see if I am doing anything wrong. I hope you can prove your allegations.

for all those are very are very concern of my earnings this is it 1. helping the needy this is not a business it 4 folks that care for the needy 2. I make 733.00 from ssi 3 my mgr office was closed down by n h c 4 my houses i owned is gone this one left and not mine never was i was a agent never made money jn ether businesses just was a agent now i am doing all my campaign no one is helping me so if think doing anything wrong then lets talk dont be a coward and say things on facebook.

everyone seems upset that the city council didnt take the invite to spend the night out with the homeless I told you they was not going to do that they dont care so everyone just dont forget this in may and the mayor just to busy to do anything just dont forget

It out tomcookformayor .com now I running

Look for my new web site tom cook for comiing soon

Busy day found something good comiing soon thanks to facebook I started this thanks facebook. I let you know Monday.

we bitch but dont do shit i hope you all know iam not be very smart but that does not work you bitch do something about it sorry to put it out there like this BUT STOP BITCHING AND DO SOMETHING
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Tom Cook see he not has good as everyone thinks

55 years ago today I was born to maid and railroader now ilost my father today I am runing for mayor. Who believe it. But today was a great day I love life

I be 55 Monday.

Everyone needs to no iam stil runing for mayor so those are saying I am taking. My name off not ture
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  • David Christopher Roach you're not too bright, are you? 2 lines and 14 errors.
    We already have Gomer Pyle in City Hall. why swap "Dumb" for "Dumber"? My dog types, spells, and punctuates better than you do; and he lacks opposable thumbs. at least he can lick his own balls, so maybe HE is better than us? 
    quit while you re behind..

This is the salary for th governor, the indy mayor, and fort wayne governor 111,688 the indy mayor 70,356 the mayor of fort wayne 127,289 if I win for mayor I. Take 95,000
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  • David Christopher Roach good speech tonight at CC like they were listening. I could hear them all thinking "bla bla bla.." esp crawford. 
    You ; "gina, joe and who knows who( song lyrics by the way.. loll- evei ways..)- 
    should all sign up to run for city council at large as d
    emocrats.. Help the party to fill their ballot. also- if theres 3 or more folks filed- well- that means the democrat party wont be able to appoint anybody else. its sing up now; or nothing.. - by feb 5th; at 12 noon precisely..
    the only democrat to file so far- is that "schmuck" tommy schrader- who will have residency issues. and John shoaff will file, of course i would think.. 
    plenty of popular issues to advocate for here.. city ordinances to reform, budget cuts to profligate spending.. etc
    how about 20 bucks an hour? thats more than Ostrognai ever earned.. ? and overtime? that way- we can make sure you are in the office very day- you actually have to clock in and clock out- instead of all these absentee mayors.(Helmke; richard.. ) at least Mayor Henry could have the decency to post himself at his wifes bar- in the window booth- where we can all stop in and chat, talk, complain, or brainstorm.. currently - no one ever knows where the Mayor is-passed out in his car somewhere? lol..

I had entertained second thoughts about running in this election, however with the negativity and abrasive remarks I changed my mind and am prepared to move forward with this decision to run for this office anyway. As a "common man" I have to stand up for something as not to fall for anything. I hope you vote.

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    I have long complained that the city-does not save enough .: of its resources. About three months ago, I went down to . Neighborhood Code Enforcement and got a list of the next batch of ho
    uses that my tax money was going to tear down to take off the tax rolls and not replace in my lifetime. I have always felt that not enough planning went into these structures and some like myself wished that they could have had input into that before the bulldozers had done their thing. In the list of houses that I saw and physically went out and videotaped was one only a block from a $60 million building. The bid to tear this house down was $3,500.1 felt that this was at least one of the few that I thought had redeeming social value. I sought out the owner of the tax certificate and purchased the property for $1,100.1 next went to code enforcement and made a plan, with Gary Baeten. I pulled my permit from the Allen County Building Department for $35 and went to work on June 16. On Aug. 13, a City Code officer gave me the go ahead to rent the property. I spent a lot of time on site, scavenged a lot of material from houses being torn down with permission of the owners and bought $757 in materials, and even with the past property taxes of $222 that I paid to keep this house out of the tax sale, I was way under the $3,500 cost of tearing this house down and eroding our tax base at our expense. I wish that the City had a committee to look at these salvageable houses and to cultivate investors instead of building a bureaucracy to set up red tape and discouragement to make losing our tax bases on such a fast track to better government.. -Thomas Ostrognai Frost Illustrated
  • David Christopher Roach Ostrognai (Continued from Page 1) business for 20 years, but I didn't need any harassment." On another occasion, Ostrognai said he attempted to videotape an NCE inspection, but the inspecting officer refused and fled the house after striking Ostrognai twice with the door. Ostrognai then attempted to have the inspector arrested, but backed off when "he came after Helmke about NCE officers' conduct, but little could be done given that many of NCE's officers were allegedly related to local high-ranking public officials and were union members. Appointing a four-person merit board comprised of local citizens, however, could rectify that, he added. "John Morgan is a good guy and he's fair, but they won't give him any teeth," said Ostrognai of the relationship between NCE's customer relations representative and its officers. "We clearly need a change and I hope this opens up dialogue. We've lost enough houses, tax base and landlords to justify this (claim). What justice do you get when you go to court with lying officers? People's rights are being taken away." me. Ostrognai said he had spoken five times with former MayorPaul
  • David Christopher Roach Visions of the outgoing mayor
    Published as part of the February 14, 2007 edition.
    When I think of the outgoing mayor, I see a lasting legacy set on the taxpayers of Fort Wayne. The city?s money, not ours, is the answer. Should we alert the Treasury Dep
    artment that our town has a printing press that prints money?
    If you let this boondoggle go through, then I have a much better proposal for you that would go hand in hand with it. How about a large shipyard on the Maumee River to build ocean liners. I am sure I could sell that to all who like big ships.
    When the city makes mistakes, and I know of many, we all pay. I am in awe of this mayor. What does he really do? He has created a deputy mayor to do the normal things he is supposed to do for only a few thousand dollars less and yet he never returns phone calls. He has picked a former Neighborhood Code administrator who probably has worked over property owners of the targeted neighborhood like a cook with a meat tenderizer mallet to oversee the baseball project. Those property owners all are praying, asking how to get out from under the foot of the infamous code enforcement Nazis.
    I have another idea more worthwhile than the first two. I propose an amusement park similar to Cedar Point or Kings Island. It could be built on the ground of the vacant GE campus. The parking lots for thousands of people are already there and those houses and businesses around would be worth a fortune.
    As a taxpayer to this city, I cannot see any better and finer use of the land and our money than to build something that not only can support itself but also support our community. No plaque or legacy for me?just wake up, you morons.
    ?Tom Ostrognai
    Taxpayer not hoodwinked
  • Paul Stephens For the record, I have always never been the former mayor of anything, anyone, or anywhere . . . Peace!
the news well be official Thursday at 1 at the main library in meeting rm c tom cook runs for mayor hope to you there
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  • David Christopher Roach ok tom- whos putting you up to this? someone paying and coaching you? sounds like something OSTROGNAI would pull. you know you dont stand a snowballs chance in hell, dont you? at least your not a crooked EX-cop. but other than that- you have no education, no college. i suppose the same question folks would ask on a job interview-"why should i hire you? whyare you a better choice? and what is your campaign plan; platform agenda if elected? 
    and i really want you to answer these potential voter questions.. I wont re-elect Henry- because hes already promised more of the same- piled higher and deeper. anyway- dont expect any news media- unless its a slow news day. they just want to sell newspapers; and TV ads; and show a new sstory- about our local politcal circus. to be gawked at. 
    Sorry to be truthful . 
    so- if rick stevenson runs vs Henry- Henry will be re-elected unless theres aback room deal- so stevenson wins the primary, and will lose to Harper; and then back to hus trustee gig.. as he wont have to resign. - so- theres your 1 and 2 winners. Roberson- convicted Ex cop- wont win. people dislike crooked failed cops. and then theres YOU. - im guessing #4 of 4; despite previous runs.. im just being honest.. then tommy schrader; and maybe Roach.. 
    or are you a put up job? and by who: and are you being paid ?
  • David Christopher Roach ohhh- yes you got votes, not many. and ill give due credit- for getting in the "arena". so- again- Tom Henry( who i NOT a fan; or supporter of; thank you very much..)- has an MBA- from some local college. you have a FWCS HS Diploma from south side HS- you DO its not a GED right? . anyway- if i was an employer- which as a voter we all are- Why would we "change horses mid stream"- ( to quote councilman Geoff Paddock for City Council) and nominate a DARK HORSE who will be slaughtered and sold for dog food in the general election by (presumed) Mitch harper; and steve shines GOP;TEA sausage grinder machine? 
    IM NOT AGAINST YOU, TOM Tom Cook- im just making you work and think. what do YOU DO? I spent 7 years in 3 COLLEGES- to gain a formal education in business management; economics; and computer sciences- and then ive certainly earned an unofficial degree in plitical science; and world/military history- WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? oh- AND working various jobs. im now basically semiretired business man. AND I have the sense to know whani cant win; unless you have other motivations and strategies.. 
    DO YOU OWN A COMB, OR HAIRBRUSH, OR A FEW NEWS PAPER RUBBER BANDS T TIE YOUR MOP BACK? just asking. i watched the news on WFFT. oh- and I see RIGHT THROUGH THE TOM OSTRIGNAI PUT UP JOB- CATCH PHRASES- "common man"; doing away with neighborhood code; "McMillen Park; and so on..
    You know- you both could be charged with election law felonies if theres any quid pro quo going on- or any in kind inducements for you to run, fromhim. its a very broad law- but if your not running totaly on your own name, motives and so on- you could end up in prison.. Tom Henry has some pretty high paid lawyers. or he doesnt care because youare just a pesky gadfly; a minor annoyance- electoral road kill- whum what was that?just some dumb animal we just ran over.. you know? 
    so- dont delude yourself; or get charmed into something by MR OSTROGNAI- he can be quite persuasive sometimes.. and whe its all over- youre just a political joke to him; and he walks away giggling like a school girl.. 
    heres some useful infor for you:
  • David Christopher Roach THE MAN IN THE ARENA
    Excerpt from the speech "Citizenship In A Republic"
    delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France on 23 April, 1910 

    download PDF of complete speech 

    It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. 

    Read the complete speech below.

Everyone I going to run for mayor I what to invite everyone to announce it. To the city at the at the main library in meeting room c at 1 o clock Thursday jan8=ope you be there
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