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Sure it was a political circus, but the ringmaster made a point

System for vetting candidates invites abuse if not reformed

Saturday, February 21, 2015 - 7:58 am

After the would-be mayor in the Batman shirt rambled on for nearly two hours about residency, alleged criminal records, middle names and even more bizarre reasons why nine names should be removed from the May 5 ballot, the exasperated members of the Allen County Election Board eliminated just one: mayoral candidate John Roberson, who voted in last year's Republican primary and had not received the party's permission to run this year as a Democrat.
"Just doing my part to clean up 'Gotham City,' " David C. Roach quipped after Wednesday's colossal waste of time that might almost have been funny had it not exposed serious flaws in the manner in which political candidates are vetted and challenges to their qualifications investigated.
Frankly, I would rather not draw even more attention to a man whose candidacy for various local offices invokes the memory of Harold Stassen, who among other things sought the Republican presidential nomination 10 times between 1940 and 1992. As Democratic City Council at-large candidate Kevin Brown told the board, "This has no merit, (but) I get pulled in by someone's passion to occupy your time."
But, in fact, Roach did occupy the board's time -- a lot of it -- even though much of what he said was simply wrong or irrelevant. On the other hand, he did provide the evidence that led to Roberson's dismissal and made other charges that couldn't be proven or debunked because, as board member and attorney Tom Hardin noted, "The challenger has the burden of proof. You can't just raise whatever you want. Your saying it doesn't make it so." Added member Tim Pape, also an attorney: "It's not our role" to investigate whether candidates meet legal requirements.
So whose job is it, then?
Political parties and candidates often research their opponents, of course, and in fact the board this week considered a 10th challenge filed by Wayne Township Assessor Bev Zuber on behalf of the Democrat Party against Democratic City Clerk candidate Brian Thornton. Zuber claimed that Thornton, like Roberson, had failed to vote in previous Democratic primaries, and Thornton withdrew his candidacy Thursday before the board could consider the matter next week. But such challenges are usually strategic in nature, intended to help certain candidates at the expense of others.
There is, in other words, no impartial system to review of candidates' legal legitimacy unless somebody files a challenge with the Election Board. And even then, the challenger is solely responsible for providing proof -- proof that, as Roach pointed out, is not always easily available to the public. Pape was right when he said that many of Roach's allegations came "close to an abuse of the process. It's like getting accused of a crime, and it creates a stigma." But Roach did not invent that process, he merely exploited it. And there are likely to be similar if not even more egregious examples in the future if nothing changes.
In our system, even obviously unqualified candidates -- and there are at least a handful on the May ballot -- cannot be barred from seeking office. But there should be a systematic and non-partisan way to assure that the people on the ballot have met all the legal requirements. The media could do a better job of that, of course, but not even reporters have access to all information.
Case in point: Roach questioned the residency of two candidates, suggesting they may be transients. One of them, current Democratic City Council at-large candidate Tommy Schrader, was nominated for that position in 2011 but was removed from the November ballot by the Election Board at the party's request after it was learned he also voted in Wisconsin. Isn't that the kind of question that deserves a definitive answer even if Roach was unable to provide one?
Background checks take time and money, but such a process by local election officials or others would protect the process while minimizing the chance of a replay of what happened this week. So would Pape's suggestion that challenges filed without proper documentation be dismissed in a sort of "summary judgment."
Holy headache, Batman! Either would be preferable to what happened this week, which could dissuade credible candidates from seeking office while protecting others from the scrutiny they, and the public, deserve.

This column is the commentary of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Email Kevin Leininger at or call him at 461-8355.




THANKS! good REPORTING ; and humor


David Roach

11:26 PM (1 hour ago)
to KevinDavid
Mr "Leinenkugel"
(good brew that i enjoy)

I prefer to compare myself to Eugene V Debs.
Hoosier;  RR labor activist;  war protester; free speech activist; and Socialist( democrat)

as for the Batman references-
Why th ehell dont we just call "Public Safety Director York"  Police Commissioner, or commissioner York?   besides- Public safety  under York has been a joke.
(PUIBLIC SAFETY IN GOTHAM IS NO LONGER A LAUGHING MATTER.. ( actual Batman movie line-michale keaton, jack nicholson; kim basinger..)
Actor Linus ROACHE  played  Thomas Wayne

Actor Aaron Eckhart ( harvey 2 face )( Thomas Hardin? Gothams white knight? lol..)
His first movie- In the Company of Men- was filmed in Fort Wayne
     The scene where Harvey Dent  rounds up the bad guys- and fills the courtroom

David Roach- is also a  DC comic book corp   cartoonist

and yes- the hit TV show Gotham mondays- wfft

and if you are really a BIG Dark Knight/Batman movie trivia fan

we have Val Kilmer- who is dying.

Michael Keaton-  recent movie "Birdman"- Oscar nominated

BATMAN    BATMOBILE- IS ON DISPLAY IN AUBURN auto museum( WW2 victory museum)

I thought i would  dress to accord the respect and decorum the ACEB; and the election system in general  deserves.. 
an overqualified  nerd; dork and geek-
who helped get the drug house ordinance passed;  who cleaned up the cherry -Master rackets- poof! where did they all go?
check your archives- april 1995- nancy nall  candidate profile series.

Im just an eccentric  rogue "outlaw vigilante"   doing what i can to fight crime, and  yes- I did clean up  GOTHAM CITY.

So You all know me - I "have a flair for the theatrical" ( movie line)
 but im serious about what im doing.

those fcking fcks Schrader; cook; and all the others- drive me nuts.
the stupid top level Party hacks treat schrader like he some sort of king- WFT?
hes a nobody- not related to any local schraders; neither the  oil and tire (tube and lube)- folks in NH; NOR   the real estate auction corp.

there was a time when there was a ROACH- thomas real estate -when i was starting out on this Politics  public service thing- I hadnt thought of it until someone pointed it out to me..

and that STUPID  Dim bulb- Tom Cook- same thing.

I know whats up- im trying to clear the ballot of the losers; the uneducated,  etc- AND  thinning the herd. Now i only have 3 opponents.
the Council at large was largely a "fishing expedition"

BUT- there was some very serious intentions too.

of course- the TOP LEVEL PARTY HACKS-  WANT a crowded ballot- of  "losers" when it suits their purposes.
in 2011- Tommy Schrader WON!!  WTF?
we had to go through THAT media circus.
for years the DEMOCRATS have been unable to fill their ballots at all; nor have they bothered.

I was their SHERIFF NOMINEE 2 TIMES!!   and the rest of their ballot was "swiss cheese" as GOP Chairman Shine quipped on "political radar"

I followed the past  sheriff's races- it was always whos tougher on crime? they would each try to out flank each other so much we had a choice between Sheriff HITLER  and MARSHALL Stalin .

so- since the democrat Hacks were being such shits to me- well- they got SHERIFF

25,000   25% the first time; 22,000 and 30% the next time

I guess the Democrats ROACH KILLER EXTERMINATION SCHEME is failing?

the Rusty York cop car charge?  for years- there have been  abuses  in the take -home cop car program- FWPD; AND ACPD-
so- there OUGHTTA BE A LAW . sign up to be a political  candidate if youre a cop-  turn over your cop car and keys for the duration of the election cycle--GHOST EMPLOYMENT- using a cop car for campaigning purposes.. even if its JUST ON THE WAY HOME- it confers some legitimacy of support from the FWPD; etc- but not all the voters- 49%, more or less.  the opposite party.

the KIDS will see Batman- cleaning up gotham city; and fighting crime, unmasked.
I get to have some much needed fun; this election is going to be  a boring exercise - a parade of who can suck up most to tom Henry and his schemes; or the  GOP/TEA/pro-lifers/ gun nuts/ anti gays/ anti gambling/ social conservatives..
You want to be a social conservative? ISIL is hiring.. lol.. but sderiously- think about it- If i wanted to live in a theocratic  "caliphate"(USA)  under  strict Sharia(  Levitical) laws- and all that entails- I would move to ISIL -ASTAN.
so we get no choices, and get fcked no matter who we vote for anyway

so why not show your "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore"
and vote for ROACH
 whats the worst that could Happen?

ok- I hope you were amused; but enlightened,Kevin
"my friend" ( as McCain is fond of saying)

I have a plan; and a platform. but first i have to get rid of that schmuck TOM COOK-   a sand box veterans scam report to the atty general should do it; and tax evasion.etc.

Tom Henry ; and heck- Tony and Lou too - ( manny, moe and jack? larry curly and Moe? Harpo, chico, and groucho) on tax evasion - cherry masters- im serious about THAT. i will prevail somehow..

I was reading the Wayne township  financial statement published today- WHO IS SHIRLEY STEVENSON?  better not be rick SENIORS  wife. - Nepotism(  typical township trustee procedures);
and extra 44K to add to ricks 71K salary- a nice income bump to 115K.
seems welfare and helping the poor is a highly profitable business?
I would investigate that if i were you.

I was checking out the procedure for a 3rd party obtaining, or photographing a redacted birth certificate- i think MORRIS LIED  about the mayors middle name-  to keep him in power.. and of course a lawyers job is to represent their client- lie cheat steal say anything d anything to get your client acquitted..
so- to get a copy of tom henry s birth certificate- i need to find his parents marriage license- get  the mothers maiden name- the rest is public record- the waynedale news; wikipedia-
THEN chase over to wherever the birth records archive is-   pay the lady- get the copy- and voila!
Of course- waving a paper for the media is more photo friendly than saying- yes i went to the board of health; looked at the birth certificate and YES- his name really is ?????

OY VEY- my head hurts.
WHAT THIS CITY NEEDS IS A GOOD ENEMA.. ( jack nicholson- the joker- batman)

gotta go. again- thanks for the  good pointed Article..

Ill be in contact with the editorial dept- maybe you could save us al the time- send me a Q&A of your concerns; and ill respond?

Keep warm and carry on.

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