Thursday, February 12, 2015

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      TO CORRECT THE RECORD- Democrat David Roach has won 3 local party nominations- libertarian city clerk in the 1995; DEMOCRAT PARTY- GENERAL ELECTION 2010- sheriff- 25,000 votes; and 25% of the vote; and 2014- SHERIFF- 23,000 votes and 30% of the vote. on a pro-legalization of recreational marijuana platform.. I am not bribed bought or sold by the crooked campaign finance system. all my votes were on a campaign of under 200 bucks.. besides - democrats dont have access to the campaign cash the GOP has. thank you for the correction. perennials dont win nominations. i have won 3.

    Wayne Township Trustee announces mayoral candidacy

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Wayne Township Trustee Rick Stevenson, Sr. announced that he will be running in the May primary for Fort Wayne mayor.
    After several months of speculation, Stevenson made the announcement that he would be challenging Mayor Tom Henry (D-Fort Wayne) on Wednesday. Stevenson said he waited to announce his decision until he knew his family was on board.
    “My whole career has been working with people, and it’s the things that I’ve learned from those experiences that qualify me to be a candidate for mayor,” Stevenson said.
    Stevenson is a Fort Wayne native. He graduated from Central High School. He’s worked for the city and in the community of a variety of ways, including roles with FWCS, CANI, and NE Indiana Council on Aging. Stevenson was elected Wayne Township trustee in Nov. 2006.
    “My background always pointed to being the mayor. No one has the background that I have in social services, employment, relocation, housing- you name it, energy assistance, those things that mean most to the people. The point of me running is that people will be represented and that’s the most important thing. It’s not the eggnest of millions of dollars that people might have, but the idea of people, people is the most important asset this community have,” Stevenson said Wednesday morning after filing.
    Stevenson said he won’t focus on any specific section of the city, but rather Fort Wayne as a whole.
    “I would take a more broad approach, not neglecting the southeast, nor giving any preference to any other area of the city. There’s no pertinent area of the city that needs focused on. The entire city needs attention. We are very careful that we do not allow ourselves to be pointed to one area, but we’re concerned about all areas of the city,” Stevenson said.
    He also didn’t spell out any specific plans or vision for the city.
    “We’re aware of the Ash program, we’re aware of our riverfront project, and housing projects and so forth, but we’re more concerned about the average working person. I’m expecting to learn more about the people’s wants and desires. I believe in people, and we’ll do everything we can to hear their voices. We’ll be gathering with special people to figure out how best we can serve. We want to move the city forward together, and that’s what our whole effort will be about,” Stevenson said.
    There have been rumors the Democratic party was discouraging Stevenson from filing, but he said the party’s opinion isn’t what counts.
    “I look to the people for encouragement, I didn’t look to the party, or other elected officials. I challenge leaders today to get from behind their desks  and get out in the field and find out what our people are in dire need of,” Stevenson said.
    The party, on the other hand, sees things a little differently.
    “From the party perspective, it’s our basic policy that if we’ve got an incumbent, present office holder that’s doing a good job, we stick with that person. We’ve got a very good mayor, a mayor that’s doing wonderful things for our city, and why would I encourage somebody to run a race that I don’t think they could win anyway?” Deputy Chair for the Allen County Democratic Party Jack Morris said.
    The Henry for Mayor campaign considers Stevenson the most serious contender in a crowded May primary.
    “The mayor respects Rick as a trustee and a provider of services, and he welcomes him to the race. I like to think the mayor will have a very strong following, but I don’t think he’s going to take anything lightly,” spokesperson for the Henry for Mayor campaign Brian Stier said.
    Stevenson joins Henry along with Democrats David Roach, Tim Cook, and John Roberson. The latter three are largely perennial candidates and not expected to mount a serious challenge or raise the necessary money to compete in the race.
    Stevenson could present a challenge to Henry in the primary and at a minimum take a block of voters that have supported Henry in previous elections. Political expert Andy Downs said in January Stevenson will have to overcome having never had to raise a large amount of money.
    On the other side of the ticket, current city councilman Mitch Harper (R-4th) is expected to breeze to a May victory and challenge Henry in November. Fred Osheskie, Sr. and Bill Collins will challenge Harper in the Republican primary
    Friday is last day to file for candidacy. Paperwork must be in by noon. To view the most updated list of filed candidates, click here.

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