Monday, February 9, 2015


ghost employment- is the term used in indiana law-  to  make a charge of using  public/govt owned resources for political campaigning.
 this would be driving a take home cop car- if issued/permitted- and we dont know- because theFWPD is a closed secretive   agency- we the people have no"NEED TO KNOW" and questions go nowhere/unanswered.

HAS ANYBODY RAISED THE QUESTION OF WHETHER FWPD public safety director (PSD) RUSTY YORK- (Democrat candidate for city council 4th district) is issued a city owned car/ police car? and if so- as a political candidate- he should be "DE-Horsed" from it so as to prevent charges of "ghost employment"- using city resources in a political campaign?- this includes stopping off at any campaign event/appearance " but its just on the way home".
this is worlds different from the President using air force one , as HE has no alternatives.. "police force 1? lol..)

Mr York should surrender his take home car( if issued)- and as long as he is a candidate for office; should drive his own car to and from the office. This is a PERENNIAL VEXING ISSUE- take home cop cars in political campaigns by member s of police depts..
I suppose to be fair- we should examine MRS Keeslings city clerk campaign- so ACPD officer( last i heard he hasnt retired)- KEESLING- isnt driving the wife around campaigning in a county cop car..
I have made several election campaign complaints previously- with respect to this issue; and it is a question that must always be asked; and checked and acted upon, and candidates reminded; and the facts and mileage checked..GPS on cop cars? mileage records, etc..
take home cop cars.
IC 3-14-1-6 Solicitation, challenge, or performance of election function by state police department employee, police officer, or firefighter Sec. 6. (a) A state police department employee or a police officer or firefighter (including a special duty, auxiliary, or volunteer police officer or firefighter) of a political subdivision who recklessly: (1) solicits votes or campaign funds; (2) challenges voters; or (3) performs any other election related function; while wearing any identifying insignia or article of clothing that is part of an official uniform or while on duty commits a Class A misdemeanor. (b) This section does not prohibit any of the following: (1) A state police department civilian employee from voting while on duty. (2) A police officer or firefighterfromvoting while wearing any part of an official uniform or while on duty. (3) An individual described in subsection (a) from consenting to a photograph (or other visual depiction) of the individual wearing any part of the individual's official uniform appearing in an advertisement in support of a candidate or political party. (4) An individual from serving as a pollbook holder under IC 3-6-6-36. (5) A police officer wearing any identifying insignia or article of clothing that is part of an official uniform or while on duty from serving as an absentee ballot courier appointed under IC 3-11.5-4-22. As added by P.L.5-1986, SEC.10. Amended by P.L.16-1987, SEC.1; P.L.12-1989, SEC.1; P.L.3-1997, SEC.401; P.L.176-1999, SEC.117.

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