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heres your tim pape recusal story:
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Feb 17 (1 day ago)
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Please be sure Tim Pape recuses himself from tomorrows proceedings- I DO NOT LIKE THAT MAN; and I know HE dislikes me intensely; so im certain he is unable to be neutral; as he has shown bias against me- both on 2 Politcal radar tv shows; and in all other contacts we have had in general.
I just wanted to make this clear- its not politics; its personal when it comes to his dislike of ME- so - therefore- why be stupid and turn the other cheek; and bless those who curse you?
so- like Jerry Springer- jerry jerry jerry! is on!
I promise to behave, and not break any laws.

City election laws- 50 shades of gray areas. I was under oath- somy testimony means nothing?  my background investigation information means nothing? i submitted evidence via e-mail. from an account known to be mine. sorry I dont know the minutiae  of state court proceedings and  evidentiary proceedings..

ive heard and read- that quoting shakespeare makes one sound intellectual, sooo..

Mr Neumeyer:
Jack Morris is a lawyer. Lawyers say and do anything to acquit their clients. Lawyers are professional liars- they lie for a living.
when Jack Morris says I was doing this for the media circus- well- i asked mr Morris- 2 times- once before the meeting- as a bit of political humor; and later during the "proceedings"- aboUt SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE- meaning- if he had Mayor Henrys birth certificate- as state law says- about canidate paperwork filings- and which clearly indicated Mayr henry's middle name is chrisopher; and not Charles; well- that would have put that issue away. but HE didnt. he said- well its christopher."
thats interesting- because everyting i have ever seen heard or read- Its common knowledge- according to most anyone- that the mayors name has been represented as "Charles"
so- what is it? I cant get a copy from the hospital; so im going to pursue the local public records- the clerk of the courts; the county recorder- Im not a lawyer- but i can find out who has it on file. and then a FOIA request. Maybe the media should do some investigating?
I dont want this to blow up into some kind of "birther conspiracy"- mayor henry- wheres the birth certificate"- but it would be easy to do>
and when Mr Lawyer Jack Morris( and we all know lawyers lie for a living)- says i wanted to make this a 3 ring circus- well- NO. I was trying to weed out the "criminals- the crooks- BEFORE tghey may get elected- because we all know politicians commit their crimes AFTER they are elected.
As for the focus on these statement of economic interest forms- well- how many times do city council; and others have to recuse themselves from a vote due to conflict of interest? or some other issue?- so what happens? the voters lose representation. were not electing these guys to just sit around and spend our money and collect a paycheck.
SO-since this is a new law, and a new paper to file- one must file this before they can proceed with any other paperwork- well- the news paper recently had an article concerning this and ethics and economic interest forms as reform that was important. its not just some piece of paperwork to be taken lightly- just put down N/A N/A N/A- sdign date; and forget about it.
I think i brought up some valid points about Mr Henry's business interests; his wifes business and political interests- and why did he leave these blank?
I also made the point about why did mr stevenson leave his blank?I think i got rope a doped on this- again- marriage licenses for him- records search.
- so- whether a church is or isnt a business; well- the world is a business mr beale( network- a movie)- so- a church, a charigy, a politcal organization; or party ; or corp; llc; sole prop; etc- you dont just leave these blank.
for example- the couple million in cash the city govt gave ti USF- a fine school; and in not necessarily opposed to that- sister elise is a good person; but - church and state; and its a business; and several city council persons ahd to recuse; as did mr harper, as he had tes as well.
cindy henry- her liquor license- i havent been able to find that in the ATC records- either does she own it? did she sell it? who did she sell it to? or does the green frog still reap cash for her - with new kids just doing the day today?-Is a valid question to ask. is she retired from the bar; and now just a housewife; home maker? : her facebook page- says about her democrat party interests- a political party is a business; by any other name.- so- heres 2 thins.
another is the unaswered questions about the henrys cherry master operations to ask- which was an issue i rasied and was denied dismissed-hmmmmm.
i stated when i walked in- the fix is in the deck is stacked- but well- on with the show..
so - yes the system deserves mocking-
the BATMAN SHIRT? well- its pop culture- AND- who else in FTW is the rogue "outlaw vigilante" trying to clean up (gotham ) th ecity of crime and corruption. those astute enough will get the message, th ekids- will say- hey- is that batman?
WHY YES- kid- im just trying to help take a DENT OUT OF CRIME ( harvey dent? - and mc gruff the crime dog.
the issue about rusty york and cop cars- take home cop cars- is a recurring issue- eveyr cop who runs for office has issues of that- driving take home city owned cop cars to campaign events. whenever a cop signs up to run- they should be required to hand over their cop car keys- until their election is over.- that is by definition ghost employment.
I will make a replay of this as a campaing complaint- which is a different hearing.
next- as to ghost employment for mayor henry- well- everyone i hear and talk to - they say that these mayors minutes with mayro henry s voice over- are a thinly veiled campaing commercial. well-i raised the issue and now we have perlichs voice over.
ditto for the city beat TV-58 QVC-INFOMERCIALS- that run constantly- with perlich and Henry- how manytimes does henry have to rehearse those answeres- its the video technique there..?
AND- there is no henry for mayor web site; twitter feed, facebook etc- just his official ones- which are used exclusively- I am raising these questions because no one else is or will; and its out now- and thecourt of public opinion is strong.
so- I didnt get to chat today; and i wanted to rebut mr Morris- the lawyer 9 AND WE ALL KNOW LAWYERS LIE FOR A LIVING- better ask saul- you know the TV show..
thank you. I didnt get back to you sooner- i had to take the car to the shop; take my momshopping ; go to ash wednesday mass- at 7PM. - whew what a day!
David C Roach David Christopher Roach
I will be reposting this at "roach 4"
thank you for your patience, and for reading this..
im not an idiot as the top level Democrat part hacks want to paint me. AND i think i did as well as can be expected as a average joe- vs professional lawyers. and what do professional lawyers do for a living? thats right.. NOW YOURE GETTING IT..
so- where the birth certificate charles? or christopher? the primary depends on it..

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