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Kevin Knuth

I have a few points I want to make:
1. Shame on you! You blasted Pat Love for holding a press conference in the City/County Building, but you interviewed David Roach in the conference room of the Voter Registration office. Is this okay because it benefitted you?
2. The growth in precinct officials is staggering- 4 years ago the Republicans had 68 on their ballot- this year 69. We grew from 30 to 72.
3. Why don't the Republicans have anyone running against Win Moses?
4. I really do not understand whay you mean when you say we do not have candidates for certain offices. We do not have PRIMARY runoffs. I should not have to tell you that the Primary is a nomination process, not the election, which is held in the fall.

Andrew Kaduk

Mr. Knuth,
You started your post by saying "I have a few points I want to make." I've read your post a couple of times and I could only find one tidbit that could even loosely be construed as a "point." Should we be waiting anxiously for more "points" or have you concluded?
Oh yeah, there is one other thing...I am going to have to ask you to go ahead and change your last name. Although our surnames don't look a whole lot alike, they SOUND very similar and I always have friends asking me if you and I are related when they hear your name on the radio. For the obvious reasons, I'm not super thrilled about it. So if you would just go ahead and change your name, that would be great.


You're failing to make a point. What Pat Love did has no comparison to a member of the media conducting an interview.


One more thing. benefitted only has one T, the syllable is unstressed.

Kevin Knuth

I think there is a direct comparison- Dave Roach is a candidate and held a "news conference" in a publicly owned building. The ONLY difference is Mitch called the conference and not Mr. Roach.

Fort Wayne observer

Are reporters allowed to interview candidates/office holders in public buildings? Seems to me they do it an awful lot...

Kevin Knuth

Sorry, but since I am older, I will keep my name. Feel free to change yours.
Oh, and you really should vote more often- if you believe in what you say, then take part and get involved.


Kevin I must make a couple of points to your points
1. There is a difference between an interview with an official for the purpose of investigative reporting and a candidate making a press conference in a public facility. The first is to inform the public for the sake of transparency in government. What Pat Love did was a campaign stunt that was self-serving.
2. What good are your precinct people if you can't field a candidate.
3. As far as your point #3, see your point #4.

david roach

I was a willing accomplice to my other man mitch- who i have been acquainted with for several years. He was teh one who selected the location- as calhoun street would have been acoustically unacceptable for sound uality. the keystonebuilding restroom was not practice, for obvious reasons, and the lobby would ahve bothered the secirity guards, and had bad acoustics . so who cares- the point is that i "roached" the democrats, jerked them around, and made them pull some candidates out of their hats, like bullwinkle- "hey rocky- watch my pull a rabbit out of my hat- nthing up m sleeve(yea right)...
I fully intended to run for democrat for sheriff all along, but it was fun to make Mr knuth chase me all over the ballot to keep me from winning by default. i made himn look like king jackass, like in happy gilmore...
So now, maybe we can give shine, and the rest of his taliban idiots a run for their money.
GD right! I'm proud to be a liberal. flaming, bleeding heart, full steam dahead down the left lane of the political highway- death to anything that gets in y way- roadkill... so look out , all you robertson- falwell- dobson- bin-laden- ayatollah-koresh religious opressive rightwing whackjobs- nutflakes granola bars-
freedom, liberty and justice for all.
sotty if my pursuit of happiness p's you off. thats america. love it or leave it.
agree to disagree, but that doesnt mean I dont love my coountry, just dont like the opressive government. and dont take away my guns, for shooting off my mouth...
thats what lexington, and concord was all about, right?


excuse the typos- cant type when I'm on a roll, and 1 sheet to the wind- .08, and anyway, who gives a flit anyway?

Andrew Kaduk

I'll give you a pass on the name, THIS TIME! As far as voting, I don't think I'm allowed to vote any more than anyone I think I'll stick to the same schedule. If you were simply checking on the status of my voter registration and found that I haven't voted in Indiana for several years, I should probably direct you to Defiance Co. Ohio...that is where I have lived and voted for the last 3 (almost 4) years. Haven't missed my chance to cast a ballot in a VERY long time, so save your weak criticism for somebody else.
Oh yeah...I almost forgot...learn to take a joke man. Getting all defensive over being Lumberg'd makes you seem a little insecure...that's not a good game-face to have on while you're heading into a rigorous primary season.


Roach, haven't you ever heard of F7?
Based on your commentary I'd say you and Rich Reynolds ought to hookup, you'd make quite the pair.

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