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  • David Christopher Roach
    David Christopher Roach
    hi rod: nice news story. the back story- is stevenson was asked to jump in because it looks like I am going to knock off cook and roberson off the ballot; so the party needed a no-risk to him heavy weight- to insure a tom henry victory- back room deal- Herny wins, stevenson- who just won-( why did he run then?)- then Roach- 3rd place.. if stevenson wins- tom henry gets causused in to trustee; or retires.. to some comfy patronage revolving door job.. as for Mr stevensons record- i would say- yes- no scandals like jim winters. but what has the trustees office done to help the rising tide of 2500 and counting homeless in downtown fort wayne that is the cause of so much annoyance for city council and the riverfront development crowd? and the mayors and cops heavy handed policing? - has the trustee offered caming on his parking lot? the trustee has access to quite a bit of cash- to "help the homeless. - what more will he do to help this problem? register the homeless to vote? gotv homeless? we all know the henry keptocrats and plutocrats will re-elect Mayor Henry- why? because no one wants the city run by the TEA Party wing nuts- the matt kelty supporters, the paula hughes supporters, the buskirk/liz brown/ ultraconservative types of radicals that currently populate the GOP. much to shines annoyance.. pence, huckkabee; rand paul- every right wing nut cake- at least IM NOT BAT-SHT CRAZY like these goof balls holding office? so- thats not even including the fact that Stevenson is a black man in fort wayne? ever see the mel brooks/ richard pryor movie- blazing saddles"? that about sum s THAT up. fort wayne isnt GARY indiana.
    last- heres a post to your news story- id like a correction about A LARGELY PERENNIAL CANDIDATE REMARK.. I am well qualified- i have 2 college degrees; Im a Decorated Navy Veteran-served in a war zone-Iranian hostage crisis; im not a corrupted insider; and i have been a DEMOCRAT SINCE OH- 1996, OR SO..
    so- if being bought and paid for by crooked campaign finance so as to buy millions of dollars in WANE TV ATTACK ADS. USELESS SMARMY VOTE FOR ME ADS- is a sign of crediblity- well theres such a sthing as the internet.. sorry- no soup for YOU.. lol..
    David C Roach • 16 minutes ago TO CORRECT THE RECORD- Democrat David Roach has won 3 local party nominations- libertarian city clerk in the 1995; DEMOCRAT PARTY- GENERAL ELECTION 2010- sheriff- 25,000 votes; and 25% of the vote; and 2014- SHERIFF- 23,000 votes and 30% of the vote. on a pro-legalization of recreational marijuana platform.. I am not bribed bought or sold by the crooked campaign finance system. all my votes were on a campaign of under 200 bucks.. besides - democrats dont have access to the campaign cash the GOP has. thank you for the correction. perennials dont win nominations. i have won 3. • Reply•Share ›
    hey Rod- thanks for the mention. Im a loyal WANETV viewer; and fan- for the record. im a great guy- once you know me.. as a politician- well - not so much.. i play to win, with what i have.. keep warm and carry on! David
    . . .
    Wayne Township Trustee announces mayoral candidacy
    Wayne Township Trust Rick Stevenson, Sr. held a media event Wednesday at the Rousseau Centre.
  • Rod Hissong
    Rod Hissong
    Thanks for the note, David. In the future you can contact me at or call my desk at 481-1548. This is a private account.
    Regarding your request for correction on being a perennial candidate. There will be no correction, you are a perennial candidate having run for numerous offices. It has nothing to do with your background or other achievements. Thanks again, I'm sure we will talk again as the election heats up.
  • David Christopher Roach
    David Christopher Roach
    so- like baseball- 3 strikes and your out? and now that im "winning" as charlie sheen might quip? of course you know- the term "perennial candidate" is Derogatory- and is a journalistic tactic to delineate the "establishment candidates that will make the media tons of he said he said $$$- and the rest of the horse race? I didnt fall off the canal boat yesterday, my friend.. Liz brown went ballistic when SHE was referred to as a "perennial candidate". then theres Denny worman- son of powerful and connected state sen. richard worman.. so perennial candidate is an arbitrary non- factual opinion.
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