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one mans blighted dangerous eyesore- is another mans   fixer upper; affordable housing,  historical, retro, vintage  DREAM HOME.
cant do that if they are  wrecked and smashed FLAT..




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  • David Christopher Roach youre welcome, liz! 
    this is what CINDY JOYNER,; CITY GOVT
    Neighborhood Code Enforcement; Heather Presley Cowen HANS( Housing And Neighborhood Services ; ; and 1st District City Councilman Tom Smith thinks about all the poor lost souls you all ar
    e doing so much and working so hard to help:
    She thinks they are a bunch of "VAGRANTS"- and its used in a very derogatory context..
    heres the QUOTE- about why the MAYOR HENRY'S city govt is demolishing so many vacant "blighted dangerous eyesores"- 1000 of them - all across the SE/south central parts of the city: because Vagrants are breaking in, and taking up shelter there ..7.5 million dollars grant- ( that sure would fix up a lot of FIXER-UPPERS- and put them back on the market as affordable housing- 25,000 bucks a house.

    The homes in this program are mostly on high-visibility corridors and have been the source of break-ins, vagrancy, fires and other problems that have generated calls to various city departments, according to Heather Presley-Cowen, deputy director of community development. 

    )"IT WILL REALLY OPEN UP THE NEIGHBORHOODS"- so little will be left but vacant lots.. DETROIT is a swell example of this.. )

    "We've never had an opportunity like this. It's probably the most productive thing I've ever seen. It will really open up the neighborhoods," said City Councilman Tom Smith, R-1st, who serves as HANDS president. "It caught us by surprise, but shows how good we are."

    meaning drive out all the poor and minoroties- and well- fill the vacant spaces with ghetto businesses; and EXPENSIVE "YUPPIE HOUSING-

  • David Christopher Roach VAGRANTS:- ( aka homeless poor folks seeking any shelter they can-"squatters"- im surprised she didnt use that term..

  • Liz Turkette I'll be at the city council meeting on the the 24th... I plan on having a word.
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  • David Christopher Roach the official policy of the city and county govts; and the daily Tabloid Print media; and the wealthy Greedy real estate developers- parasitical businesses- is to say bulldozing and demolishing all the vacant; foreclosed, sheriff sale; property tax housing stock( and yes- there are some houses too far gone- and why is that?)
    bt in general- this is NOT what we want..

  • Kenneth White Jnr Thank you for the article cite and quote DCR!
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  • Liz Turkette Tom Smith's and his big head have never impressed me. Agreed, thank you! I'll be using these for ammo 
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  • Liz Turkette By chance anyone know how much it cost's Fort Wayne per year to have a homeless person on the street using the emergency shelter system? For Salt Lake City, Utah it's $20,000. I'm not even sure where to look to see if this number is available.
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  • David Christopher Roach Its not a question of AMMO- or anything - its that WE all live here- citizens, residents, taxpayers, rich poor; and of all skin colors, nationalities, and religions- Fort wayne is totally different than wheni was in HS- and growing up> beck then - we had lots of prosperity, but since this global de-industrialization of the great lakes region- the "rust belt" the "arsenal of democracy- well- its fallen on its ARSE. to be satirical..
    AND- I think these people downtown - are totally wrong headed in what they are doing- dead set against anything We the People are telling them.
    te general vibe- is the neighborhoods are feeling negleceted- like "what are we spending all this tax money for if we cant even get our streets paved?- bad streets cost poor people a LOT of money- due to wear and tear; and repai- on cars we are struggling to own, and maintain.. Crescent avenue- is MY pet project- but all over the city..
    Icould go on; and you who know me- know that :)- but seriously- its more than just all us working class; poor folks and homeless we ar e trying to help its also- they could be any one of us- i have friends the gret recession of 2008- well- it killed them- stress, etc.. loss of house, jobs, family cash flow issues- the whole "enchilada..-AND- its INCOME INEQUALITY- all that OCCUPY movement- contrived or genuine- it hit a nerve with al of us- BILLIONS FOR THE RICH; pennies for the poor..
    IM MAD AS HEL, AND IM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE _ as the youtube movie clip says..- NETWORK.. -
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  • David Christopher Roach Liz- ive heard its about that amount for INMATES, and so on- If it takes a certain amount of cash for any person working at a minimum wage job- lets say- 7.25- take the hourly rate- any rate- times 2000- (40 hrs, 50 weeks)- and you get a good round number.
    SO- 8 bucks an hour- is 16,000 bucks; 2 people - married relationship; etc roommates- is 32,000- which is still 10,ooo bucks less than your average local govt worker.. 
    so_ thats about accurate..
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  • David Christopher Roach Ken Miller- Ive read about that somewhere "squatters rights"- a "sticky wicket"- for the downtown types.. I dont know the details-but they dont like to or want to talk about it- 
    Im a Historian- its my favorite topic- I did a lot of reading and learning and of course- true life anecdotes from y father and mother, and my grandparents-about the GREAT DEPRESSION- there was nothing "great or swell" about it- Americans and the world in general- it was a global thing- wre all at their wits end- to try to survive- SURVIVE- not live, live well, allthe trappings of modern america- but just to eat, drink, have clothing and a shelter- we have all seen the photos of HENRY-VILLES oops- HOOVER-VILLES- which is why i think FDR was one of the greatest American Presidents ever- HE was able to help bring the US out of it- WW2 helped- but we wereon the right track. President Obama- also- has done a great job- with the "great recession"- from 2007/2008- to now- well- it hasnt been bom time -but the economy is growing, slow but sure, no gimmicks, just sound economic policy from professional economists; bankers, intellectuals, and from all over the world as well. 
    soTRAMPS, HOBOS, RIDING THE RAILS, - etc- was somewhat romanticized in the 30'S DEPRESSION- but it was part of just a mass displacement of americans single men mostly- but families, etc- and the same is being repeated. People are afraid of helping the homeless,a nd the poor these days because it reminds them of how precarious their perch is- and the "baby -boomers"- and the wall streed Plutocracy;kleptocracy; oligarchy- -well- the world seems to me to have turned into a very savage place- starting about when the first baby bommers started turning 62; and then post great recession- social darwinism- of the greedy- trying to get back towhere they were before everything went KA-BLOOEY"- and keep from losing anything- going backward in reverse.. 
    this marginal economy is starting to TRICKLE UP - like a poison ivy growing like a bad kudzu- trying to take its course- "invisible hand- is wrapping around their throats slowly- so- we have to spend all this cash- legacy; tifs; redevelopment; build build build; and DEMOLISH- theres BIG cash in that too- CHURN - from the poor working stiffs like us- to the rich in aboite, etc- so they dont have to downsize their lake cottages; cadillacs for fords; mansions to smaller houses; moving downtown- because its more secure- more cops per block ; who knows- but they are clencig clamping down tight as hell on the rest of us- squeezing US for money-. and I dont like it one bit- and the ANGST( instead of anger, etc) -is growing. 
    ME? i sort of dont care- ill be dead in 20 yrs or so- ive mananged to live 55 yrs,so ive seen the ups and downs. i hvae plan a, b,c, d, and e- so no matter ; whatever. il be 62 in 7 years; but my social security will be SQUAT from this and other recessions, and being "blacklisted; black balled, etc in general.. 
    one would think My "superior intellectual superhero superpowers..( ok- im an inflated ego .. loll.)- BUT I know what i know and i see what i see, and well- its a crap game- it could go either way-.


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