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  “We want all residents to be as safe as possible. We’re committed to ensure we have resources available to the public,” said Mayor Tom Henry in a media release on Saturday. “Let’s work together and be sure to check on friends and neighbors as we anticipate very cold temperatures over the next several days.”
The city added that police, fire, public works and city utilities departments are all prepared with full personnel in position to respond to any potential weather situations.

City extends warming station hours

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The city of Fort Wayne is extending its warming station hours after days of frigid temperatures.
The Omni Room on the garden level of Citizens Square, which is located at 200 E. Berry St., will be open overnight from 6 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. on Monday. People should go in through the doors on the northwest corner of the building.
The McMillen Park Community Center at 3901 Abbott St is open until 8 p.m. Sunday.
On Monday, people looking for warmth can go to the Community Center on 233 W. Main St. It will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
“We want all residents to be as safe as possible. We’re committed to ensure we have resources available to the public,” said Mayor Tom Henry in a media release on Saturday. “Let’s work together and be sure to check on friends and neighbors as we anticipate very cold temperatures over the next several days.”
The city added that police, fire, public works and city utilities departments are all prepared with full personnel in position to respond to any potential weather situations.


Hello City of Fort Wayne!!!! Mr. Mayor??? Hello???? Hate to interrupt plans but seriously ... temps will dip down below zero and with wind gusts to 30 mph still possible, wind chills could fall as low as -25°! Frostbite can occur in as little as 30 minutes with this kind of bitter cold .... Warming Centers for the NIGHT??? Citi Link buses lined up and running? Anything? Anything at all for those OUR men and women of the elements as they battle to make it through the night on the streets of this city .... on this oh so special day of love?? Anything???
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  • John Thompson Mitch Harper?
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis can i share this?
  • Sondra Perez Wise This makes me way beyond ears felt like they were frost bitten just from filling up my gas tank today. I cannot even begin to imagine this!  
  • David Christopher Roach Kick open the doors- the city owned barn just 100 yards SE of south end of rhe "historic" Wells st bridge? the vacant REAM- Steckbeck store across from the homeless shelter. RICK STEVENSON- wayne township trustee- any"rabbits YOU can pull out of your hat?
    CITIZENS CENTER- basement?- lots of vacant space there on weekends..
    the vacant downtown former shrine ticket office on Main street.
    If i was out in this - id welcome a hard wooden Pew, or carpeted floor- instead of freezing to death.
    If someone the past 2 weeks or so- would have ANTE'ED UP- we could have a bus load of Homless on their way to Houston Texas- where its not freezing- 200 bucks a POP.
    the Mayor has broad local executive powers t- issue executive orders in times of "public safety emergencies- I think this qualifies- How many homeless residents/citizens- will die from freezing to death; or catch pneumonia etc- and subsequently die..
    Its like we humans are little more than Apes- we cant remember from one week to the next; etc- hasnt this been an ongloing crisis- since oh- November or so? what of the vacant Centlivre apartments?
    OH- I forgot- the Mayor said help is on the Way-IN April, just hold on! 
    imsure someone could write a check from the Legacy fund- to fix this problem. they give away, or waste MILLIONS ANYWAY- why just last week- the Mayor in his "state of the city address talked about all the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF LOCAL TAXPAYERS MONEY being Invested( burned)- in all these Garish monstrosities, and Kleptocratic castles, and so on..
    MILLIONS FOR THE RICH, AND sht for the poor? 
    Let them eat cake? and luckily- it wont need refrigerated..
  • Della Kirkman Palermoftw Galindo?
    Just trying to help:-)
  • Joe Renner Citilink isn't actually owned by the City. However emergency warming centers should have been opened immediately once news of this weather was known. I haven't heard of any opening yet, which is an embarrassment for this city.
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis i shared this.
  • Sally Becker Segerson Joe Renner Know Citilink isn't owned by the city but surely they, the Red Cross, even cots at Charis House or the Community Center...someone.....anyone....with half a heart should step up and take the lead to fight what we all know can lead to hypothermia ..... frostbite .... even death for both these man AND women of our city. I know it's Saturday. I know it is Valentine's Day. What I don't know is if anyone will show an ounce of humanity ..... and make a difference!!
  • Angel Ward How can we help get some attention to this matter and get warming stations open?
  • Brenda Tibbetts This is so sad!
  • Shauna Myers I just posted this question on 21 Alive' s Facebook page and sent a message to Tom Henry's staff on the city website.
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis call the new stations
  • David Christopher Roach war memorial coliseum? any empty exhibit halls? Grand wayne center( taxpayer citizen owned and paid for)? any OROOM AT THE INN? any port in a storm
    Univ St francis- shrine theatre building? Citizens Center/city hall?
    Baker st train station? 

    vacant rialto theatre?
    Anthis carrer center hallways? north side HS? south side HS? hallways? EMPTY TILL TUESDAY- "presidents day holiday"?
    rousseau center- basement- former lock-up? lots of folks have speny a couple nights there. Myself included.
    former Box printer plant- the gray building along harrison and superior st.
  • David Christopher Roach Wayne township trustees office hallways? The vacant bar at spy-run and tennesee- aprox- painted tropical blue? VACANT for months..
  • David Christopher Roach lots of empty BIG BOX retail store buildings along coliseum blvd- south of Lake ave; north of the river- Kmart; Value city; Home Depot.
  • Joe Renner Does anyone have the mayors phone number? I'm sure Thomas F. DidierGeoff Paddock, Mitch Harper, or Russell Jehl, Fort Wayne City Councilman have a way of contacting him to get some emergency action in place.
  • Angel Ward Doing the same Shauna Myers. Posting the question all over social media and news sites.  This is unbelievable. I can not believe warming sites are not available.
  • David Christopher Roach MAYOR TOM HENRY: (public records)
    260-482-8825 260-413-1791 
    " BLOW UP" THE MAYORS PHONES!! disclaimer- "blow up" a phone- means to ring it off the hook"-
  • David Christopher Roach Deer Park bar- anthony Henry- wayne township trustsee township board;mayors brother.. JAM HIS PHONES TOO- "DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK..
  • David Christopher Roach DOENST PARKVIEW FIELD HAVE ANYWHERE INDOORS homlelss could "hole up? we paid out the wazoo for that PUBLIC BUILDING AS WELL
  • Kristin Goetterman This makes me so sick and sad.
  • Shauna Myers I just called the Rescue Mission and the kind gentleman I spoke with didn't know of any warming stations being open. He did say that some of the men seeking shelter from the cold were taken in by some of the fast food chains in town.
  • Della Kirkman This message has been sent to the city PR DIRECTOR by a city employee
  • David Christopher Roach Jerry Henry- the local "Industrialist; entrepreneur- "- doenst HE have plenty of vacant real estate? city Councilman Russ Jehl- would know where theres some vacant commerical buildings- 
    Georgetown square- his MOMS shopping center- has a LOT of vacant store fronts..
  • Robertalexandra Franklin I shared on my page! What can I do to help?! we were homeless from august-january 2015 but thank god no longer are. We are lucky but we know so so many are not as lucky. I was shocked and disgusted by how this city treats the homeless and lack of resources.....We were able to get a few nights help thanks to Sally Becker Segerson in December. WHY IS THE HOMELESS NOT CARE ABOUT BY OFFICIALS?!!!!!!!
  • Angel Ward WANT: Support! If you care about the citizens of this community who are struggling to endure this harsh weather because they are homeless please call and message your local news stations and mayors office requesting warming sites be opened immediately! 
    The fact there are none open during this weather emergency is an atrocity!
  • David Christopher Roach JOHN PERLICH- MAYORS SPOKESMAN( ventriloquist dummy)- pick your favorite jeff dunham puppet-
    thats the trouble with city govt- they just LURCH from crisis-to crisis.
    they KNEW it would get cold again. but no plan at all.

    Mayor henry himself- said- Just last week- "WE will acquire buildings for the "riverfront project; ief they wont sell; and we have to condemn themn- well- if theres that much will for the rich? wheres the will for the poor and the homeless? 
    Im far from an "advocate for the indigent"- that titles claimed by Wayne trustee Rick stevenson- but is there anybody downtown- in city Hall; etc- capable of planning ahead? 
    TODAY- THE CITY THAT SAVED ITSELF- couldnt save a bag of cold french fries..
  • David Christopher Roach THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THE POOR . PERIOD..
  • Della Kirkman Honey, honey honey.....
  • Angel Ward Just called and spoke with Mayor about the issue. He said they are working on getting them open right now. He said they would post information on where the sites will be located and the hours to social media.
  • Lisa Clough-Shappell David, sad but true. The ones in poverty in this town, have no voice.
  • Harry Becker Call Jaynie Watson
  • David Christopher Roach MONEY IS SPEECH;CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE MY FRIEND- ( citizens united court decision)
    the GOLDEN RULE- them Wot got the GOLD- rules.. 
    21st century america.. 

    no money- no voice..
  • Angela Dean That is awesome....thank you to all who have been blowing up phones to get this done. I have been worrying all day about what will happen to our city's homeless for the next few nights with it being deathly cold out there.
  • Sheri McBride Why is it up to government? All of the churches with closed and empty halls tonight will be held accountable before the Judgement Seat.
  • Aleahrene Brouwer Mccreary "And she was with child & turned away😧" They went to a MANGER on this bitterly cold night to birth our savior! "The least you do for one of them...YOU do for ...ME !!......HELP!!!!!
  • Aleahrene Brouwer Mccreary I dont have a place or I would share😦
  • Aimee Pequignot Davis I agree with Sheri McBride open the churches and let them get out of this cold! We have how many churches downtown?
  • Barbara Lett Mundt LETs ALL PRAY, Come on Ft Wayne!
  • Aleahrene Brouwer Mccreary How can they be expected to get out of of or change their situations in "Any" way when treated less than NOTHING? ???!!!#! !!
  • Ftothelicia Df Oh my god I didn't realize that was a PERSON in that! Sharing... Awful, but you are doing great work to help
  • Stella Swincher Stuckey City of Churches my ass... A lot of talk no action. Sad
  • Ed Rose Where is the Red Cross? This is a disaster for our neighbors living on the streets!
  • Aleahrene Brouwer Mccreary Red Cross?!?!?..JOKE!!!!
  • Ed Rose I challenge the TV STATIONS to ask questions and demand answers!
  • Tom Joan Brown I don't understand why the churches don't offer warm places for those who don't have a place to go, aren't they supposed to help the people in need 
  • David Roach Bishop Rhodes- its HIS Job- shelter the homeless. "sorry Joe and Mary- no room at the INN?" Plenty of empty pews saturday, sunday night, week days- and nights after Mass. part of the reason churches were built
  • Shannon Whitacre Where is this? I'd be happy to chip in and get a room for this person..?
  • Patricia Cundari Doherty For goodness sakes people the churches will be open, Salvation Army, Rescue mission, for people who want help they will get it. This is the most charitable country in the world. Don't worry!
  • Kathy Mossburg Grillo Nice that the mayor will 'post information'. I'm sure the homeless will have no trouble accessing these 'sites'.
  • Cynthia Casiano Sally Becker Segerson I have Mc Donald gift cards. I was told they need to purchase something to take shelter.
  • Ed Rose Patricia if you said your post in seriousness then you need to spend some time learning how our homeless neighbors here in Allen County are treated!
  • Nancy Parker Patricia ,no one has announced anything that I know of. Where is the Salvation Army ??
  • David Roach I see all the time on the CITY TV ch 58- about bringing your DOGS and pets indoors in frigid weather- and making sure they have adequate shelter; an enclosed "dog house" shelter; with a door cover; facing east; or south- and having straw to help keep them warm.
    Humans? heres a blanket a tarp; a coke and a smile.. and a kind word.. 
    the ASH project downtown will cost 100, MILLION DOLLARS- 
    thas a james bond evil villain amount of money-so he doenst blow up the world..( for perspective..)
    and theres HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS- close to a BILLION DOLLARS- floating around town in various accounts, rainy day funds, slush funds, charities, foundations theROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. suburban MEGACHURCHES AND "CHAPELS'- in SE fort wayne, and so on. 
    Mosat city govt management employees are paid over 50,000 bucks a year; and upper management- over 100,000 bucks a year..
    city employees- theres about 2500; county 2500, FWCS- 3000, and so on- which WE all are supporting with our 'service economy low wage jobs..
    INCOME EQUALITY- my friends.. - the rich and the poor; the haves and the have nots. TRICKLE UP economy-
  • Shannon Whitacre Where was this picture taken? Seriously, maybe this person knows other people they can share a room...I can pay for it forward..
  • Kenneth RollingCloud I called and eas told they are working on opening some places for people to get out of the cold and they will be announcing it on the news.
  • Ed Rose Shannon my guess she got them from the Internet. Sally is very protective of the identity of those she serves. She would not take a photo of her homeless neighbors as to give away who they are, or where they live.
  • Ed Rose Kenneth who did you call?
  • Shannon Whitacre Thank you for responding Ed Rose..if theres anything I can do let me know
  • Cathy Cross ** UPDATE ** :
    I just called Tom Henry. He informed me of the following:
    1. Citizen Square (entire building) will now be opening at 6pm and remain open until 8am

    2. McMillan Center - open NOW until 8am
  • Cathy Cross More shelter and warming info on 6pm news on all local stations.
  • Ed Rose Shannon, I am so damn made and this just one more time proves my push for a SINGLE INTAKE person(s) run by city employee. We don't need a bunch of people who worry more about their job having funding, never deals with homeless themselves, and when the Mayor goes they will be packing to.
    I know I'm not making sense to anyone that has not followed the homeless issue closely in the last 4-5 months. But this crap that we are even talking about the lack of shelter space!
  • Ed Rose Well let us get all the homeless TVS so they know there is a place for them and where. Get the FWPD officers to visit the camp sites and help these people out!!
  • Shannon Whitacre Oh I agree. These shelters shouldve already been open long before this was even posted. How are these homeless people sopposed to know the shelters are open..I'm sure if they had a tv or electronic device this conversation wouldn't be happening! I agree with you!
  • Lisa Jerrall You tell him girl
  • Kenneth RollingCloud I recieved a call from the Mayor's office and Citizens Square 200 E.Berry street will be open all night tonight. Should be open around 6:00PM or 6:30 PM tonight. Please share this info!!!
  • Ed Rose Kenneth nice of them to call you but I have yet to hear it mentioned on WANE TV and there going to sports.
  • Shauna Myers I saw nothing on the news either. It's not even on the bottom with the closings.
  • Ed Rose Cathy Cross, better late then never but how will the homeless get the word? Frankly the NWS put out this weather forecast over 36 hours ago and waiting until nearly 6 PM is more like a sick joke. The Mayor should be firing some people first thing Monday!
  • Jean Dunfee they knew this was coming. They should have been spreading this word about the Citizens Square to help get the word out.
  • Amy Wysong Ppl are so worried about this being on t.v. well i'm sure all homeless ppl have access to television.SMH
  • Ed Rose Amy, the point is it wasn't on WANE TV. I was after 5:30PM before anyone heard a word. It is all BS!
  • Sue McMillen Knight The Rescue Mission's doors are always open. Especially with the freezing temperatures. No man is turned away.. day or night. 260-426-7357...
  • Shauna Myers Amy Wysong a lot of people find shelter in places like McDonald's which has tv's.
  • Shauna Myers Just got a response from the city. Here's a link to what's open.
    Official Website for the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Information on services and happenings of Fort Wayne...
  • Sue McMillen Knight Many churches are open. The Word spreads. They all know which ones are open. And they all are welcome. No one turned away...
  • Sherri Parker I don't live in Fort Wayne but if you all are worried that the homeless won't know about the places listed on this thread, um, maybe go find a few and give them a ride. It's easy to sit on facebook and complain about how no one is doing anything.
  • Stella Lindus Dearest Concerned Citizens,
    Tonight during this blustery, horribly cold night, Mayor Tom is opening Citizens Square for overnight stay for individuals who do not have a place to keep warm. Please contact your friends and all concerned to get out the word. Also, the Rescue Mission is open to all who need to get warm. 
    McMillan Ctr is open til 8pm as well!!!
  • Apryl Hoot But what happens after 8 pm
  • Stella Lindus They are opening the citizens square over night
  • Apryl Hoot I was referring t McMillan center.
  • Stella Lindus I don't know about that
  • Cathy Cross Ed, I don't know the answer to that question. If anyone knows the specific requirements that addresses the "level" when they actually take action - let me see it. There are crisis management plans on file - it's required. There is specific criteria that has to be met in order to call this into action. It would be interesting to learn what criteria that is.
  • Thomas F. Didier For Release: Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015
    City of Fort Wayne opens warming stations

    Fort Wayne, Ind. - The City of Fort Wayne has opened warming stations for anyone in need of a warm place to stay as a result of the winter weather conditions. 

    The Omni Room on the garden level of Citizens Square, 200 E. Berry St., is open now until 8 a.m. Sunday. Visitors are asked to enter the doors on the northwest corner of the building.

    The McMillen Park Community Center, 3901 Abbott St., is open until 8 p.m. this evening and will be open from noon-8 p.m. on Sunday.

    “We want all residents to be as safe as possible. We’re committed to ensure we have resources available to the public,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Let's work together and be sure to check on friends and neighbors as we anticipate very cold temperatures over the next several days.” 

    The City’s Police, Fire, Public Works, and City Utilities departments are all prepared with full personnel in position to respond accordingly to any potential weather situations.
  • Ed Rose Thomas F. Didier I would feel much better that cots was available to them and have the police stop by the various camps to let everyone know. I'm not happy that it was just around 5:30 PM this became public, considering the days we knew it was coming.
    Additionally I not thrilled to learn the lack of "drop in" shelter beds for women. But that is subject for some other time.
    BUT THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I just wonder if Sally Becker Segerson and I posted on FB would this had even gotten done?
  • Josh Harty I'm sorry but honestly people, we can make a difference with or without the mayor! You can start a charity and get things done! Don't rely on others to start something for you to jump on the band wagon. I will personally use my celebrity from film and gladly help. We can raise 20-30 grand easily to help these people. Stand up and YOU do something! Be a leader not a follower!!!!
  • Renee-Ann Francies Florin Anger never resolved anything.
    The churches are open, the warming stations are open, and the homeless know where to go. 
    This probably isn't their first winter or first extremely cold night. 

    And if you know their "secret places" then give them a ride to your own place, or someplace like the rescue mission instead of complaining about the mayors office.
    Even the homeless have some responsibility to move to the Shelters. 
    There is also an owners responsibility/liability/supervision to consider before just opening doors - Even on empty buildings.
  • Edith Kenna Please, Terry Doran and I have been in touch with the folks who have ended or almost ended homelessness in certain states. We have the templat...Mayor Henry, let us get you the information. Yes, thanks for opening the Citizens square...we need much more, and can do much more than soup and I cot !
  • Kat Keener Ty Miss Sally
  • Robyn J. Valdizon There's a warming center overnight I just saw.
  • Ed Rose Josh, the need for the Mayor to join in is key as we face two issues. First to expand sheltering to get our homeless neighbors off the street. Second is to set in motion the HUD named HOUSING FIRST, which factually isn't accurate but dozens of city have launched such with amazing results of up to nearly 75% of the homeless being housed. The city is key as money to assist in rent comes from Section 8 in helping those that are long term homeless with issues into housing.
    Renee-Ann I am normally a pretty calm person but today was uncalled for that no one paid attention to the weather forecasts for the cold and wind chill the NWS has talked about for the last three days. While you say there are plenty of shelters I've had people that work in the field told me the opposite. In fact they all had more concerns for females with no place to go. Had there been any planning cots could have been secured over sleeping on the floor.
    I don't mention where I know camps to be as some dumb kids enjoy harassing them and I respect their privacy. For your information I hardly drive any longer for safety reasons.
    If I had the money I would have a place for these people. There plight sure would not be close to what it is today.
    I fully know and have explained to others of just using some building but if there is a will there is a way.
    Edith, I'm not sure how long or the research you and Terry have done on the homeless landscape here in Fort Wayne. There are many successful programs in many cities here in the U.S.
    The point is to get the administration on board along with the agencies. That is far trickier here then it appears, very sadly.
  • Julie Kahl Schroeder warming centers were announced on the 11 o'clock news
  • Heathyr Bender Sue that's a lie...they are turned away.
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  • Heathyr Bender Where are these night time warming centers?!?!... U know, when frost bite and hypothermia happen??!!
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  • Carla Stiver Anger doesn't resolve anything but it sure gets one motivated to make changes, some huge changes! The Bread and Roses strike for instance. Anger can be a great motivator.
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  • Ed Rose Josh, and many more I have to apologize for some of my posts from yesterday. I most likely went through my most frustrating day ever, in reference to our homeless neighbors. To know plans for shelters, with cots could have been arranged days before this arctic cold blast is the result of total in-confidence or lack of care. Plain and simple.
    I have been hammering on Mayor Henry, because the buck stops at his desk. I am perplexed that our Mayor who grew up in a large family that caring about others is what drove their father. Even in his days on City Council the Mayor often took stands for those who needed a helping hand. So I have no idea why it appears his concern for our homeless neighbors seems totally absent.
    I don't know if the disconnect is in the city administration that working with the homeless has with the Mayor's office or not. If it is then the Mayor needs to make some changes now and put people in place that works as an advocate for our homeless neighbors. We can't fix homelessness over night but humane morally actions can be.
    I'm not sure if I worked for city in the homelessness area I could look at myself in the mirror knowing one person either life is so compromised health wise they pass away or loose fingers, toes, or feet to frostbite because I didn't try looking out for them. Believe me people the loss of toes to frostbite is real and our local hospitals have performed the surgery of removing such for our homeless neighbors.
    Again I apologize for loosing my cool and employed some pretty snarky words but please understand I was frustrated to my limit.
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Props goes out to miss Sally Becker Segerson. She does a great job.for the homeless. Good up the great work and her tired less hard work and dedication. Thank you.
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  • Eddie ThaMisfit Coleman mad love and respect for ms sally
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  • Cindy LeMaster Quite surprisingly, I caught heck for sharing her urgent request on facebook for the mayor and city to open something, anything, for warming stations last night for the homeless. The criticism came from someone who rallies and cheers around city government and usually posts complaints about heavy traffic and other toe stubbing personal incidents of "major" importance. That's what we're dealing with around here. No compassion. Thank you Sally for all that you do and for giving the rest of us a reality check and inspiration. I take full responsibility for my comment and no one should use it against Sally who is working with the city respectfully and diligently to address the concerns of the homeless. I can't even imagine what kind of nonsense she has to put with.
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  • David Christopher Roach "haters gonna hate hate hate.. shake it off"- Taylor Swift
Im waiting, Sweetheart
waiting to get warm.
its not your first rodeo.
seems it should be a "cut and paste" operation.
what did we do last time this happened? go to the "playbook"-...
See More
Official Website for the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana....
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See More
Official Website for the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Information on services and happenings of Fort Wayne Government.
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check the time stamp- on this- then check the local media Fb pages- time date stamps-
wane 15 21 alive
wfft wowo
lead, follow, or get out of the way
(wont matter by next week, or so anyway.. - news tip for you..)...
See More
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ill possible, wind chills could fall as low as -25°! Frostbite can occur in as little as 30 minutes with this kind of bitter cold .... Warming Centers for the NIGHT??? Citi Link buses lined up and running? Anything? Anything at all for those OUR men and women of the elements as they battle to make it through the night on the streets of this city .... on this oh so special day of love?? Anything???
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  • David Christopher Roach
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