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  • Hmmm...here's a thought. We (Fort Wayne city council decides and we constituents tolerate/support) give tax-abatements to businesses that operate in Fort Wayne and "create" jobs locally and bolster our economy. Indiana gives tax-abatements to employers that hire felons. I think it would be a great idea to reward employers who hire persons who are residing in homeless shelters, supportive living arrangements, public housing, and other forms of public assistance. Let's get the steam building in our recovery-oriented economic-stimulus. (Could we also look to reward those that provide housing? Banks that sell homes cheaply to organizations that revitalize? Ideas, ideas. Let's keep them coming. We don't have to create societies of begging. We can create structures of success. Let's help the helpers so we can keep giving good hand-ups. Or else we can just keep setting ‪#‎SleepingBagsUnderSkyscrapers‬.

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  • Michele Berkes-Adams YES YES YES!!!
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  • Ken Miller Thomas F. Didier, Mitch Harper, Donovan Anthony Coley Sr.Sally Becker SegersonGina BurgessJoe RennerLiz TurketteLexie FretzAngel WardCathy JeanClinton KellyMichelle HillMichele Berkes-AdamsLavell J. StablerAaron GouletPhillip MarxPhilippe CarrollSamantha Eve Marie,Abigail King Save MaumeeJain YoungMilton ThomasSarah LosheDavid ShearerDavid Christopher RoachDavid KohliJoseph TownsendLee PrescottLaura BowmanEd RoseLarry Merino...please give suitable feedback where you feel it is warranted. I think this is of at least conversational value, as I do not know what exactly is currently on the books and what isn't. Please tag any others I am currently forgetting, those I don't know you feel can contribute to our consensus or wish to be included, and also feel welcome to share this post, if it pleases you to. I haven't spent a lot of time on this vein of thought yet, but wanted to get it out of my head before it got shuffled.
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  • Joseph Townsend 1) As for cheap housing. That would depend. Some of the reason we got into the mortgage mess we did was because the government forced banks to give housing to those who couldn't afford it. Now, if we are referring to boarded up houses in the 6th district, that could be something to look into.
    2) I personally know a few companies who hire homeless. The issue they find, is very few can pass the necessary back ground or drug tests they do. I would especially like us to do more for our homeless VETS. They served for me, so I have no problem having my taxpayers dollars going to help them out!
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  • Michelle Hill Joseph--I agree with you 100% that taxpayer dollars should go to homeless VETS. But what do you feel about those dollars going to a family who has become homeless? Or other people who became homeless due to some financial situation (such as a major medical expense)? Are they less deserving of taxpayer dollars?
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  • Joseph Townsend We all have an equal chance of success in this country. If a vet goes homeless I believe it is governments responsibility to take care of them as they took care of us when they served. But to say that it is governments job to take care of a family who happens to go homeless because the father is on drugs, or because of xxx Happening is absurd. Government is not our parents. It is not their job to provide us with a house. We have inaliable rights, but a free house is not one of those.
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  • Ken Miller Government is neither a soldier's parent, Joseph. Those men and women willingly chose to serve in the capacity they did. Same as a garbage-man, electrical lineman, or water or snow worker who spends considerable hours taking care of the rest of us. All equally important. They were also paid for their service. I am not knocking soldiers, despite my staunch opposition to war, but neither am I willing to say that an "army" is more important than a corps of teachers, or anyone else. I won't support a vet before a non-vet. I won't presume that just because a man or women became a soldier means they have any greater immediate or long-term value or right to assistance. All life deserves respect and support.
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  • Joseph Townsend When someone serves, they are owed basic things by the government. Healthcare is one of those. That means making sure they don't become mentally unstable.
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  • Michele Berkes-Adams Agreed Ken, we are all important and hard times are blind. We are all at risk of finding ourselves in a situation that leaves us without the basic necessities. I guarantee that most homeless do not want to be homeless and, if they knew a way off the streets, would make their way.
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  • Ken Miller Yep. We all serve in one capacity or another. I can personally attest that some of us are nearly driven mad by our struggles, both near and abroad. I think we all owe one another to look out for eachother. I don't much care for arguments that involve what "the governments owes us."
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  • Milton Thomas That would be awesome but how many people in dire constraints would divulge that info for fear of discriminatory backlash
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  • Ed Rose Ken most Vets on the street are PTSD. That becomes our responsibility, period! Our government, like it or not, put them in a position that they suffered mental issues. Our government, us citizens, owe it to each of them to treat any and all health, including mental, needs. I am not even open to discussion on this point!
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  • Ken Miller That's fine, Ed, but personally, my own responsibility does not differentiate between guys that get their heads screwed getting paid to be in the military over guys that get their heads screwed just trying to live. I'm not asking us to skip helping anyone, and in fact, i'm asking us to not skip helping ANYONE. I don't care what part of life caused the hurt. I just want to help fix it.
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  • Ken Miller To automatically assume that a person who serves in the military is more deserving than a person who needed help before he ever got a fair shot to even get as far as the military seems ludicdous to me. The military, after all, won't take people with the wrong kind of mental issues, or physical limitations. I think that's important to consider.
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  • Milton Thomas I think too much info could work against a person.looking for work like being profiled as being trashy to being preyed upon by employers just to many ways for that info to hurt the people who you're trying to help
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  • Ken Miller It's a valid concern, but not something I think holds enough negative consequence to hinder the better aspects of what could be achieved with type of approach. We need to do through cost/benefit and risk assessents, but I currently only see win/wins, with a minute chance of blowback.
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  • Milton Thomas Ok that seems plausible
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  • Milton Thomas Hey Joseph I just wanted to say that while the government Did ease some restrictions it was the greed of the mortgage companies and predatory lending practices that got us in that mess everything else I'm on board with
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  • Philippe Carroll http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/lntv3q/the-homeless-homed
    Utah started flat out giving homes/apartments to homeless people and they're saving money. Is there some reason that's not an achievable goal in Fort Wayne?

    Hasan Minhaj reports on the disappearance of all of the homeless people in Salt Lake City.
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  • Philippe Carroll http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/09/22/home-free

    James Surowiecki on Utah’s cost-effective approach to...
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  • Milton Thomas You get into trouble when you give anything away because the people don't value the thing they've been blessed with like food stamps how much of that money gets wasted on frivolous things that are wasteful so working on the home they are going to be given makes me feel better knowing that at best the minor things that could go wrong they at least have an idea on how to fix them.
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  • Philippe Carroll I understand your ideology but it's working for people all around the country. I do like the idea. Hiring someone to fix up the home they're going to receive. Employment, skills education, and housing all in one. I don't know about that particular program but the housing first program is fiscally very effective according to the statistics coming in.
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  • Milton Thomas Outstanding those are just my thoughts not attached to any program
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  • David Christopher Roach i'm of tow minds over this ( Harvey "2 face" Dent..) lets take a DENT out of homelessness..
    The biggest problem is all this stupid drug testing - so- why no "drug testing for people who drink alcohol? that would put everybody out of work.. Well - not everybody- but look at all the liquor stores; and other retail outlets.. so- personally- Im not opposed to someone who is a pot head- so long as they 1- do it off the clock; off the premises. ; and 2 - so long as it doesnt affect their ability to do the job safely.
    there are of course many jobs this isnt feasible, of course. and personally- im definitely not for hiring anyone with a serious drug addiction- serious hard drugs- (anything other than weed, or alcohol.. )
    NEXT- the way we hire people is stupid- no wonder anybody gets hired.. there should be a state and federallaw- that says- every business- small or large- has to place all their jobs on their local public jobs site- in fort waynes case- the indiana carreer connect- so- 1- people looking for work can find work that is meaningful; baesd on WHAT YOU KNOW- not who you know; and 2- why businesses dont do this- seems to me they would find far more quaified people who want to work.. 

    Felons? well- that depends on the crime; and thats up to the employer.. maybe im more tolerant than someone else, so id take a chance; give someone a second chance, etc. then Other crimes- well- no way. thats just me.

    Veterans? why sure-the biggest issue most employers have- is veterans dont like to screw around with petty rules or protocols- they get the job done and NOW, and dont have time for nicities.. and of course- petty dictator bosses - this drives them nuts- because ive found many businesses are inbusiness to be in business- not to do anything, or get anything done.. especially government.. - the slower and the less done - the better.. its like its a job creation program, nothing else.. at this rate, theyd still be building the pyramids, and would only be in the hiring out of town out of state consultants,, loll. but not loling..

    next- the mentally ill- well- arent we all a little crazy? but who wants someone whos going to go out on a lunch break with a co worker; kill them set them on fire, then clock back in like nothing happened? 
    theres too may "crazy/insane/lunatic" people out walking around due to federal govt deciding well- the crazies are costing us too much money- well -block grant funding for the mentally ill to the states; who then also- cut any money for state "ARKHAM ASYLUMS" AS WELL- so- we get what we pay for.. so- the mentall ill end up on the streets, or in the ACJ, or DOC- which prisons and jails arent designed for..

    the mentally "retarded"- ( developmentally disabled- whatever the PC term is; mine works just fine..)- well- there used to be a place- at parnell; and state- the school for the "feeble minded"- then the state school at stellhorn and st joe road- ivy tech shiny new campus- and where are all the "retarded people"?( and dont say in government- we know that already- but its a different kind..)- well- now these poor souls are in group homes and also - tossed under the bus to fend for themselves..
    Next- we have the "intellectually challenged"- the noe of the above- who for whatever reason- are simply unable to cope with life; and end up on the streets.
    and last the rest of us- who can end up thrown under the bus of life for any number of dozens of reasons.. typically- wall street decides- well- time to wreck the economy; crash the system; cash in everything; and who cares about anyone else- were not going to prison anyway.. 
    as for MR TOWNSHEND- hes an idiot troll of low intellect and unable to form any independent thoughts other than what the koch brothers tell him- and doesnt even live in FTW anyway- so why he gets a word in ? but thats just me..
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  • David Christopher Roach so- If i was "king"- I would use the powers enumerated in the local city code; and state laws- to use executive orders- just like President obama; just like any governor or mayor anywhere else- and FIX THE PROBLEM NOW! not months from now, weeks from now, talk it to death until the weather gets nice and say "mission accomplished", and ignore it another year till it gets cold again,, - you know? this happens everyyear- sure as ssht- just like no one can remember when it snows- drive carefully, jeez- like a bunch of stupi d apes- who cant think past the next banana..
  • David Christopher Roach so-im not for putting the homeless folks up in the HILTON HOTL; but im of course NOT for just letting them try to avoid freezing to death in the out of doors.. 
    seems the concrete facaded building at the NE corner of superior and harrison is in play, and snatched up. so
    I was downtown the other day- what of the old Ream Steckbeck paint warehouse? seems ike a perfectly sited temporary indoor shelter to use- Imsure we can obtain plenty of Military barracks style bunk beds cheap from some USA surplus source- scratch and dent- you know? - 
    Indoors, out of the elements, a real bed. heat? well- anything above 32 degrees..(lol..)- but seriously- seems theres ways to heat a building to a livable temperature. - its close to the trustees office; and close to the homeless shelter- and so on- so the various social service groups( IM NOT a social worker, for the record) can "triage" these folks and get the m directed on the right path and without being PROSYLETIZED by any religion, or religious preference.. 

    ANNNNNDDDD!! this is AL GOING TO BE FUNDED BY TAX MONEY FORCED TO BE PAID FOR BY EVERYONE- in the form of what themilitayr calls " collective punishment"- maybe when the rich greedy kleptocrats and plutocrats are made to pay their fair share of living in a civilized society with a government of "we the people"- acting colletively- well maybe we will see some constructive action. I DO KNOW that so long as these scrooge-y bastards are allowed to just go about their business- and simply ignore the issue- well- little will get done except by those who have the least to givein the first place.. - the poor dont have any money; and little else anyway- the homeless have nothing.. 
    in fact- this whole situation makes me embarrassed and ashamed to live in AMERICA- THE GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD .AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM? except for the poor, the homeless and anyone whos not rich, or connected.. you know? 
    I of course wont burn a flag in protest- but i can see why so any people do.. HMM- A TENT MADE OF A USA FLAG PATTERN- THAT WOULD CREATE A STIR.. 
    so- the city government has shown little interest of care to do much about this problem, other than talk, pat youon the head, send you on your way; then home to their richy rich rich homes in richy-ville..- 
    then steal everything they can legally from the rest of us to live in their PLUTOCRATIC CORRUPTED KLEPTOCRACY of by and for the richy richs.. - the rest of us? WE CAN GO EAT CAKE so far as they are concerned. that sure went well last time, didnt it?
    so hope you dont freeze to death, heres some food- hope whomever cooked it up knows how to cook without poisoning everyone; has the proper licensed commercial kitchen and the proper certifications to serve santary food- . heres a blanket a tarp; and hope you dont freeze to death tonight in the blizzard and arctic vortex .. 

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