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QUESTION FOR ALL CANDIDATES-Tom CookDavid RoachJohn Forrest RobersonGeoff PaddockThomas F. DidierJoe RennerJason Arp, and others: Mayor Henry recently appointed Tim Pape to the Capital Improvements Board. Tim Pape is an attorney for Carson Boxberger, the law firm that is the anchor tenant for The Harrison. Tim Pape, while a member of Fort Wayne City Council, helped to craft the contracts involved in the “economic development” project now known as the Harrison Square project. He remains involved in politics as the Democratic member of the Allen County Election Board.
Given election matters will involve a higher scrutiny of both dollars spent downtown and where those dollars are coming from (i.e. CIB), do you feel a conflict of interest could exist in that Pape is now in a power position involving this year’s municipal elections while at the same time being in a position to influence the direction of monies into Downtown? Should the Mayor have appointed Pape and placed him in this conflict? Should Pape recuse himself from this year’s elections as a member of the Allen County Election Board? Why or why not?
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Mayor Tom Henry today has appointed attorney and former Democratic City Councilman Tim Pape to serve on the Allen County-Fort Wayne Capital Improvement Board....
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  • Gina Burgess SPECIAL NOTE: Friend requests were sent to Mitch Harper (see below), Glynn Hines and John Crawford. Requests were not sent to Russ Jehl or Tom Smith as neither have personal Facebook profiles. Requests were also not send to Bender and Shoaff, who also do not appear to have personal Facebook profiles, but it was because they are both retiring from City Council at the end of the year, neither was sent a Facebook friend request.
  • David Christopher Roach Tim Pape has already presented an "appearance of impropriety- on 2 occasions on 21 alive "political Radar"- where he has endorsed and disparaged various political candidates of both local parties. I feel he should resign from the ACEB- as this is partisan activities and speech; that is in conflict wiht the impartiality he is required to maintain as a member of a Quasi- Judicial Board THAT AS YOU NOTED- has great influence is "throwing an election"- ( 1919 Black Sox)- by removing candidates from a ballot; or nomination for various alleged illegal campaign finance law violations. In fact- this ACEB should be disbanded and instead the courts should handle law breaking. 
    I am working on several campaign law challenges/complaints regarding the various crop of candidates this year so far..
    As for the "cozy"( as mr pitchert said)- Mr Pape is this years "designated democrat busy body; as Mr Jack Moris seems to have other things keeping him busy; and MR papes only job is to insure the re-election of Mayor Henry; and his Legal corporations employers hand in the cookie jar. So- again-appearance of Impropriety. theres hundreds of interested citizens who could do this job-why only a handful of anointed Chosen few? Crony capitalism? KLEPTOCRACY? ( theres THAT word again..)
  • Gina Burgess David Christopher Roach -- You asked a series of good questions, however, they are not relevant to the original thread and have been deleted. Please feel free to repost those questions on your facebook page and tag me.
  • Joe Renner I don't see a direct conflict of interest being a member CIB as well as a member of the ACEB. He isn't directly affecting the campaigns of any current candidates unless of course he can direct money to businesses based on who is funding who's campaign.
  • Michelle Hill Really, Joe Renner? Do I need to draw a diagram for you? 
    Mayor Henry needs to appoint someone to the CIB and picks Tim Pape. Tim Pape, as a member of the ACEB could 'help' Henry behind the scenes to get re-elected this year. 
    Tim Pape is the Managing 
    Partner of Carson Boxberger, the law firm that was an architect of The Harrison. Carson Boxberger gets paid by billing The City of Ft. Wayne for ‘advising’ the City of Ft. Wayne on these projects. Carson Boxberger will also probably also donate funds to Henry's campaign like he did in 2011: "Henry's most generous donor among those firms over the last three and a half years has been the Carson Boxberger law firm, which gave $56,500"

  • Joe Renner Did you read my post? I personally thought the sarcasm was obvious!
  • Gina Burgess Nice try Joe Renner --- you just got soooo busted. LOL!  You got caught on the wrong side of facts in an attempt to come off as a centrist in the hopes of attracting Democrat voters because you are assuming that you will be uncontested on the Republican ticket for the May primary. I can understand that assumption and its probably an accurate one based on local political history, but the fact remains that you just shot yourself in the foot for being overzealous. Next time you want to be "sarcastic" about something....use the word (sarcasm) so its obvious to everyone else outside of you. Joseph Townsend -- Can you help this Republican out? 
  • Michelle Hill Really Joe Renner? We are weak minded because we didn't 'recognize' sarcasm in your post?
  • Joseph Townsend For the record, renners campaign is NOT supported by the Republican Party. They are in fact very much against him running. Any person with half a brain cell knows that a republican running in the 6th district helps tom Henry as it gives democrats in the 6th a reason to come to the polls. Calling renner a republican is like calling me a democrat. lol
  • Michelle Hill Hey Joseph--Did you get the 'sarcasm' in his comment?
  • Joe Renner You are poor representation of a Republican.
  • Joseph Townsend LOL tell that to the Republicans that I have been a PAID representative for. Mia Love won in a district with 98% whites as a black Mormon woman. That is unprecedented. Glad she didn't think I was a "Poor representation of a Republican." But since we are throwing that term out there, what Republican have you campaigned for and helped win?
  • Joseph Townsend Just name me one Republican you have campaigned for from beginning to end and helped win and I will allow you to call yourself a Republican. LOL
  • Joe Renner I can call you out with one word "PIAD"
  • Joseph Townsend And no I got him trying to change his stance after he was called out on it though. Typical politician and he isn't even a good one at that.
  • Joe Renner What stance is that Joseph Townsend?
  • Joseph Townsend U defended pape and Henry, and are now trying to back pedal saying it was sarcasm. You are not obama. You are not going to get away with changing your position ten seconds after creating it.
  • Joe Renner hahaha, Did you not see me tapping my invisible watch while Pape was talking at the last coucil meeting?
  • Gina Burgess Uhm, Joe Renner -- Your "tapping" was two weeks ago? I didn't get your sarcasm. Michelle Hill didn't get your sarcasm. You basically are disenfranchising any female voting base you may have had by referring to Michelle and I as "weak minded" because we didn't get your less-than-obvious brand of "sarcasm". Now, you are attacking Joseph Townsend--someone who leans very Republican--and instead of staying focused on the here and now, your defense is to reference an action from two weeks ago?? Dude -- stop while your behind. (shaking head, sarcastically)
  • Joseph Townsend U still haven't mentioned the last republican you helped actually get elected (besides yourself). I know you won't be able to come up with one because I have been actively involved in Allen county politics for years, and never seen you at a single event.
  • Joseph Townsend I don't get his "sarcasm" either. Either he needs to learn how to actually be sarcastic, or he thought his position would be well received and when he realized it was not he changed it. I lean towards the 2nd one.
  • Joseph Townsend Which is the difference between me and joe renner. When I believe in something I don't change my position even I am the only one fighting for it.
  • Gina Burgess Joseph Townsend -- You and I don't always agree on everything, especially social issues. But at least when facts are presented the prove our original position wrong or in error, we are willing to concede on those points. The problem that Joe Renner has -- and sooo many first time candidates as well as seasoned politicians--is that they have a hard time admitting when they have taken a wrong position and instead dig their heels in. Personally, I don't mind disagreements. Matter-of-fact, I find disagreements to be healthy. I think Joe Renner, as a relatively new candidate, has a lot to learn. I also think that Michelle Hill should be commended for doing her own research to either figure out what her position would be or, in the alternative, to find support for her position. Sadly, Michelle Hill isn't on the ballot and Joe Renner is. Again, Joe needs to stop trying to be all things to all people, figure out where he stands, and like you, Joseph Townsend, stated--if he believes in something, he shouldn't change his position, unless of course there are facts to the counter-point, and in that case, he should simply admit his mistake. That's one of the good things about running for office--its a learning curve that you can learn a lot from, if you let yourself learn. Again, kudos to Michelle Hill
  • Ed Rose I just came across this post Gina. I have to say I don't think any person serving on the election board should hold or be appointed to any other political appointment. Period!
    Now as to Joe's statement I smiled as I read it. Maybe he should have added 
    ...See More
  • Joe Renner I didn't believe a "Lol disclaimer" would be necessary, it seems I was mistaken. 
  • Joseph Townsend When someone changes their positions and political parties as much as you, yes an lol disclaimer is necessary
  • Gina Burgess Joe Renner -- Don't know that a "LOL Disclaimer" was needed as much as a hint to your alleged sarcasm--such as (sarcasm). I agree with Joseph Townsend, to a point, in that I don't believe you meant your original statement to be sarcastic at all. However, I do agree with all points made by Ed Rose -- no person serving on an election board should hold or be appointed to any other political appointment (as that creates, at the very least, the perception of a conflict), that you need to be crystal clear with every word you post on facebook (say what you mean-mean what you say, use emoticons and word phrases as needed), don't belittle others who may misunderstand your brand of "sarcasm," and above all don't spend hours trying to change someone's mind. Its often futile and a waste of your time. Having said all of that, however, you are to be commended for letting your mistakes remain so others can learn this valuable lesson. I thank you for that! 
  • Joseph Townsend I am not opposed to someone trying to change someone's mind. That is what this country is about. I am against someone changing their position after you question that position.
  • Ed Rose New candidates should write on FB as their opponent wants to bury you with your own words. No longer a comment can be made in jest as it will bite you every time. So write your post and read it looking to turn it around or better yet have a inner circl...See More
  • Stephanie O'Rourke Polk Gina, I know this is off topic but all the people you mentioned in your main post are running for office? If so when is the voting because there is one particular person I WILL NOT vote for.
  • Joseph Townsend November of this year... Primaries being in May
  • Stephanie O'Rourke Polk Thank You Mr Townsend. I appreciate it.
  • Ed Rose First Tuesday of May for party primaries and first Tuesday in November for general election.
  • Gina Burgess Stephanie O'Rourke Polk -- Yes, all the people I listed above are running for office. However, there are many more coming.  Candidates have until Noon on February 6th to file.
  • David Roach " when is the voting because there is one particular person I WILL NOT vote for. "- hmm- wonder who that is?

QUESTION FOR THE MAYORAL CANIDATES: The Mayor of Fort Wayne appoints 3 out of the 7 members of the Fort Wayne Allen County Capital Improvements Board. The purpose of this Board is to distribute “excess monies” receive from the Food & Beverage Tax. This tax was originally created in 2007 for the sole purpose of paying a bond that was used to pay for renovations to the Memorial Coliseum. That bond was supposed to be paid off in 2011. As of 2014, according to County records, payments are still being made on that bond. The City has not published any records of such expenditures online. In 2009, the state legislature (via legislation, I.C. 6-9-33 et sequ crafted by Democrat Phil GiaQuinta at the bequest of Democrat Mayor Tom Henry and then Republican Commissioner Bill Brown) created a law that allowed the food and tax beverage to be diverted to the Capital Improvements Board for “downtown development.”
Tom CookDavid RoachJohn Forrest Roberson -- If you were the Mayor, who would you appoint to this Board and why? And what would your policy be regarding the CIB's use of Food & Beverage Tax funds?
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  • Gina Burgess SPECIAL NOTE: Friend requests were sent to Mitch Harper, Tom Henry and Fred Osheskie today. Mitch Harper had been a facebook friend between 2011 and 2014 and shortly before his formal announcement of running for Mayor, he “unfriended” me. Tom Henry and I were “facebook friends” for a short period in 2010…a very short period. He “unfriended” me when I called into question the number of pay-to-play consultants he was underwriting, such a Ken Neumeister’s Freedom Consulting, LLC. As of this date, I have reached out to all known Mayoral candidates in the hopes they will engage in a dialogue that will engage, educate and empower voters.
  • Gina Burgess Yes, Jeffery Wayne Landis -- All the guys I've mentioned above have facebook.
  • David Christopher Roach I suppose that dis-banding this "another unelected, unaccountable board of appointed bureaucrats; and insiders and cronies"- wont happen, but thats my first instinct( which admittedly- i didnt say first)
    Common sense; and appearance of legality- would
     indicate that if there is public monies to be spent; then the appropriate elected bodies for spending public monies should be the city and county fiscal bodies- that being the county council; and the city council. I think they should be acting in a joint committee; with extensive citizen input- on a public web site- so everyone can have a voice . this openness and transparency would be something that is surely needed in this KLEPTOCRACY we call " fort wayne" 
    That being said- Theres also the option of putting out the word; and recruiting; and or hiring professionals from Fort Wayne/ allen county who show interest and knowledge and have the time to dedicate to this task; and not just the "USUAL SUSPECTS"- insiders; connected cronies; families, and so on. 
    i am fed up with KLEPTOCRACY; local "HEREDITARY MONARCHY"- where we see the same families in power; and NEPOTISM- where the same families all have plum jobs scattered throughout city county and other local govt positions.. IF IM MAYOR- THAT WILL END. ( which is why i will never be elected, to be Frank..)

    Anyone whos lived here in fort wayne knows this uptown/downtown insider baseball- from wizards field; to parkview "potheads" stadium is a blatant money grab- to shift the food and beverage "pot-o-gold"- from the County govt "pot o-gold"- to the downtown elitist grand wayne center/DID/downtown TIF- and the now Perpetual "stadium improvement money pot "- as in so many other cities- build, improve, after 20 years, bulldoze; start again; expand, and so on- parking garages; DOME? for 365 days a year activities- then more and bigger- HOOSIER DOME TO LUCAS OIL FIELD- a infernal beast that keeps growing in appetite for tax dollars and income for the developers and downtown schemers; and re-developers and so on.. 
    in addition- this TIF for the CIB- includes extra taxes; fees; and so on on IPFW students- who will pay and pay; then get their degrees; run up a debt- with all these feesand taxes included; then leave town, but keep paying- the ultimate OTHER PEOPLES MONEY SCHEME- 
    YET- we have a REPUBLICAN/ TEA PARTY stronghold- which harps eternally about private enterprise; free market capitalism; and if the private sector wont build it because theres no public sector demand or market for it- then it shouldnt be built- BUT- the reality is this:IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME- and KLEPTOCRACY- where the corporatists extract their money from the working classes- to line their and their beneficiaries pockets. reverse robin hood; the worst kind of redistribution of wealth- because we the people/ we the citizens are left out of the loop; and have one option- to pay and pay promptly; and pay in cash; and pay now!

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