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  • ohn Dorrill We have to teach our own history to our own children and maybe even to other like minded individuals if we expect them to get anything other than a tilted version of history to fit the agenda of the ruling class.
    The government has done enough damage.
    When my kids have come home from school telling me what they've learned about history, I have always tried to show them the other side of the story.
  • Eddie Arrington CLUE FOR THE DAY IS (HOME)
  • David Christopher Roach this should please you- "aggrieved persons of color slaughtering white oppressors and occupiers" (Irony, humor..)- this battle nearly wiped out the USA standing army at the time.. ( factoid). anyway- I happened across this article/ blog post- and i know you would be interested in it and the book.. ( despite how i truly dislike "Not MY Man Mitch" Harper

    Colin G. Calloway has authored, The Victory with No Name (Oxford University Press), a book subtitled "The...
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  • Eric Hackley David, why would aggravated persons of color slaughtering white oppressors and occupiers please me? Sounds like you're calling me a racist psychopath. I'm just want history stories told unbiased. Now that a White guy has authenticated what I have been saying for years and have mentioned through out my book and numerous editorials, Fort Wayne Blacks and Whites may become more interested in Fort Wayne history. Thanks for letting me know about the book. Do you have any comments on the NE Indiana Regional Partnership's "Our Story" Project?
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  • David Christopher Roach no- im teasin you , my friend. have to needle you a bit- what about the Black radical groups? black supremacists? lets drop the offensive terms; and find comon ground? i agree the "black man" has legitimate grieveances and desire and demands for reform. and theres a LOT of white folks- who agree and desire the same.. Not all white people are "supremacists'; nor racists. in fact- its a small number and the tabloid medias fascination with the freaks ; clowns and animals.. .
    as for the " NE Indiana Regional Partnership's "Our Story" Project? "- 
    I think this regionsism- is to provide collective cover for their failures; and to paint a rosy picture- the rural counties and fort wayne; allen county etc- should al be defined by the facts- jobs are up? just not in fort wayne.. crime is down? not in fort wayne.. - theres a big difference between the rural and the urban and the fort wayne and the small town numbers, data; and statistics..
    so- the short answer is THEY ARE PUTTING LIPSTICK ON A WART HOG.. and calling it a beauty queen.. . How are things with you? I apparently have a lot of supporters in the SE part of town.. And i want to truly help make it a better place for all of us- not just the greedy overlords in the downtown KLEPTOCRACY"- siphoning all the millions the rest of earn - to their own and their families friends, cronies; etc.. - the streets; need fixed; the roads the basil infrastructure; the homes that are being wrecked at 25,000 bucks a pop- that could be renovated. and so on- millions for the rich men and squatting for the poor..
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  • Eric Hackley Too bad you ran for Sheriff instead of Mayor. It would be an interesting debate between you Harper and Henry. Is it too late for you to run as an independent?
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  • David Christopher Roach aint going to happen. ill take my 90 days of being an annoyance- and filing charges vs the Mayor and Harper.. Ive checked out the numbers- if the SE quadrant can turn out a good opposition /protest vote vs Henry; or just plain say- we like Roach; despite his flaws. ( warthogs..)- well- We will all benefit if we vote out henry; , before he bankrupts us all and completely loots the city treasury.. as for Harper- i d have to flip a coin to pick who i dislike more- harper; or henry. Id be willing to toss Steve shine a bone and vote for HIM if he ran..
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  • Charles Trigg For some defeatists believe that cable news channels and errant revisionist teachers can have more impact than home teaching and training.
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  • David Christopher Roach BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE, regardless of race. in fact- dont think of race; think of INCOME INEQUALITY; and UNFAIR POLICING and BIASED LAW ENFORCEMENT . Ive been also profiled, because i prefer to drive old hulks; but out in the suburbs; a shaggy white guy in a junker- is profiled as a hippie; or a criminal.. - burglar; robber thief, etc..
    RACE DIVIDES- Economic injustice; outcome disparity; lack of meaningful opportunities for all residents and citizens UNITES US ..
    the PLUTOCRATIC KLEPTOCRACY downtown- are filling their CARPETBAGS with PLUNDER- and leaving us with a bunch of vacant new buildings and a CITY GOVT TREASURY VAULT OF IOU'S . meanshwile- every repairable affordable home in the SE- will be bulldozed as "blighted"- plundered for scrap copper; metal, shingles; wood chipps; iron; you name it- at 25 000 bucks a house- leaving the SE with dozens of vacant lots a useless property tax base; ( a vacant lot is assessed at next to nothing- and all the choice corners will be developed into strip malls, smoke shops, lottery joints, check cashing fronts; and Liquor stores- like the worst slums of detroit; or chicago; and the vacant neighborhoods will be RENAISSANCED into fly by night no money down other peoples money rent toown tract housing- totaly wrecking the historical charm of the SE side- 6th and 5th districts.. 
    is this what we want? HELL NO. mayor Henry has got to go..
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  • Eric Hackley David, did you just advise me to "be proud of who I am" but to ignore race? Are you suggesting race is a non-issue in today's Fort Wayne and America? Are you suggesting that by discussing race causes race problems?
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  • David Christopher Roach NO- Im proud to be IRISH i was born a white dude here in america- by sheer blind random chance; and i also needle and annoy the local Germans here whenever possible.. 
    I'm saying that we need to unite on the things that unite us- income inequality; ec
    onomic injustice; education opportunity unfairness- in this KOCH BROTHERS/TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN RED STATE AND CITY/COUNTY- we have more of a chance to win our goals. what the plotucrats want to do- is get us fighting each other over contrived issues- for the scraps from the rich mans banquet- rather than why arent WE ALL getting a seat at the table and an invitation to the banquet as well? Im not saying that race relations in FORT WAYNE cant always be improved or discussed but sadly- the rich white right wing nutjob FOX NEWS/TALK RADIO LISTENERS/conspiracy theoyr website subscribers and so on- to engage in a NUANCED thoughtful problem solving uniting dialogue- is nearly impossible- due to constant STATIC from the afore mentioned sources.. the local mainstream broadcast media for example-
    what do they love to do? divide the population by race- every chance they get- show mug shots of black folks involved in a crime; "perpwalk " them infront of the TV cameras in OJ Orange jumpsuits; show grainy store front camera shots of thieves; robbers and so on- 
    the local print media- does the same thing- ( nearly verbatim)- THE SUSPECT WAS DESCRIBED AS A BLACXK MALE; AGE BETWEEN 16 AND 60; AVERAGE HEIGHT MEDIUM BUILD; WEARING BLACK HOODIE MASK, AND BLACK CLOTHING.. had a handgun ( doh..)- FLED ON FOOT. police dogs lost his trail.. if you see him- call CRIMESTOPPERS. then evern cop in town is stopping every car with black males matching that description- which matches 90% of every black male out there..? 
    so- there are those of us trying to work out the differences and issues of the things we agree on; that unite us- ; regardless of skin color, religion, immigration status; etc.. 
    its like FOX news and southern redneck cracker tea bag senators-badgering the President- to label "terrorists" as Islamic extremists.. like there arent any CHRISTIAN EXTREMISTS in the USA? 
    I think the term violent extremists is just fine.. you can think and say what you want- its a free country- but when you engage in criminal acts- conspiracy to commit violence; actually committing violence- etc; wel- its the crime; not the skin color, religion, etc.. 
    ERIC- youre saying theres NO BLACK RACISTS? NO "BLACK SUPREMACISTS"? youve never utteres a swear word, or slur at some stupid white dude in a pick up truck or SUV that screws you intraffic; then flips you off? like" honky bastard! whered you learn to drive? etc? "its just below the surface- and why? the media; the govt; the cops; the white establishment.. 
    if i said I WANT TO BE FORT WAYNES FIRST BLACK MAYOR- folks would laugh me off the stage.. Bill clinton says that about being the first black president- and in all seriousness- he gets applause.. /
    ok- you have the floor; and the podium, sir..
  • Eric Hackley David, I know deep down inside, you mean well. I suggest that you, me and Charles Trigg do a video discussing FOX NEWS and how to solve the race issue in Fort Wayne and America. Would you be interested in such a show?
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  • David Christopher Roach Eric- you and I have similar interests in Fort wayne- the good the bad the ugly; and i enjoy your POV- to be truthful- id rather not. it sounds like a "blackish thing- and i m not- so i cant understand. I do understand poverty; trying to scrape by- trying to live in some dump or trailer- so as not to make my landlors rich.. I do know about working crap for pay jobs to slave driving employers who act like they own you - figuratively ifnot literally( economic slavery)- I even know racial and religious prejudice- im irish in a cityfull of stupid GERMANS and nominally catholic- in a city of mostly Lutherans; and protestants.. 
    ANd prejudice- etc- because im a liberal socialist democrat woodstock hippie stoner..( i can pass a "P" test, etc..)- 
    BUT I would have to decline- for now unless you can give me a basic "scripted" outline- so i can speak intelligently about the topic at hand.. 
    a politics factoid- most of my 22000 votes for sheriff ( pro-pot/smart enforcement; big fish small fish policing ideas)- were in the SE quadrant/ 6th district.. I will be attending the several political related events Se- to show my support for the faithful democrats who turn out, and vote; then are used up and forgotten by the KLEPTOCRATIC PLUTOCRACY downtown.. 
    so- ill commit to a interested; maybe?
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