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copied and pasted from a "guest columnist" facebok discussion of which im a participant..


THE HOMELESS EXPERIMENT (PART 1) – THE CHALLENGE: Earlier this month, I appeared on the Jeff Landis Show to discuss the homeless situation. At the end of the show, Jeff issued a challenge and I supported that challenge. The challenge was for our current elected city leaders (the Mayor and all 9 councilmen) to live like an unsheltered street homeless person for 7 days and 6 nights with no comforts of home. Because of the timing of the show, I told Jeff that I couldn’t promote his Homeless Challenge right away as I didn’t want the attention drawn away from the Santa Joe Christmas Toy Giveaway project that I was working on at the time. Now that Christmas has come and gone and we are getting ready for a new year, I feel it’s time to formally challenge our elected leaders to live life on the streets as a homeless person to gain a much better perspective of their specific plight and gain an understanding of why so many people are outraged at the treatment of the homeless.
However, before I could personally get behind the Challenge, I decided that I needed to undergo the challenge myself. As those who know me—really, really know me---can confirm, I’m don’t believe in asking others to engage in a task that I, myself, haven’t or won’t engage in. Call it integrity. Call it coming from a military family. Call it leadership. Call it whatever you want, that’s just how I operate.
On Sunday, December 28th, I was inspired to undertake The Challenge myself. My inspiration came from Lexie Fretz and her husband. Lexie found a way to feed several families (homeless and/or hungry) and special thanks goes out to her for that! Because of her efforts, I was able to help distribute food to about 9 homeless guys that morning. The response from these guys was beyond mere thanks—some of these guys were incredibly hungry. And that’s when I realized that The Challenge needs to get underway.
So between 6 pm on Sunday, December 28 and 6 pm on Monday, December 29th – I spent time as a street homeless person. And let me tell you it was quite the experiment. It was a long 24 hours…V-E-R-Y long 24 hours. I will share the details of this experiment later, but for right now, all I can do is admit defeat.
Yes, defeat.
I cannot and could not survive on the streets as a homeless person for longer than 24 hours. Why? Because I am lucky enough to have options other than living on the street….and because I don’t have to. (Once I share more details of my experience, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for what it’s like and for what you have.)
I hate admitting defeat because I really wanted to be in a position to say to our elected officials “Ok guys, I did it. Now it’s your turn.” I can still say that….I can challenge them to at least a minimum time period of 24 hours like I endured.
Folks, what do you think? Should our elected officials be challenged to a period of 24 hours or of longer than 24 hours?
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  • Gina Burgess Jeffery Wayne LandisLexie FretzKen MillerJoe Renner,Michelle HillTom CookDavid Christopher RoachKenneth White JnrSarah BercotEd Rose and anyone else -- Please read the above and share your thoughts below. Do you think our elected City leaders should be challenged to living like a street homeless person for one week or for less than one week? Why?
  • Matt Secrest they should endure homelessness for a week.
  • Chris Osborn-baker Yep. Most definitely. They wouldn't last a week. And not knowing where your next meal coming from very scary.
  • Lisa McCall Absol freakin lutely! I was homeless from Aug. 1998 threw Jan. 1999. I still consider myself one of the luckier ones as I did have a car to stay in. But with little to no gas most if the time...heat wasn't always an option. Even if they only had to skip there precious dinner one night and go to bed hungry sleep 4 hours in a box ( cause when your homeless your lucky to get that) it would be better than them doing nothing at all!!!!
  • Ken Miller I have gone on record numerous times already, as well as seeking for Jeffery Landis to ammend his challenge to 3 days at most before making it public. I originally took this idea from the homeless men and women that were being evicted the following day from underneath the railroad trestle by Freimann, and promised them that I would carry their message, in person, and indirectly, to the mayor and some city councilmen, to seek for he and them, but primarily he, to spend a minimum of 24 hours, and more if they felt their busy schedules would permit it. I personally verbalized that message toThomas F. Didier, Mitch Harper, Russell Jehl, and Geoff Paddock during a conversation after the last City Council mtg, as well as sent the message to the Mayor via Palermo Galindo, the mayor's neighborhood community liason. And just today in fact, I went to his office to seek a one-on-one meeting with him. Of course I will be bringing this challenge from the community to his ears and supporting it.
  • Kenneth White Jnr I can not issue a challenge that I due to health issues can not sustain myself and also I think it would be a better use of clout to instead to invite the Mayor on his monthly walk the neighbourhood thing to actually go around and meet the homeless unsheltered where they are at not just where they receive outreach services with a small plain clothes police escort but not with an entire entourage to take a census of sorts.
  • Sue McMillen Knight YES, if they have the nerve to slash their tents and take their belongings they need to see how it is on the streets. You don't know what it's like until you walk a mile in their shoes.
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis I think it needs to be done.the top officals are afaid to do this.
  • Gina Burgess Jeffery Wayne Landis -- Would you be willing to follow up with the Mayor via a formal (and documented) request like Ken Miller did? (See above) If such a form existed for all the City Councilmen, I would encourage that too...but, it doesn't.
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis yea.something that would work.i know they will make a excuse not to do it.
  • Gina Burgess Jeffery Wayne Landis -- You are probably correct in your assumption, but let's give them the opportunity to respond one way or another. 
  • Chris Osborn-baker One excuse was "due to health problems" our homeless have health issues. They don't have a choice.
  • Michelle Hill Jeffery--I would say do the formal and documented request (like Ken did) to the city councilmen, and any other city officials you'd like to include. Sure, they might give excuses, but the fact that you have put it out there puts it on them when/if they refuse.
  • Chris Osborn-baker Nobody can say to you. I know how you feel. Until u walk in a homeless person's shoes u don't know.
  • Ed Rose It will most likely be tomorrow before I post my reply. I started four times and each was different. I'm not dodging but I want to be concise and rest assured the answer is not a couple sentences.

    I will quickly ask this, what is the intended results of this challenge? In positive terms.
  • Michelle Hill I would think the intended results would be to have the elected officials realize what the homeless are going through, and maybe actually be interested in finding a real solution to helping the homeless in Ft. Wayne.
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis michelle,true and add me
  • Ed Rose Michelle in what ways do you see CC or the Mayor helping the homeless? Raising taxes for an unknown plan? What sound ideas do people have?

    I have great concern for those with mental issues that are homeless, which sadly includes our military vets. I have some ideas bouncing around in my head but I need to do more research before going public. Even then it will take money from the state or federal government. Laws may need to be changed.
  • Kenneth White Jnr to clarify my particular health issues shouldnt be necessary; but I am a dialysis patient with an active port catheter leading directly from my heart to facilitate said procedure, to which I can not shower and I can not sweat excessively - otherwise my already compromised immune system will sustain irrevocable damage, and I have already been in a coma for a month last year because of pneumonia mixed with a blood clot in my lung, which is something I really shouldnt put myself in direct assault from happening again as I will not survive.
  • Ed Rose Kenneth White Jnr sorry to hear of your health issues. While mine are far less I could not take part in homeless venture either. I need to eat regularly, take meds four times a day and avoid stress.
    But I have no doubt to your compassion and understanding of the plight of the homeless. Yes, we may no feel every thing a homeless person feels or lives. 
    None of us know what Dr. Crawford's feels when he looks at inoperable cancer in a child. Or to young teenager and his dad that their mother has terminal cancer that is so far advanced that she has a week to live. But we can feel the anguish he must feel.
    Not one of us know what each CC member or the Mayor does with their churches, causes they support, and so forth. Yes, it may seem like they don't care but I now know far more care then you think. How they decide to express it in public is up to them and not for me to name drop.
    What is needed is solutions to fix the current system, enhance what works, toss out what doesn't work but just poking elected officials will gain nothing. In fact they could play some games that would having the social media in an uproar but perfectly legal.
  • Kay Chapman I think the suggestion of a week is an excellent idea and it needs to be put out to ALL city AND county leaders. By doing this, it will draw attention to the problem. All city and county officials belong to state and national groups. In their yearly meeting, it is going to help them because they can call attention to the issue, perhaps even issuing the challenge to other city and county leaders. I was homeless for 6 weeks, I.had an old camper to live in, 2 weeks into living in it, the electrical system burnt. So I spent a month, with a bed to sleep on and I had food. However, nothing else and let me tell you it was cold! It is an excellent idea to put forth
  • Ken Miller Please see the top post on my wall. Now.
  • Ed Rose Ken since the lady is with child they may inquire at Vincent Village or House. They help out homeless families.
  • Ken Miller Thanks, Ed. I am without phone at the moment. Would you be so kind as to call for us, now? Otherwise I will do so tomorrow.
  • Ed Rose I give them a ring...
  • Ken Miller And sorry, Gina Burgess and Jeffery Wayne Landis, to go off topic. But I think it fits. Hope you'll forgive me. But this has me very seriously vexed.
  • Ed Rose Ken do either have a felony conviction or not pass a drug test? I have a number to call if both are clear.
  • Ed Rose Sorry but only one possibility otherwise they will have to split up for the night.
  • Ken Miller I will inquire further when they get out of the shower.
  • Ed Rose Ok I will call and see if they have room
  • Michelle Hill and that is too bad, Ed...that is part of the problem. it is good that there are some places for some of the homeless to go, but there are different segments who aren't able to get couples. as the lady said on Ken's wall...when a couple has lost everything else, being able to be together is the last thing they have.
  • Ken Miller Both are saying they are clean and she has a clean record and he has no adult convictions, aND his record was expunged when he was 17, and still living in Georgia.
  • Ken Miller Yes, staying together is mandatory.
  • Michelle Hill I have not personally come up with any specific ideas of my own (but I have heard some other people's ideas that I believe have merit), and I don't want the council to just 'throw taxpayer money' at this 'problem'...I just want the council and other officials to start looking into some possible ideas. If any of them spent the night outside during this type of cold weather, maybe they would realize how important it is to find some kind of solution sooner rather than later...or for them to just begin to 'forget' about the problem and move on to the next way to spend our taxpayer dollars on things They want, not necessarily what all the taxpayers want.
  • Ed Rose Bad news.... They don't have drop in. They would need to go their office by the old Parkview in the mourning to fill out paperwork. It is inter Faith and not Vincent as they have no available until mourning.... This sucks. If they want the phone number and address of interfaith I give it to you. I'm sorry.
  • Ed Rose I wish I had the money I would put them up for the night... Damn it
  • Ken Miller Yes, please msg me the info and we will follow up tomorrow. Thank you, Ed.
  • Ed Rose Interfaith at 2925 E State. 485-9772. They and Vincent open at 9AM
  • Autumn Whitdove Kenneth White Jnr no offense meant sir, but personally I would not want the mayor or city government to come "visit' me at my camp would just make it that much easier for them to cme back and destroy my property
  • Ken Miller They can camp in a spot where they have evicted from already.
  • Ken Miller And then we'll come threaten their few belongings. 
  • Autumn Whitdove My consciense and morals would not want or ask anyone who had a life threatening health issue to do this, even tho many homeless do have these issues as well. I just could nto bring myself to ask someone who was dying or in a life threatening situation to do it.................BUT............. other health issues or excuses are simply not acceptable. At this time I know a man out here with very bad arthritis, a diabetic gentleman, 2 with heart disease, a lady with arthritis and copd and i myself when out there had lupus.............WE DEALT WITH IT CAUSE WE HAD NO CHOICE
  • Ed Rose Friends we learned a lesson tonight we need to build on... Just what services are out there, their rules, drop in or not, phone numbers and so forth. I just hope this couple finds safe housing tomorrow.
  • Michelle Hill you make a great point, Autumn...they probably would come back and destroy your property...and the mayor could again pretend he 'didn't know' about it.
  • Ken Miller I am taking them back to camp shortly, at least clean and with what blankets I just laundered and a sleeping bag, extra. It's pretty chilly out here tonight, but thanks to Miss Sally they do have a small portable warmer, as well. They appreciate that. Sorry I can't do more presently, but if I don't stay focused on my job-search I will be living out there with them soon enough. I will start on this again in the morning. Thanks for your help, again,Ed
  • Ed Rose Autumn I have no reason to disclose my health issues but it takes 14 meds to manage them after years working with my five doctors. I owe my wife, daughter, and grand son to stay as healthy as possible. Anyone that feels their health would be at risk is their choice and not for me to pass judgement.
    Until the other night I believed the police did not do anything to their property until the vacate time has passed. Sally reported something happened the other night that reportedly the police opened tents for rain to enter but allowed a third tent that was occupied alone, telling him to move in the morning. I'm just not sure to the real facts because I have not talked to Sally one on one.
  • Autumn Whitdove Ed, Miss Sally is amazing. She is trust worthy and really cares
  • Autumn Whitdove Ed I understand your health issues very much which is why I stated my morals and consciense would not let me ask someone with serious health issues to do this.............besides the ones who NEED to do this will most likely not even consider did that and I also see your compassion in your is not people like you with the health risks or those who have the compassion, tho I personally think what Gina did was amazing .that need to do this, it is others who are completely clueless and sit in judgement without taking time or experience to know the truth. This was in no way directed towards you at all.
  • David Christopher Roach START THEM OFF WITH AN ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE- TO BEGIN WITH- SO THEY START OUT COLD, WET, AND FREEZING; THEN SAY "READY? GO!- The Navy Seals and all the Military have HELL WEEK-so- if they cant take a week out in the cold- weather must be below 25 degrees, minimum-NO CHEATING- and see if they can survive.. AND- the ones who dont- well- we're simply thinning the herd of the Politician class.. play taps; bury them ; and find replacements who "GET IT".. 
    swell idea GINA. also- MAYOR HENRY - OPEN UP THIS BARDN! ( the old FWPD horse patrol barn, just north of the iron well st bridge; just west of the police/fire memorial..
  • David Christopher Roach remember- all you do- gooders- if what your'e doing ends YOUR night with YOU going home to your HOME; and shaking henad with the homeless; and then they are still at the nithg- OUT OF DOORS- WELL- YOUR NOT HELPING.. the way to get homeless NOT- HOMELESS- is toget them INDOORS OUT OF THE ELEMENTS..
    THE MAYOR, POLICE, CITY COUNCIL- coupld do this with a stroke of a pen, and a simple "emergency decree( per city code_ and COMANDEER; REQUISITION; any of several vacant un occupied buildings near by to the superior st shelter; as can the WAYNE TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE..)- )
    ALSO- the ciyt and County govts own several vacant or underused buildings around the downtown area as well. 
    the BISHOP- AND THE VATICAN- have millions- to open their vacant church pews at night- for shelter; 
    theres millions and millions for the rich in fort wayne; 600 MILLION in corporate welfare handouts; at least 50 MILLION BUCKS IN LEGACY FUNDS- for baseball, but no room to sleep in the dug outs..
    HAPP HOLIDAYS1 NO ROOM AT THE INN . JESUS JOSEPH AND MARY- MILLIONS FOR THE RICH, AND SQYUAT FOR TEH POR. meanwhile- HANDS, AND CINDY JOYNER-AT THE code nazi HQ- - theres a 1000 houses they cant wait to bulldoze, boarded up houses that could be available to shelter the homeless.
  • David Christopher Roach HECK- WHY NOT GIVE THE HOMELESS- a bus ticket to somewhere warmer? the destination of their choice? that would at least give them a better chance of surviving the winter? no one would freeze to death with this low- cost idea- a bus tiicket to INDY; or Washington DC? 
    where THEY- will be faced daily with the issue of what to do about all the homeless THEIR STUPID LAWS, AND POLICIES HELPED TO CREATE? 
  • Autumn Whitdove David you have some very valid points. Some I do not agree with, some have strong points which I do see. There is one thing tho that I have to differ with you on. As one who has lived outside including part of last winter's brutal weather, anytime someone opens their door to offer warmth, food, companionship, friendship............if even for just one night...........I was and am ever grateful and i do consider that helping the homeless if but for a moment make things more hopeful. I do agree with great need of more permanet solutions, but disagree that the kind soul who offers me their sofa, floor, time and help if only but once even are a blessing!!!
  • David Christopher Roach Autumn- Im trying to get folks thinking about the long term- more permanent solutions- the overlords at city govt- I too have opened my doors to friends and given many of them longer term shelter- a warm safe place indoors, a place to stach their stuff, and "all the comforts of boot camp" at a minimum.. lots of times throughout the years. I just get annoyed at the facts that though POVERTY' CHARITY AND WELFARE- IS BIG BUSINESS here in fort wayen- money grubbing; sending out appeal letters; aetc- because if we ever put the fix in on all this for good- well- then THEY would be the ones out of work, and begging in the streets. plenty of these ministers; bishops, polticians, charities 5-1 c 3 non -profits- make well over 50K a year- and every dollar you send them-well the first 50,000 bucks goes to pay them, then their staff; then their overhead; then whateves left- goes to totheir actual missions... AND- unless and until the OVERLORDS; TH ELOCAL WEALTHY- are forced to pay for all these social issues through govt; and taxation- so we spread the misery; and if well all collectively as WE the People- have to kick in a little we can all do a lot- theres 250,00 work force folks here- if every one had to pay according to their income- 10 bucks to 100 bucks( the highest tax brackets)- well- do the math- follow the MONEY. the conservatives hafe outsourced /off loaded POVERTY nd actually fixing it to the working classes and poor and afore mentioned charities- and m,ay or may not give a dime- but its no longer forced upon them to fix the human misery issues. 
    I watch too much TV; perhaps- its cheap. AND I SEE THE FORT WAYNE TV CHANNEL TV 58- and animla control ads- where they remind folks to shelter their pets, give them food, water; and encolsed shelter out of the elements; - or bring them indoors whenever possible( because dogs feel the cold as much as you and me..)- and so what are we doing? all these charities to FEED AND WATER AND SHELTER DOGS- have no problem finding CASH lots of it- just send them a letter with a miserable dog in a shelter- and say- just 10 dollars- will help this poor dumb animal. who due to bad luck is in this miserable shelter.. but do the same for some poor dumb human out of luck, etc- and what do folks say? well- its their own fault, theyre addicts, they chose to live this way, and all the cliches.._ well- maybe not?
  • David Christopher Roach so- our local citizens- choose to help animals faster thantheir fellow humans? whats wrong with this picture?
  • David Christopher Roach so- ive done my part; and year after year- nothing changes except the rich hold their expensive fund raisers; send a check to some charity or another- make a big media spectacle of it; get their photos in the various social registers, and media- eat and drink like royals; and then they say- we did our part; and on with life, never a thought until the next years fundraising fancy-schamcy gala. do they give the table scraps to the poor? nope. right to the dumpster.. ( and potential diumpstar divers- well- good luck, dudes.. with that..) 
    Inherited wealth, schemed wealth, scammed wealth, embezzeled wealth; wealth looted from the labors of others, exploited, for their own profits.. well- why are you poor? why do you need time off to go downtoiwn for govt assistance and aid? I Pay you a working wage. ( and so on- weve all heard it before)- MINIMUM WAGE, PERHAPS.- maybe it was a great wage when their daddy paid them to work in the company business decades ago, but even a milion bucks doesnt buy what it used to..
  • Lexie Fretz Gina YOUR awesome! I'll message you when I have more time to talk! This is a great idea!!
  • Gina Burgess Lots of good comments from everyone!! If you are friends with a City Councilman, please tag them in the above pic like some of you have already. Special thanks to all who are interested in joining the challenge along with members of City Council. Jeffery Wayne Landis -- Please keep us all in the loop of when you officially give the challenge and when each person accepts or rejects the challenge. When you officially give the challenge, please give each person a specific time frame to respond (i.e. a week) so you know when they are rejecting the opportunity to participate through their silence.
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis i will.i would like to go to one
  • Gina Burgess Thomas F. DidierMichelle HillKen MillerJoe Renner -- Can one of you guys confirm when the next city council meeting is that the public can speak at?  Jeffery Wayne Landis would like to attend and (am guessing) would like to issue "The Challenge" himself, publically? Jeff -- Is that what you are wanting to do?
  • Ken Miller I'll camp. Sam Barnett will, too, I think. Although we may have to take turns taking care of my dogs. We can't abandon them for three days. 
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis yes i know me i have no limits
  • Ken Miller And, Gina, I am of the hope that our next council mtg will be a common council mtg (that is what we call the ones citizen comments are alllowed, yes?). I do know we meet again, next week Tuesday as last week and this week were holiday recesses. I'll double-check my hope with Thomas F. Didier when I get a moment.
  • Ken Miller (And sorry my comments are a touch "out of relative order"...I didn't see the above til I had already replied.)
  • Ken Miller Negatory, friends and associates. Tom said next week is not open for public comments. Sorry to disappoint. 
  • Ken Miller Surely the challenge could be issued with a news crew along, though. Who would run from the press?  And we'll have our day again on January 13th.
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis i told someone from fox about it
  • Gina Burgess Looks like I'll have to put January 13th on my calendar to attend City Council. Jeffery Wayne Landis -- Are you available to attend and issue "The Challenge" formally to city council? If so, Ken Miller or Joe Renner-- Could you help prep Jeff? Who else is up for being there to witness and support Jeff's efforts -- Michelle HillLexie FretzLavell J. StablerDianne FriesKevin HarrisJustin KuhnleTom CookDavid Christopher Roach,
  • Justin Kuhnle Personally, every member of the City and Council council members as well as the Mayor, should take this challenge. Not just a 24 hour challenge...but a 7 day challenge from start to finish. They are dictating the options available for the homeless population, and as such, should be at the forefront of how their direction and policy decisions affect the very people they are now so outspoken about. That being said, I cannot do this challenge personally with our 5 month old.
  • Ken Miller I will be happy to help Jeffery Wayne Landis however he sees fit.
  • Lexie Fretz I will be at the City Council Meeting January 13th in support of Gina and everyone involved in this project. I DO support the right for people experiencing homelessness to choose the street opposed to a shelter. However I am uneasy with ANYONE on the street. Homeless or not. I worry about everyone choosing to be a part of this challenge elected or not. The same reasons I do not want people who are experiencing homelessness on the street is the same reason I do not want people who have homes on the street. Safety… Illness… Hunger…etc… Just expressing my concern 
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis thanks everyone means alot.
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis ill write down that date and time.and ill appear
  • Ken Miller Feel encouraged to attend City Council this coming Tuesday, the 6th, Jeffery especially, but everyone. We keep showing up, I believe they work better for us. ("We're watching you" kind of stuff.) Also, Jeff, I can start getting you aquainted, if you're unfamiliar with who's who and introduce you to a few who stop to talk with us regularly. Tom, Mitch, Geoff, and Russ are pretty cool like that. The rest of them usually only stick around if there are cameras for 'em to talk in front of. 
  • Ed Rose I tried for the last 20 hours to find the real UP SIDE to this challenge. I've read every comment with mixed feelings and thoughts. I have always believed in not passing judgement on many things until you have walked in the shoes. 
    I can't fully apprec
    iate what it must be like be truly homeless but I feel the heartache that even if one human in this country has to sleep outside in extreme cold, no sure way of knowing if a warm meal will come the next day, and living with the worry loosing what possessions they have to either others or to city authorities. I don't have to spend one night out there have compassion, anger, and wanting to scream from the tallest building.
    I learn every day that the homeless humans is a gigantic mix of issues that these people face. The population ranges from those just down on their luck, to those with mental issues that often involves drinking or drugs, and untold other issues. It seems like every homeless person has a unique set of issues.
    I learn every day that our city has a vast number of shelters and services available through nonprofits, churches, and angles of the street. It APPEARS there is many breaks in this circle of help. I could SPECULATE to the moon and back as to the cause but that would NOT SERVE ONE HOMELESS any good. It would only serve those who believe pointing fingers at others ammunition to do so.
    I learned a long time ago I could use one short sentence to make a jab at someone to make a point. Sadly, years later I learned it took many paragraphs to rebuild a bridge I brought down with a single sentence. Had I just learned to research and investigate I would not have burned the bridge. Had I been smart enough to use the bridge to meet the other side much can be accomplished quicker and often achieving the results I desired, in the first place.
    There is no quick fix to the homeless issue. To just open a church or government building doesn't solve the homeless issue one bit. It would only serve as a housing with someone assuming liability for the conduct and actions of homeless in an unsupervised and unstructured environment. Why do people think there are various camps of homeless? They often form into micro society based on the habits and make up of the homeless within the camp.
    Frankly, I find David's attack on NEARLY EVERYONE associated with assisting the homeless worthless from start to the end. I look for anyone, including David to defend his statements with full factual accurate information. He managed to attack religions, shelters, every elected offical, and anyone not homeless. If he was a serious candidate he would offer well thought out ways of addressing the issue. This would include understanding liability, minimum housing standards, and program costs. Just throwing insults has never solved one problem and never will.
    This idea of blaming City Council members for the present situation of the homeless is far from accurate. They are not the executive branch of City government and hence changing current policies and programs is not something they can do. They can cut the Mayor's budget but they can't add either programs or funding. So the idea of see CC members as some enemy is baseless and wrong.
    To express our concerns to CC is valid and justified. They represent us and hence should hear each of us out but to attack them in singled fashion or group is wrong. We seek their support to let them know what is going on.
    For those who want to dig into things I urge you to read up on Indiana law pertaining to poor assistance. It falls on the township and I'm not sure why much more has not been written about their roll in the homeless and hungry. That is the first place anyone facing hunger or becoming homeless.
    We face many issues in our attack on homeless issue. I do not believe anyone has a comprehensive lists of shelters, rules, services, and contact info. This is something the City of Fort Wayne and the Mayor could have put on line in a month. It would be inclusive and not exclusive. Sadly our Angles Of Our Streets could not be listed and would be happy to discuss such via private messages with them.
    The Mayor totally reorganize his board on the Homeless. In preparation of such every stakeholder from township trustees, shelters, out reach programs and Angles Of The Street take part in a public forum. From this forum the Mayor would be able to far better establish a board to serve our community. That the board be required to provide the public much more via the City web site.
    I just read Lexie's post and could not agree more. I have yet to read the upside to this challenge where it will result doing little more then seeing more shelter beds. That is not a solution but one more larger band aid on top of the band aids we see as a failed solution.
  • Gina Burgess Ed Rose -- As always, I appreciate the time, effort and thought you put into the perspective you shared. I actually agree with many of your points. However, I must respectfully and humbly disagree with the notion that there is no “upside” to The Challenge. To me, the “upside” is that it gives the Mayor, members of City Council, Mayoral candidates and other potential candidates the real-world, school of hard knocks education that they are missing on this subject---the opportunity to “walk in the shoes of the homeless.” For what its worth, I agree with both you and Lexie Fretz – NO ONE should be outside. Sadly, the reality is that people are outside at this very moment. Cold, hungry, alone in the dark, in some cases wet, in many cases sick, physically and emotionally exhausted, unable to sleep, unable to rest, dehydrated, malnourished….but hey, that’s ok. (apathy, not sarcasm) We can all wait until January and have a public forum to talk about a problem that most eleted officials don’t really understand and honestly, don't really want to understand. This problem has only been going on for at least the past five years. 50 "evictions" later. So what’s one more day, one more week, one more month of suffering? My heart breaks for the needless suffering the homeless are enduring this very night. A suffering that can only be imagined until you actually walk in their shoes. (DISCLAIMER: This post is not "attacking" anyone and there is no intent to attack anyone. This is merely a response.)
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  • Gina Burgess Jeffery Wayne Landis -- Council meetings start at 5:30 pm in the lower level (Garden Level) of Citizens Square. 
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  • Jeffery Wayne Landis how long is it?
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  • Gina Burgess It varies, but generally about 2 hours. Here's a video from their December 9th meeting. Hopefully this will give you some idea of what to expect:

    December 9, 2014 meeting of City Council. Items discussed include rezoning of properties 8724 U.S. 24;...
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  • David Christopher Roach Ed Rose- Rebuttal: first- thank you for noticing what a good job im doing in skewering the responsible people. When a person is homeless- they dont much care about lawyerly niceties such as " If he was a serious candidate he would offer well thought out ways of addressing the issue. This would include understanding liability, minimum housing standards, and program costs. "
    Liability? the city govt has 50 MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN CASH IN VARIOUS SLUSH FUNDS-which they aggresively refuse to spend on the homeless. money that is derived from "We the People". its not TOM HENRYS, KARL BANDEMERS, WIN MOSES, OR ANYBODY ELSES CASH. remember that. 
    Next- i dont have teams of lawyers, or millions to hire lawyers, nor am i a lawyer, ; but I do know- that when it comes to many things; the Mayor can lead, instead of hiding under a rock when it comes to solving the city's intractable problems. but when theres a ribbon cutting, a ground breaking,a baby to be kissed, or some multi- million corporate welfare taxpayer cash give away- well; hes front and center.. 
    The Henry family likes to blow its horn that they are this wonderful philanthropic; charitable family of German Catholics.. SO- now HERR HENRY has the power to basically fix some problems by Decree( just like our President)- we have several city owned properties- a barn near the homeless shelter; and others. we have a city ordinance with great emergency powers- to declare a "public safety emergency- I would say that the threat of 2500 or our own citizens freezing to death by the cold; and homelessness- is a public safety emergency. sadly- our LYING DECeiTFUL SPINELeSS PUPPET OF A MAYRO all facts, (in my opinion)- 
    minimum housing standards? any port in a storm, my friend- sign a waver - acknowledging that yes- a barn isnt exactly the TAJ MAHAL- but its preferable to freezing to death? MONETARY COSTS? what cost do you put on a citizens life freezing to death? I say- the small expense would be worth it- well less than the MILLIONS the city govt is wasting on grandiose projects and edifices to their legacy and greatness( Pyramids?)- 
    program costs? program costs? I say- theres plenty of cashin the till to use the powers of we the people; and our treasury- to fix the problem. write a check.. 
    The city council are majority tea party cheap skate tighwad skinflints- except when it comes to giving away 600 MILLION DOLLARS OF CORPORATE WELFARE TO DUBIOUS DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS. it is nothing more than reverse robin Hood.. Whats the word the tea party so DESPISES? oh- REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH? oh- unless its from the poor workers the serfs to the wealthy- then its called capitalism. i call it the worst kind of socialism- it benefits only the few.. 
    burning bridges? i like to say- theres no problem with any bridge that cant be fixed with the proper application of a Large amount of High explosive- because - Like General Patton- were not interested in holding bridges, or talking about bridges- we are going to cross those bridges, move forward, and once were across them- who cares about if the bridge is blown, or burned, were not retreating anyway. - TALK IS BULLSHIT. thats all people do in this city- is talk talk talk, pa out of town consultants for studies to back up the conclusions they already have reached; the create bogus astroturf surveys so the PEOPLE CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE DECISION MAKING- ( its already been decided, so all WE get is the illusion of empowerment; and the results are already skewed..)
    ** I do not believe anyone has a comprehensive lists of shelters, rules, services, and contact info. This is something the City of Fort Wayne and the Mayor could have put on line in a month. It would be inclusive and not exclusive. **
    ED- i agree- maybe we should publish a newspaper- called HOMELESS WEEKLY- the homeless could sell it on street corners - to earn some money? THEIR OWN MAGAZINE?THATS A SWELL IDEA!! 
    but seriously Ed Rose-
    the city council has the court of public opinion; as well as the mandate of office- to SERVE THE CITIZENS OF FORT WAYNE. Of course- dont hold your breath waiting for Tom Smith, Russ Jehl, John Crawford, Mitch Harper, nor FWPD Deputy chief Bender to lift a finger- in fact- BENDER- is in part responsible for the GESTAPO TACTICS AGAINST THE HELPLESS HOMELESS.DITTO FOR DR MENGELE CRAWFORD- due to his distorted viewws on "FAMILY VALUES- he has stated many times the homeless, the downtrodden, the poor; etc- are that way because of the broken family theory- defective bad family values. so- just because every poor homeless black white, asian or hispanic citizen doesnt grow up to be a doctor, a lwyer, a cop; a businessman, a politician; president; etc- well- its their own damn fault- because of their FAMILY VALUES? I find that a load of HORSE DUNG..( to be polite..)>And Dr mengele crawford- to have the empathy of a nazi concentration camp commandant..
    hey ed- learn to spell, dipstick " Angles Of Our Streets " - you mean ANGELS? well- again- its allwell and good to hand out tarps; blankets; warm clothing, socks, gloves hats; and other SECOND HAND or NEW( if they wish to spend their own or DONORS cash-) that way- but at the end of the night, handing them a coke and a smile and then patting them on the head- KEEP WARM TONIGHT- ITS SUPPOSED TO BE 15 WITH A WIND CHILL OF -10 DOESNT GET THE HOMELESS INDOORS OUT OF THE COLD, RAIN, ETC..- so its HALF ASSED..- 
    ED ROSE QUOTE: " take part in a public forum. From this forum the Mayor would be able to far better establish a board to serve our community. That the board be required to provide the public much more via the City web site. " HEY ED- the homeless likely dont have smart phones, nor access to a computer. again- all you want to do is talk talk talk, until SPRINGTIME- then GOSH- ITS SPRING! no more coldweather! then its not so bad to be OUT DOORS!! - and you see- weve talked the problem away and having to spend any we the peoples money for another YEAR!!
    so- then we have a nice do- gooder ; mayor and staff, and sycophantic suck ups; and hangers on- Camp followers, and 
    entourage of Groupies- - we have a nice photo op - media friendly- where the Mayor; the township trustee; the Holeles shelter manager reverend; and various winter weather surviviors- aa nice walk with candles- from around the block a few times- some Podium gibberish- a few nice words for those who froze to death tragically- (isnt the MAYOR ADMITTEDLY PRO-LIFE?)- how pro-life is that- to be able to act; or JUST ACT- and let the TEa bags take the flak- ( just like Obama; executive actions and the congress)- Oh well- life goes on? AND THEN FORGET ABOUT IT FOR ANOTHER YEAR- and do this exercise all over again?
    AS EINSTEIN SAYS- the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over the same way; and expecting a different result..?so-if we can TRIAGE those who can survive the cold- the elements without hypothermia, frostbite; ; pneumonia; bronchitis(which requires hospital emergency room visits- which require insurance- or we all end up paying for it ..- Matthew 25? do they have an indoor waiting to open the doors waiting area? last time i was there- impor- there was little warmth; and the door is on the windward side- so wind chill is a factor..
    SO- if we cant fix the problem THIS YEAR- IT WILL RETURN AGAIN NEXT YEAR- SO lets not be half assed about it- and maybe have a plan in place?- and- asking city council to act- such as revising any city ordinances- such as the one where the police can trample the rights of the homeless by Decree? or the snow removal ordinance- which since last winter- again CC has failed to act upon? OR the popular will to revise the smoking ban? and so on? 
    so- Ed rose- are you a self appointed Troll to annoy me? to block and ridicule everything i put out there? I didnt spend all the time i have studying public policy and observing how things get done; and watching hundreds of hours of city council and other city meetings- so just be told im an idiot and i dont know what im talking about- because buster- i DO know what im talking about, and IM A SERIOUS CANDIDATE( for pre-filing-so its all talk anyway)- and i use humor, satire, parody, ridicule, 
    words are my weapons, my tools. facts, fugures, numbers, analysis- thats for the professionals- thats what they get paid for- the city govt has plenty of WONKS on staff- YES- my plans will cost a few dollars, but by comparison to all the HUNDREDS OF MILLION THAT WILL BE SPENT ON GRANDIOSE "TRANSFORMATIONAL PROJECTS..- BASE BALL? BASEBALL? REALLY1 for fucks sakes- fucking baseball? as a development tool? then we can every few years, take turns- every other time- spoend 25 milion bucks- improving parkview field then ASHOLE DIAMONDS? THENBACK AGAIN? WHAT A SCAM! WHAT A RACKET!what a rip-off! and that benefits the man in the street how? so- MILLIONS OF THE WORKING CLASSES WAGES- transferred-redistributed to the wealthy greedy overlords- and the MAYOR AND HIS PARTISAN CRONIES- and the homeless? the poor, the ALICES? ( scraping by- one pay check away for destitute? will work for food? here- heres a pack of baloney; and a cheap loaf of aunt millies sponge white thrift sotre bread.. enjoy? GET A JHOB? if it wasnt for your defective bad family values; you wouldnt be homeless? - Ok- ime done for tonight.fuck mayor henry, the township trustee; the city council, the greedy developers, etc. If thats what youlike- well- then no wonder fort wayne is on a death spiral like detroit. were already gutting every affordable house that could be fixed. running up a tab towards bankruptcy and a bailout; and so on..I just hope i can sell my house for a good price; so i can get the fuck out of dodge on the first train leaving for anywhere else..
    NAAHH_ think ill stick around, and see what happens next.. 
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  • David Christopher Roach Ed Rose-one last DIG-if the Bishop; and the Stupid Catholic Diocese; ancient out of touch Vatican; and so on( other than the POPE- who is trying)-anyway- WAY TO GO BISHOP RHOADES- for blowing 1.9 million bucks of the churches cash on a stupid ideological lawsuit- cash which could have been used to HELP THE HOMELESS- and then the PUBLIC RELATIONS DEBACLE of the whole HERX/IVF bebacle- then adding insult to injury- JEWING ( sorry- but if the shoe fits.)- poor MRS HERX- from 1.9 to 500THOUSAND- which she said was fine with her( what a nice lady) the SHYLOCKING THEM DOWN TO 300 000 BUCKS? what next? a nice handshake> and a sorry about that? our sins are forgiven go forth and sin no more, say 120 hail marys, and 10 our fathers?- WTF? If that HERX lady- was SHARP- she would stick it to the VATICAN- for the full amount- 1.9 MILLION BUCKS- then form her own non-profit ministery- to help women like her in similar straits? AT LEAST it wont be in the hands of that ambitious dipstick Bishop Rhoades- to pursue more stupid law suits against his own parishoners, and flocks. I hope he gets transferred somewhere else ASAP-Religious freedom? so- lets return to the heady day s of the inquisition; witch burnings, excommunications, and so on? I wont even mention child molesting priests; and Vatican cover-ups. HEY - HOW ABOUT THAT NEW POPE? inst he sharp? I love the bishops photo op- OY VEY-KEVIN- you just cost us 2 MILLION BUCKS in your ZEALOUS FOOLISH PURSUIT. ill give you a nice photo for you past service, but maybe you could find a new job? i hear Pat robertson needs some people? GIGGLE!! ( but seriously.. )
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  • David Christopher Roach EMINENT DOMAIN BY DECREE.. Executive order; shame the property owners into opening their doors; and paying them a nominal payment for their charitable donation to the common good of the citizens of fort wayne and quality of life?
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  • David Christopher Roach

    Write a comment...
  • Jeffery Wayne Landis i was just letting you was my idea.
  • Ed Rose Jeffery, I wasn't sure of the ego and making money off the city.
  • Gina Burgess Ed--I'm not sure of the conflict you were aware of, but the conflict I speak of was between two agencies who both admitted to me (in the presence of others and/or through documentation) that they were "demonizing" each other. Btw--"demonizig" was there word choice, not mine. So I think its pretty safe to say that the conflict I was referencing was far more factual and less perceptive than the conflict you may have been referencing. Hopefully, this means that as people continue to work on this matter, these conflicts--real or perceived--are slowly subsiding. That would be a very good thing. Someone earlier had a suggestion of the City creating an online portal of the different agencies that serve and support the homeless. Perhaps as we are trying to figure out the way to solve the homeless problem, we could develop a strategy of (1) stopping the evictions (via an executive order from the Mayor followed up by legislation from City Council to prevent future evictions), (2) restoring lost property (or giving replacement property) to the homeless, (3) creating an online portal with smart phone app so that everyday people can offer more assistance and to better coordinate services among the agencies providing care, (4) create a paper version of these resources to pass out to the homeless so they are all aware of these services, and (5) physically map out where the homeless tend to congregate and the agencies that service the homeless--I'm pretty sure that will reveal that will reveal one piece of the puzzle of why we have homeless living on the street when there may be room in shelters. (The new Richard Lugar shelter is not full, but its so far away from where the street homeless are that they are not able to access the shelter. Most of these guys won't qualify for that shelter anyways, but for the ones that could...this is adding insult to injury.). This is in no way a complete nor a formal proposal, but merely some solid suggestions.
  • Gina Burgess Ed Rose -- On a somewhat different note, my page is a forum where everyone can come and discuss matters. While I don't agree with David Christopher Roach's style, his "attacks" are directed to elected public officials and, in his own way, he is trying to point out wrongs and offer suggestions. For example, in one of his posts on this thread, he suggested the possibility of starting an underground newspaper of sorts and let the homeless sell it and keep the money. Personally, that's not a bad idea. People in this town are craving consistent fact-based non-slanted news reporting. Perhaps, David can develop that further. I'm address this here because of a comment you made: "....David, I have no intention to respond to your vial loaded statements. I am truly disappointed that no one has spoken up about your disrespectful attack on people. Then maybe people here enjoy reading such trash...." Most people either read and react or simply ignore David's material. Due to the sheer number of comments and messages I receive, I can't (and I don't) read everything that is posted. After this post, I will go back and read his material, see what is relevant to the original thread and delete as may be necessary. Having said that, however, I really feel it was in bad form on your part (and disappointingly beneath you), to make the statement "...Then maybe people here enjoy reading such trash." That is an attack on my entire readership--including my real world family and friends. I don't think you meant it as such, but only you can clarify that matter and offer an apology as may be needed.
  • Gina Burgess David Christopher Roach -- I agree with Ed Rose that several of your posts are attacking nearly everyone associated with helping the homeless. You also posted a link to a blog entitled Roach for Mayor, which would indicate that you are either going to run or are seriously considering running for office. As such, while I can appreciate your brining attention to the vast network of cogs that are contributing to the overall homeless problem, I don't see you offering a solution. I would ask that in the future you provide documentary evidence to support the claims that you are making, otherwise I will have to delete such commentary. Elected officials are elected to do a job, but they are people too and should be given the same amount of respect that I would give you or you would give me. I would also ask that in the future you focus on more problem-solving as to balance out any fact-based "attacks." Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. For now, I am not removing your posts as I want to give you the chance to edit them with documentary support. Normally, I would remove your posts on the basis of relevancy, but then I would be forced to remove everyone's posts as none are really specifically relevant to the original post of this thread.
  • Justin Kuhnle Ed, I respect your posts. However, I can find a major upside to this challenge. All the elected leaders represent the citizens that make up their district, city, county, state, etc. Their policies (or lackthereof in some instances) does have both direct and indirect impact on the homeless situation that is facing Allen County, northeast Indiana, and quite frankly, our entire country. By seeing and experiencing first hand what our homeless face, they could then see pathways to solutions first-hand. As such, a majority of our elected leaders care more about their next election and maintaining power, then ultimately leading for the better of the citizens they serve. If the emphasis is put back on what we can do to give opportunities back to our citizens so they ultimately can make the decisions to serve their own interest. Just like in business, some will succeed, and some will fail. But if our elected leaders lend more to their corporate backers than the citizens, then they ultimately have hedged their bets on not providing opportunities to those that need it the most.
  • Michelle Hill Exactly, Justin Kuhnle! The elected officials have lost touch with those citizens who elected the official to be their representative. The elected officials do appear to be more interested in keeping their corporate backers satisfied, than actually representing ALL the citizens they are meant to represent. Some of those elected officials have only been in office for a short time, but others have been in their position for a long time and have definitely lost touch with the average citizen.
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  • Ed Rose I don't need to have cancer to have compassion or extending a helping hand to those that do. I do not need to suffer post stress syndrome that many of our vets do to have compassion or extending a helping hand to them. I do not need to be crippled by an IED to have compassion and extend a helping hand to someone that has. I don't need third degree burns over part of my body to have compassion and extend a helping hand to someone that has. I don't need to be a women who suffers from domestic violence to have compassion and try to help her out.
    In fact I believe most all the people that have commented likewise would feel the compassion and willing to help people out. If that passion was not there you would most likely not commented. Likewise, few of us actually know a CC member away from their visual elected job and what we see. We don't know if they get two or two hundred emails/phone calls a month or if they reply to any or to all of them.
    I wish I could still drive because this Tuesday I would attend the CC meeting. I wouldn't be able to speak but I would need not to convey my message. I would have a sign that would say, "How Many HOMELESS OUTSIDE TONIGHT? -15 WC SNOW"
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  • Kay Chapman David Christopher Roach, you have been running your mouth about people AND running in political campaigns for a good 25 years. I would think that by now you would realize NO ONE wants you to represent us in any way. I personally am tired of seeing your rhetoric on subjects which you don't know anything about. I am also tired of listening to your bike, evil and vicious words about the elected officials who were chosen by the people to represent us. I'm sure I'm not the only person who is sick of listening to or reading your attacks on our elected officials. Be nice and do us a favor, please, take your hate and venom-filled words and go home. I'm pretty sure your Mommy is calling you for lunch, or dinner, our just because she knows you've pissed the voters off. Let me make this clear for you. WE DON'T WANT YOU AS A REPRESENTATIVE OF OUR CITY. WE DON'T LIKE PEOPLE WHO CONSTANTLY CUT DOWN OTHERS WITH HATE AND VENOM-FILLED WORDS TO HAVE A DECISION ON ANYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH OUR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. YOUR 15 MINUTES OF FAME ARE OVER. KINDLY GO HOME AND SHUT UP SO THE ADULTS CAN RUN THE CITY!
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  • Kay Chapman Oh, don't bother to respond, no one, including me will read it.
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  • David Christopher Roach Ms Chapman- its not about "15 minutes of Fame"- its about getting rid of the crooks the liars, the schemers; who act like they care( and a few might)- and then go about lining their pockets and the pockets of themselves; their families, friends, and cronies and the families, friends of them as well. Its reverse robin hood- steal from the working class to give the stolen wealth to the rich overlords. 
    25,000 votes (25% in 2010; 21,000 ( 30%) of the SHERIFF VOTE - in 2014. on a pro- pot; pro freedom; less police; clean the city of crooked politicians platform. Thats a record. surpirisingly- all the "hate and Venom"- sdtruck a cord- as my largest area of support was in the 6th district of town.. 
    Id like to thank you for the CAP-LOCKS- as im old; and ive been at this since 1991- so my vision isnt as good as it used to be- and ALL CAPS- is easier to read.. instead of squinting..  Just because someone is elected; doesnt mean ALL the people support them, or even want them in office. it just means that the Majority - 50% plus one voter- is all. seems to me theres plenty of people who are opposed to and cant stand ( dare i say Despise, and Loathe)- many of the elected officials. and just because someone is elected- doesnt mean they dont serve ALL the people; and in fact- they have to by law serve all citizens equaly. I may thing some is an a- hole and a jackass and a jerk; and disagree with everything they say- but i respect their right to say it in a free country; in fact Article 1; SS 9 of the indiana constitution encourages that. so- we too disagree; and so what? thats the 2 party system. and its my and your and all of our rights to run for office; to spek freely; to pack a gun; etc- and its liberating to exercise the few rights that we are allowed to by our government, despite their tendency to pass ever more restrictive, encroaching, confining laws taking awy our liberties freedoms; justice and so on- again- to line th epockets of special interest groups and vocal minorities of extremist supporters in their partys base; due to the fact of the way the Primary election system is set up and the many flaws that give us the most loony toons of the right; and flawed leftists as a consolation.
    as a participant in the system and observer and hobbyist( i love politics the same way some folks love the cubs; or their sports. politics is my sport, if you can call it that)- 
    so- its not about Fame or fortune; or hate( unless you hate those who take away our rights, and freedoms)- and venom- you left out invective; vituperation; and a host of other verbiage that is synonymous..
    Apparently VOTERS want choices- evenit its to vote against the other side; or for me. - it doesnt matter- it foils the evil crooks and liars, and criminals who would subjugate us to their KLEPTOCRATIC FASCIST ways..
    so as for MAYOR ROACH ( on a pro- pot platform- )- is as much fun as MAYOR BALLS. lol..
  • David Christopher Roach Gina Burgess- with respect to your and Ed Rose s request of numbers, facts figures, and a PHD dissertation on the homeless and why they are homeless in fort wayne- and if im going to run for mayor ; or the easy choice- city council open seat- i may. i may not. im not saying for now; and by noon feb 6th- we shall know the answer.. meanwhile- ED Rose is a TEA Party Schill- whos self appointed job is to praise the GOP party line- and ti disparage all others, and negate any views that conflict. id say imho- hes a TROLL; but trolls are usually stupid, and Ed shows some intellect; or at least some thought. 
    Do i come across as agressive? yes- so did Patton, and other great men- who had no patience for niceities; and who are only interested in cutting through the BS and getting things done. Ive lived here in FTW for decades- and ive seen the same old stuff year after year. the homeless freeze in the frigid temps; people run around wringing their hands, doing what they do- but do they do anyting that SOLVES AND FIXES THE PROBLEMS? NO. why? because that would require the expenditure of TAX money- which is the supreme motivator- its part of the checks and balances of our founding fathers- as the homeless problem increases, so do your taxes. want lower taxes? fix the problem; and dont just slough it off on the citizens. Ive never said what the do-gooders are doing is bad- im just saying its not accomplishing IE FIXING/SOLVING the problems.. 
    as for the HOMELESS- its the perfect campaign issue- as it indicts the people most repsonsible for all the problems in fort wayne. income inequality; lack of adequate food; shelter; clothing; health care. lack of affordable housing downtoiwn for the working poor; lacl of good paying; living wage jobs ; the obscene transfers of wealth from the poor and working por to the wealthy, and rich overlords. the hypocrisy of our city elected leaders- who say they care; pretend to listen; opretned to take notes on their papres while doodling obscene and dopey doodles; the issuing ignorant platitudes and homilies about why your family values are all to blame and if you had any values or virtues you would pull yourselves up by your boot straps (like they have)- and dig your own selves out of your poverty. sure- thats easy for them to say.. from their gated communities, and all their wealth.. and when the going gets tough- wnat do they do- plunder more wealth from the poor; squeeze them harder .
    as for politicisn- if rick stevenson was doing such a wonderful job- whyare there so many hiomeless? thats his job. we elected him to fix that. Mayor Henry is fond of trotting out how wonderful and charitable and CATHOLIC his FAMILY IS- yet- hes sold his soul to the specialinterests and the rich overlords- to enrich himself; and has forgotten the poor. His wife is just an evil scheming harpy- whoonly wants more and more money. she is a criminal racketeer- her bar( which she still owns the frosg liquor license; and her illegal cherrymasters; and her families illegal cherry masters; and tom henry -city councilman- helped count the money from the proceeds, profited while in office; and did he pay the taxes on those illegal proceeds? i dont Think so. the Police are neck deep as well- the FOP had cherry masters in their unionhall!!- and Vandeever lady- was the book keeper- ( al capones book keeper?) Mark GiaQuinta- is the attorney for an illegal cherry master operator; and i drank with the drug house drug den Judge- and joked- hey judge- lets take our beers over there, and drop a few dimes in these here cheryrmasters. at every campaign forum event- i made it a point to ask every politicians about "what about those illegal cherry masters? it was like LAS VEGAS DURING MOB TIMES; and just because the crooks refused to prosecute or investigate- doenst mena it didnt happen; or wasnt ilegal. chief Moore raided a few and was promptly fired. Judge surbeck helped prosecute and destroy a bunch of cherry masters and their operators. you know that big fire a few years ago at the tecumseh/ wayne coombs st ? I bet the warehouse was full of used cherry masters in storage; and they had to finally destroy any trace of them. the city controllers and the mayors and th ecops- processed the licenses and "affixed the stickers and recorded them in their books- ; and it was 3rd district city councilman TOM HENRY who pushed to repeal the "amusement device ordinance- obstruction of justice? - because again- he and his wife are guilty as hell. 
    Maybe Kay Chapman is just naive; or blind; or doesnt have a clue; or hasnmt been paying as close attention to whats up as i have? I dont know. BUT WHAT I DO KNOW- is that trying to get any change; or reforms or anyting usefuldone around this city govt- islike pushing a roick up a hill. AND- dont expect a Mayor Harper( not my manmitch)- to do anyting about it- he just wants to get him; and steveshines hands deeper in the cookie jar. did you know Stever shines brother -Larry Shine- is the city attorney on several crritical city committees? how convenient. but whats the point of being a party chairman if you cant co-conspire with the opposite party chairman to accomlish your respective agendas? 
    Win Moses? hmm- lets see- the sharon Lapp murder /rape; the lapp crime scene personal files she kept- just went POOF- Win Moses and his police chief-were in and out of that crime scene plenty- and critical records in a horrific daylight rape murder just DISAPPEAR? something satinks to high heavens; and then theres Win Moses- criminal campaign activities- which gave fort wayne its first female mayor if only for a week till the democrat precinct committee people- could re- instate him back into his seat.. 
    need i continue? both parties are either loony toons, or criminals kleptocrats all..
    speaking of looting the public treasury the way the Nazis plundered europe( to prove that politicna sna d govts are prone to this sort of crime-)- the city govt has handed over over 600 MILLION DOLLARS THIS PAST YEAR- according to the most recent reports- of OUR TAX MONEY- for dubious job creation/economic development schemes- tax abatements- corporate welfare..
  • David Christopher Roach thenwe have the varios 25 MILLION BUCKS HERE; THERE EVERYWHERE- such as the maplecrest extension bridge to no-where which wa supposed to draw jobs to that area- nothing yet.. then we have th ASH HOLE BUILDING- which the smart developer- bailed and instead bought an older high rise with an assured income stream, for a couple million dollars less, and HE owns it alone.. then we have the various other downtown projects that have never quite panned out as expected- mid towne crossing; the HARRISON- OVERDUE; AND OVER BUDGET which the MAYOR- HENRY AND HIS CRIMINAL WIFE- promised to move into when it was done. has he signd a lease yet? he should before MAY primaryoto prove hes not a crook and a liar. speaking of- HIS STATEMENT- I DIDNT KNOW THE POLICE WERE GOING TO ROUST THE HOMELESS; TRASH THEIR CAMPS; REMOVE THEIR MEAGER BELONGINGS; ETC- like an invading army marching cross a peaceful village?NAZIS ACROSS POLAND MORE LIKE.. Meanwhile we have the VACANT GE building; the vacant Wayne pump on glasgow street; andplenty of empty vacant buildings all across the downtown area;; and this RIVERFRONT DEVELOPMENT? another boondoggle- we willall get to pay for. the overlords too their horns about the Parkview field( and why do iu have to pay more for my health care;and insurance for a ball park anyway?)- which was nothing but a money grabbing scheme to divert food and beverage taxes from a perfectly adequate ball park on coliseum blvd- to downtown ask youself- how much of this money is actually PRIVATE FUNDS; AND HO MUCH ISOUR TAXES BEING USED AS PRIVETE MONEY FOR GREEDHEADS? and why dont they sell shares to the voters/citizens instead of just taking it? will we get any profits from the Stadium rackets? NO.. short answer.. 
    granted- the USAeconomy; and the great lakes region economy has shipped al its jobs overseas; and so forth; so whats the resutl" the overlords start cannabalizing the rest of us; until theres a backlash.
    meanwhile- what have the overlords done for the SE part of town? the poor wkrking black hispanics; various ethinc groups out that way- who are scraping by- and are ready voters for democrats; then get screwed after the eldctions? all this MILLIONS OF DOLLARS- "millions and millions and millions of OPPORTUINTIES the Mayor says- wel- imnotseeing it nor are they. the NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS are up in arms about the neglect of their stretts; sidealks, bicycle paths- ADA compliance so granny can ride her roll a scooter to the store- hich theres few SE; too may problems to list here; Ill end by saying- is it really our economic developpent and jobs creating saviors to put a 10 MILLION BUCVKS INTO ANOTHER BASEBALL FACILITY/ FRicking BASEBALL? ( personally- what a stupid sport. its all fun and games till someone gets beaned, hit with a bat; cleated in the mud and theblood and the beer..)
    s0 we have 600 MILLION BUCKS A YEAR - REVERSE ROBIN HOOD; another 100 MILLION BUCKS IN TH ELEGACY FUND; another 25 millionhere; 25 millionthere; oh- and noext up- 250 MILLION BUCKS TO DRILL A SEWER PIPE UNDER TH EST MARY S RIVER- IN TH EBEDROCK LIMESTONE- for a unfunded federal govt mandate- to clean the rivers and lake erie. im all for that- but cant the feds print up some cash alnd sell some infrastructure bonds instead of it all coming fromour WATER /SEWER BILLS? more expenses.. AND WHO NEGOTIATED THAT DEAL? GRAHAM RICHARD. and where he? left town in the midnight darkness..( conveneient)- last i heard he was in ST Louis- likely consulting for the ST Louis city govt; ad ferguson police dept..(LOL>>)
  • David Christopher Roach so Ms Chapman- or should i call you SHEEPMAN- like all the rest- blindly unaware of all the woplves out there ? im jnot a conspiracy theorist; just a realist. plenty of others agree with me; and when they get the chance to anonymously support me- they do. 30%- HIGH TIDE; AND RISING.. sigh. BUT LETS BLAME THEHOMELESS AND THEIR FAULTY FAMILY VALUES. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS FOR THE OVERLORDS; AND SQUAT FOR THE POOR. whats wrong with this picture? Christian nation? compassionate conservatives? communitarian endeavors? MY Kiester..( mike kiester- an actual city govt hard working employeee in the city utilities dept.. poor sob- almost as bad as being named ROACH. id VOTE FOR MIKE KEISTER BEFORE ID RE-ELECT ANYBODY IN CITY GOVT. ( sorry mike..just humor..). AND-I Have a very specific list of whos fired; and whos not; and the ones who are "off with their heads- i sure ive vented who they are before; and the others- well- many are friends, or friends, or cronies, or friends of cronies.. and thus it begins all overagain.. hire your family; axe your predecessors.. AS for the Unions- well MAYOR HENRY ; AND THE DEMOCRATS could have done a better job of preventing a GOP Sweeep of CC- but due to democrat incompetence- the tommy schrader; george guido debacle; readily comes to mind; GLODNER gettin the Shaft from HER campaign; the BETH MALLOY ; legacy survey project; and getting the AXE after she helped Henry get elected last time out; - well- ive only worked one summer as a UCFW hired picketer- and other than that- i shop union- KROGER; I DRINK UNION BREWED BEER; I DRIVE AMERICAN , and so on. so- i support unions. 
    if they all would just legalize marijuana, like tomatoes; id be happy, and would likely just go away and about my own business. if they would just pay me about 2 million bucks to STFU; i likely would. NAAAA. all the more CASAH to stir the sht; but its all for my family, my fellow friends neighbors,citizens, tax payers, etc.. and the common good as a prould liberal socialist democrat.. like will rogers said- im not a member of any organized party, im a democrat..
  • David Christopher Roach

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