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  • follow this thread about the fort wayne homeless

  • avid Christopher Roach HI Melissa! happy new year to you and your family.. GOOD work with the public safety/ responsible firearms safety story.. on the same subject- the proposed DEER hunting Guns bill- should be voted down as its a SCHEME to shoot DEER with a Barrett 50 caliber Sniper rifle- theres a big difference between a 50 caliber Muzzle loader; and a 50 cal Handgun; and a 50 cal. Barrett.( google that..)-
    just what we need- more lead flying and chances for stray bullets to kill folks by accident- even an old school M! Garand- or Springfield 1903- have the potential to still be lethal at over a Mile away.. . Id rather see DEER Canned, and Legal- at the supermarkets; and restaurants- order a venison steak and a beer at your favorite avant garde dining spot- as long as the DEER Farms- use the buck skins for clothing. no waste.. - get with NYC fashion designers; and foreign markets- to make USA DEER clothing a hot item?
    as for Detroit- Fort Wayne and Detroit and Chicago- histories are deeply intertwined. in fact- if you GOOGLE : FORT WAYNE AND DETROIT"- youll see something interesting. Hamtramck Michigan is named for general Waynes #2 in command; and was the first commandant of fort Wayne; and in charge of building it in the first place.. Major General Wayne- was George Washington 's #2 in command at one point as well. Wane spent the first part of the revolutionary war at Fort Ticonderoga- in defense against potential british invasion from canada. I Just read a book about General Wayne- ACPL- "Anthony Wayne- Troubleshooter of the American Revolution" - author- Harry Emerson Wildes
    the call letter at aboite library is: W367w761082
    their bar code # is 3 1833 00683 9192

    anyway- if we had SUPERMAN SUPER POWERS- THIS IS WHAT FORT WAYNE LOOKS LIKE NEW YEARS EVE- BUN FIRE- thats why the FWPD moved from the old Bowser HQ/ Creighton st HQ- away from EDEN-CABRINI GREEN APTS- back to the "Rousseau building- its easier to deter brazen broad daylight bank robberies - all the banks near by- than to dodge bullets to and from work in the crime infested SE quadrant..
    Ill be hun kered in my BUNKER/BAT CAVE- with my Tin Helmet- for 20 minutes- NY' s eve.. watching the show on TV( im a caretaker for my mom, its all good..)

  • David Christopher Roach heres an interesting book to read also: this could be about Fort Wayne- since 1980- when Harvester left town; the Ghost town, the Litany of Industries that left fort waynein the Great Rust-Belt deindustrialization>
    Fort wayne- was a major military city- GE superchargers powered the the entire Army air corps; the Stainless steel plant was a Manhattan Project Uranium mill; Baer field- was a major air base; Camp Scott was our own Stalag 15- POWs from Rommels Afrika Korps.. 
    the Industrail Heart of Fort Wayne is gone- and now our city is run by Scavengers- enriching themselves on the SCRAPS ( literally)- and Preying on the working classes with their Grandiose schemes for DOWNTOWN..- AS IF- 
    meanwehile- i had to drive my sister out to Baer Field and back; and my mom and I went shopping out southwest- Rural King; the Library; Stein Mart; and through downtown- the Streets are starting to crumble again, from neglcet( cannibalization of resources to fund the ASH- HOLE. )-AL IN- the city overlords are gutting every sluch fund and tax source for one last GASP- before they leave with their carpet bags full of OUR cash for ? charlotte?- anyway- NOT here- and leaving the rest of us to pay for it..
    SE fort wayne looks like gutted blocks of vacant lots- just like Detroit; the riverfront project is another Scheme- ithought we couldnt build on flood plains? the old omnisource scrap/ RR yard sits vacant a poisoned Brownfield. the neighborhoods are all up in arms at being neglected - Millions for the rich, and the homeless- cant even live in some isolated HNERYVILLE- because the city council the police the Mayor- keep Rousting them and trashing their belongings; and so on. theres a dozendowntown buildings and even a vacant city FWPD Horse Patrol barn- that could all be utilized creatively- until some more permanent tenants locate there; and it would create jobs for these same homeless who are able to work.
    We're reaping the whilwind of the social polcies of the 80's and 90's- kick the mentallyill; the mentall y defective and deficient to the curb; women and children ot in the cold from Domestic violence; Heroin, cocaine and Meth addicts out on the streets instead of in in patient (secular) REHABs- EX CONVICTS- rAPISTS; THIEVES, robbers, burglars- out loose with nothing to do all day- except wander round downtown looking for their next crimes toget some cash for food, smokes, liquor, etc..
    only smaller.. 
    Im a big fan of all things BAT-MAN and GOTHAM CITY( the TV Show Gotham- is great!!WFFT)- and the image they paint of the decline and the crookedness of the city mirror any US city.
    OH- and meanwhile back in INDY- theres all this 2 billion bucks and so on- whats the state budget? 30 BILLION if i recall?- and how much will GOVERNOR PENCE ( i have a worse name for him..)- and the TEA Party spend on the rich, and to hell with the poor, minorities, women and children?

    It would seem that the ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY- has fallen on its ARSE..( lol.. but seriously..)
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  • David Christopher Roach I try to be non- partisan; and always looking for Bi-partisan solutions and compromises wherever possible or practical- but this latest TEA Party movement- has driven me to the Far left Socialist Democrat corner of Public Policy- oh_ Eugene Debs; FDR; BernieSanders; Dennis Kucinich ( not Kasich..)- and European Democratic socialism- to offset the current right wing extremist/extremism we are seeing here to day. Im a strong believer in the 2 party system; ( im not a communist)- andthe Indiana Primary system; and election system- campaign finance; and so on all need reform. Fort Wayne citizens are poorly served by the local 2 mainstreet daily supermarket tabloids( propaganda)- and the one party domination. its like the democrat party has just rolled over and surrendered- except for the Win Moses/ Bandemer; Gia Quinta/ Henry "axis of evil"- bunch of crooks; looters, embezzlers, and just plain criminals.. the most of the rest of city govt are loyal, hard working civil servants, and bureaucrats- the things that need doen run smoothly ; mostly- but all this public private development and shemers- no money down, other peoples money real estate schemes that loot the por; and enrich the overlords- is insane; and like i said- the neighbors are sharpening their pitchforks and fueling their torches; and "off with their heads".. and it wont be pretty.. 
    I know the SENATOR PRO-TEMP( lol..)- is trying to walk a fine line- just like John Boehn er- between the centrists and the bat sh-t crazies- and i just hope The senator does the righ thing- for the poor; homeless and downtroddedn, and most of all- the most helpless of our cities.. because itsa all ver Indiana.. especailly souther nIndiana. its like Mississippi,KY, west virginia; Arkansas before the LBJ "great society" heres some broadcasting humor( and you sure put the "broad" in "broad" )

  • David Christopher Roach "the mad prophet of the airwaves..."

    "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"
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David Christopher Roach SINCE WHEN DID"SERVE AND PROTECT"- our hired public servants WE PAY, and EMPLOY- and who are supposedly ANSWERABLE TO THE PEOPLE- become an unaccountable, irresponsible above th elaw self ruling ARMY OF OCCUPATION- ( I wont say NAZIS..)- but is it any wonder theres such a present undercurrent of ANTIPATHY towards the POLICE of all cities around the USA; so it seems? YET- we hear FLUFF MEDIA NEWS AND REPORTERS about our POLICE( HENRY; YORK; HAMILTON, BENDER; ETC- THE "USUAL SUSPECTS"- about how safe fort wayne is? EXCEPT SAFE FROM ROVING BANDS OF MARAUDING TERRORISTS IN BLUE UNIFORMS? TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT?
Im skeptical of the Police; I have been the victim of Police harassment for Politcal reasons; yes- i broke the laws, minor laws; but if they werent up my behind like i was some PUBLIC ENEMY- would i hve been singled out and targeted? 
AND- I have friends who are sort of cool- who are COPS; and I know-COPS are there for US.-BUT- when i read and hear of personal stories, accounts, etc- of OUR POLICE who supossedly work for us for OUR safety and interests -acting like well- jack booted thugs and terrorists; and vandals, and so on- well- what are we supposed to think? 
" Had two long talks last night and knew the last one needed to be the last one since it was likely to go for quite some time if history repeated itself. As soon as I first arrived, one camp of gents had let me know their tents had been opened during the rain by law enforcement and all belongings now soaked to the core. Needed to speak with the one gent who was there at the time to get specifics and while no notice was given did hear he was allowed to sleep the rest of the night and made the move the following morning. Now tucked further away on what he believes is not private property so will hope the new area proves safer. This morning, I am working to determine location of the possible remaining "pile of wet" to go see what I might be able to retrieve, wash and recycle later this week if it has not been cleared of the area (as I have both drop offs and pick ups today and tomorrow that have the van filled & no room for "wet"). CARLIN" WAR ON THE HOMELESS

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