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Ruling oligarchy provingtoo difficult to crack
City Council and elected county officials have been trying to change the implied social contract with voters for years with small, measured changes and a well-thought-out agenda of both policital parties. We the voters have no opportunity to speak about our ideas or even get those ideas into debate, as the last election has shown us. We do not have a strong opposing view being expressed by the so-called opposition party.
I do not remember a City Council and county officials who have been more ambivalent to the needs of all voters, choosing instead to follow an agenda that has been scripted in the back rooms of their party headquarters. The agenda does not include what is best for all but only for the ruling class of elected officials. What we really have is a City Council and county officials who have been acting as an oligarchy, not an elected representative arm of the local government.
This is the viewpoint we have come to expect from our local political parties and their elected officials. The choice we have is bad or bad; the choice is no choice at all for many of us who have been stalled in the lower to middle class for the years of this City Council and county officials’ reign. The oligarchy needs the population to be the uninformed sheep that we have become (and may I add by choice to stay uninformed and being worn down to the political world around us everyday).
Our ignorance of what the oligarchy is doing grows every election as the parties tell us one person’s vote can make a difference. With the choice being bad or bad, the population knows what the choice is so why vote? Then the oligarchy feigns anger at the citizens, who only turn out in very low percentages. It is never the fault of the ruling parties as they run the get-out-the-vote campaigns to make sure they can feign the anger at the low turnout. The parties always use a straw man as their candidate with no new ideas of his own, just the oligarchy’s ideas and agenda. The oligarchy’s straw man has been anointed to fill the spot for the ruling parties because he meets with their approval and will carry out the oligarchy’s agenda without question. This way the real powers behind the parties are assured to stay in power.
Maybe it is time for a real third party or at the very least a political party not beholden to any of the old-guard political bosses who are helping ruin our entire country with the agenda of keeping power at any cost. We need real men and women to step up and stand against this tyranny of nonrepresentative government we have come to expect from the ruling parties.


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