Thursday, December 25, 2014


still no room at the inn. not even th e barn just north of the well st bridge- city owned. MAYOR HENRY- OPEN THIS BARN. 
all our efforts are wasted effort if these folks arent indoors, somewhere. with all the vacant empty buildings all over downtown fort wayne within a half mile radius
( GE, old Box printing building at corner of harrison, and superior, the old paint store, the vacant shrine ticket office on main street, the vacant stock brokers office across from the firestation #1- wayne pump on glasgow; all the downtown churches- especially the CATHOLIC FTWSB DIOCESE OFFICES; AND CHURCHES-)- 
especially- the old horse barn; K-9 barn next to the police firefighters memorial- which is city owned, and all it would require is a decree by Mayor Henry( whos family allegedly champions the poor, etc)- to open this barn..- because even an indoor covered barn is better than under a bridge. 
City Code- provides for broad emergency powers by the Mayor to act- when theres a public safety emergency- so- does the danger to the public safetyof IE.. the local homeless downtown-freezing to death in frigid weather- merit calling emergency powers to force open these various open vacant empty buildings (privately owned, granted- who may be cheapskates; chislers, etc- who wont do it willingly)- to give the homeless a place to rest indoors?
Chairman Shine was elected chairman on a platform of "commmunitarian endeavor. does this count? we the people- collectively over-rule the needs of the few( the greed of the few)- 
again- BISHOP RHOADES- what would POPE FRANCIS SAY TO DO?- OPEN THE CHURCH PEWS FOR THE POOR TO SLEEP INDOORS OVERNIGHT? how little would that cost? -surely less than the 2 million bucks he just burned pursuing his foolish agenda of so called "religious freedom" in opposition to his natural allies- democrats and liberals in our nations capital.. I have noticed the Catholic churches have been assiduously speaking of matthew 25- everything but sheltering the homeless- the out of doors. welcoming strangers- just isnt the same mandate.. - but if the CHURCH and our govt-we the people collectively- cant clothe the frigid; feed the miserable cold and wet; and sehlter the out-of doors- from the elements- even nominally- im not talking Holiday INN- but the allen count Jail- is surely minimal standards. ditto for the homeless shelter.
AND- lastly- again- the WAYNE TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE- has broad powers and a large budget to do the same. Mr Stevenson? 
OK- enough flogging this horse again today. 
a broken record sometimes gets annoying enough you have to arise to do something to change the tunes..
by the way- mentions have been made of fokks whotype badly, use imperfect; "conversational" grammar; and mis-spell words. Im guilty of that also- im not a GRAMMAR NAZI. stop nit picking technicalities, and try to understand wht the person is saying in their own unique style.. 
we cant all be english majors.. did YOU ( whomever)- get an A in "english W131" from IPFW?

  • Vince Roemer Little bro, I think that broken record got annoying way earlier than you may suspect. And no, I got my "A"s in W121, W131, and W146 from IUPUI, while working full-time and living in an Uncle's spare room (sometimes in the car when he went off his meds.) Want to make a difference? Write a bill. In legalese. Get sponsors. Learn how to talk to people like we're human beings instead of privileged sheep. If there's something you want, go to the people who handle these things and ask in a way they'll be receptive to. A 500+ word angry diatribe on facebook accomplishes nothing but alienating anyone who might once have voted for (or even agreed with) you.
  • David Christopher Roach so- i should go raise a million bucks- go to downtown fort wayne, and INDY- bribe a bunch of crooked, corrupt, banal greedy politicians- pay them cash to DO THE RIGHT THING? get sponsors- bribe them to sponsor it? that is precicely whats wrong with the system- 1- to all the do-gooders- if what your doing ISNT GETTING FOLKS INDOORS; if all your doing is handing them a blanket, a tarp; a used coat; a sandwich; patting them on the head, then leaving to your cushy suburban home- and leaving them under the brodge; or out of doors- YOURE NOT HELPING. Youre just prolonging their misery. NOROOM AT THE INN...
    Unless the greedy wealthy are having their taxes raised, and its coming out of their pockets to fix the problem- sort of the kind of feed-bacl system our foundrs imagined- wel- your not helping. theres HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF CASH stashed in dozens of SLUSH FUNDS- al over town- the Legacy fund; the various community foundations, MEGACHURCHES OUT SOUTH WEST, EMEBERS WHO ARE THE RICH ELITISTS- and so on- well- assume theres 250,000 folks in town, and theres 2500 hardcore homeless in need- thats not very much. but theres Millions for BASEBALL; millions for the WEALTHY GREED HEAD DEVELOPERS SCHEMES- to line th epockets of their pals, families, associates.. BUT SH-T FOR THE POOR- whats wrong with this picture? PEACE ON EARTH; NO ROOM AT THE INN, BE CHRISTIAN, JESUS JOEPHP AND MARY-WE SURE ROLLED UP THE WELCOME MAT THE HAPPY HOLIDAYS QUCIK DIDNT WE? like - dec 25th at midnight-POOF! NOW TO DRINK LIKE FISH NEW YEARS EVE? 
    -even the Mayor is ignoring the homeless- because it clashes with his families looting of fort wayne.. 
    so- im doing what i can- doing what im good at- social media- nagging folks. annoying the powers that be- suggesting ways to get the homeless indoors- why does every scheme consist of FIRST- WE GO RAISE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OF CASH? why cant our pliticians just DO THE RIGHT THING? that costs nothing.. and a lot less than half measures that do little.
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