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City, organizations discuss solutions to homelessness

Fort Wayne Area Planning Council of Homelessness held a meeting Monday morning to discuss solutions to help the homelessness after many were…

David Christopher Roach OH- BUT WE HAVE NOW SOLVED THE HOMELSS PROBLEM IN FORT WAYNE NOW, DONTCHA KNOW? the city govt- dep mayor, Karl VON BANDEMER, public safety director YORK, and MAYOR HENRYS STAFF OF PR HACKS- have held a nice media friendly meeting, issued statements, platitudes, homilies, etc- about how the mayor cares about the homeless( but couldnt attend the meeting, so he sends proxies to take the flak, mind you..)- ; we have now created a HOMELESS LIAISON OFFICEER- ; have had the MDAIA REPORT ON IT, and so on- and now that WEHAVE NOW SOLVED THE HOMELESS PROBLEM- LIKE CITY GOVT SOLVES SO MANY OTHE R PROBLEMS IN THE IDENTICAL WAY- by whitewashing over this- and we will nver hear from them again- well- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, DONTCHA KNOW.. ( notice- it was a flash in the pan on the 5 pm news, the POOF- its gone.. MEANWHILE- the HOMELESS ARE STILL OT DOORTS, THE CITY GOVT HASNT EVEN OFFER THE NICE BARN BY THE COP /FIRE MEMORIAL ON WELL T; NOR ANY OTHER ADDITIONBAL OVERLOW SHELTERS- OTHER THAN THE ONE AND ONLY HOMELESS SHELTER ON 300 W SUPERIOR ST.? which will be NO ROOM AT THE INN the first flash of frigid weather coming soon.. NO RRROM AT THE INN FOR YOU.. BUT ROOM FOR FELONY FUGITIVES, SEX OFFENDERS, RAPISTS, THE SCUM OF THE EARTH, THE DREGS OF SOCIUETY.. also- note- no mention of buying the worts of the worts a bus ticket to warmer climes; and the vacant for yearS FRANKLIN SCHOOL- CONVENIENTLY WRECKING BALED- just as it too could have been a makeshift shelter- why not wreck it next spring?- let the homells sleep in the hallways, and let the various OS SO HELPFUL DO-GOODERS- SET UP SHOP IN THE VARIOUS CLASSROOMS- to TRIAGE THESE PATHECIT SOULS to the proper places so they can get INDOORS, AND THE HEPL THEY NEED? OH WELL- HERES YOUR TARP; A BLANKET, SOME COLD PIZZA, WARM POP- AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ????(all this still doesnt fix the problem or the issue- of getting these people indoors.. so they dont freeze to death, and can get a few days to get their SHT together?

Timothy Kierein The problem with opening the buildings downtown is it will create a safe haven for drug abusers. Im all for getting people out of the cold, but that could create more problem than it will solve.it will also create a safe place for gang bangers to shake down the homeless. The city does not have the manpower or the funds for the overtime for the police to provide security.and thanks to our mayor putting in round abouts in a town where people cant navigate a 4 way stop, we cant afford to open the buildings and turn the gas and power on for them. Who is going to pay for this? The tax payer thats who! My taxes are high enough thank you.

  • David Christopher Roach Timothy Kierein -you meant all the heroin addicts in sycamore hills; aboite township; pine valley, cherry hill? all those several 1000 patients of that doctor herion pusher- doctor whats his name? and his pain clinics? hes a regular legal PABLO ESCOBAR..- look for a spike in ILLEGAL HEROIN DEAlers - supplying the demand.. - AS FOR GANGBANGERS? SO- ITS NOT LIKE THEY ARENT ALREADY SHAKING DOWN THE HOMELESS/- look atht eh facts, dude, and stop listeinig to that stupid talk radio, fckx news, and so on..- so- why so haertless? you, me, them- we all end up paying for the HOMELESS in one way or another anyway- so show some compassion, SCROOGE? you want maybe wse puyt them all on trains and ship them to concentrationcamps- the gays, the retarded, the insane, the veterans whove lost their minds from waro or shot in the head? etc TBI?
    im all about low cost solutions to problems- that wont cost us all a lot of tax money, but will be win-win- back in the day- fort wayne/allen county had poor farms- for the homeless; and their families, a "scollo for the feeble minded; an insane asylum way out by the goodrich plant; and so on- and then people like you decided-well-0 my taxes are too nigh. i dont want to pay for these poor folks. well- im not a big fan of taxes, but as a society- we all have a collective duty to take car e of each other- were all our brothers keepers.. right?
    AND- the city govt; overlords have 100 MILLION BUCKS- THAT WE ALL PAID INTO THE MONEY POT- and theres milllions for the rich -corporate welfare; dubious job creation schemes that never quit4e seem to pan out; FCKING BASEBALL FOR THE HOMELESS??- MILLLIONS for this stupid boondoggle of a ball park - the former ta cum stan world baseball academy? OH YES- LETS TEACH THE HOMELESS BASEBALL? bum fights? lol..? 
    dude- pullyour head out- theres a dozen suitable vacant building where the homeless can shack up. - theres a city owned barn just off the well st bridge- perfect minimal shelter. NO ROOM AT THE INN? DOES THAT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU? what a hearltess uncarting selfish bastard.. to be blunt.. happy holidays, you sorry sack of ??
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  • Ken Miller David Christopher Roach, I think I must have missed you there. You seem bent on being negative. Cut it out. If you want to gripe, show up and bear witness to the entire conversation, please. It was a great meeting and not a person in the room tried to act like we have it all sorted out. Good grief. Complaining isn't doing any of us any good. Do something and quitcherbitching. Thanks in advance.
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  • Ken Miller Yes, for the record, the actions taken weren't ideal, but pissing the community off is getting more done than letting them remain complacent. Amd for the record, anyone who thinks this is acceptable is ludicrous.
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  • David Christopher Roach Sorry- Ken- ive just lived here in fort wayne too long- and ive seen how they do things around here.- so-right when we need a vacant govt owned building where we could TRIAGE some local homeless citizens- the FRANKLIN SCHOOL for example- surprise!! the bulldozers and wrecking balls show up? seems the city govt- could have delayed this redundant unnecessaary park- until spring? 
    ANd- again- theres perfectly good barn across the wells st bridge- the iron one- the city owns- we could open up- for the homeless- a make-shift-camp. All im saying- is you all are getting the "nice pat -on-the -head from the mayors office-politics 101- if its bad- never show up- send a schiil, por proxie- if its a baby kiss, ribbon cut, etc- get the face time on th emedia)-
    so- we have the Mayors chripy blonde with the white board; - - the safety director- (45 murders and a crime spree rewarded with a promotion??) YORK- ; the invested homeless shelter dude- minister- who knows whats up/ was the wayne township trustee there? NO. any of the owners of the vacant building ive been harping on they could let the city s homeless use? or volunteer to let us use- free? NO. so- we commission a study; talk it to deaht- appoiont committees, appoint a MAYORS SPECIAL LIASISON TO HELP THE HOMELESS( WATCH FOR ELECTION SEASON NEWS PHOTO OP COMING SOON..)- ETC- and m,eahwile- the homeless are still out of doors, in the elements. heres a tarp; a blanket, a coke and a smile; and a pat on the head- were doing all we can- we care about you, and the mayor does too. WE have all these so called christian conservatives- on city council and all these rich bastards that own run and control everything..
    Ive lived here for since 1967- andf intereste d in how things work since 1991. My sister and i argue- i tel her- shes wasting her time; and the homeless folks are saying- gee- thanks- but how about a roof? you got a garage floor? and then all these do-goders go home with a warm fuzzy feeling- well- we had a nice pizza party for the homeless. (more like last mans dying meal- heres hoping you dont freeze to death- but if you do- you ownt have starved to death)?- so- yes- im angry, motivated; annoyed, pised at our local govt- the inequality; the treatment of these poor sould- but-_ lets TRIAGE HERE- who are the homeless? prescription drug addictcs;heroin addicts- ( because theri hapy pill doctor just went to prison..)- the mentally ill; the mentally disabled( formerly aka the "retarded" etc..)- Felons of the worst crimes; sex offenders; rapists, fugitives( warrants outstanding)- 
    id wish these do-gooders- would do an informal eyeball sociology survey- so- percent of men vs women? white? black? mexican? asian? old? young? disabled? 
    the bishop- goes to rome- gets a photo op woith the pope- see hw great and wonderful i am- the pope!WOO HOO1 meanwhile-0 his diocese is getting sued for millions by every woman in town for stupid actsby the church- raising millions for expanding his great edifices to his wonerfulness holiness. but does BISHOP RHOSES OFFER TO OPEN UP HIS SEMI HEATED CHURCHES AT NIGHT? to allow the faithfuil, or the SHEEP- to sleep on his hard wooden pews out of the Cold? NO. how hard is that? how little would that cost? 
    RICK HAWKS- MEGACHURCH flock fleecer charlatan ( like all the rest of them..)- he lives like a king- and his supporters have billions between them- mostly made from off our sweat of our backs and taxes by the way)- so- do they offer to buy, rent, co-opt, etc- any of these downtown buildings that are vacant? NO. OH- BUT A DAY AFTER I TRASHE TALKED HAWKS, POPP, PIZZA HUT-0 THE USUAL SUSPECTS- well- lo and behold- oh- well- we bought a bunch of designer supermakrket goods, and donated them to the food bank..( thats a whole nother rant there..)- so- see how wonderfdul the FCKING CHAPEL IS? hypocrites0 blind guides, etc( just whjat jseus preached against- rich high and mighty acting all holy- but the other 6 days of the week- fck the homeless, the ppopor, the sick, etc- ovbama care_ forget that!! 
    the N... -oops- black folks( well- thats what they thinkk.._ rioting, burning their cities,m looting, plundering, dissing the cops, picketing, etc?- well- they are FOX NEWS RIGHT LOCKSTEP ON THE BOULEVARD..- law and order- keep those black folks in check; and out of our white surburban gated communities.. and we have guns. lots of guns. ar-125s, ahd a bunker and ammo. in case they try to come out to our gated communities.. _
    its a whole rotten scheme by schemeing schemers.- they dont give a sht aobut the homeless.
    why arent i out there in the streets, manning the barricades? frankly- im beat up- like rocky after 10 fights- i acvhe all over, my head hurts. i have no car, nothing- thanks a lost to the rich bastards downtown- all oneof them has to do - is say- you know-ROACH- your a good guy- i could use a guy like you. you have guts, and your a fighter for the right things.. etc- heres a 100 k for some do -nothing job. I joke- if they would just give me 3 million bucks id go away, and they d never hear from em again( a million bucks doesnt buy what it used to these days, you know..LOL.)- byt they know i wouldnt- id use it to keep doing what ive been doing since 1991. its time for you al to take up the burden. like the movie- batman- cant do this all hislife- hes tired- hes looking for a new guy a new white Knight TO FIGHT FOR gotham- to clean it up.
    I DID CLEAN UP THE POLICE;POLITICAL CROOKEDNESSBY HARPING ON THE CHERRYMASTERS RACKET- note- where die they go? not that i was some moral crusader against gambling, smoking, drinking, "frolicking"; etc- but police/political corruption? THIS I CANNOT ABIDE.. hadme my knife, lubacheck( reno raines, ingloruious basterds- carve a big x on all their crooked heads.. but that would be WRONG. . 
    the homeless?WELL- IF I CAN GET THEM A VACANT BUILDING- the paint store; the conctete vox factory next to harrison, the former shrine circus ticket office, the city govt owned barn by well st; the downtown churches, the vacant IOOF HALL - acxrossfrom the gradn wayne parking garage- did i miss any?- well- any roof is better than freezing to death out doors- and when they say- well we cant to id?- go check out your copy of city code- the MYOR AND CHIEF OF PLICE HAVE BROAD POWERS TO DECLARE AN EMERGENCY- A PUBLIC SAFEYT EMERGENCY- i cant think of a more pressing public safeyt emergecny than having 2500 of our own citizens in danger of freezing to deaht- and the slutiuon costs so less- ACTION; NOT TALK. like i said- iof you let these folks talk ti to death- business as usual- nothg will get done. watch... just like the snow odinance- since last year- a meeting or 2- and what? silence.. OH- BUT LOTS OF TIME TO BURN LEGACY CASH- TO BURN REDEVELOPLENT TAX CASH- OND WE HAVE TO WRECK THE JAIL- AND THE MEEKS CENTER- AND RELOCATE THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE BECAUSE THEYRE IN THE WAY- SO- THERES A PRIAVTE PRISON CORPORATION IM SURE WHO WOULD BE WILLING TO TAKE ABOUT 50- 75 MILLION UCKS OF OUR CASH- to build some prison shoewhere in town - (owned by some crook, crony, connected developer, etc...
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  • David Christopher Roach Ken Miller- we agree completely. the first cheapest thing is the city owned barn by the wells st iron bridge- whatevers already there- can wait, can be moved, etc.. - the city owns it, the mayor all he has to do is say- heres a spot where the homless can be indoors. we have some straw some churches donated, etc- heres some porta johns that NOWAK is letting us sue as a tax writeoff to charitey- etc.. - like i said- im tied to my desk- long stoyr- but i have a mind like a steel trap; and im fine in my (undisclosed location); helping dircet things, like FDR, and his troops across the globe(?)

  • Dean Robinson This story/situation has prompted much finger pointing. Does anyone have a solution to propose? Blaming government is easy but misguided. Government does not cause homelessness. Consider the various reasons people are without homes then maybe remedies can be found. Other than that, open your doors to homeless people... or explain why you keep your doors locked to those mugs. That should be part of the conversation.
  • Gina Burgess Dean Robinson -- Well said!  And yes, for the record, there solutions being worked on. We live in a pretty generous area. I've had a variety of people come to me, alone, wanting to discuss a variety of options. Some of these discussion are being done private, confidentially at the request of others. My favorite idea to date is recognizing that the current street homeless are a segment of the overall homeless community that has highly individualized needs that are not being met by the current, existing shelters. As a result of that segmentation, an idea was proposed that real estate be found to build tiny homes onto like other communities have done. Except to make sure that our tiny homes are built around an existing house with a couple of lots attached so that the house can be used as a commons area (storage of food/food prep, bathing, laundry, etc) but each person still retains their own living space. I've had three different people approach me to varying degress, with potential real estate opportunities--ranging from donation of a city lot to leasing their property without actually paying for the property. A husband and wife team have approached me about what they can do to help secure funding for such a project. So, please know that there are solutions in the works, but they are all in an infancy state right now and people want to work on these separate projects without being under the pressure of public scrutiny.
  • David Christopher Roach Public scrutiny is a good thing- the Mayor just had a photo op- talking about openess, and transparency- Infact- everything should be out in th epublic domainas much as possible- I know how things work in this cow-town- lots of talk, lots of back room chatter; but then no action- quietly bury it and move on- or some NEW IMPROVED BETTER SHINY-ER- new thing- to make us all forget about last weeks news.. 
    The Mayor could -with a stroke of a pen; and another photo op- open up the city owned Barn- just across the wells st bridge- ; spend some money- to Pay Nowak for some porta johns; and some straw- to at least have some what indoor shelter for the misfit holeless.- ROOM AT THE INN- INQUIRE WITHIN.. - 
    OR- except Bishop Rhoades is now out about 2 MILLION BUCKS due to stupid ancient THEOCRATIC RULES- Well- theres PLENTY OF VACANT PEWS all across downtown- indoors- that the CATHOLIC CHURCH- could live up to their DUTY- to shelter the homeless- and permit the homeless- to sleep indoors - on nights when it gets lowert than 32degrees; perhaps?- if i was homeless- id be truy grateful to the CHURCH; GOD AND JESUS- for opening its doors to sleep on a hard wooden powe, or a carpeted church floor- instead of a hard cold concrete ground outdoors in the frigid weather- and then the CHURCH- could even bring in some social workers from CATHOLIC CHERITIES- to help "TRIAGE" these folks- to get them the help they want or need.
    WHY? BECAUSE- the CITY GOVT- falls all over itself helping REFUGEES- from god knows where- god forsaken 3rd and 4th world nations- BUT- WE CANT HELP OUR OWN 3RD CLASS OR 4TH CLASS CITIZENS- AMERICANS? 
    THIS IS THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM- Al these do-gooders are all about well- heres a blanket, a tarp , some hand me down clothes, a backpack full of goodies; etc- FOOD, SNACKS- BUT- THEYARE STILL OUT OF DOORS.- if they are not being brought indoors into cold weather shelter- and im not talking 4 seasons( just one season..lol.)- theres a perfectly useful- adaptable- vacant warehouse/ box factory on the corner of superior st and Harrison- along harrison- theres a ground floor, and a downstairs- and a loading doick- seems we could somehow cheaply- (less than the millions and milions- 600 MILION BUCKS- FOR ABATEMENTS/TAX BREAKS/CORPORATE WELFARE- - the GREATER FORT WAYNE; MARK BECKER; ETC- the usual suspecvts- spoends. THERES MILLIONS FOR S STUPID BASEVBALL PARK- where the city owned and operated and i would assumePROFITABLE- if some priavet operatoers can come in - the WBA; ASH; Buskikrk; etc- - MILLIONS FOR ALL SORTS OF STUPID LEGACY PROJECTS- PORK BARRELL; EARMARK; SPECIAL INTERST BOON DOGGLES- seems for less than A MILLION BUCKS- we collectively- 200 ,000 city residents- thats 5 bucks each- we could cook up some makeshift shelter to add to the superior st mission shelters spaces- for women and children, and families.?
    WHAT ABOUT RICK STEVENSON? THE WAYNE TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE? seems thats a nice cushy jobs project as well- seems we could collectively- get these folks together-the cops the mayor, the city govt; the township trustee; the homeless shelter; the BISHOP( bonehead)- and - REQUISITION; COMMANDEER A FEW VACANT BUILDINGS- AND JUST PUT TOGEHTER A PUZZLE- and when spring comes around- kickthem all out- so they dont freeze to death- see what worked, what didnt, and plan ahead for next year? - BUT NO- I M NOT SAYING IM A SHARPest PENCIL IN THE CAN- BUT I THINK IM AHEAD OF THE BELL CURVE..- we jaut have to think outside the cardboard box( with a homless dude in it?- and JUST DO IT- instead of just talkling everything to death. bureaucratic immobilization..IF PATTON OPERATED THIS WAY IN EUROPE- WED ALL BE SPEAKING GERMAN. ( other than the locals who ALREADY DO SPEAK GERMAN..LOL.)- anyway- THIS IS WHY VETERANS DONT FIT IN WITH SOCIETY- WE DO THINGS- WE ACT. WE DONT LIKE bs; TALK, ENDLESS MEETINGS. WE MAKE A PLAN, WE GET THE RESOURCES, WE EXCUTE THE PLAN, AND WE WIN.. 
    SPEAKING OF- WHY DOENST SOMEONE- GO OVER TO BROADWAY AND BEAVER- and give the GOP cvhariman a swift kick in the BGELS?- I THINK HE CALLED IT Acommunitarian endeavor.. well - lately id simply call it an "intergovernmental bureaucratic cluster FCK.. " AND- DONT EVEN GET ME GOING ON GREATER FORT WAYNE; DIDLEFEST; AD ALL THOSE USUAL GANG OF IDIOTS.. http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/.../images/3/32/Gang1200.jpg



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