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Also we have begun a new outreach for a New Haven, Vietnam Veteran who was devastated by a house fire July 14.  Tom Ostrognai, lost everything and has no house insurance. Fan the Fire Ministries is going to help him rebuild his life. We are currently looking for businesses and people to donate and help us with materials and labor. If you want to join us go to the contact us tab above. Thank You!
The fire never goes out. Stay in the word and He
will give you wisdom for your walk with Him.
~You are always in our prayers~
With Love,
Evangelists Cornelio & Marlene Chacon Sr.

Tom Ostrognai Vietnam photos:

  1. Frost Illustrated: Remembering city lights?

    Jul 8, 2009 - We will pay what ever they say under the guise of safety as our leaders cash their checks again. —Tom Ostrognai. Have an opinion on this ...

  1. Frost Illustrated: Visions of the outgoing mayor

    Feb 14, 2007 - Tom Ostrognai Taxpayer not hoodwinked. Have an opinion on this matter? We'd like to hear from you. Click here. Other Community Headlines:

Sandy Thompson For Mayor

Sandy Thompson was the weather reporter on Fort Wayne's Channel 15 News for 23 years. In October of 2010, the station decided to not renew her contract.
A lot of people in the community were upset by her firing. In the summer of 2012, when Indiana suffered a serious drought, someone posted signs like this on a couple of vacant lots on Lafayette Street in Fort Wayne's inner-city. This one says "Sandy Thompson For Mayor" and the others said "Sandy Thompson Can Stop The Drought."
The umbrella on the sign refers to Sandy Thompson's trademark red umbrellas that she held when broadcasting outdoors during rainstorms.

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