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SQUIRRELS- MEET "THE NUT"- but if you apply some of what the nut says- to local government- and the downtown corrupt KLEPTOCRACY
 then  it makes sense.- of course local economics are different than the Us Govt- We cant print money, but boy is Mayor tom Henry trying..


Debt is government's tool to better control us

Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 12:01 am
The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. Proverbs 22:7.
Debt creates indentureship, and indentureship is slavery.
It is from this understanding of debt that our ideals about debt should flow.
Some are surprised by the federal government/Federal Reserve’s desire to bankrupt the nation in debt.
However, if one merely looks at it from their point of view, it makes sense. The nation’s debt will be used as a tool to further their control over the governed.
You see, in a world where people are free and independent, there are limits to how much control oligarchs can have over them. However, should they become indebted to their masters, they can be forced into all manners of oppression.
The United States’ national debt stood at $5.7 trillion just 14 years ago. Today that figure has ballooned to over $18 trillion; this during a time when the 78 million baby boomers were in their prime working, earning and saving years. The U.S. government should have been paying off all of its debt during this time, not running the national credit card though the roof.
So why did the government engorge itself with debt during this critical time? The answer is simple: to place the people of America further under the control of the Federal Reserve.
By ensuring the nation will not be able to pay the debt the government is creating, the Fed is preparing to be the “savior” from the very crisis it creates.
As the boomers retire, the government will find itself in a “crisis.” It will claim it never imagined that $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities to be paid by unskilled immigrant workers from third world countries would be an issue. It will default on its Social Security and Medicare payments to middle class America and enforce confiscatory tax policies in the name of “fairness.”
All the while the government will pretend that the coming economic cliff caught it totally by surprise.
Governmental debt is particularly hateful and mean-spirited to the most responsible Americans. A household can choose to not take on debt, buying only what they need and paying as they go.
However, they have no power to stop the runaway government in its headlong flight into insolvency. They can only watch in horror knowing that when the bill comes due it will be given to those who acted responsibly all along to service a debt they had nothing to do with creating.
It is the Fed’s goal to use debt to crush the most decent and hardworking Americans. That is the real reason the debt can’t be stopped or slowed. Any attempt to stop borrowing money is call a “government shutdown” and sends the Federal Reserve-owned media into a frenzied apoplectic state.
Even Indiana Gov. Mike Pence used the massively disingenuous verbiage of “default” to describe when the U.S. government doesn’t raise the debt ceiling.
So what is to be done? First understand that any politician who supports more spending of any kind when the government is running a debt is working for the destruction of the nation. Second, look at duplicitous politicians like Jackie Walorski, who voted for champion debt ceiling raiser John Boehner for speaker and aggressively supported their opponent in Republican primaries.
Lastly, never give any money to the Chamber of Commerce or the Republican Party, both of which love massive government debt in the name of crony capitalism.
The only hope we have in salvaging the Republic lies with the people learning to treat government debt as if it were on their own household’s balance sheet. And for those of you who have assets for the government to seize, it truly is on your household balance sheet.
Ric Runestad is a resident of Fort Wayne.


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hank (Report abuse)
JANUARY 29 2015 8:13 AM
Hi Rick,

The problems you are decrying were caused by Tea Party idol Milton Friedman, who along with Republican Richard Nixon abolished the gold standard in 1971. This, according to David Stockman in "The Great Deformation of American Capitalism" is the original cause of our country's debt binge.

You need to go back to 1980, when the public debt was about 950B$, then
look at the end of the Reagan years, when it ballooned to about 3 trillion $ to see when the problem started.

Stockman in his book went on to point out that the total public and private debt has ballooned from 160% of GDP in 1980 to 360% of GDP in 2010, largely because of debt-financed corporate buyouts that free market Republican economists told us were "healthy" for the economy.

AND yes indeed the public debt stood at 5.7 trillion 14 years ago, then the Republicans squandered trillions on tax cuts, and followed Libertarian advice by deregulating Wall Street which caused the financial crisis dumped on Obama, further plunging us into debt.

To fight the crisis, Bush2-appointed Republican Ben Bernanke rolled the printing presses as they have never been rolled before, because Republican Hank Paulson lied to the country about the dire economic consequences if the Republican crony capitalists didn't dish out 700B$ to Wall Street.

The only thing done to restrain the debt in recent years has been done by Barak Obama, who raised taxes on wealthy tax payers in 2012, and cut the deficit by 600 billion dollars in 2 years, from 1080 B$ to 480B$ in FY 2013.

The Tea Party wailed that such a tax increase would destroy the economy. Do you wonder why no one listens to, or votes for, the Tea Party?

You make some good points here Rick, but your Tea Party fanaticism
shows in your amnesia & ignorance about who and what started these problems in the first place. You are the blind attempting to lead the blind my friend, and I think that what what you have written above will persuade no one but Rebecca.

AND Rick, I would recommend that you read Stockman's book.

Hank Achor
RebeccaMallory (Report abuse)
JANUARY 29 2015 9:26 AM
Mr. Achor, you either have not read or have not understood Friedman. To correct your thinking on his view of the gold standard, I suggest you read "A Monetary History of the United States" by Friedman and Anna Schwartz.

You will find that it effectively counters both yours and Mr. Stockman's theories.

The nature of your comments leads me to believe that you have read about Milton Friedman, but have not read Milton Friedman. That would be intellectual sloth.

Your "history" is incomplete, and it certainly ignores other factors that are both proximate and distal causes of the current debt.

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