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 a related post on the same topic- the poor

I'm going to be very critical with this post so this is the warning:
In recent days/weeks, some know I have worked in tandem with local community activities, specifically in Allen County, driving home about the need for more care and due diligence of the homeless population. In a recent survey, it was found that over 700 are in Fort Wayne, over 1,100 in Allen County, and even more, total, in northeast Indiana. Given I ran for federal public office, and my background in mental health, the homeless situation was one I hold very dear to my heart. Because of this, I felt drawn to aid in any way to help those that are less fortunate.
2 weeks ago, on 1/13/15, I sat in the Fort Wayne City Council, an advocate to assist for a call by several on a homeless challenge. This challenge was simple: 7 days, 6 nights, 0 comforts. This was for the members of elected office, in Fort Wayne, to understand the trials people have to face on the street. 9 council members were challenged along with the mayor (who was not present.) During this meeting, the public forum was offered. I was involved in a discussion in the hallway when this started as I had agreed to be the opening speaker (as such, I was speaker #4). I had encountered some information prior to this meeting that was indirectly related to the homeless situation, and given my policy of having 2 credible sources for my information, I preceded.
To start, I challenged the council members to take part in 1 night of being homeless. In 2015, I have not and doubt I will, enter into a political race, but given my passion for this issue and that I ran in 2014 political office, I felt obliged to do the same. Here's where my critical statements start.
Long have I learned that language is 30% what you hear and 80% what you see. What I saw struck me. No direct eye contact from 7/9 council members (Geoff Paddock and Thomas F. Didier were the only 2 to give me eye contact) while I spoke. After my first round of questions, I went in to what I learned previously. I asked specifically about the recent announced "The Landing" project. Now, I was given some credible information and proceeded to ask. I don't hold council responsible, directly, on budget cuts, but I do hold them responsible that they are elected officials who can address the homeless situation. I asked about a topic that goes hand-in-hand, to a degree, with the homeless situation --- Legacy.
I asked specifically, to all 9 council members, if any Legacy funds were used in "The Landing" purchase of 7 buildings. I got a cold stare along with 2/9 remarks of "no", 1/9 saying "I don't know", 1/9 shrug of the shoulders, 3/9 failing to look at me, and 2/9 playing on their phones texting and writing on a pad of paper.
Truth be told...the next day, a 3rd confirmation emerged --- Legacy funds were "loaned" ($1 million) for purchasing these buildings and with no developer. I had one council member, Tom Smith, accost me after the meeting saying I had no idea what I was talking about and that in no way had they used the funds for that purchase.
While our homeless in Fort Wayne, and surrounding communities, goes unchecked except for unlawful arrests and destruction of their property, City's sit on countless hundreds of thousands of HUD funding, we have propaganda used to showcase a pilot program that does not address the short-term situation facing our homeless, we have vacant properties labeled for "green" use, and we have this being another "since it's in the news, we will throw this news item (pilot program) out there in hopes it blows over" response.
Our citizens deserve better, and they deserve every, last, elected representative replaced. Our citizens deserve someone that understands what is happening in the communities, and will put partisanship aside, and do what is best for those without a voice as much as those who contribute to campaigns. Every person in the community has a say in how government works, and it's about time anyone wanting to run for political office remembers they are running to represent the peoples' voice...not their own.
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  • David Christopher Roach this is growing from more than just a "we should all help the homeless get a home"- to one of income inequality- the haves and the have nots.
    Im trying really hard to bring the term HENRY-VILLES into wide spread usage- just as HOOVERVILLES in the 30's..
    what we have here is a corrupt Plutocratic Kleptocracy that is growing more dystopian by the day. the Greed head developers and their sycophantic politicians and toadies; the local propagandist print media; and govt workers who are most to blame- are fighting tooth and nail- to keep their hands in the cookie jar; to have their cake and eat it too; and to the rest of us- we can go EAT CAKE.
    meanwhile- the rest of the citizens residents taxpayers; and centrists- are all mad as hell at this situation of spending millions borrowing milllions, bonding millions and raising utility fees by millions- to spend this city into economic oblivion; while they ride off into the sunset with their carpet bags full of our looted GOLD- leaving us with a looted govt vault full of IOUs and garish monstrosities of vacant buildings, and parking garages.. 
    while the estimated 2500 homeless citizens residents with constitutional and civil rights- freeze to death; die from pneumonia or bronchitis; or flu; what have you..
    the city's streets are crumbling from the freeze thaw- that costs millions; the sidewalks- where and if there are any- are just as bad; theres - a 1000 or so houses- in the South side of fort wayne that could be rehabbed; renovated' re modeled- by use of RESIDENTIAL TAX ABATEMENTS low interest loans- the property tax base- 
    meanwhile the crooked Kleptocracy - is awarding the wrecking ball crews and bulldozers 25,000 bucks a pop- to turn these so called "blighted eyesores"- withhistoricl charm- into vacant lots; while the copper piping wiring, aluminum siding, and gutters and anything else of value - is trashed and sorted and shipped off to the Mayors family of friendly scrap dealers.. 
    what will go up instead- if anything? fly by nigh no omney down other peoples money rent to own developers and housing tracts- "affordable housing- 1500 bucks a month and up- commonly known as GENTRIFICATION..- meaning - price the Riff-raf tue poor, the undesirables- and of course the blacks hispanics asians and poor white righ tout town- where? they dont care- just OUT... and who will move in?they want these young STEM GRADUATES- TO LIVE DOWNTOWN- work downtown, shop downtown. well- theres a reason why folks ditched the city and moved to the suburbs.. 
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