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Lots to talk about with these guys on "Political Radar", tonight at 7:30, on 21Alive!
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  • David C Roach Yes- there is- such as what are the ETHICAL AND POLITICAL CONCERNS- of having a sitting ALLEN COUNTY ELECTION BOARD MEMBER; AND- Lawyer of a Law Firm that has made 50,000 dollars or so of campaign contributions to the incumbent Mayor; and same Lawyer and law firm does extensive city business. 
    This is almost as unethical as the GOP Chairman- who is law firm partner with another sitting Allen County Election Board member- Tom Hardin; but the GOP Chairman is at least a Party Chairman; and not a board member.- Its a thin line..

    Of Course- the news commentator- is married to the GOP #3 man in the Indiana state govt- Senator Pro-Temp David C Long- but this concerns a local political race.
    Surely the Democrats can find someone to represent their side on this highly popular "tabloid"-ish TV show? the democrat Chairman John Court- on- oh- well- he hasnt lived here long enough to know all the players, or back stories..
    Andy downs?- Hes aDemocrat- a PHD- the downs center; etc- HE would be a better choice- other than he often serves as a n Allen County Election BoardProxy.
    Jack Morris- Other than he has represented/ will be representing the Mayor; and the democrat party- in an upcoming ACEb appeal- concerning election law violations.

    Sharon Tucker- would add some political color commentary ( double entendre- )- and diversity to the all rich white folk cast line -up.

    so- again- the appearance of impropriety and ethical conflicts behind a sittingAllen County Election Board member- who is supposed to apply Neutral judgements to matters before the ACEB; on a TV show where he will assuredly be expressing support or disparaging candidates of both his and the opposite party; or a better choice to champion the democrats side- VS- the GOP Chairman- law firm partner of Allen County Election Board
    member Tom Hardin- but is at least one step removed from the fray; and has been a long -time GOP( he never says the word "republican lately; it seems..)- for at least 20 years or so..
    I guess this shows the local democrats dont have a very deep bench; or team?
    I WILL be filing an ethics complaint with the Allen County Election Board; and the Allen County Ethics Commission if it still exists vis -a vis Tim Pape..
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