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that is a saying-  from the 60s SPACE PROGRAM AND MILITARY-  a Major screw up; error mistake, etc..
  • Gina Burgess David Roach -- I think you raise some valid concerns and have a legitimate complaint. However, your manner and method of communication needs to be more professional, non-emotional, and without your trademark flamboyant flair. Otherwise, your concerns are going to fall of deaf ears and your credibility will take another hit.
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  • David C Roach yes- thats a bad habit of mine; isnt it? I graduated from the "Hunter S Thompson" School of Writing.. 
    but hey- at least i do my own writing; and dont need a staff of professional wordsmiths and PR/PIO?Propaganda to do my thinking and writing for me, now do I?- other than proof reading; and so on.
    I wonder if the Mayor actual has any orginal thoughts.. 
    OH- did you see this? THIS IS PRICELESS!!
    And just the night before- at the Inner city ministers forum- the Mayor spoke about how much he loved and supported the Unions?
    again- which is it- flip? or flop? we -the voters need to flip mayor henry the bird; and flop him out the 4th floor; to work for his cronies;and kleptocratic plutocrat friends..
    but thats just my opinion.

    During collective bargaining debates last...
  • David C Roach AND THIS- "The Gong Show"- "Tom Cook Love-Fest"
    from The Journal Gazette
    Tom Cook I would love to see him become the next "Democrats Tommy Schrader Debacle"-other than Cook would promptly resign- and Mayor Henry would be caucsed in.Ditto for Mr Stevenson. Im the only one -If nominated- would stay the course till november..
    AND- If Mr Cook managed an apartment complex-i want to see the pay stubs; or tax records; because i have found researching his background and fact checking himon my online "truth-o-meter" to be maddeningly aggravating. this man is a walking mendacity...
    AND- althoiugh Tom cook seems like a nice enough person;
    H lacks any serious education which would qualify him for any serious job.- No college; no t an veteran, and so on.
    Compared to me..
    AND- speaking of education- does MR Stevenson have any higher education?
    for all the talk of the importance of education at the statehouse with Ms ritz; and Education public policy; and so on; AND- ISTEP TESTS LOCALLY; and GROWING "AND ATTRACTING"TALENT"( highly desirable highly educated new rsidents citizens tax payers and voters-;Well- for the daily morning Tabloid - to just dismiss peoples EDUCATIONAL AND MILITARY RECORDS OUT OF HAND- because well- in MY case- Imnot a plain bland vanilla politican who will maintain the KLEPTOCRACY; ENRICH THE LOCAL PLUTOCRATS; or spend several tens of thousands of other peoples money- to the local print media tabloids for sleazy mud slinging he said she said wasteful; pointless useless to voters a dndevoid of any serious political substance - YOU KNOW THE USUAL CITY ELECTIONS..

    I want to see a change – we have too much money being spent in places where it shouldn’t be spent,” candidate Tom Cook said. “My philosophy is I’m tired of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.” 

    Cook said that if elected, he would work to restore collective bargaining to the city’s non-public safety employees and would strive to spend more money in the city’s neighborhoods instead of focusing on downtown.

    “I would be working with the south end of the city,” he said, acknowledging that some parts of the south side have had problems with crime.

    There are ways, Cook said –through the use of Legacy Fund money to build more facilities like McMillen Park Community Center or by beautifying the neighborhoods – to combat crime and make certain areas of the city safer for residents.

    “If you make the city look nice, these criminals would leave,” Cook said, noting that crime exists in any city, but beautification projects could help deter some criminals. 
    ( dter some criminals- code words for disenfranchised minority youths?- or police and political criminals? white collar criminals?) Crime - nice "dog whistle politics..

    The state of Fort Wayne’s neighborhoods,...
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