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links to be posted soon as to evidence of Judge Levine's political and personal conflicts of interest- obtained from public records-   screen shots of Judge Levine's Facebook page postings and photographs   clearly showing  close ties to the Mayors family; and businesses; AND- indicating the Mayors strong support of Judge levine..( heck- I couldnt even get an "after game good sport handshake from the mayor at a recent political forum hosted by the IDAAC-Indiana Democrat African -american Caucus)- so clearly- the Mayor doesnt like me THAT MUCH.. the feeling is mutual - its more than just politics; but a good sport handshake is not saying the Mayor is unsportsmanlike; a poor loser..( tee hee)- just saying..
AND- jUDGE Levine's 2014 campaign finance reports- donations from the Mayors brother; and the Mayors brothers businesses. The Mayor and Judge Levine are clearly  friends as 20 years as a 2nd district councilman and  the honorable Judge  was  city council attorney for the same time frame; and a practicing Attorney.
For the record- as a matter of clarification- I have met Judge Levine; and he is likeable enough and the voters have elected him on his record and reputation; so i have no issues with his; other than his personal and political ties that may present an appearance of impropriety; or conflict-  like - suppose YOU had your BUD as a Judge at YOUR TRIAL or Appeal? DUDE- SWEEET? RIGHT?  Im sure the judge will be impartial; but why  risk it? better to recuse; hand off the HOT POTATO to someone else; and wash your hands of the matter..?

Im a political nerd; dork/geek. Professor emeritus at the Roach Center of Political Science for the study of shabby local politics..( tee hee..)
but seriously-
Ive been perusing the various campaign finance reports; and my ACEB appeal- the "special Judge"- the Courts have decided will be Judge Stanley Levine. Judge levine has close ties - socail and personal and political - with Mayor henry. Judge Levine will be in a position to be deciding in a court the legal issues of his frtiend. this hardly seems ethical. Judge Levine should recuse himself; and a neutral Judge of mutial agreement between the ACEB; and myself can be agreed upon.
On a related note:- Im seriously thinking about filing a campaign finance/election law complaint vs Tom Cook; and Bob Bastian for starters-
Its not possible to raise/spend ZERO DOLLARS- bob has several campaign signs all around- find them in a corn flake box? these look like they cost more thn Zero dollars.. - hmm- Perjury?- also an ad in a recent real estate supermarket magazine- i have a "hard evidence copy- in which he co mongles his business and political interests in a combined print ad; AND- no "disclaimer"..
Mr Cook- has HAD to have spent monies on bus fare- he said he rides the bus-at the recent IDAAC candidates forum..- AND- That cheap used car salesman suit( humor)- - but Mr cook also claims ZERO dollars spent.
I havent even begun to look at all of Mayor Henry's finances; or Mr Harpers- or the REST of the 42 OR SO LOCAL CANDIDATES- but ill start with the ZEROS- as Perjurious( perjury)- as again-
anything costs money.
MY own persoanl finances- campaign- I have burned electricity; burned fuel; and burned my internet bill- so im going to turn in a claim of 100 bucks- an unitemized close estimate- of my campaign finances..
As for My personal- I am a care-giver for my mom- so my expenses are zero- I earn some cash collecting cans; and doing odd jobs- to buy groceries for the house..
Im a Pauper; but Im a King..
But- again- to claim ZERO on a campaign finance report is Perjury-again- esp if you have "vote for me signs" all over town..- unless someone bought them for you.. at least the other REPUBLICANS with signs- Mr collins included- we need to see his sign printers bill- at least THEY say REPUBLICAN= and once More- MrHarper proves hes ethically challenged- as no where does it mention the R-WORD- REPUBLICAN friends of Mitch? NO FRIENDS HERE.. smile emoticon
May- 14th is the next scheduled ACEB meeting- im sure THEN- they will be able to squeeze Gina's complaint into their BUSY schedule? OH_ and their ACEB ATTY- Ms Hawks gutman- will be back from her vacay in tahiti..or wherever she made herself unavialable to do anything about MY ACEB appeal- so- its after the primary- where the issue will be moot; but still -we shal pursue this until the right people are "crucified"- cant say "hanged"- as in the wild west- because people will mis-construe THAT as racist- somehow..
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Gina Burgess RECUSAL OF JUDGE – First, let me again reiterate that I am NOT an attorney. Second, I have never helped recuse a Judge before. Honestly, I’ve really never had a need for it. Third, I strongly suggest that you find an attorney to help you out. However, until that time---or as your budget permits---there are some examples of Motions of Recusal online. If I were in your position, I would review one of those websites, such as:
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  • Gina Burgess RECUSAL OF JUDGE – First, let me again reiterate that I am NOT an attorney. Second, I have never helped recuse a Judge before. Honestly, I’ve really never had a need for it. Third, I strongly suggest that you find an attorney to help you out. Howev...See More
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  • Gina Burgess RECUSAL OF JUDGE LEVINE: Honestly, I’m surprised that Judge Levine would get involved in this matter. And, as a matter of disclosure, I have a personal affinity for his Honor. You see, the attorney that I cut my teeth under as a paralegal—cut his teeth under and beside Judge Levine. In our firm, an emphasis was placed on integrity and fair play. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.  ) While I am sure Judge Levine would handle this matter in a fair way, I don’t believe he can oversee it as a matter of conflicts. You have pictoral evidence of a good number of examples of these conflicts, such as the one where Sandy Kennedy and Mayor Henry are said to strongly support Judge Levine. And that is true—they did support Judge Levine. No one ever tried to hide that fact. Frankly, why should they? They are entitled to support whoever they wish. 

    However, as a judge, his Honor is to remain above the political fray. And the reality is that his political campaign was underwritten by Jerry Henry (the Mayor’s brother), Tim Haffner (the City’s Attorney and architect of the New Harrison deal, the settlement with the EPA, and more), and others strongly associated with either the Democratic Party, the current Henry administration or beneficiaries of projects pushed forward by the Henry administration, such as Robert Walter—one of the original parcel landowners now part of the Ash “Cash & Slash” Brokerage project (whom I think gets one or more dedicated parking spaces in the new Ash garage?) and members of Steel Dynamics—manufacturers of the steel structural beams being used in every public-private partnership project from the Public Safety Academy to Ash. 

    As if that wasn’t enough conflict, most of the funds raised for his Honor was coordinated by Bruce Boxberger of Carson Boxberger. Carson Boxberger is the other major law firm involved in all these public-private partnerships deals including Harrison Square and Ash Brokerage. Andy Boxberger is the major architect of the Ash Brokerage project; Tim Pape was the major architect behind the Harrison Square venture before Tim Haffner (Faegre, Baker & Daniels) got involved as the project was starting to go belly-up, financially. Tim Pape is also the current managing partner for Carson Boxberger and they just dumped $10,000 into Mayor Henry’s 2015 campaign. 

    With all of these “ties that bind”, I just can’t see his Honor wanting to get involved in something that could possibly trigger an audit of his own 2014 campaign finance report with the State Board of Accounts. And then there’s the possible involvement of the Indiana Judiciary for violations of Judicial Canons that Judge Felts avoided by recusing himself. Again, I just don’t see his Honor potentially putting so much at risk to clean up the messes of others—the safer thing to do for all the local judges is to get this political hot potato out of their hands and into that of the Indiana Attorney General’s office. Am truly hoping that you are mistaken.
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  • David Christopher Roach THATS ME- "Spuds MacKenzie- the local "hot Potato"- or is that "POTATOE"? The other item of interest that annoys me- is I have followed and obeyed all the laws to the letter and spirit; and the best of my "non-lawyer" abilities; filed all papers before the required deadlines; gathered all accurate evidence and data from public records; and internet research; at least thos public records that are truly "public records"- you know- the only record i just cant seem to pry from the mayors sticky fingers is the one record that is going to put the final nail in his political coffin- that of His birth certificate- which will prove his origina filing paperwork is invalidated; perjured, due to that inaccuracy; and will eject him fro this office.
    The other records which are recently filed- that of the Mayors tax records and his wifes- for the year 2014- which wil show all their economic interests- to comly with the other paperwork which all candidates are required to file and swear or affirm under penalties of perjury- are also not available.
    A mayor who states he is al for "transparency and openess- sure is exhibiting NIXONIAN secrecy and paranoia-when it comes to public records which show he is a liar.; and a cheater- he lied on his paperwork; ahd 2 lawyers lie at an ACEB hearing; lied when he said he knew nothing about the FWPD rousting thehomeless and taking their property; and is CHEATING THE PUBLIC- by NOT disclosing pertinent and relevant facts about his background..
    would YOU hire someone who lied on their mcdonalds or Wal Mart application? NO. - would you hire someone who had such a swiss cheese record to ANY responsible government job? NO - agencies such as the Secret service; and others have enough problems of their own.. the hint is - go google the mayors actual name- Thomas Charles "Tom" Henry- you wil find a wikipedia article footnoted from the The Waynedale News- which the Mayor is a frequently featured govt official; and Wikipedia is generally pretty accurate; ; NEXT- google around with various permutations of the Mayor sname- thomas; tom; Henry; foprt Wayne; Mayor; and use"christopher" ( the name on his paperwork)- and wsee wht pops up? very little- the first indication something isnt "KOSHER" besides Judge Levin .

    But back to the matter at hand.- The fact is that immediately after I filed my Alllen Allen County Election Board ruling Appeal- THEIR designated Attorney- Cathy Hawk- Gutman- filed a paper saying she was unable to tend to this matter until AFTER THE PRIMARY ELECTION- rendering this whole proceeding a circus side show. 
    As another aside- Ms Gutman is ALSO A HENRY FOR MAYOR DONOR-HOW CONVENIENT- they have circled their wagons on all sides- assuring this matter will never see the light of day- until- last court papers ive received- indicate not until AUGUST!! I also received a letter from the court- saying my CHOISE OF SPECIAL JUDGE- despite following court rules- WILL BE JUDGE LEVINE- who i have met briefly at city council meetings when i was a regular "bleacher bum/Kibbutzer in the cheap seats/peanut gallery" waaay back in the 90's. before the proceedings were televised on Cable TV; and live Streamed- Judge Levine is a likeable enough sort of person; and Im sure he is a wizened and ethical Judge.
    However - in this matter- in which a clearer conflict of interests- political and personal- given the clear ties to one of the subjects of the original ACEB hearing- is certainly well grounded- Judge Levine- should recuse himself- SUA SPONDE- ASAP ( ASAP - isnt Latin, by the way..) "On His own"- He has many years to go; is clearly a democrat; will have the Party's interests in mind; and his generous benefactors- so why take on the aggravation? this decision will assuredly have repercussions with the Indiana state Judicial Review Board.
    so - also in the most recent letter received from the court; Judge Levine- he has wasted no time jumping full in- indicates the strong possibility that Mayor Henry's legal troubles - perjury; paperwork etc- will be dismissed as a SCRIVENERS ERROR. so- how to you make a SCRIVENERS ERROR WITH YOUR OWN NAME on legalLy binding official paperwork? Never send an errand boy to collect on a debt that you are owed. always collect it yourself- meaning- the Mayor screwed up BIG TIME; refuses to take responsibility for his screw up; wont even tell the voters he screwed up; and is hoping he can hide this screw up until after the Primary election. Well- I spoke of Nixonian EARLIER- Its not he crime; its the cover up- Its not a crime to screw up your campaign paperwork. I could say I loaned myself ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to my campaign- and FILE IT- SIGN IT- and I would be promptly prosecuted for Perjury...( a whole nother topic..)
    so- the Mayor is Above the laws? the cops seem to be with their retirement age issue...
    So once again- The cover-up- the just sign this away action by the ACEB ATTY- mayors campaign donor; the delay until wel after the relevant election- where this matters- despite following the rules obeying the laws; following the legal process set out by the ACEB;a nd the Allen county courts;

    AND now we see in Today;s ( sunday- 4-19-2015 The Journal Gazette)- Anice propaganda PUFF PIECE- on the ACEB director, Beth Dlug- who is also responsible in part for this MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE- of how a paperless voting system will save voters money; and how much integrity and trust we should have in the process?-well- it was NOT HAVING -MY- EVIDENCE- on paper- i had emailed all of it to the ACEB; and posted duplicate EVIDENCE on my ROACH4MAYOR CAMPAIGN BLOG-
    link here:
    SO NOW - the ACEB wants to have a PAPERLESS SYSTEM- where there is NO PAPER TRAIL- in case of various scenarios- the 2011 Mayors election was extremely close; the 2011 2nd district election was within 200 votes or so. the 3rd district congressional race of 2014- was decided by less than 800 votes- between a scrub who also won a city council nomination-and was removed for various legal issues; and at least a good guy with some adequate qqualifications. WEB...
  • David Christopher Roach Imagine if the se elections- that something happend to the computer system? a system crash? a power outage due to a squirrel chasing a nut in an AEP power station? a car hist a tree- hits a pole; knocks out the power? a lightnin strike- ? a server crash( the city utilities billing system had one of those)- one thing i do know- DESPITE being the "village idiot savant"- is- get it in writing; have a paper trail that can be audited; electronics are prone to gremlins and glitches and crashes and other unforseeable screw ups..
    Heck- I cant even get a written transcript of the Feb 18th ACEB meeting- the ACEB wont cough one up- and any transcript made by me; or someone else; and not costing a boatload of cash from a professional transcription service- will not be accepted as legally admissible- YET AS I SAID BEFORE- THIS WHOLE ACEB APPEAL WOULD BE UNCESSARY- if the ACEB board members- Ms Borgmann; Mr Hardin; and MR Pape- had bothered to examine the emails i had sent them ON THEIR TABLET COMPUTERS..
    oh- did i mention- the room that is typically the venue for ACEB meetings is not wired for sound? or video?- they have a recording secreatry- i have been able to obtain a minimla meeting minutes- but that again is useless- ; AND the ACEB - wont video tape the proceedings nor post them on apublic site- such as YOUTUBE; or any ther- - WHY? costs too much; i expect..- wel- THATS JUST STUPID.. 
    Anyway- YOU all get the idea.
    Im sorry this was such a long post; but the worls isnt a 30 second sound bite- I have said more here than the Mayor has said all of his campaign, if youre paying attention.. the fix was in the deck was stacked the circus started FEb 7th- when the local media declared the winwer SHALL BE HENRY VS HARPER. and ther are hundreds of milions of GRAFT at stake- patronage; corruption; crony capitalism- which I have stated all along- ALL THIS MUST STOP .>
    I was watching the GODFATHER movie marathon- one of my favorite movie trilogies- and the Scene in GF2- where Michael Corleone- is at the congressional hearing- and brazenly ; perfectly straight faced LIES TO THE COMMITTEE- CONGRESS!- shamelessly- PERJURY- seems its just an inconvenience ; just business as usual in the hals of politics? AND- the other best scene is where Michael's Wife- says "all this must stop- its an abortion- just like this whole Sicilian thing which has been going on for 2000 years- "- Could equally apply th this WHOLE LAUGHINGSTOCK OF AN ELECTION SYSTEM WE HAVE HERE IN ALLEN COUNTY- Integrity? honesty? 
    what a joke. Beth dlug- director of elections- its like- well which way do you want this election directed? ( im joking).. Beth and her staff; and the staff at the Voters registration office- are woefully underfunded; understaffed- and just plain logistically unable to properly run an election for a city our county of this size- given all the errors; perjury of paperwork; political and court shenanigans and so on. which all the posts to my and others Facebook pages- and all those who agree with me and my friends; AND all the posts i have been making to my CAMPAIGN PAGES: 
    DOCUMENTING ALL THIS- FOR FURTHER PROSECUTION- until the right heads roll- and yes- just like the crooked French Monarchy- the People- the Peasants WILL PREVAIL.. oh- and if i turn up dead under dubious circumstances; it was homicide; and start with the local polticians; and the police as perpetrators.. just saying- hundreds of millions of dollars at stake is assuredy " motive.." Im goring their Sacred Cash COW- with a mack truck with a spike on the bumper ( mad max?)- so of course they will come after me with everything they got- Just like Harvey Dent; and Batman were targeted as well. just trying to take a "dent" ut of crime; and clean up "Gotham City" Its a dirty job, but someones got to do it.. I love my "beloved hometown" of Fort Wayne and lived here too long with nothing changing; and the usuel suspects getting rich and the rest of us getting ripped off; and up mad as hell and im not going to take it anymore..

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