Thursday, April 2, 2015

la la la la la la...tee hee!

My "take" on this?  30 % of general election voters  care..

"Stupid is as Stupid does">VOTES MATTER; ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES  this is what happens when democrats allow Tea party conservatives to gain majorities in state government..-
Thanks to the state and local democrat  chairmen; and their central committees; and a weak 2 party system;
we get stupid republicans passing stupid   loony toon laws to appease their stupid loony toons  base of supporters.
Red- state  Red Neck white Trash blue collar /blue blood elitists-
Indiana will be a laughing stock for years to come..
I would never pass anything or govern soo STUPIDLY..
"My Mama always said "stupid is as stupid does"- Forrest Gump
The only upside to any of this IDIOCRACY
IS maybe the weed smoking stoners; or committed Rastafaris  with their sacred Ganja-  may find a way to exercise their freedom of religious RIGHTS/RITES..
but dont hold your breath or inhale..
and what will that do to drug tests as well?

Karma- got to love it..

Mayoral candidate: RFRA is an ‘arrogant exercise of power’

Mayoral Candidate Rick Stevenson issues a statement on Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act on Thursday.
Mayoral Candidate Rick Stevenson issues a statement on Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act on Thursday.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A democratic challenger for mayor and a Wayne Township Trustee called Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act an “arrogant exercise of power” on Thursday.
Rick Stevenson, who is challenging Mayor Tom Henry in the Democratic primary, made the announcement from Citizens Square on Thursday.
Stevenson emphasized that he has long been active in his Christian faith and called the new law, an “arrogant exercise of power by the Indiana state legislature.”
Stevenson said the law does not take into account Fort Wayne’s long history of compassion.
“The RFRA prevents our city from enforcing an ordinance that has served us well for over 50 years,” Stevenson said of Fort Wayne’s anti-discrimination ordinance.
The RFRA should include language that includes sexual orientation as a protected class, Stevenson said. He stated that if the bill was not modified to include that language, Fort Wayne’s human rights ordinance should be exempt to ensure that everyone in Fort Wayne will be treated with dignity.
When asked about Mayor Henry’s statements on the law, Stevenson said “one should stand up right or wrong. It’s not an in between issue. It’s right or wrong.”

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