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MY FELLOW DEMOCRATS – Over the past 48 hours, several of you have sent private messages, texts and phone calls to me regarding an upcoming Democratic event where 3 of the 9 City Council At-Large candidates will have the opportunity to make a formal presentation directly to a captive audience of Democrats. To answer your questions publically:
No, I had not been asked to give such a presentation, nor have I been given any such opportunity. As I oppose Mayor Henry’s brand of “economic development” and I have been outspoken about some of the shortcomings of Party leadership, I do not anticipate receiving any such liberties, any time soon.
No, I do not believe the courtesy bestowed to Henry’s three favorite At-Large candidates was given to the other five At-Large candidates. However, I do not know—for a fact---as to whether the other five At-Large candidates were also excluded from such opportunity. Many are facebook friends of mine, so you should be able to find them, contact them directly and ask them.
No, I will not be attending the event. What Party leadership is doing to me, individually, is wrong, but more importantly---what Party leadership is doing to the other At-Large candidates, collectively, is wrong. I am not attending that meeting as a show of support to my competitors, who have gotten the raw end of the deal because of Party “politics.”
No, I hold no personal ill will against the Democratic Club who is allowing their meeting to be used as a forum to give one group of candidates an advantage over another group of candidates. Sincerely, how could I?
Remember, how in 2012, many of you were told not to support me because I wasn’t a formal member of the Party. Party Leadership used my not being formally a part of the Party as the basis to deny me access to whatever resources other Democrats were allowed to have. To those that argued that I should have been given equal access to resources because, no matter what, I was a Democrat who made it through the Primary and deserved a real shot at success—you were told, “Gina couldn’t be trusted. Look who and what she chose as her campaign treasurer—a non-Democrat.”
In 2014, Party Leadership could no longer use the whole “Gina isn’t a Democrat” line and so the story changed to “we can’t support Gina because she isn’t a ‘good enough’ Democrat.” (wink, wink) There were many of you who didn’t understand why the Party would not put be on the ballot for Clerk of Court. Why let the Republican candidate go unopposed when there was a Democrat willing and able to run a competitive campaign and had the right credentials to do the job? Why continue to let Republicans control how the elections are run—to the point of allowing polling places in businesses that directly donate to the GOP? To which Party leadership had no real response other than “Gina isn’t a ‘good enough’ Democrat.” A growing number of you expressed private frustration at that decision.
In 2015, both of those incredibly weak and transparent arguments are moot. Outside of the current incumbents, I have the most Democratic credentialing on the ballot. The Democratic chair did not have to write a letter certifying that I was a Democrat in good standing like he had to do for a Mayoral candidate, an At-Large candidate, a 2nd District candidate, and a 3rd District candidate. Party leadership can no longer say that I am not a Democrat, not a ‘good enough’ Democrat (however that was “defined”), and that I shouldn’t be trusted to do what best for Democrats or for the people of our community.
All Party leadership can do at this point is to cut off communication (which they had as of November, 2014), deny me access to resources (which they had as of 2012), deny communication and access to resources to those who have publically supported me (which they had as of 2012, more severely as of 2014), begin attacks on my character in private meetings (which re-emerged as of 2014), and now, finally, deny me access to public opportunities afforded other “Democrats in good standing.”
But denying me access to public opportunities is problematic for Party leadership. If they cut off access to these public opportunities and to me alone, then it becomes crystal clear that I am being targeted for hostile treatment. (And yes, I know that Party leadership has been trying to play the whole “let’s unify behind the person who makes it through the Primary” cheerleading game—but that’s because secretly another game is being played that most people aren’t aware of.) So, the next best thing is to cut off access to these public opportunities to a majority of the field of At-Large candidates, many of whom are scrubs (i.e. Schrader) or fillers (i.e. Brown and Lobdell).
The Democratic Club hosting this public opportunity event will likely make apologies, citing time restrictions or that maybe these are the candidates that they, the Club, is endorsing. (Nevermind that such an endorsement was never put forth to the dues paying members of that Club.)
Again, no, I am not angry or upset with this Club, even though as a dues paying member I would have every right to. Instead, I’m going to continue to do what I always do—be the best I can be without the support of Party leadership.
And, again, to those who ask if I will be attending Wednesdays meeting---my answer is I choose to stand for principles over politics and as such, I will not be attending that event. I would encourage anyone else who disagrees with this brand of “politics”—that they too should not attend the meeting as a show of support for all the At-Large candidates.
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  • Cathy J Cross I was omitted from the speakers list as well being told that there were not enough meetings to accommodate the large numbers of candidates.. I agree - they were the chosen three, but the largest error by far, was underestimating the public support of the ones who were left out.
  • Gina Burgess Cathy J Cross -- I'm sorry you were excluded.
  • Douglas B Pritchett It's not just the Democrats. The Republicans are just as bad. One of the reasons I have broken my family's tradition of giving copious amounts of cash blindly to them. The system has become part of the problem. The political elite see everyone as a threat, and once in power work to exclude and frustrate anyone seeking office
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  • Gina Burgess Douglas B Pritchett -- I know you are right. But I had to address this from the perspective of Democrats. Many are starting to privately acknowledge problems that exist in the system--and far too many mistakenly believe they are alone. They are not. I believe its the same over on the GOP. I have proof that the leaders of both parties are working together, but its complex and likely to go over the heads of most people if not presented in a very simplified way. Btw, that's complex in terms of the entanglements---and will not be easy to follow along. I believe the complexity is by design.
  • Eric Hackley Maybe after the primary we can do a group discussion on "21st Century Exclusion" during Indiana and Fort Wayne's present movement for inclusion. Indiana discrimination, it never stops!
  • Brian Thornton Gina Burgess - John Court is cutting down strong people but know Jack Morris is keeping good tabs and when John moves on... There will be mending to do but many who wish to be involved...
  • Gina Burgess Brian Thornton -- John Court is not the sole problem here. Anyone who thinks so is being naive, in my opinion. I like Jack Morris, but I don't have much faith in a person that financially supports a candidate that was asked by the Party to run who may have residency issues, has never voted in a Democratic primary, and whom had to be given a letter stating that they were a "Democrat in good standing." If Jack is trying to be part of a solution, then he should not be entangling himself the way he is. But alas, that is only my opinion.
  • Karen Walker Thanks Gina and Cathy for the information. I have always believed the party should stay neutral in the primary, and I really feel uncomfortable about some being left out of the Luncheon Club discussion tomorrow. It's especially bad if dues paying members like Gina were left out. I think if they would put a time limit on the candidates, there would have been enough time for all. I am a dues paying member too and from my perspective I would like to say I'm sorry to the candidates who were not invited.
  • Chris Ohneck Come over to the Republican side. We respect our reps!
  • Brian Thornton The logic is flawed here Gina.. I'm just giving you another perspective.. I wish you the best.. Have a agreat day! 
  • Gina Burgess Brian Thornton -- My logic is not flawed and you know it. Here's the proof of Jack's choosing to be entangled:

  • Brian Thornton Hey Gina.. You are hot about this.. you might want to take a quick break and refocus.. Best wishes for the future!
  • Bill Bean I thought the Republican Party was the Party of Noninclusive. Not even sure if that's a word.
  • Gina Burgess Brian Thornton -- I am hot about what? One set of candidates being given preferential treatment over another set of candidates. You bet I am. I don't believe in discrimination--be it on the basis of race, sexual orientiation, or economics. Its called Principle. 

    If you are referencing Morris support for a candidate of questionable credentialing then no. I am not hot about that. Morris has the right to support whomever he wants. Gerardot did the same thing. But don't expect me to buy into the whole premise that Morris is trying to work on making amends in the future to candidates that have gotten the short-end of the stick because of Party leadership's decisions. I was born, but it wasn't yesterday.

    Besides, if Morris was really making those attempts, the first thing he would do is make sure that I and every other Democrat had uncensored access to to the Dem's facebook page so that discussions like this that involve Democrats could take place in an audience that is limited to Democrats. Why? Because you have to give those with grievances an outlet, otherwise dirty laundry gets aired in public. Btw, that's not a Democrat or Republican thing, that is a non-political, smart business thing. 

    If you think I am hot about my being denied access to a public opportunity, please think again. What do I have to be hot about? When I ran in 2012, I didn't even know such an opportunity existed. I know that I don't need that opportunity. If I get elected, its because enough people agree with me that a change is needed in the direction our local government is taking. If I don't get elected, its because I hold the minority opinion. 

    Again, not really sure what you are referencing?? In any case, hope you have a nice day as well! 
  • Gina Burgess Bill Bean -- Locally, both major political parties suffer from the same brand of "political inclusiveness." One day, the people that fund this three ring circus are going to figure out that there are alternatives to the current over-priced ringmaster and his understudies.
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  • Chris Ohneck That's the rumor you guys keep pushing to scare the uninformed!
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  • Gina Burgess What rumor is that Chris Ohneck?
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  • Bill Bean Gina There is no doubt that both parties have lost their way and I often wonder who's purpose they are trying to serve. I really wish there was a strong libertarian bent alternative available to participate in.
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  • Karen Walker The more I think about it, maybe you and the others excluded should show up at the meeting. Could get interesting.
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  • Joseph Townsend Bill Bean there is. Marlin stutzman is hated by both Democrats and republicans. Liz brown as well. They are the kind of leadership we need more of in Indiana!!!
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  • Gina Burgess Karen Walker -- I cannot speak for any of the other candidates, but my attending will only bring tension to the situation and not a remedy. In contrast, my absence will speak louder than any words I could offer. I stand in silent solidarity of all the Democrat At-Large candidates---the ones who have been put into this awkward position as well as the ones who have been an opportunity to be put in this now awkward position. I do, however, agree with you---time parameters could have and should have been set to give all candidates an equal opportunity.
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  • Chris Ohneck Marlin was bought by the Rino leadership in Washington! Why can't anyone stand on what they run on?
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  • Chris Ohneck Why can't there be a happy medium? Spend less but in the correct areas!
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  • Joseph Townsend Marlin a rino? That's a new one! The rinos can't stand him!
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  • Joseph Townsend By the way, regardless of what anyone can say of republicans their debates are open to everyone ha
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  • Russell Mcnutt Gina Burgess what is happening in your party stinks. I respect the leadership and character you are showing. Maybe the other Dems will notice and you'll get the nod. You are correct in staying with the party and trying to fix with in instead of doing the other silliness. Keep up the great work 

    You can always come to the right side, Steve Shine is a pain but hey got to have one in every

    Keep doing what you feel is right, that is what makes you different and better then most
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  • Joseph Townsend Very good point Russell. I am tired of many many republicans as well. But I do believe one can change a party from within. If it were not for people like stutzman, and Jim Banks I would be done. Welcome home Jim by the way!!!
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  • Russell Mcnutt I'm Republican as most know. What I'm tired of is the parties won't talk or be civil at all levels of Government. I believe that's what made Presidents Reagan and Clinton so successful they worked with the other party and got things done. Don't have to agree with you to work with you 
    That's why I'm not big on a bunch of different parties because it splits the vote and you may get someone really unqualified in the position even worse the the one that's President now 
    Just teasing 
    Both parties need to get together and start coming up with solutions instead of excuses and I hope voters start voting for the person most qualified to do the job and leave out the other silliness
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  • Joseph Townsend Great point Russell! Reagan and tipper oneil were good friends. Clinton and newt Gingrich were good friends. And bush and pelosi were at least civil. This president has completely changed the landscape for the negative!
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  • Russell Mcnutt Yes, that's what the next President has to fix first then take care of the other stuff slowly and in unity with every one involved 
    I hope Candaliza Rice has a plan for that 
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  • Joseph Townsend Condi rice is awesome! Carson is another one to look at!
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  • Russell Mcnutt Carson as Surgeon General 
    I'm afraid if Hillory makes it out of the Primary, the silly Republicans will throw Sarah at her. Which would be bad. Sarah has her place but not as President. 
    I can't believe your party is going to settle with Clinton she has way too much baggage now. There has got to be a young strong leader in the party
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  • Joseph Townsend Young is the key word. Republicans are running many young... Democrats have an old as dirt white woman. Smh
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  • Russell Mcnutt We went through the Same thing after baby Bush. We didn't have anyone sellable. We had McCain then Obama pulled the political upset of all time and beat Clinton then we were done
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  • Joseph Townsend This time though we have the most diverse candidates in the history of elections!
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  • Chris Ohneck Gina Burgess- the rumor that conservatives hate women, gays, Hispanics and any other potential voter block. It's disgusting how the democratic base divides every way they can just for a vote!
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  • Chris Ohneck Joseph Townsend- I said Stutzman was bought by the Rinos, not that he is one. No true conservative would have voted for a spending increase! Especially one that included a $1000.00/month car allowance for them selves while the middle class gets squeezed more and more every day!
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  • Joseph Townsend Chris, I am with you on that, but stutzman redeemed himself when he voted against Boehner. That was a man of courage!
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  • John Crawford I just wish the city would STOP with all this "Riverfront" crap, stop putting in "Roundabouts" in crappy areas and do something more important for our city.
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  • Joseph Townsend Amen amen amen john
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  • Douglas B Pritchett Roundabouts. A fitting tribute to our city government who has given us voters the runaround for years.
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  • Joseph Townsend The exact reason why voting in primaries is critical. Don't like your parties leadership? Get off your ass and vote in your parties primary!!!
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  • John Crawford All the homes and old buildings being tore down is insane. They destroyed several old buildings just yo build a stupid 90,000,00 dollar brokerage firm. WTF?
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  • John Crawford Why? They say they are going yo do this and, do that but push come to shove they never do. When they start showing the people that they are for us then, I will vote.
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  • Douglas B Pritchett I have to vote in the Republican primary. I have two family members who work for the County and if I ever got caught voting in the Democrat primary, I'd hate for their jobs to be in jeopardy.
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  • Douglas B Pritchett and yes, they know who votes in the Primary, it's not, who you vote for probably is secret.....although, I would not bet on it.
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  • John Crawford I haven't voted since Ivan Lebamoff
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  • Joseph Townsend I vote in the republican primary because that's my only chance of conservative leadership. I've actively got rid of many republicans including dick Lugar! But the primary is where it happens. Democrats are so far gone there is no more hope within them.
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  • Douglas B Pritchett I've made it a point to vote.When I was in college in Mississippi, back in the day, I voted in the first Republican primary held in the state since the civil war. I had to walk between columns of National Guardsmen and be watched by Federal poll workers as I voted. I figured after that, voting was not a bid chore.
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  • David Christopher Roach JACK MORRIS IS A SERIAL PERJURER. ( ACEB meeting feb-18, 2015) and cant be trusted. Chairman John Court- besides his tax problems; fled soth Bend under a dark cloud in reference to forged/doctored Election Campaign Petitions- from the 2008; and 2012 elections.. I wouldnt trust hims either- carpetbagger..- AND- a CHINO-CHAIRMAN IN NAME ONLY. the local dems- - well- who is now the party vice chair? Morris was recently "executive director, and now he has some other title- deputy chair man? whats that? is that a legal title? 
    as for the Democrats Shenanigans- well- first- google the Definition of DEMOCRAT- it sure isnt an exclusive "members only" club- by definition.- BIG TENT? wel- chairman Shine has that now- it seems. the local democrats are trying to be "Republican Lite; Lite TEA; whatever. Fiscal- liberals- thats for sure. social liberals?well- only certain liberals. We serve everyone? well NOT EVERYONE. NOT ROACH, NOT BURGESS, NOT A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHERS- that dont fit the ideology of the true party hacks. Heres who runs the show- GiaQuinta- has his fingers in lots of pies. Stier- well- a STEER IS A LOT OF BULL WITH NO BALLS..( tee hee..)- Henrys- theres so many of them- we should change our city name to Henrytown( Henryville is already taken..)- and build a castle suitable for a MONARCHY.. Deb Morrone- has a nice cushy patronage "ghost employment job with rusty Yoprk at police HQ- lot of free time to do whatever? Law enforcement "grant wreiter"? well- how many grants? from where? and how much cash has her salary justified? who is SHE connected to?
    as fore the Exclusive CLOSED GROUPS; AND OTHER SECRETIVENESS- well- openess; transparency; and freedom of information; and customer service to the neighborhoods or anyone who has a different direction; or who wants change from the HENRY /MOSES/BANDEMER/ "SHADOW GOVERNMENT MAYORS OFFICE IN THE REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION"- AXIS OF EVIL.( lol..)- well- FORGETTABOUTIT...their goal is to spend every penny in every tax base; and every slush fund they can find; and empty the coffers like some 3rd world banana republic/KLEPTOCRATIC REGIME( afghainstan is a swell comparison, or ZIMBABWE; Nigeria, ghana; or RUSSIA- - plunder the treasury; empty the coffers; stash it in some untraceable off shore tax haven; and leave the city with carpet bags full of cash; and leaving the rest of us with a sack full of iou's and empty overpriced downtown buildings- permanent edifices to their criminality..
    dont believe me? just wait- I TOLD YOU SO.. YOU'LL SEE- they think we dont remember- well- theres a lot of us who do.. 
    Cindy Henry- is a criminal and racketeer; as are the Mayors bar owning brothers- Tony, Lou and tommy. Jerry henry- is the scrap metal king and tommy boyus other brothers- so- whats THEIR RACKET?- bulldoze every house in the south side of town, every fixer upper; every repairable rehab-able- renovateable- old vintage retro classic historical houes- ever y vacant boarded up foreclosed sheriffs sale; etc- house- declare it BLIGHTED BY DER CODE FURHERER CINDY JOYNER- AND AT 25,000 BUCKS A POP- smas it flat like the HULK- then sell everyting off of value- to the HENRY /BUSSE RIFKIN EISBART SCRAP EMPIRE..- Copper pipes, copper wiring; aluminum siding; asphalt shingles; wood for mulch, newsprint; paper pul-. hardware fittings ; clawfoot tubs; and so on- peddled to the VANDEEVERS AT THE WOOD SHACK- MS VANDEEVER WAS THE BOOK KEEPER AT THE FOP HALL- WHICH HAS SEVERAL ILLEGAL CHERRYMASTERS OPERATING FOR YEARS..- - the frickingFOPHALL- COPS! THE POLICE!!- - speaking of crooked cops-well- we have a membver of the police merit board of public safety- who ownsa certain mainst bar- who mark giaQunita is his business attorney; i drank with a the former judge whos now the drug house ordinance coordinator- and id tease him- hey judge- i have a couple bucks; lets step right over here- and play some cherrymasters..?

    well- and not to mention all the graft; payouts payoffs, corruption of police and politicians from 1992- ato 2005. Heck- they were everywhere.. graham richard; tom henry- while in office..

    The local democrat HQ- is waaay out at the south end of town- waaay out of sight of anyone- why not an office downtown? they want everything else downtown?
    and we have LEBAMOFFS CAP AND CORK- LIQUOR STORES- too- and i just found where the owner of SHOWGIRLS CONTRIBUTED A LARGE SUM TO THE TOM HENRY CAMPAIGN- it had to be a joke of some kind- or else- well- the Mayor is a "political prostitute of the highest order"- so- well- truck stop strippers; sports venue dancers( well- next door)- - a match made in heaven..>
    AND- our daily morning "sleazy supermaket tabloid-"The Journal Gazette-known for ITS SYCOPHANTIC SUCK UP FLUFF ARTICLES about favored campaigns that spend cash for ADS- yet- no one has ever called them out for not filing in-kind campaign contriburtions for all the free coverage of their favored crooked politicians- im certain their publishers and editors are paid envelops of cash ..but who can prove it? they are sneaky devils..

    well- thats just the proverbial TIP OF THE ICEBERG.- t our economic development specialists over in the first source ivory tower/taj mahal- certainly are living it up; padding their pockets; and handing out cash like it was candy- to all their favorite cronies- living high on the hog; while the rest of us- are "eating cake"- HUNDREDS OF MILLLIONS OF CASH IN HANDOUTS- ABATEMENTS; GRANTS, CASH; YOU NAME IT LEGACY MONEY- AT THE PUBLIC DOLE- we should have more jobs than -well- we havent gotten our moneys worth..
    not by a long shot.. 
    AND- all your local TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS- such as Councilman crawford- well- he claims to be "fiscal conservative- so the first thing he wants to do - is hand out millions of dollars of public funds to private dubious fly by night entities- for a riverfront pave and sell project- the worst kind of SOCIALism. what ever happened to the tea party mantra- of "well-if its such a great idea and profitable; then let the private sector build it, and pay for it and profit from it?"- well- that sure went out the window fast, didnt it?-
    and what stinks most of all? Mitch Harper Mayor? Liz Brown? Paula Hughes? linda buskirk? Eric doden? Matt kelty? Nelson Peters? Tim Berry- all the Helmke rejects and retreads; plus the whole new crop of tea bag far right extremists- taking over the aslum for 4 years to FLUSh THE STENCH OF THEN HENRY CRIME FAMILY? ACK!
    and the worst of it? were all stuck here- try to sel your home to move- for a price near where you want? move to somewhere cheaper? find a job elsewhere? were trapped like RIVER RATS IN A CAGE.. 
    the crooks the cops the politicans - oh my! this city needs a better class of criminals..
  • David Christopher Roach STEVE "SHEEN" IN 2015..

  • John Crawford David Chrispother R
  • David Christopher Roach speaking of CARPETBAGGERS.. theres just some things you cant learn from better than decades of wisdom and knowledge that comes from living in a city for well-= almost all our lives..
    WHAT DOES MERRIT KNOW ABOUT FORT WAYNE? pop into town, decide shes a politician and win? get in line girlie.. seniority.
    oh- and we may serve everyone- because its the polite thing to do; and of course- MONEY TALKS- but theres still plenty of people who are uncomfortable about certain groups; and their procllvities; pecadillos and deviant perversions.. ME? personally- well- I like PONR- and sex- i admit it- as long as its between 2 consenting adults- I dont care.. But I- like a lot of people- dont make our sexuality the center of our existence- so- you meet someone socially somewhere- at a bar at a store at a meeting- hi- idle chatter chit chat etc- and they blurt out - oh- im gay!!- AND WERE ALL LIKE DOH!-its an instinctive thing most people can detect in about 30 seconds. so what? maybe your a nice gay , maybe youre an A55-HOLE.. ( gays and aholes.. giggle)- anyway- lie do WE- the rest of the STRAIGHT WORLD- the other 95% or so- say-OH-IM STRAIGHT, BLA BLA BLA?- NO. - 
    and just as an aside- so MS merritt- is endorsed by a prominently GAY outwardly GAy young aspiring politician- WHO IS A PUPPTE OF SOME OTHER UN NAMED LOCAL POLITICOS- FOR THE RECORD..- so- do we ask MS Merritt about her view s of GAY SEX. ACTS? so MSMerritt- you come home from somewhere; and find your son, husband, daughter etc- engaged in gay sex acts with someone- what do you do, say, think about that? DO YOU engage in any similar acts? etc- see- its a slippery slope and WOW- CAN OU MAKE A POLITICiAN SQUIRM.. find a camera- and its PRICELESS.!! POST TO YOUTUBE- AND ITS VIRAL..! Tolerate? sure? accept? well- a harder quesation. do business with- why of course- because i got bills to pay, you have cash; DOH! thank you, hve a nice day, stop in and shop again; and please tell your friends.. GAy people are mostly nice people; just like anyone else..Iserve anybody. and everybody,. DOH! 
    Merritt is originally from Indianapolis, IN and grew up in Decatur, IL. She is a graduate of the Loyola University’s Women’s Leadership Program. After serving as Recruitment and Community Strategist at Three Rivers Federal Credit Union, she joined the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce as Vice President. She formed Merrfeld Resumes and Coaching in 2010.

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