Monday, April 11, 2011


Chief York mentioned GPS. The reason there is now GPS tracking units inFWPD cop cars is because several police officers who have run for office( chief bender; officer Joyner) have been cited to the election board by Yours truly (Roach) for driving their take-home cop cars to election campaign evenrs ( city council/sheriff- respectively). furthermore, I personally have watched cop cars with the wife and kids doing all kinds of non-police shopping , and of coruse, NARCED ON THEM/ ratted out the rats. I reported chief benedr, and other cops of his nw defunct motorcycle patrol running escort of ABATE events across county lines- out of county; another big No No . again, I REPORTED THEM TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES. Finally, a friend of mine let me in on the fact that many of our local cops were driving their cop cars to the lake- waaay out of county limits. so now their cop cars have the proverbial ankle bracelet, where we can keep track of ruther abuses of police power, and abuses of take- home cop car priveleges.
Which I predicted in 1998 when i ran for mayor against the "flim-flam man"( now in St Louis). I said i woudl support it, becuase the neighborhoods seemed to want to pay for it, but i said that the cops cant be trusted, and they will take advantage of tie citizens, and the program. DID I CALL IT? Which is why the cps should have to pay for their cars as if they are their own. gas, insurance, monthly payments, just like you and me. they earn plenty, not to mention side jobs, which pay handsomely as well. which by the way, the cops also drive their take home cop cars to, and wear their on duty uniforms to their off duty jobs. which i dont think passes the smell test, and appears improper to me.

Most insurance companies give discounts for having a GPS/LOJAC/ONSTAR auto theft tracking device on your automobile.
Here is how you can save a few dollars, and throw a wrench into the city computers tracking your recycle bins( which by the way, I have heard from reliable sources that cops, and others have been reporting their trash carts stolen, then taking them to their Lake Cottages. And then getting a free replacement.
go to your yellow top recycle bin. look for the 1" Plastic Hex Nut located on the left side of the hinge/handle, Get a large crescent wrench, or Vice grips, and remove that nut.
Inside you will find a RFID microchip, which the city govt uses to track your cart, and to keep records of. If you are a conspiracy theorist, this will irk you to no end.
remove the RFID device, replace the nut, and toss the RFID in your car trunk, under the seat, in your spare tire well. anywhere it will stay put in your car. VOILA! You now have a free GPS tracking device inyour car, compliments of King Henry, and co.
If you car is ever stolen, report to the police that your recycle bin RFID is in your car, and they should be able to X-REFERENCE the bin number issued to you, the RFID chip serial number( just like a chip in FIDOS NECK) , and let technology do its work.
Otrher fun things to do with that RFID chip is to toss it into your recycle bin, and recycle it; or duct tape it to a RR car, or any random vehicle.
This will drive the city computer system KOO-KOO, as it tracks all kinds of spurious RFID chip data information, and generates all kinds of Garbage data reports. CURSE YOU DOCTOR EVIL!
If anybody from the city shows up at your door, and asks you about it, plead the "5th". I dont know what your talking about? the RFID chip s missing? Darn neighbor kids. Playing jokes again. someone must a come by, and took it out.
have fun!

WHICH BRINGS US TO ROACH! May 3rd , we can fire Mayor Henry. May 4th, I bring destruction, and chaos to the GOP lunatic fringe candidates. All endorsed by the local version of Fred Phelps, and the Westboro bunch of loony-toons.
My platform is legalize recreational marijuana, to create thousands of green jobs, and help legitimize and tax the already illicit billion dollar hoosier marijuana industry. which will atract the job creating "creative class" which will snowball into more growth, and opportunity here. Because more of the same will breed mor of the same- down the swirling bowl...
After all is said and done, we are either saddled with another 4 more years of a mediocre, secretive caretaker Mayor, who ignores the peoples ideas( Harry Baals City Hall)(drag strip). Who cant wait to spend that cash!( legayc fund) on more dubious, overpriced taxpayer subsidized projects to line the pockets of the "usual suspects"- the crooked cabal in charge of the allen county democratic party, and their sycophantic hangers on.
A Police chief who runs the department like his own Gestapo, with blu shirted nazis hunting anyone with cash- tickets tickets tickets- to earn their stripes by how much money they bring into the city coffers. Forget serve and protect, peace officers, We now have ticket and collect revenue agents.
Mayor Henry, where are all the jobs? your ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE is a money sucking, taxpayer subsidized useles money pit. where are the results, after all the millionc of bucks we have handed over, with little or no accountability? If we just took all thse milions, and just handed out checks to random people in the street, we would have created mor jobs, in fact, dozens of millionaires, who would now be paying taxes on that money.
Neighborhood code? forget your traditions of common law- castle doctrine doctrine- a mans home is his castle, and his grounda are his kingdom, and let no man tread upon them? unless you are neighborhood, code, and someone rats you out, because they dont like your ugly car, you auto hobby, your lack of spending money to keep your home pristine, or trying to win yard of the month.
The inner city is a hollowed out hole, due to demolitions of so-called blighted properties. meanwhile 12,000 vacant houses, and the city govt is paying millions to maintain the hundreds of county owned properties.
And so on. Go ahead, and vote for the "gang of 3"- any one- not a dimes worth of difference. they all talk the fiscal conservative talk, but the second they get inpower, duck, becausE the FAMILY VALUES/ SOCIAL CONSERVATIVE/ ultraconservative, mcCarthy/Bircher/ lunatic fringe agenda will take over, and trample all our rights asunder.
Which if I'm Mayor, i will beat them down on that issue until they look like rocky in the 15th round- figuratively speaking. If you want to kill the local economy, drive out the creative class, accelerate brain drain, mass exodus of 18-34 young men, and women, then by all means, let the local koo-koo for koko puffs koch bothers tea party/ lunatic fringe social conservatives elect their boys or girls. If you love North Korea, or Iran, - fine religious theorcracies, then go ahead, elect these gop granola flakes.
My last 4 words on this will be : I TOLD YOU SO.


  1. You obviously do not understand the difference between passive RFID technology and GPS. Straight from the press release about the new carts:"The tags will be encoded with the appropriate address so the city can tell where each cart should be, and the tags can be read only from close range and can’t be tracked remotely."

    Passive RFID can only be read within a specified range (no more than several meters). Active RFID is similarly limited, but the tag has its own power source (battery) to send the signal to the interrogator. The tags in the carts are passive and cannot be used as a substitute for GPS.

    Try using the internet for more useful things than sourcing a bunch of stupid videos to imbed in your ridiculous campaign site. Your points would be a lot more clear if everything wasn't broken up with irrelevant movie and news clips.

  2. THANK YOU FOR THAT GEEK TECHNOLOGY UPDATE "joe" ANONYMOUS. so nit pick. if a cop drives by a stolen car, if he has the prper technology- like behind a stopped suspected stolen vehicle- jis computer ( SCMODS- blues brothers) should be able to read it.
    and i'm still light years ahead of the other candidates, but thank you for your input.
    please, by all means, re-elect the incompetent, or elect the far-right,kool-aid drinking, lunatic fringe. i may be a little odd, but i'm not bat shit crazy like the current gop choices. as they all say " we're proud to be endorsed by the rtl, etc? thats like saying " fred phelps, and the westboro church, david koresh, and jim jones support us.
    I do my own thing, and when things get more fucked up than they already are, if i'mnot in charge, well. then i just have to say "I told you so. and you wont be smoking any legal cannabis/marijuana anytie soon- so keep getting raped by the liquor stores, and tobacco monopolies.
    why dont you run for mayor, if you have all the answers anonymous joe...
    but heres your comment. peace, dude. we agree to disagree without being disagreeable. like i said. i do my own thing. At least i try. have a great weekend, and if you have a bud( beer, or other, i'll share with you. neighbor.

  3. GPS for police cars? yes, it's good. Because Police can easily track the fugitive by means of GPS device. It was easy to drive the patrol car if there is a GPS device.

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