Tuesday, April 5, 2011

campaign finance/city police complaint

i repeat this- all cops are stupid, lazy, useless. And fort Wayne cops are ignorant, incompetent, and crooked.

where are the cops? go to http://www.speedtrap.org. click on fort wayne, or new haven.
this is a list of locations where cops harass motorists.
Seems that FTW chief York has issued an edict- that the official police policy is no longer serve and protect, but ticket and collect. Cops are no longer peace officers, but tax collectors.
I keep track of what our local city /county police are doing, because they cant be trusted. I read in the papers, and other web sites about all the arrests they make- mostly released on their own recognizance. The local system should be turned over to the DNR, as its nothing but one big catch and release program, for small fish.
If these citizens arrested arent dangerous enough to be held in the jail the why are they being harassed by the cops in the first place?
Surely there are better things for the local police to be doing? I suppose not- they are rewarded by a quota system which gives them little gold stars for brownnosing by who ever racks up the most tickets, and brings in the most money to the police department, they are the ones who get the raises and promotions. let me put this in perspective- if they were nazi "jew-hunters" ( same quota system, etc) they would be branded as dispicable and reprehensible, right?
this is not different. more tickets, more money.
So public safety isnt about public safety, but about money? isnt that a kind of legalized prostitution? prostituting the police/criminal justice system for money? so does that make the chief of police a pimp? and his blue shirted nazis common street whores? you decide...

Meanhwile- from the Moses administration, to the Helmke administration, to the Richard administration right u to the Henry administration, there has been in operation a multi-hundred million dollar illegal cherrymaster/racketeering/illegal gambling operation, that was finally shut down by of all people- the KKK, who figured out how to blackmail those operators, or turn them in. since they didnt cough up the cash, the cops received crimestopper reports. hundreds of them.
In fact, the current mayor, Henry, while a city councilman was in conspiracy to commit illegal cherrymaster racketeering with his wife at their family excise licensed bar, and the rest of the bar owning henry crime family. It was Tom Henry who introduced the repeal of the city amusement device ordinance, when he relized there was a paper trail a mile long.
I reported him to the city vice squad, and have the control number right here-
02F-055175, a lt stoner took the report.
there are hundreds of official witnesses- government employees whose job was to go in and out of these bars, veterans clubs, taverns, night clubs on a frequent basis- city and county vice cops, state excise cops, health department inspectors, fire marshalls, building inspectors, you name it- i'm sure they saw cherrymasters in thosae places. The city controllers office, and the vice squad has records of amusement device license paperwork.
How far does this go? even the local FOP hall on Olladale drive had illegal cherrymasters in their clubhouse, and who was their bookkeeper? made the payouts? the deposits, the wire transfers, wire fraud? Linda vandeveer- local cop cheerleader- go team!(we know your crooked, but go team!)

then we have all the outstanding (*&%#@#%&) felony /fugitive warrants- languishing in limbo- while the cops sit at speed-traps, i suppose- http://indianasmostwanted.com
http://www.indianasmostwanted.com/counties/allen.html 6788 as of today- 4-5-2011
Thats a lot of people. Seems the cops just dont seem to have the time to serve those, because they are traveling cross county lines to help other broke ass countys/citys raid indoor marijuana gardens. how much did that cost the allen county/city taxpayers to pack up kenny fires flying circus, trek to Andrews Indiana see google map link:

Its waaaay southwest of FTW. Hey Sheriff Fries- dont you have anything better to do with our taxpayers money? Will Huntington County repay you ?( for bringing the ACPD circus to town)

anyway- you get the picture- our city , county, state cops seem to have a lot of time on their hands, harassing citizens for mickey mouse misdemeanors, and speed-trap duty, when theres higher priority law enforcement duties they could be doing.
and how about this one- canvassing neighborhoods trying to close COLD-CASE FILES? theres lots of dead people, with families, friends, etc who deserve closure- that seems to be better than the lazy, stupid, useless efforts and orders you street officers are obeying from your ignorant, incompetent, crooked leadership.

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