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humorous satire..

What was your first job drawing a paycheck? Not mowing neighbor's lawn or shoveling snow, etc.?
In 1969 I was 11 and worked at a Bonanza Steakhouse as a busboy. This was before labor laws prevented it.
I made $1.30 an hour. It shows up on my social security report, which is kind of fun. Mere pennies.
I also mowed, raked leaves, shoveled snow, pulled weeds, etc, for neighbors. Anything to make a buck.
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  • Jon Preble 12 years old working at lakeside golf course's driving range. My grandpa worked there as a starter and he "verified" I was 14. Best job of my life.
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  • Andy Zay I truly believe this is a problem Danny Turkette. It is very cumbersome and difficult for kids to participate in the workforce these days.
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  • Kristi Ormsby I love hearing stories like yours Danny. It shows the change in mindset that has resulted in much of the problems we have today. There's a guy I know who has been to jail five Times for failing to pay his child-support. He lives with his parents. They driving back-and-forth to work because he never seems to be able to keep a car. He's 45 years old. I've told him he can come and work at my house for 10 bucks an hour. He says he's not doing that because it's not worth his time. 

    I just can't comprehend that logic. I would just sit there if I was him thinking I could not work and I'm not making a nickle - so how does that make sense that it's not worth your time?
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  • Danny Turkette My son has never had a problem with getting work, Andy. He was working at 14, and has ever since. He also started his own online business at 12 years-old. By the time he was really into it, (buying and selling paintball guns), some months he made a few thousand dollars.

    I taught my children early on about being responsible, paying your way, entrepreneurship, etc. Some kids get it, others want Mommy and Daddy to pay for everything. When my son wanted something nice, he made enough money to buy it, on his own. His younger sister conversely, expected us to buy it ALL. She didn't get it all. To this day she resents her older brother's success and at 22, sponge's off her Mother.

    There are a more opportunities out there for young people than not. They have to have the ambition to go for it.
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  • Laurie Easterday Chris Martin Security guard for Pinkerton. My sister's father in law called me Fife for years.
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  • Andy Zay Agreed Danny, but the paperwork to have an official job and the restrictions on them is very prohibitive. I insist on my kids all making their own money to keep them out of my pocket. The only one off the hook right now is my 9 year old. He has chores, but doesn't work for money yet. 13 year old makes about $100 per week, 15 year old makes $150 per week or more and my 18 year old needs to get busy, but earned her weight in scholarships along with work to make a huge dent in her collegiate expenses. The workers permit and the taxes on employers are counter productive to reaching out to this age group and making them employees.
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  • Daniel Kinnamon What-A-Burger 16/17 high school $2.35 an hour 1989
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  • Danny Turkette I'm gonna brag now. My five brothers and I, growing up in the 60's each got a Schwinn Stingray. My father worked an extra job, as did Mom to pay for them. When dad gave me mine, he told me, "Danny, if you want another bike, or a car, you're going to have to earn the money yourself."

    My grandfather built me a unicycle from old bike parts the following year. It worked, and I remember day after day clinging to the fence struggling to ride it. And then, one day, wham, I was riding. I then put my sights on a brand spanking new Schwinn Unicycle. It was $105. I pulled weeds, cleaned gutters, basically anything for the neighbors they would let me do. It took all summer, but I got that unicycle.

    The next year I had my sights on a Rally 10 speed. I was getting tired of the Stingray. It took me the best part of two summers, but I bought it. It was a deep purple with glitter it in the paint, with a big flag, headlights and tail lights, and I was the talk of the hood.

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  • Danny Turkette Bill Bean, better than manure wink emoticon
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  • David C Roach WAAAH. YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY TICKS ME OFF (NOO! emoticon )- 
    Elected officials- a certain incumbent in a high local office-who has a whole staff of lawyers /defense team/ at his "beck and call"- who sends a lackey to file his political paperwork, and I assume he signed it; or maybe he had his errand boy /lackey do that for him too; NEGLECTS TO HAVE ANY OF HIS (certain family members who are) LAWYERS at top dollar law firms; AND THE PAPERWORK HAS THE WRONG MIDDLE NAME; and!!! his statement of economic interest is also lacking the correct true and complete information.
    so- now - knowing his mistake; and being caught in his errors- "LAWYERS UP"; STONEWALLS anyone from finding the TRUTH; "denies the allegations; and DEFYS the Alligators' ; 
    in short- clams up; hides in his bunker so as not to be asked to answer any questions by the media or electorate; 
    In effect- pleads the 5th; and will likely have the matter dismissed out of hand; without we the people finding out the truth. 
    AND THEN !! has the GALL TO LIE ABOUT IT TO US- by saying ( a local Tv news reporter )- that he has the most transparent; open and accessible administration in town.
    SO WHY IS HE LYING, STONEWALLING AND CHEATING the citizens of the truth? a simple question- whats your true legal birth middle name? GOOGLE SAYS ONE THING; but your paperwork says something else. 
    WE all know that GOOGLE IS PRETTY ACCURATE. when one name hist the jackpot and the other comes up blank..

    THEN WE HAVE THE ISSUE OF HIS AND HIS WIFES ECONOMIC INTERESTS- his insurance license; his wifes business interest- again - stonewlling their 2014 tax returns.( not counting certain un named here illegal activites in the past- tax evasion).
    I mean- lets have the facts the truth? 
    OH- BUT THAT OFFICE NEEDS NO DRUG SCREEN. like what are they smoking?LOL>>

    SO we have all these dip stick elected politicians who cant or wont fill in their election paperwork properley- ( JOB APPLICATION)- ; so what would they do if they had to fill out some corner conveience store application; or big box store; or factoiry; or fast food job? AND THEY DO A BACKGROUND CHECK; and credit check and so on- ( equal to an NSA OR NASA application-?
    when they cant evenfill out truthfully and honestly a 4 page election campaign application paperwork?

    NOT TO MENTION all the recent politicians residency issues- like where do you live? whats your address?- where are you registered to vote- and soon.-

    we the citizens are being short changed by our local govt; and party hacks; and others - special interst groups who WANT a lax; dishonest; crooked election system- paperwork; candiudates; and so on- it seems.

    so- certain patriots and dissidents have to spend our time and toil to find out these answersd in the courts then the court of public opinion-> WE are the ones being lied to cheated; stolen from honest elections with integrity from our candidates and elected offic ials..


    fillout a ball mart application? he would fail.
  • David C Roach
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