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CONTESTATION OF FORT WAYNE MAYORAL ELECTION -- TIMELINE OF EVENTS: On May 19, 2015, David Roach filed a Contestation of the Fort Wayne Mayoral Election (see below). Roach's contestation alleges possible voting machine malfunction and candidate ineligibility. This case is separate and distinct from the case of Roach v ACEB discussed below. Here is a timeline of events in this matter:
5/19/2015: Roach files Contestation. Indiana statute requires contestations to be heard no later than 20 days from the date filed. In this case, that date would be June 8th.
5/20/2015: Judge Felts recuses himself in this matter just like he did in the matter of Roach v ACEB.
5/21/2015: Judge Felts orders the Clerk of Court (and ACEB member Liz Borgmann) to assign a replacement judge.
5/28/2015: Attorney Adam Henry files a written appearance on behalf of Mayoral candidate Tom Henry. Adam Henry, a prominent local attorney with the firm of Beers, Mallers, Backs & Salin, is a relative of Tom Henry. Adam also serves on the World Baseball Academy Steering Committee (another Tim Ash---of Ash Brokerage fame-- project seeking Legacy Funds).
5/29/2015: Over a week has passed since Roach filed his Contestation and as of this date no replacement judge has been assigned. The matter has to be scheduled on or before June 8th and, to date, has not been scheduled. The Clerk of Court (and ACEB member Liz Borgmann) is responsible for getting a judge assigned. In the matter of Roach v ACEB, Felts ordered Borgmann to find a replacement judge on May 7th and by May 9th, a replacement judge had been secured. This, of course, begs the question--if finding a replacement Judge only takes 2 days in one case, why is it taking over a week in another case??
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  • David C Roach I just received the same form letter from Cathy Hawk- the ACEB atty- dated may 28th as well. lots of interesting connections there as well,
  • David C Roach I was just on there is no record listed of MY case.. 
    02C01-1505-MI-000500 go check itout- this posted at @:25 AM, 
    May 31st 2015- sunday AM INTERESTING..
  • Douglas B Pritchett those who hold the power have crafted a way to keep those who seek access to power from achieving it. It's clear the legal hurdles in trying to run for office are huge and expensive to overcome. Plus, the selective enforcement of the many rules and regulations speaks volumes in how the outcome is affected by those in power.
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  • Jacqueline Credo Dowdell Liz borgman has been the clerk if the court for quite a few years supporting the republicans. Isn't there a term limit for clerk of the court?
  • Douglas B Pritchett She has always been a good person to work with. Yes, she was clerk for 2 terms, then held the auditor post for 2 terms, now, she's clerk again. Term limits do not prohibit running for or holding the office again, if there someone else has held the office between.
  • Jacqueline Credo Dowdell Thanks Douglas this is so true. I remember herr under her maiden name holding office for a number of years before the name borgman. This does explain how some things never change. Good person versus maintaining the status quo would better describe her.
    @douglas Ms lisa blosser was the clerk of the allen circuit and superior courts from 1994-2002, somewhere after the name became borgman.


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