Friday, June 5, 2015


OK- HERES AN IDEA I CAN GET BEHIND..everyone says im too negative and critical. well- im an engineer- thats how i think- >
so- there are plenty of obstacles to overcome- but that area of town- near the river-  DOES HAVE A LONG LEGITIMATE RAIL HISTORY..
the NYC line the 4th st rail yard; etc..NICKEL PLATE ROAD; ETC..
relocate the PEPSI WAREHOUSE; and we have a nice start.. that will draw in the curious.
instead of waaaay out east of new haven.
thumbs up.. "who will pay" what are the prospects?

Envision Speaker Series kicks off with presentation on Headwaters Junction

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Full schedule of the Speaker Series this summer at the Envision Fort Wayne Center, 916 S. Calhoun St.:
Noon June 11 - Commuter and Recreational Biking
Kate Riordan, City Active Transportation Planner, and Amy Hartzog, City Greenways Assistant, will lead a discussion about bike commuting and recreational biking. Riordan and Hartzog will talk about the benefits of cycling, the rules of the road, and how to choose the best route for a cycling trip.
Noon June 18 - Riverfront and Downtown Update
Pam Holocher, Deputy Director for Planning, will provide residents the latest information about Riverfront Fort Wayne progress as well as efforts to update the Downtown Plan.
Noon June 25 - Downtown Arts and Culture
Susan Mendenhall and Dan Ross, of Arts United, will engage residents in a discussion about the importance of arts and culture in revitalizing downtown Fort Wayne. They'll review how long-time spaces such as the Embassy Theatre, Arts United campus and University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center are undergoing facility and programming improvements. They'll also discuss new arts facilities such as The Phoenix jazz club and Ratliff Gallery.

Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society talks on success of Nickle Plate 765

Friday, June 5, 2015 - 9:32 am
Want to learn more about downtown Fort Wayne development, but don’t know where to start? The City of Fort Wayne is giving residents a chance to be a part of the conversation of downtown development at the Envision Speaker Series this summer.
The City of Fort Wayne’s Community Development Division is hosting a Speaker Series at noon on Thursdays in June at the Envision Fort Wayne Center, 916 S. Calhoun St.
A variety of topics will be discussed over the lunch hour. The event kicked off it’s first presentation from Kelly Lynch, of the Fort Wayne Historical Railroad Society.
Lynch was discussing the success of the Nickle Plate No. 765 steam engine.
Since 2012, No. 765 has led programs with great success, operating sold-out trips on numerous occasions throughout the Midwest. The society’s first public trip out of Fort Wayne in more than 20 years sold out in less than two hours.
The success of the society and the popularity of railroad tourism has propelled the organization into the center of the Fort Wayne Riverfront master plan where a proposed development named Headwaters Junction will feature No. 765.
As part of Phase 1 of the riverfront plan, Headwaters Junction will feature a recreated railroad roundhouse, interpretive and events facility and annual operations and programming. The society is currently exploring a feasibility study for the project with the city of Fort Wayne and private donors.
“For us, it’s always worth it to continue to bang the drum, especially when we talk riverfront development and the Headwaters Junction project. The more people that come to understand and experience the 765 and what we offer as a tourist attraction the more Headwaters Junction makes sense and there are a number of people in the community that have heard about the train and the idea but they still don’t understand it and this trip, like that others in the past, will prove the magnet effect and status. This is not a pipe dream anymore. This is a real success story that happens outside of Allen County throughout the year, and this Headwaters Junction project is an opportunity to bring that success story to downtown,” Lynch said.
While Lynch’s conversation on trains kicked off the series, every presentation is on a different topic. On June 11, Kate Riordan, City Active Transportation Planner, and Amy Hartzog, City Greenways Assistant, will lead a discussion about bike commuting and recreational biking. Other topics include riverfront development, arts and culture.
Because the Speaker Series coincides with the Downtown Improvement District’s Lunch on the Plaza, residents can bring lunch from one of the local food trucks or downtown restaurants.
With architectural renderings from the Riverfront Fort Wayne Conceptual Master Plan lining the walls, the Envision Fort Wayne Center is a downtown storefront that provides citizens the opportunity to comment, discuss and review aspects of City of Fort Wayne projects. Summer hours for the Center are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Residents may also call 311 to schedule an appointment to use the center for their groups’ next meeting.


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