Thursday, March 24, 2011


fort wayne water works

fort wayne city waste-water treatment plant FORT WAYNE WATERWORKS RECEIVES EXCELLENCE AWARD. CLEAN WATER- YUM!

the "evil rich". wall street is the enemy. the koch brothers are the enemy. locally- john popp is the enemy. and the rest of the usual suspects that finance the local "greed-machine"
paula hughes wants to union bust the construction unions. says we should pay down the local debt. so i wonder if her "bitch-boy" darren vogt( what an a-hole, btw) i wonder if county council will follow her lead, and use the 25 million dollar slush fund...oops rainy day fund to pre pay of the "bridge to nowhere/riverhaven bonds? we could save a lot of money!
Liz Brown is cozying up to the local pro-lifer cultists. They are just as bad as the westboro church, and the pro-lifer cultists are re-locating next door to Dr. Klopfers abortion clinic, near Mikes car wash on state blvd. No good can come from that- the cops, the sheriff, etc will have to have someone there 24-7 to prevent pro-lifer terrorism/assassination/bomb plots, etc. Like in witchita KS, for instance.
Eric Doden- just announced "NO help for you from us" on the 12,000 vacant properties. neighborhood code will take care of that, and theres a foreclosure hot-line to call- A lot of good that will do.
The County Owns about 1000 properties, i heard, that they ignore, and the city taxpayers have to pick up the tab. for mowing, upkeep, etc. Why doesnt Mayor Henry bill the county taxpayers for that? make the people outside the city limits share the tax burden? spread the misery. Those poor people in the inner city dont have the money to repair their homes. or prevent foreclosures. They are lucky if they can pay anything on time, or at all.
There was just an article in the NY Times, about Detroit- how its a hollowed out core. If we let Neighborhood code run things, they will demolish and gut the older, re buildable historical housing stock, and allow redevelopers, with their schemes to build new houses, and ream the poor, to live there.
Next, theres rumors underfoot that the republicans want to privatize the water-works, then the sewer works. In the words of bush the elder- "this will not stand"!( hate to waste a good line, whomever said it...) as far as I'm concerned.
So we Have Kevin Knuth, and co. - an absentee chairman/ placeholder; the self-proclaimed party spokesman, and the invisible Mayor- I wish the Mayor would show he had a pair of balls instead of misdirecting us with talk on kimmel about balls.

so there you go- i have laid out the enemies plans, on their chess board, and the issues we have yo go on the offensive to defeat.
pass this on to our "fearless leader" mr knuth. let HIM "WALK POINT" AND LETS SEE IF OUR FECKLESS mAYOR SOUNDS OFF LIKE HE HAS A PAIR( OF BALLS, OF COURSE)....
we must stop/prevent the privatization of our water works at all costs. This is our IWO JIMA- we , as local democrats, the state party, and anyone else on the left we canget help from- we need to fight this to the last man, and hold at all costs...
The GOP is all about greed- the egacy money, profits from selling the water works( equal to the my man mitchs toll road deal)-which is what brought this all about; and to stop the 2 police departments from turf wars, and start working together- which is the tother item we have to do-

I' dont have horns, but i'm a villain, for now- Like Harvey dent said in batman- "you either die a hero, or live lone enough to see yourself become the villain..."
thats me...

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