Monday, March 28, 2011


pro-lifers are domestic terrorists, who aim to bully, and deprive scared., pregnant women of their civil rights, through harassment, intimidation, fear, and threats of violence against doctors. There will be nothing but trouble and conflict when you folks re-locate to inwood drive. I'm certain there is little we agree on, other than no one is FOR abortion. Women just want to have a CHOICE available as one of their options, and want to make their own decisions about their OWN bodies with their OWN GOD, and their OWN doctor. Its none of your peoples business.
and as to you peoples not wanting to pay taxes, to support things you are against, well, i dont want to pay taxes to the military industrial complex whos sole purpose exists to kill humans AFTER they are born. We all have to pay taxes, and nobody can pick and choose what taxes they want to pay for what, and what they dont want to pay taxes for. We all have issues, and government line items we dont want to pay for, and we all have better uses for our money. Until theres a better way for everyone who wants to to help craft the federal budget- department by departmant, line item by line item, to give our overlords better input, well, then we are all stuck with an imperfect system.
for the record, I'm fiscal conservative- i dont like having to pay governments for taxes that will make other people rich, or line someones pockets- i local government, especially. I think we can agree on that broad general principle.
I am socially Liberal, ultra liberal- to offset you peoples nutty wacky tea-party ultraconservative views, and opinions. so that any compromises ( as if) become centrist.
If i'm Mayor, I wont discriminate, and will give excellent, fair, business like, professional customer /constituent services to everyone equally. Our differing opinions should have no bearing on that.
I think we will differ significantly on marijuana/ alcohol, other law enforcemnt priorities, however, but my views are both logical, common sense, nuanced, and calculated to save police resources for logical, sensible public safety priorities. Not the wasteful, stupid policing policies we have in fort wayne right now. we will all have more freedom, more safety, and it will save us all in the bottom line, as well as freeing up the police officers to feel they are really doing something valuable, instead of chasing ghosts, and putting out brush fires.
did you know that today, there are nearly 7000 outstanding felony/fugitive warrants in fortwayne/allen county> why? This number has been the norm for over a year. why cant they clear the backlog? If they spent half as much time rounding up the criminals as they do at speed traps, working 2nd and 3rd jobs, harassing stoners, social drinkers, bad drivers, skateboard scofflaws, jaywalkers, etc, well. you do the math..
so thats more than i can say in the likely 1 minute allocated, so pass this on.
this is my general stump speech,about pro-lifer issues, and city policing- the biggest line item/department in the city budget.
i welcome your input, and i will be posting this to my blog, for the public to read..

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