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res ipsa loquitor
 tabula in naufragio
"Building that momentum ,
Moving forward-  in reverse
Putting lipstick on the warthog;
Its just a hole in Vera's purse"  

What would be your approach for economic development in the city?
what have all these alphabet soup of "economic development specialists done for us? we have spent and given away HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS - close to half a BILLION DOLLARS OR MORE-  not including extravagant wages and benefits to these schmucks- and for what result? for all the money we have given away- Fort Wayne should be bigger than Indianapolis, Chicago; Las Vegas; Reno Nevada; Aspen Colorado; Seattle Washington; Portland Oregon, Austin Texas; Silicon Valley , California; or a dozen other places than  Sioux  Falls ( where?)- or Des Moines ( who?)- or other back water farm towns, or redneck conservative red state backwaters. we already live in one- why  do we want to reinvent the wheel? DOH!  

All i see is hundreds of millions of taxpayer cash - up in smoke- stuffed in carpetbaggers  cases ; leaving the rest of us with sacks of IOUS, empty promises, empty wallets; and vacant buildings.. while the KLEPTOCRATS  leave town in their shiny jets on subsidized air lines to Philadelphia or North Carolina with connections to off shore banking havens- the Caymans; Bahamas, Switzerland; and so on..

FIRST- WHAT DO THE CITIZENS; TAXPAYERS, RESIDENTS WANT? theres plenty of technology to survey  all of us; and publlcly; and openly  publish the resulta snd the discussion on line- social media; the internet- ; etc- DEMOCRACY; the root word of DEMOCRAT.

wwe could legalize recreational marijuana; and license and tax it like other states are profitably doing. and using the hundreds of millions of new voluntary  revenue for rodas; schools; buses, social welfare and so on.

I have previously stated that RENO NEVADA  would be a good example of a service based economy with a smaller industrial base; and a liberal ; creative class  minded citizenry- as a post industrial  rust belt example to  emulate. I t would work except for all the  red state tea party conservatives an religious extremists we have an abundance of here in fort wayne; and Indiana.

This is at least one way to  reduce the millennial brain -drain we have- where all our younger future citizens are fleeing to places not so  confining and restrictive and well- uptight.

I intend to "train wreck" the downtown Plutocrats Kleptocracy; and stop all this wasteful spending on dubious building projects.

I will end corporate welfare as we know it. no more shell games with OUR money- cooking the books on "jobs created; jobs retained" I believe fort Wayne is such a great city we don't need to pay  businesses  to  locate here based on who has the biggest  stack of cash to  give to these corporate panhandlers; who will take the money and run  to wherever the pot is sweeter overseas; or to the next "mother lode"

I will hold the local tea party  republicans to their ideology- of free market private enterprise capitalism- no govt socialist redistribution of wealth. They can stand or fall on their own business models; without handouts from  the public taxpayers; or "public private partnerships"( Communist Chinese "Market Socialism")

o      Which industries do you feel are underserved? Overserved?
UNDERSERVED:  recreational marijuana  businesses;  Casino resort hotels; entertainment for  single consenting adults-  Example Reno Nevada- a demographically similar city.
more bars; saloons, gambling palaces and dance halls..
OVERSERVED? Manufacturing- an obsolete; un-profitable 20th century  enterprise in a rust belt state that has largely de- industrialized- most manufacturing jobs  in a global economy have moved off shore to wherever the labor is cheapest- anyone can  manufacture anything in an overseas factory for  90% cheaper than here; and Americans arent willing to give up our standard of living; or risk getting into such an uncertain business with an uncertain future- where ones career can be relocated overseas by any given change in the wall street markets..

so- CASI- YES! ( as compared to Casi- NO!); RENO NEVADA.

and NO to more factories. the days of International Harvester; and all the now vacant "east end industries- which paid a great wage and benefits to support a good middle class lifestyle- well- they are as dead and extinct as the dinosaurs..


o      What’s your approach to taking Care of neighborhoods & infrastructure?

residential tax abatements- say someone needs a roof on their house; or a garage; or fence; or whatever- the city govt; and we the citizens- have plenty of cash resources to  make low interest loans to homeowners and small landlords- say a roof- 5000 bucks- make a loan; with a lien on the property until repaid-
give the homeowner a tax break to  repair his /her home-  this increases the homes value by 5000 bucks; improves the assessed value and improves the city property tax base- which increases can build momentum and move more  improvements forward..
This method increases the housing stock of affordable "fixer-uppers" for  residents just starting out; and helps the inner city -urban core  and quality of life that will draw related service businesses to locate-  supermarkets;  pharmacies, retail; etc.  small cornet taverns, night clubs,  entertainment venues; lie we see in  trendy neighborhoods such as NYC; or chicago, for example..

an inner city core of vacant bulldozed lots- hoping for some fly by night rent to own tax payer subsidized real estate schemer/developer hoping to make fast cash off other peoples money like we see recently- is just bad ethics.

This is far better than mass demolition of 1000's of homes at 25,000 bucks a house- that maybe just need a roof; or other  repairs, renovations, or rehabbing.
and leaving vacant lots and streets- like we see in Detroit- is madness.

Streets; sidewalks, drainage; basement flood prevention; remediation- is more important than all these HUNDREDS of millions being spent  for the DOWNTOWN KLEPTOCRACY  and their Plutocratic overlords..
 If the neighborhoods and homeowners arent happy; well- prepare to find another job in the private sector.
  Take care of your neighborhoods; homeowners, small landlords. Help them with taking care of their homes with direct assistance- community resources- low interest; collateralized loans; residential tax abatements;
Parks; recreation;   streets; sidewalks that granny can get her scooter down, or kids with their bikes;  curbs- and drainage that doesnt back up sewers into citizens basements; and so on- take care of the small stuff- and the big stuff will take care of itself

Think small- do the basics well;  to all the small projects that need done. admit Fort Wayne isnt the  richest city in the world but we take care of each other, we can shepherd our resources wisely; and trust the citizens collective wisdom; listen to their ideas; and  make those known openly; publicly; and transparently..

How should Fort Wayne be involved in regional collaboration(s)?
Fort wayne needs to take care of Fort Wayne; and to stop using "regionalism as a prop"- to cook the jobs figures; the real estate figures; and  other economic datas to make us look good.

We need to be realistic, and factual- so the citizens cvan plan accordingly. Of course we as a region- can co-operate whenever possible- and share ideas; but an urban diverse city  such as Fort Wayne has different  pros and cons compared to the surrounding rural,  mostly white  towns and counties..
Jobs being "created" in outer counties 40 miles or more away doesnt do any one any good if they live in urban fort wayne; and have no resources  or jobs to boot strap a  reliable vehicle to get to that job; and so on.. and re- locating from a urban  core  city to a rural town- just isnt a practical  option

Are annexations necessary for continued growth?  Why or why not?
Annexations of developed suburban ares of fort wayne/allen county- would mean the death of the local DEMOCRAT PARTY as we know it.

which is why the current DEMOCRAT  mayor has done little if any; except a few nips and tucks around the edges.
And for a Democrat primary  candidate to advocate more mass annexations-would be political suicide..

to see the other side- however- the  prevailing wisdom- is by "artificially inflating" the city population figures; it makes an urbanized area  eligible for more federal tax dollars and programs and cash to return to our area; it spreads the tax base  over a broader  demographic- so- in theory- our per capita tax burden is reduced.However- it seldom works this way. what tends to happen- is more cash is made available; and is spent as soon as it is available- typically for dubious downtown projects; or corporate welfare handouts .
Im not positive- im not a lawyer- or expert- but i seem to recall that if a city's population reaches some threshold- 250,000 comes to mind- there is some state law about a UNI-GOV structure kicking in.

Given the current unrest and discontent- not quite pitchforks and torches and guillotines on the courthouse green; ...YET- but in general - Unigov; or other local restructuring  schemes- are highly unpopular, as there are no ready benefits to it-another reason to be skeptical of annexations.

So again-unless and until there is clear support for annexations and policy; i will likely  not  engage in them.

AND TO BREAK THE ICE- WE HAVE 4 COUNTY WIDE SCHOOL SYSTEMS-  with 4 separate staffs of administrations, and soon- with each pretty much doing their own thing- like a herd of cats.
Wouldnt it make sens to have one county wide; unified; coordinated school system? One that could take advantage of economies of scale; with not so much redundancy of  administrative staff; where UNIONIZED TEACHERS AND EDUCATORS- could all  cooperate and collaborate with their professional colleagues?

lots of reasons this idea is DOA - but it makes good public policy sense..


What do you envision is the future of public safety?  How does Fort Wayne meet that?

I once overheard ED ROUSSEAU  talking to a newspaper editor- about a METRO POLICE DEPT- ONE COUNTY WIDE  Metro PD- such as INDY; ( this was after  ed said..)_; oh- metro Miami dade; LVMPD; and so on-
the reasoning HE cited was to stop the FWPD from clogging the courts and the Jail; and the System with mickey mouse misdemeanors, and petty offenders; and to implement ONE Unified Policing Strategy County Wide- .
Knowing Mr Rousseau- to be a Conservative Republican- I would assume he meant also a NON- UNION- NON PBA/FOP organization.
I would want it to be UNIONIZED-as the FOP; and PBA help our First responders- and they shouldnt be shortchanged; or  have extra red tape to deal with - when they have to take a bullet for we the people..

I can see the good and the bad from this- What of the NHPD? and city cops in the county- and so on.
BUT- I also see a doubly redundant command staff; an often conflicting policing/public safety strategy- and  like ED SAID-  lets  spend our  resources on Arresting the Serious violent felons; the dangerous career crimionals and so on- and leave the petty offenders; weekend social drinkers, harmless stoners,  consenting adult vices and trafficking between adults and keep it from minors.

I would add-  Rapists; child molesters;  domestic violence against women and children as well.
AND- Burglars, Thieves; and Robbers. I have had friends who have had guns pointed at them; and its not fun, and has lasting trauma, believe me..

the Jail- is a COUNTY GOVT PROBLEM, but I believe we need to stop locking um the insane; the  mentally deficient/defectives; and people who need to be in either some  health care institution; or prison for the crimially insane; and a minimal security facility for the   rest of the non dangerous screw-ups, and so on.
Iam totally opposed to any corporate or privatized Police or Prisons.

FORT WAYNE POLICE DEPT NEEDS CONSTANT OVERSIGHT- and scutiny. My first act of office would be to fire PSD RUSTY YORK; and  retire the old war horses out to pasture- who are over the required retirement age. I would  transfer Chief Gary Hamilton to the Southwest Quadrant deputy chief; or NOT chief. I would seek to find qualified women - former Military veterans; women of color; and others for a top to bottom reform and  replacement  house cleaning.
There are many good cops out there; but there are also many who are not.
Eliot Ness did this when he assumed command of the Cleveland PD- and it was a fine plan..that pleased the citizens.
As Mayor- I would keep a close eye on all police operations, and details as"the buck stops here"; and is the most costly expensive item in our CITY BUDGET. I would also  welcome all citizen imput and constructive complaints as well on how to make our FWPD better, for public safety..
     One last thing- the failed war on drugs- MARIJUANA- will stop.
I will find ways to conserve our limited policing resources on the aforementioned  dangerous  serious violent felons, and  METH; HEROIN, COCAINE; PRESCRIPTION DRUG TRAFFICKING-
WEED- well- if you get caught- you get a ticket- disorderly conduct; reckless driving, etc.. any  illegal contraband - will be confiscated- and held until a sufficient quantity- and then  transported legally to Colorado, for example; and  sold legally on the open market; with the proceeds returned to the FWPD budget, for non-lethal;  supplies and equipment- dog food;  vests; gas and repairs for Police vehicles;
TECHNOLOGY DEVICES- computers, body cameras. and so on..

lets get creative and innovative here..


o      How should Fort Wayne approach public health & wellness issues?

 Fort Wayne needs more and  better  sidewalks; trails and  paved paths  along many busy  roads and streets-
My 2 pet peeves are the 469- stellhorn- to crescent ave corridor-
; st joe center road from  Lima road- to 469 - east; and  washington center road- west to hillegas road;
sidewalks-  from the Harvester tower- to  Hillegas road- for bikes and pedestrians- all along coliseum blvd-
and Maple crest road from 469 south to adams center road
 and Reed road- south to  lake avenue; and  reed road; evard; and st joe road to Mayhew road.
Dupont road from end to end as well.
I use these examples as they are the ones im nost familiar with.
there are also  many short  12/ 1/4 mile   places that serve as connections between neighborhoods-
theres a fenc  at blum drive and  Albert drive-  that  blocks  walkers and bicyclists from the IVT Tech north campus- which would ope a gateway of  residents  to access  all the way to  lima road- via a lot of back blocks ; river greenway trails and so on.
If we say we care about health and fitness- this is a good start-  walking, jogging, running, bicycling- are all great ways to get around and exercise.

Another pet peeve- of mine- is the lack of indoor year round swimming  facilities NATATORIUMS as the y are called
 OUR PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT  are being gutted by these tea party conservatives; and this is one ITEM i  want to pay for.
Swinney Park pool- is a great recreation resource for all the kids in the Nebraska; blooming dale and west central neighborhoods; and the taylor ave- area as well. the fact it is planned for demolition is   reprehensible to me..
and it wont be replaced..
There is a indoor Pool planned at st joe center road a new park there- but it will be private- and it may just be outdoors.
wake up people- this is indiana-  any outdoor pool will be underutilized, and we wont get our year round use- if there was more indoor year round pools; citizens would be more likely to use them..duh!

swimming is a fine low impact  aerobic exercise- and we all know fort wayne has problems as being rated in surveys as FAT DRUNK AND STUPID.." and thats no way to go through life..

Should Fort Wayne continue growing as a sports and recreation destination?
yes- as long as the private sector  pays for the construction  and ongoing maintenance of any facilities they care to build; and arent continually asking the public citizens for handouts, abatements, subsidies, and so on-
as we have seen in other cities- it is a racket- and often the taxpayers end up footing the bill.

The reason for this hardliner stance- is fort wayne seems dominated by  Tea party conservative Republicans who oppose  socialism in all its evil forms especially the "transfers of wealth"
except when the wealth is transferred from the working laboring class to the  PLUTOCRACY VIA  Kleptocracy

     I intend to hold them to their tea party ideology- to admit its a failed  idea- but to make them pay for their  private sector should fund  projects and if it isnt economically viable to stand on its own   - then it shouldnt be built.. And not until and unless it is- I dont want to be paying for projects- stadiums ; grandiose monstrosities that i will never use; or attend..
Except maybe a  world class speedway- capable of hosting NASCAR  sized events; as  the automotive /motorsports industry is vital to this region; and its history..


  Is this an important direction?

NO- there's plenty of other  options available for  sports and recreation- lets let the free market decide.-
whats wrong with neighborhood sand lot baseball fields? for example.. we need to think smaller; and like a tree - let it grow, and bud until we jump into grandiose projects .
recreation? its all relative- get up off your ass-  find something to do.
the rivers? not until city code changes; and allows citizens to park boats on their driveways, yards, or beside their garages; for instance..
thats a good first step.
all this other PROPOSED RIVERFRONT DEVELOPMENT-   is just a totally bad idea so far as im concerned- from top to bottom..; and again- will wreck the environment; and plunder and pillage the natural beauty of our rivers, and surrounding flood plains and parks..- pave over all the trees; .
who will want to live beside loud sonic  vibrations; diesel locomotive fumes and soon? NOT ME. well- ME- but im a tiny minority of the population, assuredly not stupid kids- millennials - theyre worse than their baby boomer whiner parents..

spoiled  rotten entitled brats..

How do you define the overall culture of Fort Wayne?  Where do you see your role in that?
Overall- Fort Wayne culture is of a low blue collar class mostly- High school education, maybe little more; 75% no college degrees.
Im not much better-  no sense getting an MBA; or Law degree; or PHD- here if you intend to stay here in FTW- its a waste of time and money.
for the most part..

and Fort wayne is stubbornly set in its ways- the  majority of the population- mostly  right wing conservative republican; and the more liberal democrat creative class minded individuals  are often  harassed and persecuted for their LIBERAL  BELIEFS..- Fort Wayne is hopelessly red state- republican- and i dont see that changing- but if we do nothin- make no effort- little will change..


What makes you stand out as the choice for mayor?

Mayor Henry- is a liar and a crook- read my myriad blog posts- and you will come to see that truth.
Mayor Henry has promised 4 more years of the same "business as usual. all my sources and  informal polls are telling me- he is one step short of being strung up from the nearest tree by about everyone- a  n angry mob of citizens, residents, homeowners; neighborhood activists..  taxpayers- with pitch forks and  torches, to be colorful

so- i dont see how i could do worse? and surely much better; as i listen, im transparent; open; and not secretive - smoke filled back room deals with crooked cronies, career party hacks and so on- Patronage;
insider deals;  .
I have been victimized by the Henrys- Cindy; the Mayor; the code hazis the FWPD( YORK) and so on-  and reported the Mayor and his wife for criminal activities, to no avail as the system is corrupt from top to bottom.

Mitch Harper- the presumptive Republican nominee- s a staunch o  member of the Tea party conservative republican  ideology which i have  spent this time  denigrating- as a failed, stupid  idelogy and no good will come from it.Vote for Harper- and you will get a serial plagiarizer; an ethically and morally low  character- a SMARMY SLEAZY USED CASKET SALESMAN..
He is a political weasel; and  I know him from my former GOP days a long time ago- and he is just a bad man.
Vote for Harper at your onw peril- but remember i  warned you about him.. god help us all.

and then theres ROACH-  why not vote him in and give him one term..

whats the worst that could happen?
you will be pleasantly surprised by honest; ethical open transparent responsive government where we take care of the basics fix the small things that need fixed; and  just think smaller- were not INDY; and never will be- or any of these other boring capital cities they want
to compare to.. fort wayne 




What would be your approach for economic development in the city?

o      Which industries do you feel are underserved? Overserved?

o      What’s your approach to taking Care of neighborhoods & infrastructure?

How should Fort Wayne be involved in regional collaboration(s)?

Are annexations necessary for continued growth?  Why or why not?


What do you envision is the future of public safety?  How does Fort Wayne meet that?

o      How should Fort Wayne approach public health & wellness issues?

Should Fort Wayne continue growing as a sports and recreation destination?

  Is this an important direction?

How do you define the overall culture of Fort Wayne?  Where do you see your role in that?

What makes you stand out as the choice for mayor?


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