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SUPPORT YOUR STREET PATROL COP.( most of the rest of you cops)
PAINT A TARGET. print this photo off; - happy "sporting"
( im a victim of police harassment from this evil Prick)
(hundreds of other citizens as well)

time to retire this over-the-hill warhorse; and put him out to pasture
   Any officer of the Police Department upon reaching the age of 60 years must retire in the month of his 60th birthday.
('74 Code, § 20-137) (Ord. S-233-82, passed 12-28-82)


  • HackonomicsTV Presents: Another :self-appointed" Black apologist to White people when it is so not asked for or demanded by anyone. Blacks like this who accuse President Obama and Atty. General Holder as always playing the race card must get paid well to add confusion to an otherwise very serious issue. Is this coonery? If not, how do we classify it? His commentary goes far beyond a Black man offering an opinion because it reaps with an underlying social and political agenda that seems to be anti-black.
  • David Legalize Marijuajuana Roach "coonery"- lol- never heard that one before.. i love new words. as for "SAGGING"- yes- pull your @#$%$#@ pants up, you punks- You look like a bunch of idiots. ( and get off my lawn!! tee hee!!)- 
    As for Ferguson- and the Michael Brown shooting- 1- the police should have been equipped with TASERS- for just these type of encounters..
    2. Mr Brown is the size of a NFL Lineman- A huge menacing hulk of a young man.- I could imagine the cop was pretty scared- huge dude with his arms up over his head- and not complying..A DUDE THE SIZE OF A WWF- isnt exactly "un-armed"
    3- was the cop left handed- would explain the shots on mr bvrowns right side of body..
    4- how exactly did mr brown get shot in the TOP of his head? im trying to figure THAT one out.
    5-Did the cop know that Mr Brown had just committed a strong arm robbery of the near-by convenience store?- or was he just saying"hey you punks- get off the street- and stop blocking traffic- and get on the sidewalk"?
    6- did Mr Brown think he and his pal were being stopped by the police for the strong arm robbery he and his pal just committed?
    8 and clearly- the police over-reacted with MARSHALL LAW tactics.
  • David Legalize Marijuajuana Roach NEXT UP- 1- I dont hear any thing- not a PEEP- from any of our own local police- PSW YORK; chief Hamilton, Chief Bender; nor SHERIFF FRIES, NOR DEPUTY ( candidate for SHERIFF )GLADIEUX.
    I can assure the citizens- that A SHERIFF ROACH- DEMOCRAT- would never allow a DEBACle such as this to happen here in fort wayne/ALLEN COUNTY- and there would assuredly be immediate transparency and openess if there ever was- SMART ENFORCEMENT-JUSTICE; AND PEACE. the ACPD is equipped with Tasers; ditto the FWPD- non- lethal tools..
    3- what would the ACPD; or the FWPD- do the same or different in a situation such as this?
    4- seems that here in allen county- 45 deaths last year- is just another day; business as usual- and even this year- shootings/murder/mayhem- is just another weekend- why havent the cops shut down the many bars, etc- veteraqns ahlls- where the most trouble seems to break out?- surely the POLICE have extensive police reports, and computerized access for crime prevention statistics? CSI? AY-AY AY? 
    5- WHERE THE OUTRAGE HERE? theres NO public town halls, meetings, talk/dialogue- to proactively prevent incidents such as happened in Ferguson Missouri- by any of our police departments; inner city churches, Black activist groups; neoghbors etc- seems the solution here in fort wayne is for the white foplks to buy guns; and the black folks-0 to be inside by dark- to avoid the cross fire?
    6- AGAIN- NOT ANY PEEP FROM DEPUTY SHERIFF GLADIEUX.. REPUIBLICAN FOR SHERIFF.- at least im talking about it- i may be wrong, but im here- speaking, listening, talking about what we can do- to solve problems .
    7- I admit- i tend to think of fort wayne- as the SE/Black part of town- where i seldom venture anyway- and your problems in your part of town"- and the REST OF THE CITY- I tend to stay NE- insteadof thinking of fort wayne as in the words of Dr Rev MLK jr- "we may have arrived here in different ships- but we're all in this boat together"( also- inscribed on the edmund pettus replica bridge downtownclinton st- - east side railing..)- BUT AGAIN- im here, talking abut it- starting a dialogue- listening- to learn. unlike my political opponent- career cop..

  • Eric Hackley According to a second look at the video, in a rush to show young Mr. Brown as a thug may have backfired on the Ferguson Police and Fox News types. The video shows he paid for the cigars. Now the supremacists will have to find other excuses to justify killing a Black man. Because he was taller than the cop is no justification for him to be killed. I'm taller than you. Is my life therefore in danger? (My question is rhetorical and requires no answer).
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  • David Legalize Marijuajuana Roach so- there shoulld be a record of the purchase? a time stamp on a receipt- from the stores registers tape; and or in mr browns pocket? why would the store clerk get up in his face as he wass leaving? why did mr brown push the clerk rudely like he did? - just asking the question. As for a very large black man( or young man- lacking wisdom of ages)- obviously in a confrontational mood- wel- again- we havent heard the rest of ths story, or the facts. ; which will be out there in the public domain in due time. I think it was bad police procedure to allow mr browns body to be left face down in the middle of the street for so long- someone should have at least shown respect; and covered him- at least his head and shoulders.. 
    again- maybe the cop panicked- and maybe Mr Brown WAs trying to intimidate the cop; and may have caused great harm to the cop- body slam, - fisticuffs, etc- again- its clearly NOT "black and white"( bad pun?)-.. always happy to engage in dialogue, eric, - you have been friendly to me, and vice versa- and I appreciate that, my friend..
  • David Legalize Marijuajuana Roach so- there shoulld be a record of the purchase? a time stamp on a receipt- from the stores registers tape; and or in mr browns pocket? why would the store clerk get up in his face as he wass leaving? why did mr brown push the clerk rudely like he did?...See More
  • Eric Hackley You keep forgetting, the store owner never reported being robbed. The whole issue is a fishing expedition to find a reason for shooting a Black man for being a Black man.
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  • David Legalize Marijuajuana Roach i heard on Cable news reports( i dont recall which one exactly)- that the store owner dialed 911- whether a police report was filed- we - none of us know.- because it hasnt been released. nor has the police dept made any investigations as tp the facts surrounding the video clip in question. this could point to frame of mind- of the incident right after- mr brown and accomplice( alleged)- may have been thinking- "oh crap- the cops we're busted"- when the cop was just annoyed at people walkiing in the street instead of the sidewalk- time was too short for the 911 call to make it to dispatch?
    im not saying youre wrong, or that im right- were just discussing the matter at hand. and the report that mr brown and his friend may have smoked some weed- is i agree totally irrelevant- because weed doesnt affect people like that..
    so- is this more like a rodney king incident- ? or a trevonmartin incident? In fort wayne, its just another day on the beat- with a especially compliant prosecutor- theres never any police action shooting shes ever ruled against..- to bring this to a local POV- REV bledsoe- is on to something as to how many black men have been shot by the police; and then we neveer can find out more because its closed to the public as a "investigation record"?
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  • Eric Hackley Nevertheless, all the investigative activity too place after Mr. Brown was killed. So what you're suggesting is, it's ok to kill someone for stealing a few cigars. I don't think so.
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  • David Legalize Marijuajuana Roach NO- IM NOT SAYING "it's ok to kill someone for stealing a few cigars. I don't think so." but a police-citizen encounter- police stop; etc- can turn bad real fast.. ask any cop. watch any late night copshow- even "the tv show"JAIL"- people can go from zero to violent in a heartbeat.. thats just a fact.. again- no one has the full story yet- thus the protests/demonstrations/riots; etc-.. 
    no- the cigars are irrelevant-simple shoplifting- last time i checked isnt a Capital crime- but even a simple traffic stop for a bad tail light- can rapidly escalate into a felony traffic stop- by either party- why traffic stops are the most dangerous thing the police do.- so- im saying - no- shoplifting( alleged)- isnt worth getting shot over- and isnt police procedure to shoot shoplifetrs- but any situation can escalate into a bad ending- depending on who says and who does what.. - again- i think the cop paniocked- didnt have a TASER- that MR Brown was (alleged)- to be acting in as dangerous menacing manner. your average sized dude of any color- is going to feel "uncomfortable"- if some lineman sized dude- of any age- or race- starts acting "menacing"- and you know it when you see it..?
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this was just a mteer of time..
The one thing the racially charged and besieged city of Ferguson, Mo. does not need or want to add to the combustible mix of rubber bullets, snarling police dogs and clouds of tear gas that have filled its streets for three days is the Ku Klux Klan.
But the Klan –– desperate for publicity and any opportunity to spread hate and terror –– is climbing atop the powder keg that Ferguson has become following the police killing of an unarmed college-bound black teenager last Saturday.
The South Carolina-based New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan says its Missouri chapter is raising money for the still unidentified white police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, 18, who was scheduled to begin college classes this week.
“We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug,” the Klan group said in an email. “He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-Zog and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their place. Most cops are cowards and do nothing while 90% of interracial crime is black (and non-white) on white.”
In a Tuesday editorial about the case headlined “The Death of Michael Brown: Racial History Behind the Ferguson Protests,” The New York Times expressed hope that the FBI will be able “to answer the many questions surrounding the death” of the teenager” while focusing on St. Louis’ history of racial problems.
“[I]t doesn’t take a federal investigation to understand the history of racial segregation, economic inequality and overbearing law enforcement that produced so much of the tension now evident on the streets,” the editorial said. “St. Louis has long been one of the nation’s most segregated metropolitan areas, and there remains a high wall between black residents – who overwhelmingly have lower incomes – and the white power structure that dominates City Councils and police departments like the ones in Ferguson.”
Brown –– dressed in shorts and flip flops –– was reportedly shot multiple times in broad daylight after he and a friend were confronted by the officer for walking in the middle of the street in Ferguson, a predominately African American suburb of St. Louis. Police officials say Brown assaulted the officer and tried to wrestle away his gun before fleeing and being shot. At least one shot was fired in the police cruiser during the struggle, police say.
Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, 22, told a radically different version of events. He told reporters that he and Brown were close to their destination when confronted by the officer, who angrily told them to get out of the street. Suddenly, the friend said, the officer grabbed Brown by the neck and tried to pull him into the police car. Brown broke free and both young men began running away when Brown was struck by a bullet. He turned and raised his hands in surrender only to be shot several more times, dying where he fell.
Brown’s body lay in the street for several hours as police gathered evidence and the neighborhood’s shock turned to rage. Three days of protests, some of it violent, followed. A gas station/convenience store was burned. There was some looting. Police in riot gear fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse a crowd of mostly angry African Americans. But there were whites marching in some of the protests as well, holding up their hands in surrender as Brown had reportedly done, chanting, “Don’t shoot.”
The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that Brown was unarmed, a fact that prompted President Obama to call Brown’s death “heartbreaking” while urging calm. The Justice Department has begun an investigation into the killing.
The social turmoil that has erupted around Brown’s death has proven too appealing for the Klan, which in recent weeks has been quick to capitalize on a series of racially charged news events. Last week, for example, a Klan chapter in Arizona called for “corpses” in response to a feared influx of children seeking asylum as violence in Latin America forced their families to send them northward. But about St. Louis, their rhetoric has turned vile and predictable.
“We know that Michael Brown was nothing more than a punk. The media and others are painting him out to be a ‘good son’ and ‘great kid.’ The blacks of Missouri are showing their love of him by rioting, attacking and shooting people. Nothing new,” the chapter wrote on its blog.
Email requests to Imperial Wizard Chuck Murray on Wednesday were not answered.
Activists in St. Louis, however, have been focusing on calming tensions. There were two separate rallies for peace and justice held in the area Tuesday night, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. At one, attended by about 400 people, including a large number of local ministers, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon told the standing-room only crowd, “Justice must not simply be pursued, but in fact achieved.”
The other rally was held by Rev. Sharpton, who told Hatewatch there were about 1,500 people in attendance at the Greater St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church just east of Ferguson. At one point, Sharpton asked for 100 young men to volunteer and join what he’s calling the Disciples of Justice –– the DJs –– “to do our own unarmed patrols.” At least 170 men signed up.
Sharpton told Hatewatch today that he has found, especially among the young black students in Ferguson, “a lot of outrage, a lot of it could have been me, a lot of, this was an execution.”
Sharpton said he was returning to New York City today to prepare for a march in the borough of Staten Island to protest the death there of Eric Garner, 43, a black father of six, who died after a white police officer applied a banned chokehold even as Garner pleaded 11 times, “I can’t breathe.”
“You cannot have racial profiling as a police strategy and not end up with this as a result in Ferguson and Staten Island,” Sharpton told Hatewatch.
This article was published by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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