Thursday, December 31, 2015


Rusty York; Gary Hamilton; Deputy Chief Marty Bender; FWPD pr Hack Michael Joyner ( HUSBAND OF FW neighborhood code enforcement AKA CODE NAZIS Cindy Joyner )
most of the FWPD command staff; etc- KEYSTONE KOPS
and:  Sheriff David Gladieux;
ps- the FWPD does not tolerate excessive force..

Fort Wayne police warn public about impersonators

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 11:25 AM

The Fort Wayne Police Department has reported three incidents in which two men recently have impersonated law enforcement officers in the north quadrant of the city.
According to the police reports, all three incidents occurred on Dec. 24. The two men were in a dark vehicle and pulled vehicles over.
The first incident occurred at 7:55 p.m. when a woman reported a suspicious vehicle in the 2600 block of River Cove. She told police she and her three children were in a car when she noticed she was followed into her parking space by the suspicious vehicle. She confronted the men. She thought the car possibly was a dark blue Hyundai Sonata. The two men were white, clean cut and wore fleece pullovers or hoodies and looked "preppy." She said they smelled strongly of alcoholic beverages. The driver said they were with the CIA and were told to follow her. The driver insulted her and then left. She watched the vehicle drive toward Clinton Street but made a U-turn behind a vehicle that was entering the complex.
During the second incident in the same complex, a woman was pulled over in front of her apartment in the 7500 block of Monaco Place. She noticed the car had its bright lights on and there was a red flashing light on the dash in the front window. She said they yelled at her to get out and put her hands on her head. They were screaming and cursing at her. They forced her to lie down on the pavement, and implied they would shoot her if she did not comply, but did not say so directly. They left without further confrontation.
Police then responded at 8:12 p.m. in the 7500 block of Cold Springs Boulevard, where a woman said a dark vehicle pulled up behind her vehicle and parked sideways in the street. One of the men asked her to give him her name and ID. She asked him for his ID, but he kept asking for her name and Social Security information. He told her to get out of her vehicle and get on her knees. She gave him her name and Social Security Number. He identified himself as Fort Wayne Police and left. A neighbor, who reported this incident, said he saw two men in a black Ford Fusion pull up to him and demanded to know his name and apartment number as he was taking out his trash. He asked to see their badges, but they refused to show identification. He then saw the car pull up behind the woman's vehicle and saw her get out with her hands up and get on her knees.
The Fort Wayne Police Department wants residents to know that law enforcement officers are required to carry department-issued identification and badge to identify themselves. It is a citizen's right to ask for proper identification, according to police spokesman Michael Joyner.
Police officers generally will do the following:
• Provide their name upon request.
• Plain clothes officers identify themselves when taking action.
• Inform a person about the reason for being stopped or questioned.
• Only use the amount of force necessary to affect the arrest of a suspect. The department does not tolerate excessive force.


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