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ACKNOWLEDGE SMALL VICTORIES AND CREATE NEXT SMALL BENCHMARK: Everyone has raised some really good points the past few days. Some folks are admitting they are suffering from burn-out on the issue. Others are frustrated that nothing is really getting accomplished. So maybe this is the time to celebrate the things that collectively have been accomplished to date and then create a smaller, more manageable action plan for the next tiny step forward.
This matter started, publically, in November of 2014. In the past 10 months, we have collectively achieved the following:
• The eviction notices threatening incarceration as a punishment for park violations instead of threatening fines as a punishment have stopped.
• For the first time ever, warming shelters were made available to the homeless. While this often happened as a matter of public pressure and the results were often mixed at best---the reality is that such a shelter was never opened during the 2013-2014 winter when he had winter ice storms and artic blasts. Not once was a warming shelter opened during that time. In contrast, during the 2014-2015 winter, warming shelters were opened nearly a half dozen times.
• For the first time ever, the City created a winter weather action plan to be implemented in the future. This plan is very rough and needs a tremendous amount of work, but it is a start. [1]
So, where do we go from here? With winter coming and the political timetable shrinking, we only have a few months to get something accomplished. Besides clothing (hats, gloves, coats, boots, etc) and gear (tents, blankets, tarps, etc) drives, what is everyone wanting to do?

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  • Joe Renner I am interested in helping draft a Homeless bill of rights similar to that of Indianapolis. Which also specifies at what temperatures and what conditions warming shelters would be automatically opened.
    • Gina Burgess I think that is one of many possible next benchmarks. Are you interested in working with Sally Becker Segerson on the homeless bill of rights? If I'm not mistaken, she already has a significant head start on that matter.
    • Joe Renner If there is any assistance needed just ask.
    • David Christopher Roach
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  • Joe Renner Thomas F. Didier as a member of this group I would like to see your opinion. Seeing as you are a member, a Christian, and a all around good guy.
  • Sally Becker Segerson So now, Gina Burgess, where we go is from 24 hours written notice and threat of arrest to NO written notice and everything confiscated and destroyed. Just ask 4 different camps today and all those who now have nothing!!
  • David Christopher Roach bus tickets for the homeless to Gov Pence's Mansion; or Statehouse lawn.. THEY are sitting on TWO BILLION TWO HUNDRED MILLION BUCKS- thats 2,200,000,000 Dollars..
    THAT is OUR money- WE pay so OUR GOVT- of by and for the people- can collectively help each other out with OUR social safety net- Seeing as how all we get from OUR Statehouse- is empty rhetoric and talk.. DROP OUR HOMELESS PROBLEM into the laps of the INDY PLUTOCRATS- maybe let the Homeless shelter in the various GIANT SPORTS ARENAS? that all of them aren in sue every day- lots of opportunities for them to shuttle from one place to the next; and maybe get some help along the way?
    Come to think of it- seems Park View field has lots of empty space in the winter? or grand wayne center? or various parts of the coliseum? 
    Just throwing "spitballs(ideas) against the wall; to see if anything sticks.. smile emoticon
    • Gina Burgess Please start focusing on how to be more productive. You've beat the "bus tickets for the homeless" to death. Maybe a better focus for you is to take that particular idea--bus tickets for the homeless---and find how how many homeless would actually like to go someplace else (as some of them do), find out where they want to go, and what the cost to get them there would be. After figuring out a budget, then begin working for ways to make that happen. Perhaps you could get Greyhound to donate $1 for every $1 raised. 

      The point here is that you have to decide on whether you are going to be part of the problem or part of the solution. Frankly, if you are not going to be part of the solution, then you really have no business being in this group. And, if you are going to be part of the solution, then let's start "walking the walk" more and "talking the talk" less. 

      Please understand that this is not a criticism as much as it is an attempt to get you to focus on becoming more goal-oriented in your particular quest to help solve the issue of homelessness or a homelessness-related issue.
    • Ellen Emerson I have hears this so much that quite frankly why not just get yourself the bus ticket and spare us?
    • David Christopher Roach because im "stuck" here at the moment due to previous obligations responsibilities and commitments..
    • David Christopher Roach

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  • David Christopher Roach I hope this isnt THROWING THE HOMELESS UNDER THE BUS ( to use a cheap pun). I have neither the time or inclination to go out begging money for "to help the homeless"- I find it humorously Ironic that the Heritage Action conservative think -tank has floated this idea which was published in time magazine a month or so ago . heres a link of a google search:

  • David Christopher Roach For the record/disclaimer- Im not a cold heartless basterd. My primary ( pun intended) motivation of all this THEE HOMELESS bashing- is to create and environment and atmospehre where there is a stigma attached to being a homeless derelict skid row dweller. there are several "homelesspoliticians" who are democrats- who are skirting/evading/flaunting the laws- abourt residency; voting registration; and other election laws; AND our local DEMOCRAT PARTY who refuse to do or say or act against these wortheless unelectable bums transients, etc- for their own motivations and as such- We the People" get CHEATED ( what it is)- out of potentially good, honest ethical electable well qualified educated politicians due to these Electoral shenanigans by our Allen county democratic party AND their "useful idiots" aka HOMELESS schills.. a few years ago- one even WON nomination- and was promptly removed due to OTHER RESIDENCY/HOMELESS ISSUES. Then last federal election cycle- one of them- (the same one)- almost won the democrat primary by 82 VOTES- - Imagine the outrage of the local democrats voters at being CHEATED out of a ivalbe candidate; or having this schill DUPE removed and some worse duopinstalled? appointed? 
    THEN- just this year- MAY- the same thing- this same DUPE/SCHILL/USEFUL IDIOT- received nearly 1000 votes enough that if he was properly and legally and duly removed- LORD KNOWS I TRIED- BUT THE SYSTEM WAS STACKED- we may have had a few women, better qualified; educated; and definitely not a wasted ballot slot..
    SO- Like I said- im bashing ALL THE HOMELESS-COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT- just like in boot camp-so that this sort of election system cheating;manipulation; fraud will be halted.. 
    Youre homeless? fine- it happens; we all want to help in our own ways- and we all do- even me- but if you want to RUN FOR OFFICE; BE A POLITICIAN; dont be THAT GUY or THOSE GUYS- who are merely put up jobs by political pranksters; or Democrat party operatives to skew the system and results- When you have a job, a home, a GEd; a college eeducationTHEN RUNFOR OFFICE- and say"well- I washomeless; but i pulled myself up by my boot strapts with some help froma ll the kind helpful charitible folks who care; and now I want to do what i can and use what ive learned to help others make it up the ladder out of the depths; out of the HOLE. TO RISE. ( like batman- i had to add that- couldnt resist the analogy.. sorry..)

    but- sertiously- if theres nothing for you here- 1- join the military- enlist- you will have a job for life; see the world be a hero; help people.. if youre qualified.. 
    2- take the bus out of town- somewhere else- gedt a fresh start; a new life- at worst you will be homeless somewhere different, and interesting. You know- during the 1930's great depression- and there was nothing Great about it- mass misery- able bodied men "rode the rails"- hopped the trains- out of town in travel for some new life and opportunity.
    Lots of jobs in Texas. not so much here..

    Im not a social worker; nor am i like minded. I lack empathy and sympathy- Life has wrung that out of me- 55 yrs of hard life.Im a writer; a tecchie- a policy wonk"- thats the term.. some would call me a "wank" or a crank" no matter.

    If im going to go around town and beg/pan handle fund raise; pass around the proverbial nigerian fund rasiing letter- my name os mobutu- please give me money so i can help the homeless- well see how far that gets.. you know? 
    besides- got to have a 501 c3 IRS paperwork; a local charity license; a permit from the health dept to serve food; etc- and endless bureaucracy i dont have the time nor inclination to navigate.. HOIW I AM. to be truthful.

    I have put out several ideas- bus tickets for the homelss- so they can find work elsewhere; in a warmer place so they dont freeze to death; Free fresh fish formt he poor; and homeless- Carp thats piclekd is a delicacy for the Jewish folks Gefilte fish- YUM! - harvesting Wabash river basin asian carp- baking; fryijng; boiling etc- into chow chowder; soup; to feedd the homelss- what the hell- those stupid fish just leap into your boat- the proverbial Jesus"cast your nets into the abundance"- why let all that free invasive fish go to waste..( same with all those stupid pooping noisy geese- but THATS illegal..- big as a turkey- free ; tasty! thin the herd..)

    there used to be POOR FARMS in Allen county- where the homeless and the poor could work and live and get some help or schooling, or move on. THAT was another FDR era idea- and before that- public works theCCC the WPA; and so on- >where di THAT go?
    How about SHOVELS FOR THE HOMELESS- hand them a shovel and puyt them to work at the various local urban farms and community farms and green spaces to grow ohVICTORY GARDENS? victory over homeless ness?

    Instead- we all cry and whine and bitch and moan and wring our hands- about ohh- HELP THEE HOMELESS! give us your money; give them all the frede stuff for the asking; anythime they cry.
    Im as liberal as tne next man- but that only encourages dependency.
    of course- the handicapped- menatl or otherwise; the elderly; the women ; children need and deserve our mercy and help; but the able bodied who choose to live outside society and our system of civilization? they chose to be and live as outcasts so - move on dude. 
    neighborlink- has needs of volunteers.. lots of useful work in exchange for "free stuff" food; clothing, charity- its a 2 way street give and take- not take take take.. 

    anyway- not being one to flog a topic to death ( humor..)- eliminate the middle man- give direct to the poor you see- 50 cents a dollar- just be careful; you dont know them ; or who they are; or tyhey maight be serial killers you never know.. -but likely just some harmless idiot doofus- that cant crae for himself or herself.. but gotta try.
    this is mY way of trying- putting ideas otu there; - motivating- if you say THAT STUPID DUDE ROACH- ILL SHOW HIM- well- good for you. ! Im like donald trump round em all up- put em on a bus and send them somewhere else- maybe they will have better luck.. 
    TEXAS- lots of jobs there its close to the ocean; its on the bus line and its no worse toe be homeless there than here- makes no difference- but theres more cash and safety net therte than here.. and more caring helpful folks- that "southern hospiitality".
    whew, i need a drink.
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    David Christopher Roach tom cook tommy schrader- not shcrader real estate/ auction; not schrader oil and tire/ tube and lude; not the scharder woman thats the highly respected attorney. Just a transient derelict with a screw loose; a STD of a virulent and contagious permanent nature without the proper preventative measures; . no higher education, barely conversant; or coherent..
    Tom cook- no provable documentable residence. no provable or documentable income; in fact at a february Allen County Election board hearing- much of what he said was perjury; and yet the ACEB failed to take any action.. 
    we all are familiar with mr schraders political escapades and charades.

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