Monday, January 3, 2011


1. LEADERSHIP.( army vs navy game?)MAYOR HENRY- WHERE ARE ALL THE JOBS AT? ( ditto liz brown, and paula hughes too) The present leaders of our community are all visionless, spineless, risk averse, vanilla brained dullards. They are a herd of cats. if there is no one to ride herd on them, well, just like cats. i'll save the comparison because its too colorful, but think indolent, lazy, fat, and filling up our collective community cat box with their waste. and leaving it for the poor to clean up the mess
In time of crisis, whats worked before, because "well, thats the way we've always done it" isnt going to survive. you know what einstein said about doing things the same way, and expecting a different result? madness! the people are starving, and our leaders are in their comfortable aboite/sycamore hills/pine valleys/wyndemere cherryhill MC Mansions and gated enclaves
wringing their hands worrying about their portfolios, while the rest of us are barely surviving. Hey local leaders- the people are starving!! Well- let them eat cake from the food banks...I have another answer- off with their heads!Starting with "King Henry the lesser" and the rest of the "royal family

2. Its time this city had a real 2 party system. the Democrats leaders are a joke. we have a placeholder chairman- absentee, whatever. a handful of precinct persons. a HQ waaaay out in the sticks- a vanity storefront for moses, and giaquintas, et al to manage their puppet regime from .
Theres a lot of open-minded democrats in this city, and if we want to attract creative class types, and stop brain drain, then we need to have a liberal workers party to offset, and debate the right wind nut-jobs and religious fanatics, extremists, and zealots. (if i want to live under freaks, i would move to IRAN!)currently in charge. its a crappy job. PS- Mayor Henry's Chicago staffers hired from the "MACHINE" must be appalled, and choking in apoplexy at the sorry state of democrat politics here. at least try!

3. the 75 million pork barrel/earmark secret committee
That money should be used to pay down the citys debt. it will then improve the citys credit rating, and give FTW a new line of credit. but is should not be spent on pork barrell projects. its not federal stimulus dollars. we cant print more, like the FEDs can. if its gone, its gone.
and decision by committee in this city? might as well play russian roulette. you'd have better odds.
3. Casino- YES!-viva las vegas! party town !
Maunfacturing is a futile effort. construction is waaaay down. read the business employment stats in the lower left corner of the money morning paper? nothing but negative numbers.
there are 20K citizens- our freidns and neighbors who are "on the dole"- relief- with no WPA, or CCC to help. assume 20,000 unemployed, subsisting on 10,000 a year- thats 200, million dollars of missed opportunity cost. I have a way for the state to fix it unemployment problems- create some jobs!why pay welfare, when we are getting nothing for it. Its like the proverb- teach a man to fish. we are handing out 200 million fishes to our friends, neighbors, fellow residents, yet there is no opportunity for them to catch their own fish, or better still to start up a fish farm, and put us all to work, figuratively speaking. and where will any of us get the money to start up a business?
Take a risk? gamble? I'm all in on SIN CITY!
you got any better realistic ideas?

4. city/county mergers-Fire chief york, and leave the job empty. hire a public safety director instead- a civilian, answerable to the people, with civilian oversight. York does whatever he wants, he's a petty dictator. I hate the FWPD. they are ignorant, incompetent, and crooked.(# of cold case murders, cherrymaster racketeering-political/police corruption) I loathe them. I despise them. the sooner we put them out of business, and restore integrity to our policing, courts, and justice system, it will be too soon. INDY has a metro PD, as do at least a dozen other metro jurisdictions. with elected sheriffs, so the police are accountable to the people.
again- talk talk talk, this time since 1996. when did INDY form UNIGOV? oh yes- 1968. to refudiate unigov, is to refudiate Richard Lugar- Richard Nixons favorite Mayor! Reelect DICK!

5.make the mayor admit that he smoked dope/pot/weed/reefer in the 60's. then make him support a policing stance locally of de- facto decriminalization of marijuana, for the same reasons as california. to take the profit/greed gangs/money out of the equation
6 investigate/indict the mayor, etc on his and his wifes illegal cherrymaster machine conspiracy. you did know that conspiring to commit a misdemeanor is in fact a felony? and the Mayor had cherrymasters in his bar when he was an elected official? nothing like a little chicago style politics to keep things interesting around here- political/police corruption scandals sell lots of newspapers( hint hint- JG, NS...)

so theres a good start...I'm all in. riak taking? sometimes you just have to say WTF,FTW, and vote for ROACH.
ps- find me on facebook, google my name. i have blogs, twitter accounts, youtube channels linked in, etc, ready to lock and load

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